It wasn't even 11 o'clock yet and Jade had already had enough of the day. No matter what happened it was as though everything that did happened went the worst possible way for her. And now she was headed back to her locker 15 minutes into her biology class to get her biology book and not her theatre literature book.

Walking towards her locker, Jade saw a light pink rose treaded though the handles of the scissors and a small envelope jammed underneath that. Glaring at the offending piece of flora she ripped the envelope off the door, not caring if it got damaged at all, and tore into it. Thinking that some moron and it must have been a moron to mistake her locker for someone else's, who would now be mercilessly mocked for the next week at the very least.

That being said Jade certainly wasn't expecting it to be addressed to her.


I know flowers aren't your thing, and definitely not pink.

But I'm sure you are aware that different colour roses each have different meanings, along with the amount given.

Light pink means admiration.

I stare at you and look at your profile and can't help but admire your beauty. The way you just speak your mind without a care about who it cuts or who takes offence. The way you saunter down the hallways, as though it is your own palace. I watch you as the day passes by; always watching every muscle twitch in your expression, every flicker of your eyes, and listen to every word you say.

And every day I find something new to admire about you.

I'm hoping that you haven't just tossed this card and rose in the trash or cut them all up into tiny little pieces littering the floor around you.

Jade stood there rather dumbly for a while as she re-read the note. Who on earth paid that much attention to her? Well there was Beck. But he's never done anything like this. Carefully pulling the rose out of the scissors she put both in her locker, grabbed the correct text book and headed back to her class. Telling herself to keep an eye open for people watching her more than usual.

The rest of the day carried on like normal, if Jade glancing about like a paranoid nut was considered normal. But no matter how alert Jade was it didn't seem as though anyone was more interested in her, except for Sinjin. Really though he wouldn't have the ability to do something so sweet, besides standing outside staring at her house was more his style anyway.

Shuffling things in and out of her locker, Jade did wonder what to do with the rose. She was half tempted to casually lean against the lockers and go to town on the poor innocent plant life with her scissors, deciding against it for the time being. Jade carefully put it on top of her text books in her bag and headed out to the parking lot.

Saturday saw Jade heading out to meet up with Beck for lunch then just generally hang about. Upon opening the front door however put a small halt of her plans. Nestled in the wire frame of the fly screen was another rose. This one white instead. Reaching around the screen she pulled the rose out. She was slightly baffled at having yet another rose delivered to her and a white one at that. If she recalled correctly white was generally considered for innocence. Something Jade knew she certainly wasn't in a great many respects, whoever was giving her these really knew nothing about her at all.

Wandering back inside her house and up to her room, Jade placed the rose next to the other one in a glass of water on her dresser. Pulling her laptop off her desk she googled the meaning of a white rose.

Innocence. Purity. Or weddings.

Well, Jade could safely say she wasn't getting married anytime soon. That left innocence and purity, neither of which Jade could see applying to her. After all how many people were innocent and pure these days? Hell, everyone was corrupted by the time they hit five these days, never mind her.

Jade's phone let out a shrill little buzz letting her know she got a text. Glancing at the device she realised that lunch with Beck had completely slipped her mind. Sending a short text in reply, Jade once again made her way out to the front door.

The remainder of her day went by quickly enough. Lunch was lunch, and the remainder of the day was spent watching a couple of movies at Beck's. Walking to her front door, noticed a small envelope taped to the door. Figuring that it was from the same person, she ripped it off and made her way to her room before opening it.


I know you tried to spot me after yesterday. I know this cause I always watch you, however discreetly, I doubt you'll notice though, you haven't ever spotted me so far.

That being said I wish you would spot me, call me out, and drag my crush for you out into the open so I wouldn't have to hide it any longer. I couldn't say no to you if you brought it up to me. You never will though. Cause I know you don't look at me like that. But this does eat away at me daily, so I'll tell you through these notes and flowers.

As I write this I wonder if you've looked into the meaning of each rose, I would think that if you have, you think I'm a complete idiot for giving you white, something considered innocent and pure; untarnished by the way of the world. Given this isn't you in the slightest, at least in the strictest sense.

I do believe you have a purity to you though. While I try to keep the masses happy, dirtying myself with telling little lies so people won't feel bad or think I mean ill of them; you, however, don't sugar coat anything, you say what you think and mean what you say. Compared to me you are a shining white light against my grey covered self.

I wish I could do that, be unafraid that people will alienate me for saying my mind. But I'm simply not that strong.

No matter what anyone says don't change that about you. Stay pure to you, for you.

Jade was amazed, shocked, stunned, touched? Honestly she wasn't too sure at the moment. How could anyone see that in her was just beyond Jade's realm of comprehension. She certainly couldn't see herself as pure in any form of the word.

Glancing at the two roses sitting side by side Jade had to wonder, admiration and purity? They certainly weren't things that would ever be associated with her. You could ask anyone and they wouldn't even appear on the first 20 things describing her.

Pushing thoughts of roses from her mind, Jade pulled out her notebook and she began writing down notes for the script she was vaguely putting together. Soon all thoughts had fled her mind and pen travelled smoothly over paper.

Monday morning came and with it Mondayitis. So Jade pulled herself out of bed, showered and dressed with the same enthusiasm that everyone lacks Monday. Pausing for just a moment from the usual routine when she was about to slide into her car at the peach coloured rose sitting under the windscreen wiper with the small envelope sitting alongside it.

Plucking them out and throwing them onto the passage seat, she had to wonder what sort of creepy stalker she has that would leave these things laying about for her. She mulled over it the entire way to the small coffee shop near school and picking up her usual. Taking her first sip of her coffee Jade finally reached for the envelope.


It slightly saddens me that you'll be getting this rose and my note at the same time today. Assuming that you leave the house today at all. I would prefer for you to have the mull over each rose and their meaning before you hear my thoughts on it, but I suppose that won't be the case today.

