Hello all! The allure of this fandom was just too much, and I am back. To those of you who were reading 'The News', sorry it's been so long since I updated, but I am suffering MAJOR writer's block on that one. Like, worse than I've ever had before. Thought I'd try something a bit different with this fic, which is part of the reason why the chapters are so much shorter than usual in this.

So... on with the story!

D…Darkness… w… what happened? What's going on? Where am I?

Darkness filled his senses. There was no sound. There was nothing. Nothing but darkness. The darkness clouded his being for what seemed like centuries.

Then came a numbness. Still darkness, yes, but now was a sensation. He had nerves. He had a body. He had ears; there was a soft whirring, near his head. Constant. Low. Comforting. He had a mouth, filled with a rasping metal taste.

But still there was darkness.

And then, at last, there was a voice. Deep as the ocean and rough as the land, it uttered, in sadness, a single word.


He had nerves. He had a body. He had ears. He had a mouth.

Now he had a name.

John-boy…yes, it was certainly his. He knew it well. But who had spoken? Who knew him? He certainly knew the voice. That voice… and John-boy… he slowly drew a name from his own, and knew that it was right.

His father. John.

If his father was there, surely his mother could be, too. Her name was hard to place, with nothing to go on. Not even a voice. Ah. Now that was an idea. The only voice he knew was his father's, but his father would have said his mother's name many times. He began to search through the darkness for his father's voice.

John-boy. His own name. No.

Mill. Not a name. No.

Ma. Hmm. John-boy considered this for a while, before turning it down. That would be his mother, not his wife. No.

Livvy. This one felt close, so very close, but something was wrong. Livvy. Was that a name? A thought struck him. It isn't a name. It's a nickname. But it must come from her name.

Olivia. Yes.

He could see them now, holding eachother close sitting on a bench. He recognised the house behind them as his own. Another image came from out of the darkness, of a long table. At one end sat his father, with his mother sitting nearby. He himself sat at the other end. That was odd. Something, someone, was missing. He felt sure he was missing part of his family, and it troubled him.

Still, John-boy was pleased with himself, and he patiently sat in the dark and waited for something else to happen. Nothing did.

The darkness engulfed him once more.

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