Madness Within My Soul.

Summary: Soul is having after effects of the battle. His madness levels suddenly break through, and help is at the hand of someone who is…somewhat of an expert.

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"Maka! Come on! This is gonna be a huge game!" Soul cried impatiently as he bounced up and down on the spot from where he was stood next to the front door of the apartment that they shared.

He was dressed casually in a long grey, yet black-sleeved baggy t-shirt with a pair of casual black jeans. In fact, just to add to his 'casual' theme of the morning, he stopped bouncing around and forced himself to casually lean up against the wall…casual being the main word here.

The afternoon was starting to turn evening, and Black*Star had challenged them to a game of basketball before the sun set, and naturally, Soul was all up for it.

His Meister however, was not.

Maka came out of her room at long last, wearing a pair of comfortable pale yellow joggers and a matching sweatshirt which her hands were stuck in either side of the joined up middle pocket, making her look like a mother kangaroo of sorts even as she flicked her two signature ponytails over her shoulder.

"Do I really have to go?" She asked.

"Makaaa…Pleeeaaaase?" Soul returned pleadingly. Suddenly he held up an all too familiar drawing. "Remember my hypothesis about what happens when you're stuck in your room reading all day and night?" He reminded her, holding it tauntingly in front of her.

Her eyes flashed wildly. "HEY! MUSHROOMS DO NOT GROW OUT OF MY HEAD!" She yelled, rushing forwards and reaching forwards in a hope to rip it out of his grasp. "GIVE THAT HERE!"

"Ah, ah, ah!" Soul said, backing away and craftily unlocking the door behind him and opening it. "You want it…?" He asked with a grin. Maka took a threatening step towards him.

He grinned.

"Come and get it." He stated, turning and fleeing as Maka slammed the door to the apartment and chased him down the cobbled streets.

"Operation 'Get Maka the hell out of the house', complete." He smirked, stuffing the fake copy of his original drawing of the hypothesis into the pocket of his black jeans.

They arrived slightly late to the basketball ground, with Maka still chasing him irately as she screamed abuse at him, even though her breath by now was running short.

"HEY! STOP STEALING MY SPOTLIGHT! YOU'RE LIKE, TEN MINUTES LATE YOU TWO!" Black*Star hailed them from where he was casually bouncing the ball up and down with one hand as he rested his other arm on the slender shoulder of Death the Kid.

"You…could have at least been…eight minutes…late…." Kid seethed, only relaxing when Liz put a warning hand on his shoulder.

His OCD problem was much better than it used to be, seeing as the war against the Kishin had passed over at least two months ago, his friends having been able to help him out now that they had time to themselves as such. Therefore his OCD was still quite bad…but bearable.

Soul Eater grinned and raced forwards, slamming his hand down on the ball and darting away to a safe distance before spinning the ball on the tip of his index finger. "Stop being such cry-babies and present me with an actual challenge."

"Show off." Kid muttered, moving away so that Black*Star stumbled and nearly hit the floor, had Tsubaki not raced forwards to help him. Black*Star smiled gratefully at Tsubaki and quietly pecked her on the lips as a thank you and raced off, yelling threats to both Soul and Kid.

Liz raised an eyebrow at Tsubaki knowingly, and Maka grinned as she nudged her friend playfully. "Shut up…" Tsubaki mumbled, a huge blush appearing and spreading on her usually pale cheeks.

"I knew it was too quiet, where's Patti?" Maka asked suddenly, looking around for the short haired blonde sister of Liz, who replied rather airily.

"She's at home, feeling a little sick. She stuffed her face the other day with those birthday chocolates I gave her." Liz explained, rolling her eyes.

Maka smiled. "That was a good party. I didn't think Kid could be so…hospitable when it came to birthday parties..." She said, thinking of the fun they had had that night.

Tsubaki's face grew slightly worried, and she tore her gaze away from Black*Star as he and Kid all but wrestled Soul to the ground in an attempt to get the ball away from him as they yelled and laughed in the background. "Maka…After Soul's…well…is he…Ok?" She stuttered.

Maka glanced down a her hands which started to fiddle nervously. "Yeah…He can't really remember them. He wishes he could, so that he could predict the next one, and he hates himself by knowing what he did."

Liz looked confused. "What? What happened to him?" She asked inquisitively.

"He…He had an after effect of the madness when Black*Star, Tsubaki, Soul and I were walking home afterwards. It was down the shortcut alley to our apartment. He suddenly flipped out…It was like, one second he was seriously buzzing with happiness…and the next he threw me against the side wall." Maka said softly. She smiled at Tsubaki then.

"Thank god for your boyfriend." Maka stated. "Had Black*Star not been there to tackle him and hold him down for a good ten minutes until he stopped, I don't think I would have come out alive…" She trailed off.

Liz stared at them both in bewilderment. "Jeez…What would have brought that on Soul? He's the laziest guy I know! And he loves you to bits Maka!"

The Meister turned her head sharply to get a better look at Liz as she stared with wide, surprised eyes. "As a sister of sorts…not like that." Maka defended hurriedly.

Liz snorted and rolled her eyes skyward. "Lies."

Maka indignantly opened her mouth to argue but Tsubaki quickly interrupted before anything else could be said and rubbed Maka's shoulder comfortingly. "Well, the good thing is, he was there, you are alive, and Soul is alr-"

A scream of agony suddenly ripped through their conversation.