Peach is appreciation.

Because I do appreciate everything you do, and everything about you. The way you dress all in black or at least dark shades that add such a contrast to your pale, fair skin. Your script writing, that never fails to head down a different path than what everyone has come to expect. Your cruel words and although they cut right though me and hurt more than I should let them, it makes each one of your kind words, which I only can think of a handful, so much more meaningful.

Appreciation, huh? Finishing off her coffee as she started her car and headed off to school, only to realise that she spent too long looking over the note and she was running late yet again. Damn these things! The roses were driving Jade to distraction. How does one even appreciate someone who constantly belittles them? Jade now found herself wishing she wasn't quite such a rude bitch to every person that so much as looked at her; it would at the very least help her figure out who was sending these.

Before she knew it Jade was wandering through the empty halls of Hollywood Arts, every now and then hearing the voice of a teacher lecturing on about something or another, in only that tone that teachers could pull off. You know the one that would almost put you to sleep yet still not able to put you quite to sleep. Opening her locker there was another rose sitting there standing up on her locker, held there by a small blob of blu-tac. This one orange.

At this point Jade wasn't expecting another rose merely an hour after getting the last. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wonders when she started expecting them at all. Pulling the rose out carefully and carelessly throwing various text books into her locker. She made her way to the janitor's closet, figuring that she's already late for the start of class and missing the last half won't hurt. She can always just hassle someone else for anything vital she missed.

Once there she pulled out some scrap paper and her phone and looked up what orange stood for.

Desire and enthusiasm.

Well that is less than helpful.

Desire is easy enough to get. Sure she might not have guys falling over her like Vega does or lure them in with her ditsy-ness like Cat. But she knows that she is hot and although they'll never have the guts to say or do anything, guys do lust after her.

Enthusiasm, that was a little harder to pick. After all she didn't really show much enthusiasm for anything really, well apart from her plays and crushing any girl stupid enough to hit on Beck when she was around.

Figuring that so far her stalker has only picked one aspect for each colour. Searching on her phone again for all the different meanings of the colours she has already received. Scrolling through the page she decided that this is totally hopeless. For most there was like five different meanings, and then half of those would double up with other colours. God, who would have thought there was quite so much behind coloured plants. Hearing the bell sound to begin the second period Jade placed the rose into her bag and headed off to her class.

"Jade, can I borrow a pen?" without so much as even glancing at the redhead, Jade lightly shoved her bag in her direction, taking that as a yes Cat began rustling through her bag. "Oh... Jade why do you have a rose?" Pulling it out Cat admired it, "Aww... Beck, that's so sweet of you," momentarily Jade froze as the rose was brought out in front of everyone "Ooo... it smells so pretty."

That small grin that always appeared on his face whenever he didn't know what people were talking about, "Uh... That wasn't me." Any hope that Jade had that it was Beck and not some creepy stalker was shattered with that one sentence.

"Oh that does smell nice," and with Robbie saying that it was suddenly being passed around the table as everyone decided to take a whiff. "You know it's hard to find roses with a fragrance now days. Most are altered so they don't smell cause of allergies."

"No one cares," no one can get Robbie to shut it like the puppet can. However, Jade wanted to know more, not that she would ever ask the ventriloquist about it.

"That's so sad. Why wouldn't you want to smell them?" Cat seemed completely bummed out over it.

"I wonder if the person that gave you this knows that there's meaning behind almost everything regarding roses," Jade's head shot up at Tori mentioning that as she slowly twirling the rose between her fingers.

"What do you mean, Vega?"

Pulling her head up Tori looked at Jade ever so slightly confused, before it dawned on her that she had said. "Oh well, the colours have different meanings, and the number that is given. If it has thorns or if it's a bud or open" Shrugging as Cat reached over to pluck it from Tori's hand to smell it again.

"How do you know all that, Tori?" Andre peered over at Tori as he asked her. Like the answer would just appear on her forehead.

"Well you see I'm the one who gave it to Jade." Face completely neutral as everyone else froze and stared at her, before a small smirk passed over her face. "Or its cause I had a tree-hugging-flower-loving science teacher at my last school and we had to do a report on flowers."

"So what's it mean then?"

"Dunno," shrugging her shoulders and going back to picking at her salad. "I can't remember that far back, besides I didn't really care about it."

"What was the point of even bringing it up then?" frustration clearly ringing out through Jade's voice.

"Just came to mind is all." Ugh! How can someone be that nonchalant one minute then turn about and preach caring the next? Damn Vega wins most annoying person of the day yet again.

It wasn't until the end of the day that Jade got the envelope sitting there in her locker stuck in that same piece of blu-tac that the rose was on. Glancing about, like she would be able to spot the person among the throng of students roaming the halls. It wasn't like they were going to be wearing a giant sign that said 'Jade, I'm secretly giving you roses and little love notes' on their head.


I know you didn't get yesterday's rose yesterday. I was considering not giving you this one today, but I set out to do all this in an order, so I'll keep to it.

And I know you know now that I'm giving you single, thornless roses means something too. I was nearby when that conversation happened. But have you looked that up yet? Of course, websites aren't always the most accurate, but for the most part they all say the same on the matter.

But I've chosen enthusiasm for this one. You don't share your enthusiasm with the world, you keep it hidden under your skin, but I can see it in your eyes and the small changes in your face. That spark that brightens your eyes and you stand that little bit straighter when something comes up that you want to know. I watch as you pay more attention to those and focus so much of yourself into the task at hand.

I know that despite how you act, like every class means nothing to you, you study hard for each and every one of them. Your absorption into your school work shines through. It's no wonder the teachers still like you no matter how you act.

Glancing about once again Jade still didn't see anyone who was paying overly more interest in her more than they normally do, well except for Beck as he made his way over to her. His easy-going smile plastered to his face.

"Hey Jade, wanna get a coffee or something?" stopping next to Jade locker and leaning up against it.

