Author's Note: Hey guys, if this story is a little different it's because I'm re-editing all of my stories. Don't worry though, it's mostly still the same and everything. But link to what any OC's look like is on profile.

"Claire I'm going to pick up the boy's are you coming?" Grandpa asked turning to me.

"Actually Jo asked me to help her with the protesting" I replied, he nodded.

"Okay but be careful, you know how those dumping men can get" he warned, I smiled.

"I know Grandpa I know" I shrugged shaking my head.

I had only been living with Mori Shintaro for two months, but it felt longer. My Grandfather had died leaving me an orphan, but thankfully Mori took me in as they were very close. He was going to pick up his three Grandson's that visited every summer, I'd only seen pictures of the boys...never actually got to meet them. So while he did that I was going to protest with my best friend, Jo. She was an Indian and men had been dumping on her land, so we were protesting against them.

"I won't be too long Claire" Grandpa said as we walked towards his car. He let me call him Grandpa because his real name was a little hard for me to pronounce.

"Okay Grandpa I'll meet you later okay?" I asked as he climbed in, he nodded and started up the car.

"If I see you on the way back do you want a lift?" he asked, I nodded and waved as he drove off.

- A While Later -

I stood next to Jo during the protesting, sighing nervously as the dumping men showed up "No more dumping!" I shouted from my spot next to Jo.

"I understand your concerns people but this isn't the way to do it" A police officer said through a loudspeaker, another man took it from him and we all quieted.

"You people better get this through your heads. This is not your land this is my land, you signed the lees. Now what I do with my land is my business, now you better get the hell outta here or I'm gonna have you all arrested for trespassing" He said, I shook my head in disbelief.

"You're the one who should be arrested Jack Hardy. Your business is killing our people!" Jo's uncle shouted. We all started to protest again and the men walked towards us. One man broke Jo's poster before pushing us both to the ground. I raised into a sitting position, groaning at the pain in my back. Jo's mom helped us both up before leading us towards the car, preventing us from being hurt again.

"You okay?" I asked worriedly.

"Yeah, you?" Jo asked me, I nodded and turned back to the fight. They managed to dump the trash onto the ground and I sighed.

- Later On -

When the protest finally finished I rode my bike back home. It hadn't gone as well as we'd planned, but hopefully we'd made some sort of impact. I leaned my bike against the side of the house before walking in "Hello Claire, how did it go?" Grandpa asked me, I shrugged and shook my head.

"Not too well" I replied sitting at the table. It was then that I noticed the three boys glancing between Grandpa and I confusedly.

"Oh yes boys this is Claire, she's my good friends granddaughter. Claire this is Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum" Grandpa said pointing each boy out, I nodded in greeting and he exited the room.

"So how come you live with our Grandpa?" Tum-Tum asked curiously.

"My grandfather died two month's ago, I had no family left so you're Grandpa took me in" I explained shrugging.

"Can you do Karate?" Rocky asked, I nodded and smiled slightly.

"I was taught by both your Grandpa and mine" I said proudly.

"How bout a match?" Colt asked nodding to the garden, I smiled.

"You're on" I said, he ran for the garden and I followed.

- A Few Minutes Later -

We'd been fighting for about an hour, and both Colt an' I had won...but I currently had him pinned "And I win" I smirked, panting slightly.

"You did not! I won the last round!" he exclaimed also a little out of breath, I scoffed.

"I got you down and you know it" I said, he chuckled.

"You wish Claire-bear" he teased, I rolled my eyes at the nickname and he somehow rolled us over.

"Who's down now?" he asked smugly, I rolled us over so that I was on top again.

"Me" I said rising to my feet, I held out a hand and helped him to his feet.

"You're pretty good. For a girl" Colt said as we headed into the house.

"Pretty good? I kicked your ass" I said, he shook his head.

"Actually it was a fair game" he shrugged.

"Whatever's gonna help you sleep at night darling" I said walking towards the cupboard and pulling out a cup. I squeaked in surprise as I was pulled back against someone's chest.

"I'll get to sleep just fine knowing you're next to me" he whispered in my ear before walking off...what a flirt. Not that it wasn't working. Yep I was sleeping in the same bed as the boys, just my luck right?.