Only one person had the strength to open her heart.

Yes, only one person could ever unlock her heart from its heavy seal. She bound it in lock and chain, heavily guarded by snarling retorts and death threats.

Most saw the ice block around it, and walked away, with not enough will to try. Others chipped at the outer layer, but could go no father, for the tools they had could not surpass the iron layer.

Some were persistent, managing to cleave their way to the wooden doors, but little had the right shaped key to fit the lock, so they stayed there, forever in limbo of her soul.

Very few managed to push open the doors. The only one who succeeded in getting halfway explored, bit by bit. They never got fully through the maze, but understood the concept well enough to trick her into believing that they did.

That same person was also the one who slammed those doors, and ran out of her life, building the restraints along the way. The same person who shut her off from everyone, and ruined her sanity.

She was hurt by this, but never complained, feeling as if her heart was her secret. But one snuck inside, their wings fluttering as it twisted through the vine filled corridors and dank chambers. It was a difficult journey, but the person knew her soul, because they shared one.

And when that person reached the hearts case, it revolted them. Inside, was a black mess. Covered in stitched and new wounds, blood staining the glass case. There was multiple swords and knives in it, wedged in the soft flesh. It was so heavy that some of the glass around it shattered.

Yet, the person stayed, and watched the mass twist in agony beyond the see through walls. They never helped, never stopped it, for they knew it would be futile. It would never be able to be fully repaired, and they could not even partially help the process if it was possible.

So, as her heart slowly disintegrated, they slowly helped strength the glass around it. It was a useless effort, for both her and the person knew it would one day be broken, but the person did it anyway. Slowly, it became hard and cruel, with nothing but anger and hate fueling it.

Yet, when the Goddess of pain and glory returned, and dissolved the hard outer layer, leaving the vulnerable glass. She had managed to get to the core, and broke it apart, causing the poor girl who the heart belonged, to fall prey to the cat, hunter of happiness.

And the person watched, because even after all their efforts, they remained powerless. The soul which they both shared had been defiled by careless hands.

Yet, that person was the only one who ever understood the extent of the damage, because that person was the only one who had the strength to open her heart.