"Can't. Got to finish my history report on aluminium cans." Huh, when did she start turning down Beck in order to get homework done? Maybe she does care about her school work more than she thinks. How was it that some random stranger know her better than she knew herself. That's just downright weird. While her thoughts travelled in spiralling circles she was only mildly aware that she carried some sort of conversation with Beck. Only really paying attention when he leant in and gave her a small peck on the lips as a farewell.

Realising that she was one of the last ten people still hanging about in the near empty corridors, Jade closed her locker and made her way to her car, thumb running over the note still in her hand.

Tuesday rolled around and Jade woke up with a smile playing along her lips as she caught sight of the four roses on the other side of her room. How was it that five days ago Jade would have hated the thought of having flowers sitting about her room, and now she could hardly wait to see what colour she would get today?

It wasn't until the end of third period that a pale peach rose was presented to her. This one just seemed to magically appear in her bag though. It wasn't there before she went into Sikowitz's class but following it there it was. Surely whoever it was some sort of damn ninja. How the hell else would they be able to get it there so easily without her or anyone else noticing. It was seriously becoming quite unnerving just how this person managed to get them so close to her without Jade ever noticing.

A thought occurred to Jade as she placed the rose delicately in her locker. So far the note had always followed the rose in the same place. Thus, logically they would put it in her bag too. And with that Jade wasn't going to let her bag out of her sight for the rest of the day.

And so for the rest the day she paid certain attention to anyone who wandered too close to her. It truly was exhausting work. Never mind lunch or class changes where the whole school seemed to just converge all together on top of Jade.

By the end of the day no note had appeared nor had anyone tried to make a reach for her bag. Disappointed slightly, Jade bid goodbye, in less than polite terms, to the rest of the group and headed off to the corner coffee shop before heading back home. Wasn't until she was rummaging in the depths for some extra change did the note appear. Seriously, what the hell? She had been vigilant the whole day at school, how could it just appear? Fuming, Jade slammed the change on the counter and left, coffee in one hand and that damn forsaken note in the other. Stalking back to school, idly sipping her coffee as she went.


I saw you keeping an eye out for me today. It didn't occur to me this morning when I placed the rose in your bag that you would catch on and try to spot me. I under estimated you, that hurts my pride somewhat.

Pale peach is for confidence.

As performers we need confidence just as much if not more than skill or talent. I don't think you quite realise just how much your confidence just seems to flow out of you and wrap around everyone else around you. While I certainly can't speak for everyone, I can tell you that you have made me do things that I would never normally do. Not that I don't think it, but your confidence can affect me so much so that I will act them out. In fact I'm still left wondering how just a few words from you can make me throw caution into the wind.

But then there is the flip side. When your moral is low and there is barely a flicker of that confidence I'm so used to seeing in your eyes. In those moments I want nothing more than to take you into my arms and squeeze you till your faith in yourself is restored. I do know this would never really happen though, you would sooner deck me than let me hug you. But know I will always be wanting to whenever you are feeling low.

Coffee drank, and cup crushed. Jade was driving back home. Mind not even remotely close to the road. Her confidence really affects this person that much? Jade was a little dubious about that. Off the top of her head she couldn't think of anyone, she's ever gotten to do something by confidence. Fear, yes. But confidence? That doesn't even sound right. Was that even possible? Maybe they're just gullible. That would sure make a hell of a lot more sense.

Yet Jade just knew that wasn't the case. Sure they might not be the most stand-out free thinking person, but gullible doesn't sound right. If they were then half of what they say wouldn't even be said.

Wednesday was always Jade's favourite day, simply because study hall was first period. So each Wednesday was spent slowly making her way to her favourite coffee shop, not just the one down the street from school. She would sit and sip her coffee while working on homework or one of her scripts. Eventually getting a second-to-go and then head to school. It seems that this Wednesday morning would be exactly the same with one subtle difference.

Instead when Jade went to order her coffee she was handed her coffee and a light purple rose. Without even waiting for Jade to say anything, the man spoke, "Don't know who left it for ya. It was just sitting on the bench with a small note saying to give it to you." With that he turned back to the next customer in the queue.

Jade made her way to the table, coffee in one hand rose in the other. She opened her laptop intent on writing the next scene to her script or at least most of it. Yet, she found that the words just didn't flow from her finger tips as they would normally, but instead came out haltingly. How she could let whoever this was let her drive herself to the distraction. It wasn't like there was anything to really draw on either. Jade didn't know who they were, how they knew her favourite haunts or when she frequented them.

All she had were five, now six, roses plus those infernal notes. Soon enough she had opened her browser and going through her history for that website that had rather suddenly became one of her most visited.

Frowning slightly at finding a lack of light purple roses listed, at least until she spotted lavender further down the page. Love at first sight.

This shocked her more than anything else that's happened over the past few days. Admittedly she shouldn't be too surprised, one doesn't just send a rose everyday along with little love notes to friends. How do you process that someone you don't know, maybe, loves you?

Before long it was time to head into school second cup in hand. Script sitting open, but barely ten words written. Thus she went to school, rose resting on the dashboard.

Jade was distracted for the rest of the day. She couldn't focus on any of it; all she wanted was for the note to come that would end all her guessing, waiting and anticipation. She did have to wonder how she would get the note though. She never went back to that coffee shop in the afternoons. But maybe she should? Just for today. Just to get that note that would hopefully fill in the blanks, or at least some of them.

Lunch rolled around and with it everyone headed out to their table making small talk or complaining about ridiculous assignments that the teachers hand out. In the middle of their table sat a tall cup of coffee on top of a small envelope with her name printed on the front. For the most part the cup sat ignored while everyone dug into their lunch, silence hung over the table for the first few minutes as hunger over rid everything else. It wasn't until Jade reached for the cup did anyone else notice it or perhaps noticed the envelope more so.

"Ooh what's that? Can I see it? Please?" Cat was already reaching for the note as Jade held it at bay from the red head.


