Hallo! This is a one-shot, and the first thing published from this account.

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I'm still not sure what drove me back to Roderich. I mean, after I came home, I was always at his house. Even if I knew he was out, (much like he is now) at times like these I just sat around, listening, or played with Maddel, (he still believe that I hate the cat) or I just get out HIS violin and I play, watching him intently for so long taught me how.

But I'm doing none of that today.

Walking into my own home, I looked for Maddel, who just happen to be mewing for my attention. Walking into the kitchen, I continued looking for that albino man. I didn't hear my violin, (I always act mad, but really I wait and listen to him play. Amazing.) After not seeing him anywhere I headed to my room, I wanted to change from my outside clothes. But once I stepped into that room my thought instantly changed.

That albino, he was on my bed. Is he…crying? "Gil…Gilbert?" My own voice cracked, oh god, he's crying. This cannot be reality; he's one of the strongest people I know…

"Rod…Spe…" I can't even talk, and I'm crying, because of everything. I just let it all bottle up and now my awesome is crying…I felt him sit down on the bed behind me, and hesitate to touch me, he didn't. "I…Ivan…He but…It's been so long…and he…" I can't even form a sentence. I audibly heard Roderich gasp. "He…again…30 years and he isn't done…I got…and he just walks…and…again…" Before I could stop him, he moved to look in my eyes, his almost popped out. He kept staring at the black eye I'm sure I have, and the broken jaw. I couldn't feel the pain. He reached out to touch me but stopped, probably worrying about breaking me or something.

"Did he…ra-" He started to say but I didn't give him the time to finish his sentence, before I sobbed and let him tilt my head up to touch my black eye softly, years of playing the piano and he skin is just so soft, and delicate.

"It's…not…just that…" My hands were working before I could comprehend that I was taking off my own shirt, allowing him to see the broken ribs, and their blue yellow tint. He just trailed his fingers ever so gently over my skin.

"Gilbert…" Roderich stood leaving the room, and once that door closed. All of the pain just caught up with me, I couldn't stop thinking 'you're just going to leave me here….breaking me even more?' I let myself sob again then also…Everything just hurt. At the time, I wasn't sure why my heart felt like it was breaking…"Roderich…why…" I turned my head just in time to watch him open the door, he was carrying a first aid kit. Roderich smiled, trying to reassure me that I would be ok, as he helped me lay down. I could hear him humming Mein Gott.

I fell asleep to the sound of Roderich's voice, his soft fingers dancing against my skin, and the overwhelming feeling that I was finally safe. Even if I was just dreaming.