Title: The Last of the Sparkling Guardians

Summary: Sparkling Guardians are special bots who were specialist on caring and protecting sparklings. One way you can tell them apart from other bots is their spark which is golden. During the war, they became extinct. But unknown to every bot, there is still one more left and he's hidding on earth. Will they be able to protect him from a collector and his hunters? Animated

Rating: K

He was scared. Of his friends, the elite guard, the decepticons, and maybe even everybody. He wasn't scared of them, in a general sense. Okay, maybe some of them. But he was mostly scared of what would happen if they ever found out about his little secret …

A secret his creator had bore from the world since the day he was sparked. A secret he had bore in silence since the day his creator had hidden him in a escape pod before saying, "Make sure you don't let anyone see your spark. You are a very special bot meant to be a guardian for the future of our race." He was crying when he said that. Because he knew that he would never see his little sparkling again; Someone made sure of that.

Yup. Both of his creators were mechas. One of his creators, his Sir, was a very special bot. A guardian, a sparkling guardian, meant to care and protect sparklings all around no matter what. He was one of the greatest and was known by everybody. He take cared of dozens, maybe even hundreds of sparklings and grew to live as one of the old ones. But it wasn't age that killed him. No, it was the war that killed him. The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

Many bots died from the war. The number of sparklings being produce decrease as the number of warriors needed increase. As that number increase, the number of guardians decrease. But as the war goes on no one notice that the guardians were starting to disappear, being replace by warriors until the death of his Sir.

Everyone was sadden by his death. But no one was sadder than his mate, who was carrying at the time. Guardians were pretty much down to 20%, if not less. When his carrier sparked a little mechling, it had a golden spark just like his Sir which indicated him as a future sparkling guardian.

Not only that, the sparkling may also be a mech carrier like him. It's rare for a guardian to be a carrier unless it was a femme. It's so rare that it was unusual. His carrier knew he would be in danger if anyone find out, so he kept his spark hidden from the world. The very few bots that knew about him died with that secret. Hoping that one day the guardians will raise again.

Vorns before the war would end, his carrier died. They got attack by a few bots so he send him off on an escape pod and sacrifice himself. He was in his 1st frame when he last saw his carrier.

He landed in Kaon, the worst place for an youngling. But he was able to survive and develop skills as a scout. As he grew into a young mech, the war between the decepticons and autobots seem to have ended and Cybertron was under construction. He move out of Kaon and become an Autobot with his secret still hidden.

He didn't have to worry much about it... until now.

A/N: Alright, the first few chapters are going to be a little short but it's will get longer.