"Aww," Cat pouted when she denied.

Rolling her eyes Jade reached into her bag, and pulled out a bouncy ball, "Here, chase the ball." With that Jade threw it across the asphalt cafe and bouncing off Sinjin's head. Cat giggling and prancing after it.

"What is it, babe?" Beck trying to peer into Jade's now tightly clutched hand.


"Oh... Jade's gotta a secret. Jade's gotta secret."

"Shut it Vega," growl coming out at the much too happy singer and her peppy over-enthusiasm.

"Aww, come on Jade, show us. We wanna know," Jade shot Tori a withering look that made her shrink back slightly. She was up and stalking away from their table; lunch forgotten, coffee and note in hand. Jade made her way to the janitors closest.


Love at first sight. Really it is absurdly corny and over used more than I would like to think. But it was true when I first saw you. Your beauty stunned me and I swear if that menacing look hadn't rooted me to the spot I would have just collapsed on the floor.

Then I slowly got to know you, I still am and I doubt I'll ever stop. But as I learnt more about you, saw more sides of you; I couldn't help but love every aspect of you that I see.

So, yes I fell for you when I first saw you. Then when I first saw you break down and cry. Again when I first saw you show kindness to another. When I first saw you act. When I first saw you sing. When I saw one of the plays you wrote. When you truly smiled. When you stand up for yourself regardless of the consequences.

Really being around you is like falling into a never ending hole; whenever I find my footing you reveal more of yourself to me and rip the floor out from underneath me.

But god, how I wish I never stop falling.

Jade sat there till the end of lunch, reading and re-reading the note, sipping on her coffee. That was a fair few firsts. But damn it all, couldn't they at least actually name an event? Then she would at least have something to hopefully track them down. At this point Jade had no idea what she would do if she actually came face to face with the author though.

Thursday came and with it another rose, this one was a reddish-orange that was sitting on her chair in Sikowitz's classroom. Unfortunately, she entered along with the rest of the class, and naturally everyone wanted to smell it and question Jade about it.

Why the hell couldn't people just shut up and mind their own business. Seriously?

However, that wasn't the worst part of it, no; the worst was the looks from her 'friends.' Robbie looking just out right confused, trying to think why someone would want to do something nice to her. Cat asking endless questions and gushing over the romance of it all. Tori's smug look knowing what she said yesterday was confirmed. Andre sharing in Robbie's confusion, just hiding it a little better than the latter. And lastly Beck who had this small curious look on his face like he wanted to know, but didn't want to ask.

When the torment of the class finally finished. Everyone just kept staring, no one game enough to say anything during the lesson. Beck lightly pulled her to the side, that rotten curious expression returning. "So, what's with the roses? And that note?"

"I don't know," Jade replied with a small shrug. "Someone just started giving them to me like a week ago. Same with the notes."

"Who is it?"

"Damned if I know," frustration clearly leaking through into her tone.

"Well okay," just like that Beck gave her a small peck on the cheek and headed off for this next class. It mildly surprised her that he wasn't more upset about it. Fair enough he is an easy going guy, but really two questions was all he had to say about it?

Thankfully the note wasn't left on a desk or a chair, but instead left in her locker again. Not wanting a repeat of earlier that day she just shoved it into her bag and resolved to read it later, away from the prying eyes of the gossiping teens of the school. Getting home, homework took over her free time and so the note sat buried at the bottom of her bag until much later into the night.


I'm so sorry about this morning, I certainly wasn't expecting the whole class to leap up and ask you about it. I could see the annoyance in your eyes at it and it upsets me that I was the cause for such a thing. So I promise you now that I will leave them in more discreet locations.

Coral is desire. I'd be a monkey if you aren't the epitome of desirable.

I want to take you into my arms and show you just how much I long for you. I would spend days upon days just worshiping you till you knew of nothing else. Till you are nothing but a writhing mess, then I would show you again.

You really have no idea what you do to me; my thoughts have never been this wonderfully filthy before. I don't ever want them to stop through; because I'll take you anyway I can have you. Doesn't matter if it's in my dreams, day-dreams, or just wistfully staring at you from across the class room.

But how I wish I could call you mine.

She stared up at the notes as she lay on her bed. Eyes slid from the note to the six roses sitting across the room. Jade wasn't quite sure what she was feeling after that, she did know that she wanted whoever it was to show her anything and everything they wanted. God, how she wanted them to show her.

That evening Jade went to sleep with dreams filled of a shadowy figure hovering over her, gentle caresses running over her body and soft lips flowing along her skin.

The following day everyone was greeted by a happy Jade that alone made people extra wary around her. After all she doesn't go smiling just for the hell of it.

"Hey Jade," even Tori and her never ending optimism couldn't damper Jade's mood.

"What do you want, Vega?"

"Well you know the whole rose thing?" All Jade had to do was raise an eyebrow. "Yeah, of course you do," one arm suddenly rustling around in that bottomless pit she calls her bag. "Anyway, so I found that assignment I did, and just thought you might want it." Hand still digging, seriously what the hell does that girl carry in there? "Ah ha, there it is," arm whipping out with a flourish, pages flapping in her face.

"Hmph...Thanks Vega," and so Jade, none to gently yanked the pages from her grip, and walked towards her own locker. Behind her, she could hear the younger Vega's shock at her gratitude.

Within her locker was a yellow rose. Jade didn't even have to look though the pages Tori had just given her to know what yellow was though. It was friendship. Why she would be given a yellow rose now, especially after yesterday, confused her.

The bell rang before Jade could think more on it though. And so she made her way to the first class of the day. Thoughts not to revisit roses until the end of the day when the note was underneath the lying down rose. Deciding to wait until she was at home to read it, cause let's face it no one wants to stay at school late on a Friday, no matter how much they enjoy it.

