Chapter 14: Seekers

[Three days later.]

"So, if we are neither Decepticons, nor Autobots... what are we?" Skywarp asked suddenly, pausing the video-game he was playing with Jack. Three more days had passed at the Autobot base, and things were getting slowly back to normal. Well, all the normal they could get having the elite seeker-trine under the same roof, that is.

Starscream glanced at him, pausing from his tedious task. He was working with Ratchet, building more cloaking shields for everyone. They couldn't risk Megatron finding them now that he and his brothers had officially deserted from the Decepticon ranks.

"Does it really matters?" The grey mech huffed, a little annoyed for having to pause his job.

"Well, of course, I want a new emblem on my chest!" Skywarp replied with enthusiasm.

"We are seekers. That's all that matters." Thundercracker intervened. He was in his alt form, resting for a while, but he still wanted to be in company, so he was also in the main hall with the rest of the troops.

"Woah, great idea! You could wear the Superman's emblem, it also starts with 'S'." Miko suggested gleefully.

"Who is that 'Superman'?" Skywarp asked, tilting his helm.

"It's a fiction super-hero! He has super-powers like shooting lasers with his eyes, super-strenght, he is bullet-proof, and he can also fly! He lives to help those in danger, but when he is not saving the world, he disguises himself as a humble human reporter, to go unnoticed." Miko explained.

"I like it!" Skywarp cheered, looking up in the Internet more information about the super-hero. His brothers were doing the same at that point.

"Absolutely NOT!" Starscream growled. "I'm not going to waste my precious time saving puny humans, much less repaint myself in red and blue. We have enough with Optimus around here."

"What about my paint-job?" Optimus asked, who had just entered the main hall and had overheard the end of the conversation. Starscream's wings stiffened in surprise.

"Nothing to be worried about, Optimus. The kids and the not-so-kids were just discussing a repaint for Starscream." Ratchet explained efficiently.

"Ah, I see." Optimus smiled, as he approached to the rest of his fellow troops and extra seekers. Starscream was grumbling something about his paint-job been already discreet and perfect while resuming his work.

Miko, meanwhile had succeeded in convincing Thundercracker to let her climb to his cabin and was making pew-pew noises, recreating an imaginary aerial combat. The blue jet was a little puzzled, but since the girl was not doing any damage to him, he let her be. Of the trine, he was also the most patient.

"So, how is the building of the cloaking devices going?" Optimus asked, back to business.

"Almost done." The grey seeker replied dryly. "I don't want to spend more time than necessary at your base. I know glares can't kill yet, but any of these days I'm going to drop off-line by one of them." He said, giving Miko a hateful glare. She glared back, making more pew-pew noises, mimicking shooting lasers at the grey mech. "Besides, I don't want to take unfair advantage of your generosity."

"Aww, what a pity. It's cozy here." Skywarp whined. "And I am going to miss that agent Fowler... the faces he made when he saw us three here... that was priceless! He almost fainted! It was sooo funny!"

"Skywarp, super-heroes are not supposed to go around scaring people." Jack reprimanded.

"Aww... I could be Batman, he is scary, and I'm already black!" Skywarp decided then. He had been surfing the net searching more info about super-heroes for a while.

Starscream gave an aggravated sigh and face palmed, resting an elbow-joint on the working-table. Ratchet smirked sympathetically and patted him on a shoulder.

"Hey, Starscream." Raf said, perched on the railing of the platform, to be a little higher. "Can I ask you something?" He asked timidly.

The grey seeker normally would have ignored the human pests, but among the three kids, Raf was the less annoying and usually never bothered him. And when he rarely spoke it was for asking intelligent questions or pointing out useful information, so, the seeker indulged him this time.

"Speak." He commanded, a little harshly.

"How is it that your trine-mates are so different from you? And how is a trine decided?" The small kid asked. Starscream was thoughtful for a while before answering.

"Well, seekers are known for been a little... volatile and skittish... So we traditionally bond in trines, to help balancing each other. I suppose Skywarp's goofiness balances Thundercracker's seriousness and my lack of humour. Thundercracker's steadiness and sense of honor compensate Skywarp's lack of focus and my... treacherous tendencies... And I contribute with my vast knowledge in science and military strategies, as well as adding a touch of... sophistication." He ended with a smirk.

"How modest." The young boy smiled.

"And about how is a trine decided... I guess we just knew since the first time we met." The seeker continued.

"Like love at first sight?" Miko intervened, who was unexpectedly paying attention to Starscream's explanation.

"...I guess you could say that." The grey seeker gave up, no longer seeing the point in arguing with the obnoxious girl.

"Starscream we love youuuuuu!" Skywarp chimed in a sing-song voice.

"Good grief!" Starscream groaned in exasperation, face-palming again. Ratchet tried to suppress a smirk.

"I'm sorry for asking..." Raf whispered apologetically.

"That's it!" Starscream growled, picking one of the cloaking devices that were finished and stomping to the Ground Bridge terminal. "I'm going for a flight before you drive me insane!"

"Me too!" Skywarp chirped.

"I'm not leaving you alone." Thundercracker said, still in jet-mode. "Can you please climb off, Miko?"

"Can I go with you?" The restless girl asked.

"Oh, yes, the speeds at which we fly surely would crush you in the seat. I'd love to. In fact, you can ride with me." Starscream replied, dedicating Miko the evilest smirk he could muster.

"Hmpf... you win this time!" The girl admitted, stabbing a finger in the grey seeker's direction, for his delight.

Ratchet blinked in surprise. Dissuading Miko from accompanying a mech in a risky venture was a difficult feat. He was starting to like Starscream.

Starscream barreled lazily through the clouds, enjoying the speed and the clean air of the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere. Thundercracker and Skywarp traced circles surrounding him as he flew. It was like an airborne choreography, beautiful and perfectly synchronized.

With his brothers at his side, Starscream felt that nothing could ever stop him.

Oh yes, Megatron was going to pay for all his transgressions.

But for now, he only wanted to enjoy the wind beneath his wings, and the company of the only two beings that had never betrayed him, and he would never betray. His trine-mates. His brothers.

No longer Decepticons, no longer Autobots.

Just Seekers.

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