Madness Within My Soul.

Chapter 2.

Soul had been strapped to a metal table which was situated in a metal based room with Stein's…decorating…of the stitches than ran down the walls in various places. There was one window which was above the door that he was just about able to raise his head to look at, not that he could see anything but the black night sky.

And had been left there for the whole night.

He knew something bad had happened. Something he had done, for him to be in this situation. Yet he couldn't remember. Even worse, he had two more blank spots since he had been taken away by Stein. For some reason he was lead to believe that that was the reason that his blood from his wrists had soaked through the cuffs of his sleeves from where he had obviously tried to break free from the metal cuffs that kept him pinned to the operating table.

Pulling forwards with all his might, he strained to physically pull himself free with every once of physical strength that he had.

But no matter how hard he tried…It was impossible.

"Fuck. No wonder Spirit was terrified of the guy. I bet it wasn't only my blood that has pooled over this damn table." He cursed softly, muttering every swearword he knew under his breath. He pulled again, and again, and again.

But to no avail.

Finally, he stopped, panting heavily. He raised his head to look out of the small window above the door, to where the sun was rising, and he thought of Maka.

'Maka. She must be terrified for me…or…or of me.' Soul thought. Clicking his head back and forth to get out the kinks in his neck a little, he imagined Maka. Her in general…Her laugh…Her smile...

...Her soul...

...And how it resonated.

Focusing, he started to growl as he let his own soul wavelength equate to the same as when he and Maka used soul resonance to form witch hunter, and the growl finally increased to a roar as he channelled the wavelength into his wrists and ankles.

He was rewarded with the sound of the cuffs snapping under such intense wavelength pressure, and he finally relaxed a little, breathing heavily and wetting his lips by running his tongue over it. The he sat up, flexing all of his muscles which now ached a little, and gingerly stepped down off of the table onto the cold floor, which he was able to feel though his socks.

The cold of the night seemed to be able to soak through his clothes, and involuntarily, he shivered as he opened the door to his…cell…and cautiously peeped out.

It was dark, and all he could make out was the corridor. He grimaced and shut the door again quietly. 'Well there's no point in going out that way if I don't know which way to go to get to the front door and out of this place, especially if it's pitch black. If I knock into something and wake Stein…I'll be mince meat in seconds. And if I wake up Marie or Crona, Stein will have my guts for garters…Literally.' He thought, shuddering as he paced up and down in his cell.

Then he caught sight a small run ray that was filtering in through…the window!

Excitedly, Soul looked up to his last, and only means of escape. Looking around, his hopes fell slightly when he could see that there was nothing to help him get up to the window's height.

Unless he chanced his balancing skills on the door.

Mere minutes later found him with the door ajar a little, and Soul on the small narrow edge of the door, crouching and leaning in to the wall tentatively as he cautiously reached up with one hand and successfully opening the latch on the window.

He was about to hoist himself up so that he could squeeze his frame through the window, when a voice stopped him.

"Get down." Stein's voice said calmly.

Soul hesitated. He only had to quickly boost himself up, and he was away, free to escape and get away from-

"Now." Stein said more firmly, glancing up at his student for the first time.

Soul sighed irately. "So not cool." He muttered, shutting the window and carefully making his way down from where he had been precariously perched on the door to stand in front of Stein.

"Fool." Stein stated, cuffing Soul round the head before going into the room and shutting the door behind him. Soul rubbed the spot in annoyance and stood with one hand in his pocket. "Hm. And it seems you broke the cuffs." Stein commented, turning his head to look at Soul, who merely shrugged.

"Sorry, but I'm not intending on staying…I haven't done anything wrong. So I have nothing to worry ab-"

"Oh?" Stein questioned, walking over and bending at the waist so that his face was inches away from Soul's, who quivered in nervousness for a second, but kept his ground. "I beg to differ. Seeing as you have put Black*Star in hospital…I think you need to start worrying."

Soul stared at Stein in shock. "S-S-Sensei…What are you talking about?" He asked, stunned beyond belief. "I was playing basketball with him and Kid, so how would I have hurt him without know…ing…" He trailed off.

Stein narrowed his gaze. "Think you're a monster yet? Apparently you went after Maka too. First Maka and now Black*Star? My, my. Perhaps you need a reminder of how you acted like the monster you try so hard not…to be." Stein taunted.

Soul was angry, and at the same time, confused. Stein had never been…cruel. But he was just pushing Soul's buttons!

"And of course, like the Kishin, you'll try to destroy Maka…but you'll succeed, because you are…a MONSTER." Stein said, his eyes wild and his mouth in a cruel grin.