Throwing her bedroom door closed behind her. Putting the yellow rose in with the others, her room now having the faint floral aroma floating through the air. Pulling out the paper Tori gave her, she started leafing through it. So much of it was totally useless, really who cares about where the different subgenus originate from. Flicking through the pages of the mostly useless report. Seriously, how much crap could one write about a plant?

Finally Jade got to the part she wanted. Running her eyes down the page, amazed that so much could be derived from the flowers. Skimming over the colours, and straight on to the numbers.

A single rose was for devotion. Not entirely sure what that could mean, then again whoever her admirer was they always saw something that Jade did not. Counting the amount that had gathered in her glass. Seven. Running down the page till she found it. 'I'm infatuated with you.' Well that wasn't much of a surprise, not after yesterday. Then again it's not like they would if known that Tori would give her this today. So for now that thought was shelfed. Putting the paper aside she drew out the note.


The first time I saw you with Beck I couldn't help up feel envious. Even though I knew you were together, but even so watching you both together, acting all couple-ly. It was like someone punched me in the gut. It is something that I have grown used to, yet it hurts more every time it happens.

I can't help it when jealously flows through me at the sight of you with him. I can't help but want to punch him when he slings his arm around your shoulders, or when he looks at you with those loving eyes, or those times when he will kiss you with all the love and care in the world.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to come between you both, no matter what it may seem like with these notes. I just wish that it was me who was standing beside you instead.

Jealously, Jade could of sworn that yellow was friendship. Sitting up from her bed Jade reached for that stack of paper again, flicking though it again until she found yellow. It was for friendship and jealously it seems. What an odd combination.

Re-reading the note Jade couldn't help but feel that this was more of a rant than a note. Really, it was hardly the nicest or emotionally investing note she had received. But what if they chose to unleash it all to Jade herself so she would be left feeling special? Or wanted? She wasn't sure exactly. But it wasn't something she had experienced in a while.

Piling the note along with the others on her desk, Jade dug her laptop out and began a hopefully productive night of writing.

Jade spent the entire weekend couped up in her house hardly leaving her room at all. Inspiration had just struck Jade late Friday night and apart from giving herself a break to do her homework; those 48 hours of freedom were spent staring intently at 17 inch laptop screen.

So absorbed in the task that missing catching a movie with the gang didn't even register until she was setting her alarm Sunday night, and noticed the three missed calls and four texts, all variations of 'where are you?' Only then did she remember that she had forgotten something more important.

The roses.

With that in mind Jade headed outside to check what colour was left behind for the past two days. Clad only in her pyjamas, Jade checked the front door, her car, back door, letter box, even the windows when they came up blank. A sinking feeling slowly engulfing her, as she wracked her brain on where they could be, continually coming up blank.

What if she's missed them? What if they weren't even delivered to her house but to some other location, like the movies she was meant to go to today? Or that bakery she walks down to and gets her Saturday bagel from? That wasn't too farfetched right? After all they seem to know everything that she does and when.

Wandering back inside, completely unaware of the questioning look her father sent her way as she made her way back upstairs. Maybe yellow was the last colour they had to give her? Banishing that idea immediately, Jade knows that there are more. There was no way that they would just leave it at that right?

Flopping into her bed Jade laid there alone with her panicking thoughts regarding something or someone that she was thinking not even a week ago, was ridiculous and stupid. Now look at her, all anxious over not getting one.

To say Jade slept well would be a gross understatement. In fact when she finally did manage to succumb to slumber, it was only to be awoken a couple hours later by the shrill sound of her phone alarm. Tired and blurred eyed Jade made her way to school, silently daring anyone to mention her appearance.

Despite death looks that were thrown towards anyone whose eyes lingered too long, she couldn't wait to get to her locker and find a rose sitting in there waiting for her. Alas she was sorely disappointed.

"God damn it!" the loud shout startling those around her as she slammed her locker closed. When did this start meaning so much to her anyway?

No matter how many times she checked her locker or her bag or anywhere else she could think of the rose and note remained elusive, and with each failed discovery the dark cloud that hung over Jade grew.

"Jade." It was the end of the day and Beck had seemingly decided to find out what was bugging his girlfriend.

"What?" She all but screamed in his face.

"What's the matter?" Jade's eyes narrowed as she took in his small easy going smile and the way he just leaned up against Robbie's locker, without a care in the world.



A small pause lingered while Jade considered. "Fine, this way." Leading the way towards the janitor's closet. Once safely inside the small sanctuary, the girl plopped herself onto the hard concrete, they should really put a couch in here, pulling out her scissors and glancing around for something to wreck havoc on.

"So?" Beck started, leaning up against the door. What's with the leaning? Can't he stand up by himself?

"...Right," setting her sights on an empty spray bottle. "So you know that rose I got the other day?" continuing at his nod, "Well someone has been giving them to me since the Friday before last. Along with a note for each, explaining what they believe each means in relation to me.

"And well I've been getting them every day since. But they stopped on Saturday, but I didn't leave the house so maybe I missed it. But there wasn't one there Sunday either. Or today," pausing as she reached for another bottle. "And well, I guess I just came to expect them."

Silence hovered in the room as Beck processed what was just said, broken only by the swishing of the scissors as Jade continued to torture the poor plastic object.

"Oh, well maybe they've run out of things to say or roses to give you." How could he be so calm about this? Shouldn't he be angry or jealous that someone is more or less flirting with her?

"No," shake of the head following as though his idea was just out of the question.

"No?" amused smirk crossing his face.

"No. They wouldn't do that, not without saying something."

"But they could. You don't even know who they are," Beck's logic was reasonable, on some level Jade knew this. She couldn't shake the feeling that he was wrong though.

"No. You haven't read them. They wouldn't do it."

Sighing Beck gave in, "So that's all that's bugging you, then?"

