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Summary: Ten years have passed since the final battle. Severus has made a life for himself but when he is confronted with an ex-student will he be able to keep that life? The battle didn't just affect Severus but it had consequences that now Severus must face if he wishes to help his former student. If he succeeds he may finally get the family he deserves but should he fail and he will lose more than his soul.

Mostly Canon until 7th book!

Warnings: Will have Adult Content! Small OOC (Snape) but will be slight! One Mary Sue character! Weasley and Harry bashing!


Warning: Adult situations and adult language!

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Chapter 27- EPILOGUE~

"Michael!" Severus yelled from the bottom floor of their home. It had been six years since he had met the small boy and now he could not imagine his life without the boy and his mother.

"Coming, dad!" A teenage voice yelled from upstairs.

Severus shook his head as he took a seat in his favorite chair near the fireplace. After Severus had retired from teaching they had moved from Hogwarts and into a large house in Hogsmead.

At first Severus had been worried that Hermione and Michael would remember their abuse but the two quickly calmed his worries and they had been living in their home happily since then.

Severus opened his paper while he waited and read his favorite article.

Potions, Potions and More Potions

By: Bezoar and her Goat

Well, my lovely readers I have a special advice for you this week. Goat has pointed out that I have never really explained the complete uses of a Bezoar. In order to calm his nerves I have decided to list them here. A bezoar which is a small stone that could be found in the stomach of a goat will protect you from most poisons. Another handy tip is to not poison yourself like my dear Goat did a few years ago. This is all for now.

"Severus, are you ready to leave?" Hermione asked as she descended the stairs.

Severus smirked "If I remember correctly it was not I who wanted thirty more minutes, my love."

Hermione came and sat on his lap "Oh shut it you, how do I look?"

He examined his beautiful pregnant wife and smiled "You are beautiful, wife."

Hermione smiled as she smoothed her burgundy dress robes and her black dress.

"You look very handsome yourself, dear husband." Hermione whispered as she kissed his lips slowly.

He hungrily responded before pulling away "Must we go?"

Hermione laughed "Calm down, Severus. We can always have fun later."

Severus growled as she left the couch and stepped out of his reach. "Have you called Michael down?"

Severus nodded "He's up there with Peter and Philip. For some reason they wanted to arrive together, something about cousins showing up in style or some poppycock."

Hermione smiled "leave them alone, their family and they love each other like brothers. Speaking of brothers, where is our little Sebastian?"

Severus smirked "Our little princess is taking care of him."

Hermione shook her head "Oh dear, please tell me you did not allow Eleanor to play with Sebastian."

Severus smirked "No, Michael took Sebastian with him."

Hermione relaxed "That girl is too much like her father."

Severus smirked "That's why she's my princess."

"I'm right here daddy" A small voice said from the bottom of the stairs.

A little six year old girl with jet black curls and honey colored eyes smiled toothlessly at her parents. She wore a little yellow dress with a small yellow bow on her little curls.

Severus smiled and stood up before opening his arms for his little Eleanor. "I see you princess."

Eleanor rushed into her daddy's arms and gave him a huge kiss. "Daddy, Michael took Sebastian away."

Hermione laughed and kissed her daughter's cheek "We spoil you too much, darling."

The little girl only smiled and hugged her father tightly. Hermione turned to the stairs as her oldest son appeared. He wore his black dress robes that matched Severus.

Hermione could feel tears threaten to escape her eyes as she watched her little boy turn into a handsome young man. Hermione smiled as he walked toward them with a very serious air. After Severus and Hermione had married a year after they had moved in together, Michael had begun imitating Severus in many ways.

To Hermione's dismay Severus had been proven right and Michael had been sorted into Slytherin. Now as a fifth year Slytherin he was the top in his class and a prefect. He had even excelled in Potions and she knew that one day they would have another potion's master in the family.

Behind Michael stood his cousins Peter and Philip who were almost like brothers to Michael. They did everything with each other and although they were all in different houses they maintained their close relationship. Hermione smiled as she remembered the face Bill had made when Philip had ended up in Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor and Peter had ended up in Hufflepuff.

"Are you ready, dear?" Hermione asked as she greeted her nephews

Michael smiled "Yes, mum. I took the liberty of preparing little Sebastian."

Hermione laughed as her four year old son stood next to his big brother with a shy grin. He was dressed exactly like Michael and Severus except that his curly black hair hung around his little head. His black eyes gazed at her with pride and Hermione bed down and kissed his little forehead.

"You all look very handsome."

Her two nephews looked a bit sheepish but thanked her.

"Alright now that we are here we need to get going." Severus said quietly noticing the moisture in his eight month pregnant wife.

