121. Reboot

It was calm, for once. For the longest time, it was calm. There was no chaos to be had at the meetings, no squeals of ships yet sailed nor events of being kicked out of supermarkets.

Professor Oak felt generous. He would get his students a gift, he decided. He would pay for lunch that day.

He walked into the room with a small stack of pizza boxes in his hands.

And immediately dropped them as he saw the fire.

The kids stood in silence in front of him, only moving as Sapphire fell off the chandelier in front of them.

Red was the first to speak.

"I have a verygood explanation for this, sir..."

122. Talk about Homestuck


123. Contract

"Make a contract and become a magical girl and fight witches!"

Crystal stared deadpan at her friend, eyes flicking up and down the white and pink outfit.

"Gold, what are you doing?"

"Just play along, Crys! I mean..." The boy cleared his throat. "I'll even grant you a wish!"

"Can the wish be for you to go away?"

124. Catch 'Em All

"Does this mean I don't have to go into work anymore?"

The Pokedex made a trilling noise in Crystal's hand. Green looked over her shoulder, a frown on his face.

"No. You still have to go to work."

125. Be a Valentine

Yellow thrust the card into Blue's hands with a soft mumble of something. Blue didn't quite catch it, so it didn't quite matter. She opened the card as the younger girl ran away, paging it with interested eyes.

After a total of thirty seconds, during which she read and re-read the card, she dropped it. Then she picked it up. Then she dropped it again, flopping onto her back with a silly grin.

"She wrote me a sonnet!"

The last one makes no sense, but it was my exact reaction when I got a sonnet. And I'm so fucking happy about it, you don't understand.

But yeah, okay. It's been more than a year. And I get that. You can all flood my inbox and everything.

But it doesn't matter. I'm just glad that you were loyal. I've still had so many hits on this story, the occasional review here and there (325 now, yikes!), and even today, before I posted this story, someone favorited it. Thank all of you, so much. I've been through so many ups and downs during that year... And even seeing the slow influx of people enjoying this...

Thank you.

Now, I can't promise regular updates. But by God, I'll do my best.

On the bright side! I get my learner's permit to drive in two months! How do driving jokes sound, eh?

And Happy Day-After Valentine's!

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