That's all? That's all? He says it like it totally irrelevant, like it means nothing. Anger bubbling up again, Jade shoves Beck out of the way and made her way through the empty hall, everyone long gone, to her locker to check one last time. Finding it in the same state as she had left it in, Jade growled and slammed the door, scissors rattling at the force. She could hear Beck following and calling after her as she made it to her car.

That night saw Jade sitting upon her bed re-reading each note. It was like she was addicted to them. Glancing at the roses, just in time to see the first petal fall from the light pink one, that couldn't of been a good sign.

The following day wasn't much better. Jade was still annoyed at Beck and his complete lack of understanding. She had forgotten about a project that was due first thing this morning, so now she has to stay behind and do it after school. Her morning coffee ended up all over herself when some little snot of a kid ran into her. But worst of all there still wasn't any flower waiting for her.

Slowly dragging her exhausted form up the stairs, after her bloody awful day. Halfway there, there was a knock at the front door. Groaning Jade turned back around and made her way back down the stairs. All she wanted to do was collapse onto her bed and fall asleep for the rest of the day.

Tearing the door open with much more force than necessary, glare already plastered on her face "What?"

"Uh... I've got a delivery for a Jade West," the poor delivery man had really picked a bad time to turn up at the West household.

"That's me."

"Sign here please," name scribbled on that little electronic gizmo. "Here you go." With that the man turned and left. Jade now holding onto a dark red rose, matching ribbon wrapped around it, small envelope hanging off one end.

Shock written all over Jade's face, she didn't even hear the van pull out of the driveway. Numbly Jade closed the door behind her and slid to the floor, leaning against it, fingers shaking ever so slightly as she opened the envelope.


I do apologise for not being able to deliver this earlier. I have been ill for the last few days and have hardly had the strength to leave my bed never mind making my way outside.

Burgundy is of course beauty.

Now naturally, you know that you are beautiful, your fair skin verses your dark hair and somewhat dark personality, just have such a contrast against each other, that allows each aspect of you to stand more vibrant than the last.

Your personality is also beautiful. I have seen many facets of you. Your anger, frustration, happiness, sadness, affection and pride. It all shines through so brightly. Every emotion is just so beautifully intoxicating. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to see them all. To watch as your face changes with each. Your beauty just becoming more intense as every look turns more passionate.

How I wish I had the courage to say this to you face.

Now Jade sat with a small smile across her face, having received the flower had instantly made Jade's whole being take a complete 180 degree turn. A second wind rushing though her as she rolled the flower between her fingers.

Looking more like a person than a zombie that lugged it's self up there only minutes earlier, she made her way to her room. A small part of her said that it was pathetic that her emotions could be swayed so simply, naturally Jade crushed that part of her brain.

A frown appearing on her face as realised more petals had fallen; however, today the sight didn't fill her with dread. She wasn't happy that the flowers were beginning to wither, who would though.

Eyes flickering over the most recent note again, Jade couldn't help but wish that they had the courage to say those words to her face too.

The following morning saw Jade back to normal. Coffee from her favourite shop. Homework done in the morning. Cause despite the happiness that ran though her last evening, two nights of poor sleep had her turning in early.

When Beck questioned why she was suddenly not making people run for the hills. She just smirked at him, "I was right." Leaving Beck questioning what she could mean as she headed to the other side of the school.

The lack of a rose or note didn't seem to bother Jade so much today, that's not to say she wasn't a little disappointed. Returning home and not seeing anything got to her more, but she shrugged it off. She knew that she wasn't getting them for a reason now, that she hadn't been abandoned high and dry.

Plopping in front of the television as she worked though her math and singing techniques homework. Math done and halfway though singing techniques the door bell rang.

Seeing the same girl whose eyes yesterday promised murder, slow and painful, and today held nothing but excitement and joy at his appearance, surely confused the delivery man. Maybe they were twins? That would explain it, right?

With a smile Jade signed and watched with expectation as the delivery man handed over a yellow rose with red tips. With a thank you and a wave Jade closed the door and headed back to the couch.


Yellow and red. Fitting I would think. Yellow of course being friendship and red, well, everyone knows that. But the two in the one rose is almost like a bridge between the two.

But let me tell you, falling in love is a bizarre experience. I would not be able to pin point any moment where you turned from friend to crush to more.

I would guess that I began falling for you when I saw you walk past me, before we had even met, I was drawn to you, and my eyes could not tear themselves off of you. It's like falling down a never ending vortex. Though by the time I even noticed I was falling I could no longer see the top. It is like some sort of addiction and compulsion to learn more about you, but each time I just would fall harder and longer for you.

Jade wasn't too sure what to think on that. It wasn't overly surprising that they were falling for her, you know, given everything that has been said, well written. But maybe, just maybe, Jade was falling for them instead.

No, that couldn't be right. Sure the notes and roses had certainly charmed her. It was sweet, and caring, and completely not something that Jade would ever have thought to receive. After all anyone that even remotely knew Jade, knows that flowers tend to end up being destroyed. Yet just upstairs there were nine single flowers. Holding onto each one preciously, even though they had began to whither and fade. And she knows that all the roses will be nothing but limp stems before they would be thrown out.

Thursday, Jade found a blue rose resting in her locker, immediately a smile cross her face. She had spent a good portion of last night leafing through Tori's report, memorizing all that was relevant, and some that isn't. She's almost certain that different petal designs aren't going to help her further along in life.

So Jade knew that blue roses don't naturally exist. That they were originally white dyed blue, till genetic engineering was advanced enough. Yet if you buy a blue rose it was most likely still dyed. Blue was unattainable or impossible, fitting considering the trouble it is to find one.

She shuffled her unwanted texts into her locker, being mindful of the flower resting in there. Carefully she ran her finger over the petals, feeling the soft silk-like texture of the petals; a small smile crossed her face while she did so. Closing her locker, she walked off to class, a barely noticeable spring in her step.