Hermione cleared her throat and nodded she took Sebastian's little hand and they all quickly disappeared through the floo.

When they arrived at their destination Hermione continued to hold onto Severus's arm as he balanced Eleanor on his other arm. She held Sebastian's hand firmly because he was notorious for escaping and wandering off. Deep down, she knew that Sebastian would be her little lion. She had even begun calling him that when Severus was not looking. She smirked at the surprise he would have when his little boy was sorted into Gryffindor.

"Hermione! Severus! I'm glad you were able to make it." Harry said happily.

Hermione grinned and kissed her best friend's cheek. Harry and Severus had mended their fences and had actually become very good friends. Severus had actually been the one to suggest Harry as godfather to Sebastian.

"Hello, Harry! So where are the birthday boys?" Hermione asked

Harry smiled "My two little one's are over there with making trouble. I think they are trying to figure out what their presents are."

Hermione smiled and turned to find her two little nephews playing happily with their cousins. Surprisingly at the same time Severus and Hermione had been dating Harry and Charlie had decided to date. A few months later they had married and had adopted two twin boys.

"What are you feeding them? They've grown so big Harry." Severus said awed by the size of his godsons.

Harry laughed "They are just going to be tall. I think little Xavier will be taller than little Xander though. Now go join the rest of the family while I try and find my husband so we can cut the cake."

Hermione smiled and they quickly moved toward an empty table. As soon as they were seated their children disappeared and they were left alone.

Severus lovingly touched his wife's pregnant stomach. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm ready to pop." Hermione said laughingly

Severus smirked "I can help with that"

Hermione smacked his arm "I think you become worse with age."

Severus chuckled "That's not what you said last night. I distinctly remember you saying that I was...the best ...was it?"

Hermione's cheeks turned pink "You insufferable man. We are at a child's birthday party can't you behave for one second?"

Severus smiled "Yes, dear."

They were interrupted by Neville "Hello, you two!"

Hermione and Severus greeted Neville who was followed by his very pregnant wife, Pansy.

Pansy took a seat next to Hermione and smiled at her "I'm ready for this baby to come, are you Hermione?"

Hermione laughed "I was just saying that. You have two more weeks, right?"

Pansy nodded "Yes and I can't wait. I haven't been able to see my own toes for a month. Even Bryan said I looked like ball."

Hermione laughed "Bryan is only five you can't put much stock on what he said."

Pansy smiled "Yes, Our little boy is too honest. I only hope these two will be a little more kind."

"So it's definitely twins then?" Severus asked

Neville grinned proudly "Yes, twin girls."

Pansy glared at him "I don't know why your grinning Neville. I am the one that had to carry them for nine months."

Neville continued to grin "You weren't complaining when we conceived them."

Pansy turned red "Neville Longbottom I have half a mind to kick you."

Neville laughed and continued to grin.

"Hey How are you all doing?" Luna asked quietly as she sat down next to Pansy.

"Very well, Luna, how are you and that dashing husband of yours?" Pansy asked laughingly

"Oi!" Neville said annoyed

Luna laughed "Draco is watching the girls. He said he didn't like the way Sebastian and Bryan were looking at his little girls."

Severus stood and turned to Neville "We must go and defend our son's honor Longbottom."

Neville laughed "To the sandbox!"

As they disappeared Luna turned to them and whispered dreamily "I think the fairies have blessed me with a baby."

Pansy whispered "Fairies? I think you mean Draco's little Draco."

They all laughed.

"So what do you think it will be?" Hermione whispered

Luna smiled "Oh, I'm certain it's a boy. The fairies poured dark green dust on me. Dray will finally have his little soldier."

"Why does he want a little soldier?" Pansy asked

Luna smiled and touched her stomach "He said he wanted a boy so that he could help him protect Isabella and Arianna. "

"Very overprotective that one." Pansy said laughingly

Luna smiled "I wonder what he will do when the suitors actually come calling?"

They all laughed as they continued to enjoy their time together. Soon Fleur and Penelope joined them followed by all of the men and soon they were all enjoying each other's company.

Later after the cake was cut and the children and adults were fed. They continued to enjoy their family. Hermione leaned back in her chair and placed her hand on her pregnant belly. Severus whose hand was protectively draped over her shoulder rubbed circles into her shoulder and Hermione allowed herself to relax.

Never in a million years did she ever think that sixteen years after the final battle she would be happily married to her old Potions professor and carrying his third child. Life has a funny way of righting itself even when the person makes mistakes.

Severus turned to her and smiled "Are you ok?"

Hermione nodded and snuggled closer to him. Severus smirked and quickly enveloped her in his warmth.

"I love you Severus Snape."

Severus kissed her temple before whispering in her ear "I love you Hermione Snape"

The End!


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