They looked over, startled, and saw Kid nervously edging away from Soul, who was writhing on the ground in agony.

Black*Star narrowed his eyes. He turned to Maka. "I've got him!" He cried reassuringly, bursting forward with the speed of a well aimed dart.

He grabbed Soul by the shoulders, but he yelled out and almost let go. "FUCK." Black*Star cursed. He looked back at them. "He's soul wavelength is…burning me! Guys! One of you go and get

Help. He's not himself, it's like he's possess-AAGH!"

His call to them broke off as Soul suddenly roared inhumanely, baring his teeth to the sky before plunging Black*Star's bare arm into his gaping maw and clamping his sharp teeth into the boy's arm.

Black*Star refused to struggle, and he gritted his teeth as he felt Soul's teeth pierce muscle. "GO." Black*Star ground out.

Tsubaki nodded in terror and fled the basketball compound, her footsteps dying away as she ran with the speed of a small bullet.

Kid and Liz shared a glance of disbelief and shock, but when Black*Star suddenly started to writhe in pain as Soul's teeth drove deeper and his claw-like nails dug into his friends soft belly, Maka panicked.

"SOUL!" She yelled helplessly, dashing forwards to try and do something.

Liz darted forwards and grabbed Maka around the middle. "NO!"

She glanced over at Kid meaningfully. "Kid. Go help. NOW." She ordered. Kid nodded once and without hesitation he plunged his hands either side of Soul's head and clobbered him once around both ears, shouting out loud in pain as he too was burnt.

The blow would have been hard enough to stun anyone, however Soul acted like he was immune to it, and instead of continuing to rip into Black*Star, he left the blue haired boy alone, taking his talons out of him and leaving him bleeding and groaning pitifully on the concrete.

"Wait…Maka. Maka. Listen. Maka. Stop." Liz said, trying to get through to the girl as she kicked and tried to press onwards. She grabbed Maka more firmly by the shoulders and shook her, forcing her to look into her eyes. "Don't worry, everything will be ok. Soul will be fine. Trust me. No, look at me. Look at me. Look- I promise. Trust me."

Liz didn't let Maka look at Soul, but she lost her concentration, and soon both girls were running at Soul as he pounced like a panther onto Kid, his claws and teeth bared menacingly as he prepared to shred the boy.


They stopped as two others joined them.

Spirit immediately took charge of Black*Star and turned to Tsubaki and Liz. "You two. Take him out of here and get him to Shibusen and get Professor Naigus to treat him quickly so that his wounds don't get infected. Go. Now!" He ordered, helping to lift the almost unconscious boy into their arms as they nodded and sprinted away.

The other arrival had quickly knocked Kid out of the way and had taken Soul's blow himself. He was bowled over and they rolled head over heels, Soul snarling at his new opponent and bringing back his clawed hand and preparing to strike at his foe's throat, to tear it out and end his pitiful life.

"Soul Wavelength." The opponent said, quickly bringing his palm up and smashing it into Soul's side.

The boy was sent hurtling to the right with a yell of pain, and he lay there panting as the fight that had driven him was abruptly ended with the hurt that was now erupting from his side.

Maka screamed and dived to try and reach her companion, but Spirit moved in her way and grabbed her, enfolding her in a tight hug as her emotions filled her tears and they poured out down her cheeks as she cried into her father's jacket.

"Papa…Please…Don't let Soul…g-get h-hurt…" She stuttered the words over her tears.

Spirit smiled inwardly, proud of the fact that he was able to comfort his daughter in a moment of her need. "I promise nothing bad will happen to him. I won't let it. Maka, look at me." He said, tilting her chin up to look at him directly in the face.

She sniffled and grabbed his jacket more tightly as she gazed into his eyes imploringly, her eyes literally just begging him to help.

"I promise." He said finally.

Then he looked over to his companion. "Stein. What do you intend to do with him?" He asked his former Meister.

The professor stood up and dusted off his lab coat. His footsteps echoed on the floor from his heavy boots as he strode over to Soul, checking the boy over physically before hauling the kid up by the arm roughly.

"He needs to be put under maintenance." Stein stated. "He can stay with me for the next week or so, where I will try to find out what is wrong with him."

"No!" Maka gasped.

Stein looked over to her, his glasses flashing in the evening sunlight as they reflected the unhappy sun's rays. "I'm sorry. I do believe you want to stop your friend here from becoming something that could possibly kill others…or himself." He said rather harshly. "So if I were you, leave him to me, Maka. When I have found out what is wrong with him, I will take the necessary actions to help him combat it, and once recovered, he will return to you." Stein said, turning on his heel and pulling Soul along behind him.

Soul tried to turn back to Maka to try and tell her something from where she was peeking at him with worry from above her father's arm.

And although he couldn't really say anything as he was being dragged away, he managed to grin and laugh slightly, blood spraying from the corner of his mouth, and winking at her before being towed out of sight.

Maka felt reassured slightly as she let Spirit take her back to her apartment, but she was unable to shake the feeling of doubt that shrouded her mind and invaded her dreams, turning them into nightmares.

Spirit had told her before he left her to her own devices; 'Whatever you do, do not try to visit him. He will be put under pressure…although you might see him at DWMA.'

It had done little to comfort her.

And the basketball…it had been left behind to where it had rolled into the corner of the court…forgotten.

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