Considering how badly Jade was waiting got the note later in the day, it was passing surprising quickly, before she knew it the day had ended and she was standing before her locker. An envelope resting against the rose still sitting in there, placing both into her bag she made her way to her car. Half-way home she started to feel a bit peckish and decided to stop at a bakery, for a pie and a coffee. Pulling the note out once seated, she began to read.


Blue is for the unattainable. That's what you are to me.

I wish I could get hold of you. But you are standing on top of a mountain, where as I am standing at the base longing to be even given a chance to glimpse at you. Never mind you having a boyfriend, cause if you were even single, you would still never look at me like I look at you. Want to run my hands though your streaked hair, slide my fingers over your tattoos. To be able to stare at you without having to make excuses. To be able to hold your hand. To be able to stand near you.

But no matter how much I wish, how much I hope and how much I dream. None of this will ever happen, because you will forever be standing on top of that mountain. But know I will never stop trying to reach you.

Coffee cup was crushed between Jade's fingers, the small amount of coffee still in the cup running out of the pierced cup. What? What the hell could they possibly be thinking? Unattainable? What sort of crap are they going on about?

If they just came out and told Jade all this she would willingly be theirs. Tossing her destroyed cup away and shaking the coffee off her fingers, Jade left the bakery fuming. Like, how could they even think that? No one has ever shown this much care towards her. Yeah, she knows that Beck loves her that was damned obvious. But he's never gone out of his way to do something like this for her. She wishes he would.

One hand slammed against the steering wheel as Jade drove around. Frustration coursed through her. If they watched her like they said, didn't they know what they were doing to her? Pausing as she came across a red light, Jade leant her head back against the head rest. How the hell did this become so emotionally overwhelming?

Friday was a good day for all the kids at Hollywood Arts. Not only was it the end of the week, but it was also a half-day, something about a whole school teacher conference that afternoon. For Jade that meant everyone had decided to spend the afternoon/evening together. No matter how much Jade tried to weasel her way out of it she couldn't, last weekend was constantly hung over her head and even she did feel slightly bad about that.

There was a silent agreement to meet at the Vega household, how the newest member of their group became the house to spend time at was beyond Jade. Not long after arriving, everyone left to play some mini-golf. Or get away from the especially annoying Trina Vega, there was only so much anyone could take of her at a time.

Beck, Tori and Andre headed to Beck's truck all the while continuing their conversation about one of the up-coming plays by the seniors. Meanwhile Cat, Robbie and Jade headed to her car. Already Jade could feel a small headache forming as she was forced to listen to Cat and Robbie's senseless argument over the merits of chocolate topping on chocolate ice cream or caramel topping on chocolate ice cream. Rex throwing in his two cents in every now and then. Seriously, how did this even come up?

However, the headache soon vanished as she slid into her seat and spotted a red rose resting on the dash. To Jade's relief; the other occupants of the car didn't notice the flower as they continued to ramble on. Dragging her eyes away from the flower and onto the road, she began to follow after Beck.

Two games later, one win to Jade the other to Rex, and an entirely unhealthy dinner, consisting of chicken nuggets and overly greasy fries, everyone piled back into the cars and headed back to Tori's house again to watch a movie.

Movie watched, empty glasses resting about the coffee table. Magazine looking nothing like a magazine any longer as it and a pair of scissors sat beside Jade. Cat sleeping with her head resting on Tori's shoulder. Everyone else was looking as though they were extremely close to following the red head into slumber.

Once the credits began to roll, everyone slowly made their way home. Jade stuck giving Cat a lift home. After all a sleepy Cat shouldn't be too hard to deal with for the 15 minute ride to her house, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Once woken Cat seemed to have the energy that one should only have after they got a whole nights rest followed by three cups of coffee and five cans of red bull, so of course the shorter girl seemed to almost vibrate in the seat.

Thus naturally Cat spotted the rose that was still sitting on the dash and the small note that appeared from nowhere.

"Oooh! You got more. What's it say? What's it say?"

Opening the envelope, Jade stared at the small piece of paper.


I love you.

There was only those four words written there, but before Jade could even think what only having that on there could mean, the paper was snatched from her hand.

"Cat!" Lunging across the car to take it back.

"Someone loves Jade. Hehe," Cat giggled into her hands as Jade blushed and shoved the note into her pocket.

Pinching Cat's arm as Jade began to drive off, "Shut up."

"Ouch," a small pout forming on her face as she rubbed her arm. "Do you know who they are?" Serious Cat always weirded Jade out. It is much too easy to fall into the habit of only seeing happy-go-lucky Cat.

"No. Don't know anything about them."

"What would you do if you knew?"

"I don't know," casting a sidelong glance at Cat, smirk playing across her lips. Jade asked "You know curiosity kills cats, right?" The red-head's eyes going wide and her jaw clamping shut.

Silence reign in the car for a few minutes before Cat reverted back to her normal bubbly self and she started babbling about something a rather.

Cat's question bounced around in her head all the way to Cat's house and back to her own. What would she do? She had never given it any real thought, she just knew that she wanted to know them. Entering her room Jade placed the rose in the glass and note added to the pile. Her dreams once again filled with the gentle and loving shadowy figure.

When Jade came across a dark pink rose on Saturday morning, she was a little bit surprised. Not that she should be any longer, but yesterday's note did seem to be rather lacking and it just made it seem so final. So the dark pink rose that rests on the doorstep was unexpected, Jade had always thought that red would have been the last.

But what would they have to thank her for? If anything it is Jade who should be thanking them.

Making her way back upstairs, mind completely forgetting why she was about to leave the house. Placing the flower in the glass next to the other twelve. Most had begun to wither, petals resting where they fell on the dresser top.

If Jade was honest, the miss-match of colours really didn't look appealing to the eye at all. But the meaning behind each made her whole thing beautiful to her.

Hunger making itself know again, Jade remembered why she was heading outside in the first place, walking out of her room with a backwards glance at the flowers, Jade left to get herself some lunch.

