Summary: TF:Prime. After episode 20 (Partners). Starscream is now on his own. Rejected by the Decepticons. Despised by the Autobots. What will the future bring for him?

Disclaimer: Transformers characters are © to Hasbro. The story is mine.

Chapter 1: Nemesis

Starscream sighed inwardly as he maneuvered slowly through the skies. An ominous feeling of dread was slowly seizing him as he approached to his destination. The Nemesis. Almost unconsciously, he slowed down his speed even more. A common human jet could not have maintained flight at that speed. Actually, he didn't want to arrive to the Decepticon warship, but he had no other choice.

Two Earth weeks had passed since he last was there. Two weeks since that wretched Airachnid had abandoned him to the Autobot's mercy. Since the attempt of joining Optimus' ranks and the quick posterior betrayal. Since he had found himself free from both Decepticons and Autobots alike. He had never felt so free and happy in a long time.

But it didn't last too much. And the problem was ridiculously simple. Energon. Yes, he was a seeker. And like the good seeker he was, Starscream could easily locate raw Energon deposits with his cunning sensors. But the raw Energon crystals were not directly edible for Cybertronians. They had to be refined into liquid Energon. And Starscream didn't had the means to do it.

Not too long ago, he had been stockpiling a small reserve of refined Energon for his own purposes. It was hidden in a cave, in a mountainous region of North America. Starscream had planned to live on that reserves until he found a way to refine his own Energon crystals. He was a scientist, after all. He knew the process. He only needed some time to build the necessary machines for refining the Energon.

But when he arrived there, his secret hideout was empty. Yes, Megatron had discovered the seeker's dirty trick (an almost off-lined him that day), but Starscream had not revealed the location of his stockpile. Well, his Leader didn't ask for it. Now he knew why. He already knew. That blasted Soundwave knew everything.

So, with his Energon tank near depletion, he pondered his options. The Autobots would surely shoot him on sight. For the love of Primus, he had betrayed them only two weeks ago! And now they knew it had been him who had extinguished Cliffjumper's spark! Sure thing the Autobots were soft and forgiving in general terms... but they shouldn't be happy to see him right now. On the other servo, the Decepticons. Well, Megatron should be more used to his treacheries and tricks by now. After all, he had been serving him for a long time. And Starscream always came back. Mainly for his own selfish purposes, yes. But he always came back, didn't he? He was loyal, in his own way...

The Nemesis was now visible on the cloudy horizon. A storm was approaching. That was never a good sign. The seeker felt again the now familiar feeling of dread taking over him.

Starscream landed smoothly on the upper deck of the warship and transformed into his mech form.

"Well... Megatron is going to beat me hard for this... but at least it would be better than starving to death..." He thought for himself, walking slowly to the deck's main gates. Suppressing a shiver, he pressed the right buttons and the doors opened for him.

The darkness of the Nemesis' corridors engulfed him as he slowly made his way towards the main control room, the soft steps of his metal feet resounding in the distance.