"No! Please don't hurt Harry! Punish me instead." I pleaded with Uncle Vernon. Harry had been blamed for Dudley smashing a vase and was about to get a right smack off our Uncle. "Fine." Uncle Vernon sneered and grabbed my throat. "Lily!" Harry cried as Uncle Vernon pushed me up against the wall across from mine and Harry's cupboard. "It's Ok Harry, just go in the cupboard." I choked. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I struggled for breath. My little brother's scared face disappeared behind the door to were we slept. "Good little girly, sending mini freak away so he can't see this." And with that, Uncle Vernon dragged my by the throat to the kitchen and threw me on the ground. I gasped and gulped in the air. I was still lay on the floor when Uncle Vernon straddled me and sat on me so all his weight (which was a lot) was rested on my stomach. Pain flew through my legs. I closed my eyes as he slammed my right arm to the kitchen floor so it was forced horizontal by his beefy hands. He leaned over my forearm and began to carve something into it. By then I had lost all feeling in my legs. I tried not to cry out as the knife I knew he was holding pressed deep into my skin. Good thing I told Harry to stay in the cupboard that we sleep in. I didn't think about the pain my Uncle-by-marriage was causing me. I thought of Hogwarts, my school that, while I was there, I would beg Mr and Mrs Weasley to take Harry in. I couldn't leave him here with the Dursleys. I thought of Fred and George's faces when ever they see me and they always light up. I am there best friend. I thought of the classes at Hogwarts. Charms and Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts. DADA was my favourite because I was so good at it. Finally, my uncle stopped knifing me and got off me. "Get away from me you freak." He spat as he grabbed my throat again. I started to choke as he squeezed harder. I coughed and felt my face turn red. His fist collided with my head and I fell to the ground.

"Vernon! Are you coming to bed or not? The freak best not have bled all over the floor again!" Ah, charming Aunt Petunia. Sadly she was a blood relative, and I was ashamed to be related to her. With one last kick to the stomach, Vernon Dursley went up the stairs to his wife. I didn't waste time. I cleaned the blood from the kitchen floor up and wiped my arm. As soon as the exes blood had been washed away I saw what Uncle Vernon had engraved into my skin. No good Freak! I didn't cry though. Instead I rushed up to Dudley's room. Ever since I was little, I have been made to sing to Dudley Dursley at night. As I walked in, Dudley was sat on his bed crying, this is a ten year old we are talking about. I sat on the edge of his bed, lay him down and started to sing to him.


Sleep tight

No more tears

In the morning

I'll be here

And when we say goodnight

Dry your eyes

Because we say goodnight

And not goodbye

We say goodnight

And not goodbye

And just like that, the little terror was asleep. I silently crept downstairs to the cupboard where Harry lay sleeping. I looked to the end of the cupboard to my trunk. I opened it and took out my wand and school books. My wand was one of three. There was mine, cherry and phoenix feather, Lord Voldemort's, yew and phoenix feather, and then there was another, holly and phoenix feather. They were triplets, as Mr Ollivander told me when I was eleven. He was sure that Harry would get the last wand. I didn't care. Just so long as he was happy. So I had a potions essay on the properties of moonstone (courtesy of Snape), a charms essay on summoning charms (Thanks Flitwick), a transfiguration essay about the way to change an animal into a water goblet (McGonagall was my favourite teacher and would probably let me off if she knew about my home life but I didn't want to tell anyone), and loads more homework. Harry and me were going to see the Weasleys tomorrow so I could get one of the boys to help me. Maybe Bill, Fred told me he was coming home this summer for a bit. Fred and George won't do the homework, I know that I will probably be doing it for them just so we don't get into trouble. I sighed. I would do the homework at The Burrow, where the Weasley clan lived. There were Mr and Mrs Weasley, Bill who worked at Gringotts wizard bank in Egypt but as I said he was coming home this year, Charlie who worked with dragons in Romania was also coming to say hi, Percy who went to Hogwarts with us, Fred and George who are my best friends minus Harry, Ron who was starting Hogwarts this year, and Ginny who was starting Hogwarts next year. Ron was Harry's age. They were the best of friends. I put my book and my wand back in my trunk and lay down next to my ten soon to be eleven year old brother. In five minutes we were both asleep.