"Morning, Victor," Scipio called cheerfully, as he approached the detective, right outside the door of his private detective office. He sauntered up to him, in his high-heeled boots that were finally the right size for his feet.

"It's Mr. Getz to you, lad," the detective snapped back, different from his usual carefree, laid-back self. He also seemed to be holding the door open just a crack, peeking inside carefully. "And keep your voice down."

"So what's on our job list for today? Spying on our own detective office?" Scip dropped his voice to a whisper, standing next to the man, trying to peek inside as well.

"Well, no. It seems someone's beaten us to that. There's a snoop sleeping in my chair," Victor said, eyeing the figure behind his desk, head tilted upward, mouth loosely agape.

"That shouldn't be a surprise since half the time you are sleeping in your chair-," Scipio said wittily, but Victor gave him a stern look that discouraged further humor. He cleared his throat. "So what's our plan, Detective Getz?"

Victor closed the door soundlessly and turned to his assistant. "Okay, on the count of three, we burst into the office and surround the little bugger from both sides. I'll go left, and - what? No. It doesn't matter who goes left and who goes right, so anyway, - you go right. We catch him, tie him up - what's that? Well do you have any other suggestions? Fine, loosely bind him to the chair - and then question him. Okay, got that?"

Scipio merely nodded, having exhausted his energies at contradicting the old man. They crouched into a ready position, and Victor's hand slowly and silently twisted the doorknob, counting softly, and signaling with his other hand.

"One, two, three!-,"

The chair behind Victor's desk was empty. They creeped into the room, looking around cautiously.

"Where'd he go?" Victor said, finally reaching his desk. He looked behind the chair, under the table, and started opening the drawers as Scipio looked around the other furniture in the room.

They hardly noticed the sound of a toilet flushing from the bathroom, but jumped at the sound of the door shutting close.

"Aah!" Victor shouted, slamming the drawer at the same time, as he spotted the person at the door of the bathroom.

"Aah!" Scipio shouted, nearly falling over the short coffee table in the middle of the room.

"Aaah!" shouted the startled intruder, knocking back against the bathroom door, now shut.

For a few seconds, they all stared at each other in the small office, breathing hard.

"Sorry, just had to use the bathroom for a bit," the intruder said, in a voice that was hardly beyond the teenage years. "Sorry about that, I know I probably should have asked permission from Mr. Getz first."

"Ask permission? You're trespassing, boy! Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my office?" Victor Getz finally found his voice and was now walking towards the kid.

"Ah! Your office? Detective Victor Getz, I presume?" the intruder said, suddenly holding a hand out to the approaching detective, seeming not to notice the anger building up. "Ah, wait, I should explain first."

"Yes, please explain, before I call the polizia," Victor said, looking the intruder up and down, noticing how skinny he was, although he was rather tall. "Or your parents."

"No, no need for that really, actually, I came here early because I wanted to talk to you before I'm found by -," the intruder said in a rushed tone, now obviously agitated.

There suddenly came a loud series of knocks on the door. "Please, come in," Victor shouted in reply.

A woman and a man entered the office, dressed rather haughtily. The intruder stared in disbelief, finishing her sentence "- my parents."