Soul snapped and lost control, roaring with anger as he flung himself at Stein, who's smile turned into a grimace.

He'd found it.

He parried every strike that Soul lunged at him with, and then Soul's talon's managed a breakthrough point, and they scratched across Stein's left cheek, narrowly missing his glasses which would have easily broken. He grabbed Soul by the neck and forced the boy down onto his knees, and then Soul roared with pure animal fury and made punctures in Stein's arm, even through the sleeves of his lab coat as Soul savagely ripped his teeth into Stein's arm.

Stein grunted with pain and forced his arm muscles to relax in order to numb the pain a little. He then hit Soul on the back with as much force as he dared.

Thankfully Soul had the wind driven out of him and the downwards force that acted on his back forced him to open his mouth and follow through to the stone cold floor.

Soul flipped onto his back and went to punch Stein in the face, but the teacher hauled him up by the scruff of the neck and shook him roughly. "If you don't snap out of it, I'm gonna dissect you whilst still conscious." He said harshly.

Soul ignored it as though he couldn't understand the words. Then Stein understood. Whilst Soul was acting through his primal instincts, he couldn't really understand things like a normal human.

It reminded Stein kind of like when he had been…more…insane during the time of the Kishin. Whereas his was a little more on the mental side, it broke through Soul's mental side to it, and acted on him physically as well as mentally.

As a final attempt, he shoved Soul up against the stitched wall and growled fiercely, pretending to reach into his pocket for his famed 'scalpel of death' that he had used to dissect things. Soul cowered at the menace that leaked from Stein's growl, and he seemed to curl up into himself, into the wall almost in an attempt to get away from his snarling teacher.

Stein still had a firm grip on Soul even when the kid started to talk normally…as though nothing had happened.

"Stein-Sensei…Ow…why do I hurt?" He asked. "And why are you holding me up here like this? Can you let me down please?" Soul asked continually, trying to prise Stein's iron like grip that had him around the collar of his shirt.

After a few minutes of Soul pleading in a rather scared and confused tone, he finally lowered the boy to the floor. "Th…Thanks." He stuttered, unsure if that was the right thing to say. Stein nodded in acknowledgement.

"Soul." He addressed his pupil directly, gaining his attention immediately. "You have after affects of the madness that should have disappeared with the Kishin. I now place you in my care, where I shall attempt to train you to block it out, so that when we finally take care of the problem, you are able to block it if it is to come back before coming directly to me. Is that understood?" He asked, staring at him through his glasses.

Soul was taken aback. He was…sick? "Uhh…But Sensei-"

"I said, is that understood?" Stein asked.

Soul regained his usually calm state of mind quickly. "Y-Yes sir. Of course." He answered.

Stein lit a cigarrette in the silence that followed and took one long drag, exhaling it slowly before turning to Soul and smiling. "Come on then. You can bunk with Crona, if he doesn't mind. I don't think he will, he's not that shy anymore really, not since Marie's been cooing over him anyway."

"Leave it to the mother figure heh?" Soul smirked, leaning his hands casually above his head as they walked through the corridors of Stein's house.

Stein chuckled as he took another drag. "Well, she is the woman in this household." He looked at Soul sidelong. "You're joining it for a week, so you'll be treated like family. Ok? Just make sure you don't…upset…Marie. You know what she's like, and I don't want to have to be sent to deal with you." Stein sighed slightly.

Soul gulped a little at that. "Uhh…yeah. I get you." He nodded, half closing his eyes. Damn he was tired. Stein must have noticed, as he commented.

"You look like hell, go take a shower and take the spare bed on the other side of Crona's room. They know what's going on by the way, so you don't need to hide it." Stein said, patting Soul on the back and herding him to the bathroom. "Towels are in the third cupboard from the left." He informed him.

The white haired student nodded. "'Kay…thanks…I think I'm gonna crash afterwards." He yawned.

Stein smiled and shut the bathroom door, leaving Soul alone to have a shower in peace.

After a few minutes of quietly showering, letting the warm water soothe his aching body, he rubbed his face tiredly, trying to get his head around the whole concept of him having been taken over by the madness, and that he couldn't control it.

He pounded the side of the wall in frustration as his tears, masked by the rain of the shower, rolled down his face in salty rivulets that coursed down his face.

"MAN, this is so NOT cool…" He said, smiling humourlessly at his famed catchphrase.

When finished, as promised, the towels were where Stein had proclaimed them to be, and towelling himself dry and changing into his old clothes, he stumbled into Crona's room, of whom was absent, to find a change of night clothes.

Gratefully he slipped into them and into the spare bed on the other side of the room, losing himself under the covers and slipping into a blissful sleep.

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