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Summary: Ten years have passed since the final battle. Severus has made a life for himself but when he is confronted with an ex-student will he be able to keep that life? The battle didn't just affect Severus but it had consequences that now Severus must face if he wishes to help his former student. If he succeeds he may finally get the family he deserves but should he fail and he will loose more than his soul.

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Chapter 1- Of potions

Severus sat in his booth at the Leaky Cauldron nursing a glass of firewhiskey. He had decided to come to Diagon Alley and purchase some new ingredients for his personal potions lab.

As he sat back and read the Daily Prophet he was amazed at how much the wizarding world had changed. Even the Daily Prophet had seen its fair share of changes. It was now under the ownership of Luna Lovegood. Other than the occasional crazy story the girl had actually managed to improve the paper.

He also liked to read the potions section in which an anonymous Potions expert gave advice on some very complex matters.

Potion's Advise of the Week

Potions masters from Romania have discovered a possible cure for the addictive side effects of Dreamless Sleep potion. The cure seems to have been found in the most unlikely place. Mandrake leaves which seem to alleviate the addictive side effects are now being fully tested.

Another bit of important Potions news is that, this author has found that adding Tantacula Venom can increase the length of the Polyjuice potion as well as allow the user to mimic the voice of the person they are impersonating. Another bit of helpful news is that by adding centaur hair to Skelegrow it will actually taste better.

This is it for now but I hope these little tidbits have helped!

Your devoted Potioneer,


With a satisfied sigh, Severus downed his glass before leaving the safety of his booth and walking toward the entrance to Diagon Alley. After ten years of people constantly staring and whispering Severus had gotten used to it and now amused himself by scarring most of them into looking away.

He was amazed that ten years had passed since the end of the war and how he had narrowly escaped death. If he had not swallowed that Bezoar before meeting Voldemort he might not have survived.

Pushing melancholy thoughts away he continued his walk toward the apothecary. When he reached his destination he walked calmly through the door before browsing through the shelves.

He was so focused on inspecting a bottle of Hippogriff blood that he failed to notice someone stand next to him.

"You know Hippogriff blood can help cure a case of the wizard flu." A small voice said next to him.

Severus turned toward the speaker and was surprised to find a young boy standing there.

"You know you should not speak to strangers." Severus said awkwardly before stepping a few feet away from the boy.

The boy shrug his shoulders before answering. "You looked unsure"

Severus was amazed that the boy had the gall to speak to him in such a manner before looking down at the small bottle in his hand.

"How do you know this is Hippogriff blood?"

The boy rolled his eyes before turning to him. "Just because I'm nine doesn't mean I don't know the difference between Hippogriff blood and Centaur blood."

Although, affronted by the boy's tone Severus was impressed. He examined the boy closely for the first time. The boy had curly dark brown hair; tiny freckles could be seen on the boy's nose. When the boy turned to look at Severus he could see that the boy had dark blue eyes.

Severus picked up another ingredient and turned to the boy, "Can you identify what this is?"

The boy looked bored before answering "Mermaid scales"

Severus tried hard not to show his surprise before he grabbed another ingredient and tested the boy once more.

Minutes ticked away before Severus finally stopped their little game. The boy was amazing; out of the twenty ingredients Severus had showed the boy he had correctly identified fifteen and given the properties and uses of thirteen of them.

"Alright, I think you've made your point." Severus told the grinning boy next to him.

"That was fun." The boy told him

Severus nodded before grabbing the bottle of Hippogriff blood and two more items off the shelf." He motioned for the boy to follow him toward the counter.

When they reached the counter, Severus paid for the items and then turned to the small boy. "Here" Severus said awkwardly as he handed the boy the two items.

Severus had unintentionally bought the boy a potion's kit and the beginning potions book for first years at Hogwarts. He hadn't thought about it but something about the boy had reminded him of himself at that age.

The boy looked flabbergasted but when he finally looked up at Severus he had tears in his eyes. Severus awkwardly stood there for a few moments before finally speaking. "I'm the potions professor at Hogwarts so I thought it would be good for you to get a head start on the reading for my class. I am Professor Severus Snape. "

The boy grinned and nodded his head.

"What's your name?" Severus said gruffly

"My name is Michael Weasley-Granger."

Shock filled Severus. This had to be the son of the Gryffindor princess and Potter's sidekick.

Before he could come up with a reply another voice interrupted.

"Michael! How many times do I have to tell you not to disappear? If you wanted to come to the apothecary you could have told me."

The approaching woman was tall, slender and her large brown curls hung loosely around her. This must be Hermione Granger.

When the woman finally stood in front of her son she finally seemed to notice him. "Michael, who's your friend?"

"I'm hurt that you don't remember me, Ms. Granger or should I say Mrs. Weasley?"

He could see the flash of recognition hit her before she nodded politely "Hello, Professor Snape."

At that moment Michael turned to his mother and lightly touched her hand. "Mum, professor Snape was quizzing me about potions ingredients and then he bought me my first potions book and kit." The boy held out his new presents tenderly toward his mother.

Severus once again felt awkward.

"Thank Professor Snape but you must give them back."

The boy seemed as if he were about to cry. "Mum, please! I swear I will hide them from dad! Please!"

"Mrs. Weasley, I assure you I meant no harm. Your son is advanced for his age and I simply thought he would benefit from some supplemental work before he begins at Hogwarts."

"I thank you professor for your observations but I really must insist that Michael give them back. He still has two more years before he attends Hogwarts. Michael, please give Professor Snape his presents back. I will wait for you outside."

Hermione Granger walked out of the apothecary slowly. Severus was amazed for what seemed the thousandth time that day. The bookworm of Hogwarts was denying her child knowledge.

He turned back to little Michael who seemed about ready to cry. Making up his mind Severus knelt down in front of the boy. He pulled out his wand and lightly tapped the items before whispering an incantation.

The items visibly shrank to fit in the boy's small pockets. "There, I shrank them for you. Now all you need to do to make them normal is whisper the incantation. The incantation is Engorgio. Make sure to hide them from your mum and dad."

The boy grinned once more and Severus stood up again. "Thank you, Professor Snape."

Before he could stop him, the boy quickly gave Severus a hug before pocketing his new gifts and rushing out of the store.

Yes, Severus thought, the wizarding world had definitely changed.

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