Leaning back, I let my head thud against the wall. Jo and I had been tied up for a little while now, and my wrists were starting to hurt a little from the rope. The men were in the corner of the room, discussing something that we obviously weren't meant to know about "Yeah I think we're safe here" One said, glancing through the dirty window. A figure suddenly smashed through the window, successfully knocking the man to the floor. My eyes widened as I realised who the attacked was; Colt. Tum-Tum an' Rocky appeared in the window, sending a wave of relief through me "Thank god" I sighed.

As Tum-Tum and Colt fought off the men, Rocky managed to untie me and Jo. Rubbing my sore wrists, I looked up to see the boys had finally finished fighting. The two ran towards us and I pulled Colt into a tight hug, that he eagerly returned "Come on!" Rocky shouted impatiently. We ran towards the door but moved back as mud-covered biker rode in on a motorcycle. The boy's grimaced at the smell and Jo smacked him across the head with a baseball bat. He fell to his stomach, but jumped back up. Instinctively, I kicked him in the nuts causing him to double over, before giving him a round-house kick to the face. The boys groaned at both hits and I smiled as the biker unconsciously fell to the floor.

"Let's go" Jo panted, we all nodded in agreement and ran out of the building. Jo and I jumped into the back seat, while Colt for some reason had to force Tum-Tum in with us. After finally managed to get Tum-Tum into the back-seat, he slammed the door shut and jumped into the passenger seat up front. Rocky turned on the car and looked back at us.

"Don't worry, I think I'm getting the hang of this" he reassured, though he only managed to reverse us into a tree.

"Rocky!" We shouted.

"What?! That tree came out of nowhere!" he exclaimed defensively.

"Yeah about 100 years ago" Colt retorted, I chuckled and the car moved forward.

"Trash can!"

"I saw that one I really did" he shrugged.

"Next time try see it before you hit it, okay?" Colt begged.

- A Short While Later -

After a lot of wild driving, we finally arrived at the hearing. Jo and I jumped out of the car with the boys, running as fast as we could. But as we approached the building, a group of men revealed themselves from behind the pillars. The boys quickly managed to fight them off before once again running with me and Jo. Though once we turned to corner, two cops ran towards us. Thankfully, Colt and Rocky dived on them...literally. The continued to fight, allowing Jo and I safety to run through and into the meeting.

"Dad!" Jo shouted, she ran towards her parents and hugged them tightly. I panted, choosing to remain out of the cheering crowd. The door opened behind me, and seen as I wasn't being dragged out of the building, I assume it was the boys "Where did the boys go?" Jo asked curiously.

"Yeah where are the little heroes?" Her dad asked. Looking back, I realised the doors were closed and the boys had disappeared.

- At Grandpa's House -

Choosing not to disturb the back-flipping males in the garden, I entered the house instead. Opening the fridge, I pulled out a can of soda, but jumped as someone cleared their throat behind me. I jumped to my full height, spinning around, finding myself face-to-face with a smirking Colt "Hey Claire-Bear" he greeted.

"Bye Colt" I teased, passing by and heading straight into the garden.

Sitting down in my usual spot, I opened up my soda can, sipping on the cool liquid. Soon enough, strong arms circled my waist, and I found my back against someone's chest...though I instantly knew who it was. Leaning back, I rested my forearms on his raised knees that rested either side of me "So, there's something I've been meaning to ask you..." Colt started, his mouth right next to my ear. I shivered, leaning back even further.

"Ask away" I sighed.

"Will you..." he paused dramatically and I tensed.

"Hurry up" I muttered impatiently.

"Duel me" he finished, my jaw dropped in disbelief...that was not what I expected.

Placing my can on the floor, I spun around, successfully pinning him to the ground. My legs were placed either side of his waist, while my hands held his wrists to the grass. He smirked up at me, obviously pleased with my reaction "You're a jerk, you know that?" I asked.

"It's been said" he shrugged, I rolled my eyes.

"Douche" I muttered, leaning back to sit straight.

"Eh, you love it" he chuckled.

"Was that really what you were gonna ask?" I asked, slightly disappointed.

"Nope" In a matter of seconds, I found our roles had switched. So now he was on top, though I didn't care that much.

"Little warning next time would be nice" I groaned, he rolled his eyes.

"So, here's the deal. You're hot, I'm hot, the only option is for us to go out" he shrugged innocently, I rolled my eyes...again.

"Is this your way of asking me out?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well, if you wanna put it that way then...yeah" he replied. Placing both hands on the back of his neck, I pulled his head down towards me, crushing our mouths together. In response, he tried sliding his tongue in my mouth.

"Does that do anything for yah?" I asked amusedly.

"Heck yeah" he muttered, leaning back in. Not even passing the chance, I quickly flipped us both over, pinning him on his back.

"Best two out of three" I giggled, he smirked.

"You know me so well" he sighed. Jumping to my feet, I held out my fists "You sure you wanna do this Claire-bear?" he asked, also rising to his full height.

"Bring it" I smirked. Rolling his eyes, he lunged forward.