1. Watch Pokémon

"Was I really that annoying, Green?"



"Maybe that's a good thing…"

"They nailed Missy, didn't they, Dia?"

"No. Missy isn't that annoying…"

"GREEN! Why aren't I in here?"

"Hey! Me and Super Serious Gal weren't even mentioned!"

"You two had an episode dedicated to you! I had nothing!"

2. Dress up like superheroes

Gold couldn't stem the nosebleed he got when he saw Crystal in her Catwoman costume

3. Spread rumors

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald sat around Red as he finished the story. "And that, children, is how I found out Green was the author of My Immortal."

4. Play Mario Kart

It started as a simple game… It ended with Red laying in the fetal position in the corner, Green holding his head in defeat, Gold sobbing, Silver grumbling something about cheating, and Sapphire beating Pearl over the head with his own Wii wheel.

5. Buy a dress

"Sapphire!" Ruby called.

The bandanna wearing female stepped out of her base. "What is it Sissy-" She cut herself off when she saw Ruby and Blue standing with identical evil grins. Blue was holding a shimmery blue piece of fabric.

"Sapph… I need you to try something on." Ruby said.

Sapph looked from Blue to Ruby and promptly started running. Blue tutted. "We'll catch her…"

So, I basically need to get this out, because I accidentally deleted it. I DON'T OWN POKEMON! And I don't own "333 ways to get kicked out of..." That's Miss iTorchic's!