Returning only a half-hour later, Jade spotted a note resting on the doorstep. Picking it up and making her way upstairs, Jade had to wonder if they were watching her house. It had only been 30 minutes. Shrugging it off Jade plopped herself onto her bed and began to read.


Thank you for letting me give you these. To thank you for allowing me to fall in love with you. Thank you for being you.

But I'd like the chance to thank you in person, to take you out to dinner.

I know I've never given you a hint as to who I am, not a real hint anyway. And there certainly isn't any reason for you to trust that I'm not some stalking freak. But if you'll give me a chance, I want to take you out to dinner. To truly experience time with just you and me.

I don't want you to just make this decision on a whim. I want you to want to have dinner with me. So next Saturday night if you want I will be waiting for you at Veretia's restaurant, the one a couple of blocks from the mall. At, say, seven?

Though, if you don't seriously want to have dinner with me. I would much rather wait all night than watch you turn your back and walk away.

Regardless, thank you for giving me the chance to tell you how I feel. I hope to see you in a week's time.

Jade wanted to hit something. A week? She doesn't want to wait another week to find out who they are. How can they just hang that in front of her like that? Curse it all to hell!

Everyday Jades nerves and anxiety grew. It wasn't like she had much to decide on, she knew from the moment they asked her she was going to go. If they could make her feel so wanted via letters, she had to wonder just how much better it would be in words.

Slowly the week passed by. Sunday was spent wondering what she should wear.

Monday she was watching everyone like a hawk, attempting to spot them. Because it's totally 100% completely plausible that Jade would suddenly figure it out now.

Tuesday she wondered if maybe she shouldn't go, before dismissing the thought. Too bad for Jade her thoughts just seemed to run in circles that day, and by the end she had a nice long pro's and con's list written out in her head.

Wednesday the wait was beginning to get to her and she snapped at everyone stupid enough to cross paths with her. The evening was spent rereading all the notes yet again.

Thursday, she had calmed and was instead back to staring holes into people again.

Friday Jade could hardly contain her excitement, knowing that tomorrow she would finally find out who it was. That day Jade seemed to be more like Cat than herself. To say everyone was freaked out would be a sever understatement.

Finally Saturday had arrived. Jade had woken up just passed 6am. She was so giddy one could easily mistake her for a five year old on Christmas morning.

By seven she had showered, dressed, had eaten breakfast and was halfway though her morning coffee.

By ten homework was all finished and she was left staring at the clock, just wanting nothing more than for the next nine hours to just disappear.

By eleven she's re-chosen what to wear then gone back to her original choice.

By twelve there was a significantly lower patch in the carpet, where she paced back and forth for the last hour and a half.

It took till a little before one that she decided to be more productive and dug out her laptop and started on her script again, hour later the cursor was still sitting in exactly the same spot.

By four she had given up on being productive and was back to wearing a hole in the floor.

By five she was dressed and busy tapping her now tired feet against the floor while sitting on the couch and watching the clock.

Only when it got to six thirty did her mind snap back from her day long daydream. Questioning continually ran though her head, as she made her way to Veretia's. For each mile she got closer her anxiousness grew and doubts along with it.

Maybe she shouldn't be meeting with them? What if it's someone she can't stand? Or it's some sort of long deliberate joke? Or like, Sinjin? She shudders at the thought. Maybe she should have got Cat to tag along with her.

Crap! What about Beck? She hasn't mentioned anything about it to him since he questioned her about her mood. How could she not have noticed? It was about the only thing on her mind for the last week. But, one meal couldn't hurt right? He never has to know.

Pulling into the car park she made her way into the foyer, butterflies flying about her stomach. How was she meant to eat like this? When she spotted someone waiting in the foyer, holding a bunch of roses, one blue, six red and six dark pink.

Time seemed to stop as Tori Vega stepped towards Jade. It was Tori? Really? Tori? What? It seemed Jade's brain had gotten stuck on a continuous loop while it tried to comprehend the sight in front of her. Every thought being a slight variation on 'What the hell? Tori?'

She hadn't even realised that the other girl had stepped in front of her, and handed her the flowers, all the while wearing the biggest smile Jade had ever seen on the other girl.

"I'm so glad you came. Really, you have no idea," letting out a small chuckle, Tori took Jade's hand in hers and lead the still shell-shocked Jade to their table. Even going as far as to pull out the chair for Jade and giving her a small peck on the cheek once seated, tingles erupting all over the side of her face.

"The blue rose is also given when you achieve the impossible," her hand reaching across the small table to run a finger over the rose. "You being here only ever occurred in my dreams. I never thought you would turn up. I hoped. But I didn't think you would."

Senses finally returning to Jade as Tori paused for a moment, "Tori. What the hell?"

"Shh, let me finish first please, Jade. Then you can start hurling insults my way," surprisingly enough Jade listened to her, and sat quietly while the singer continued on. "One rose stands for utmost devotion. Which, for you, I always will be. Even if after tonight you shun me for the rest of my days." Hand going to trace around the red, followed by the pink, "Six roses are 'I want to be yours.'" Jade watched as Tori's eyes became darker and her voice dropped slightly as she said those words. Looking on as images flickered behind Tori's eyes; it sent shivers up and down her spine.

A moment passed in silence as they stared at one another, before Tori shook herself loose of her thoughts and began again. "Do you know what thirteen are, Jade?" At Jade's nod a grin broke over her face. "Good. So will you let me be your not-so-secret admirer?"

A warm smile crossed Jade's face as she finally spoke.


This ended up being much, much longer than I thought it would be, but I'm happy with the way it turned out compared to my first draft.

I did sorta fudge some of the rose meanings, in case anyone cares. It just worked better this way.

There will be a second chapter to this at some point from Tori's POV, but I can't say it will be up anytime soon, seeing as how pretty much all of November has been penciled in for playing all the damn games that are coming out. Anyway, I will have it up sooner or later.

Thanks, Kat