Title: The Last of the Sparkling Guardians

Summary: Sparkling Guardians are special bots who were specialist on caring and protecting sparklings. One way you can tell them apart from other bots is their spark which is golden. During the war, they became extinct. But unknown to every bot, there is still one more left and he's hidding on earth. Will they be able to protect him from a collector and his hunters? Animated

Rating: K

Sari and Ratchet were up against Slipstream. The female bot had a short fuss as each time Sari insults her, she'll get really mad and starts shotting everything. Well, one of those shoots manage to get Ratchet, making fall him on the ground. Sari flew to his aid.

"Ratchet, are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine." replied Ratchet as he try to get up.

"You won't for long." Slipstream was pointing her lazer at them to deliver the final blow when she was attack from behind. She fell on the ground disable and temporary offline.

"I'm totally keeping these!"

Sari and Ratchet look up to see Bumblebee looking at his new stingers the Decepticons gave him for protection once he was on their side. Looks like, it's going to be use against them now.

"Bumblebee!" Sari ran up and hugged him for the second time today. "How did you escape?"

"Well, I'll expalin that later but right now we should get out of here before the others notice I'm not reprogram."

Bumblebee helped Ratchet towards the exit and comm link the others.

::Prime! We got Bumblebee. Get everyone out of there!::


They went a fair distance away from the base as they wait for the others to appeared. As usual, Bulkhead greeted the minibot with a bear hug.

"Good to have you back Bumblebee" smiled Optimus.

"It's...good to be back...boss-bot." Bee gasped between hugs.

"Come on, let's get home before the decepticons notice."

The Autobots got back to the base safely. Once they arrive, Bumblebee let Destiny out so she can have a look around her new home. Bee gently place her on the ground as she wabble around the base to explore. Everybody 'aww' at her cuteness. Sari was in charge of watching her, seeing that Destiny was even smaller than her, while the others got some oil and repairs.

"So kid, how did you escape?" asked Ratchet. Everybody was curious to that, too.



Back with the Decepticons

"What happened?" Megatron was mad. Not only was the mini-bot not under his command but he also escaped with the Autobots. Not only that, the sparkling was with him. When he went to check on Hook, he saw the machine for the reprogramming process was destroy and Hook was temporary offline on the floor.

"I'm sorry, my lord." said Hook. "It seem that the machine is damage beyond repairs. Even if you did re-captured the mini-bot there is no way that he'll join on our side."

Megatron growled. There goes his plans. At least he had gain an fragment.

"Very well, continue with your repairs." He turn and left the medbay.

"Yes, sir."

Hook patiently watch the war lord left the medbay. Once the door was shut he sign in relief. "I can't believe his plan work."




Hook untied the scraps holding Bumblebee on the berth, leaving him free to running.

"Go now and help your friends."

Bumblebee hopped of the berth and headed for the door. He stopped right in front of it.

"What about you? Megatron would be mad if he find out you help me escaped."

"Don't worry about, just go."

Bumblebee stay where he stand. He could let the mech get in trouble especailly since he been nice to him.

"I'm not going until I pay back the favor. I got an idea."

End of Flashback

"The plan was that we destroy the medbay and the machine to make it look like there was a fight. After that, he faked begin offline to show that he was beaten." explain Bee.

"I see." thought Ratchet.

"That was a good plan Bumblebee."

"Yeah, yeah, you help a Con avoid trouble, big whoop." said Sentinel. "Now we should talk about how both the little bumbler and the sparkling are coming with us."

"BOO!" said everybody else, some of them throwing stuff.

"Aw, come on S.P., Bee and Destiny are fine here." said Jazz.

"If they were fine, they won't be captured by Decepticons. Beside that's for the counsel to decide weather they stay or not."


Everybody turn to Optimus in suprise.

"If we have to go the counsel to convince that Bumblebee is fine on his own than so be it."

"Alright then. We leave in two days." Sentinel left the room alone with the other elites.

"You really think the counsel will leave me alone, boss-bot?" asked Bumblebee.

Optimue smiled. "I'm positive."

Years later

"Now explain to me again, what happen?"

The yellow bot just glare at the smiling red and white medic, doorwings fluttering with anger.

"I got jumped."

He nodded. "By who?"

The yellow mech then turn his glare to the smiling pink and purple femme standing next to him. "By her."

The medic nodded his head, turning around so he doesn't see him laughing.

"It's not funny, Ratchet!"

'I'm sorry kid, it's not." Ratchet said as he try to collect himself. "So lets see what the monitor says."

While Ratchet was looking at the montior, Bee turn to the pink and purple femme.

"Destiny I can't believe you jump me."

"Well, I wouldn't have jumped you if you add ask me out."

"How many times did I say give me some time? I would have ask you out eventually."

"If I did I would have needed to wait for a few thousand years." Destiny knew Bumblebee loved her, but the creator-ceation relationship they had when they were younger can't seem to get out of his head.

"I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to wait that long."

The monitor beeped, and Ratchet held back a laugh, attenting the two bots attention.

"What is it, doc-bot?" asked Bee.

"Well, all I can say is you're fine and congratulations."

"For what?" asked Destiny.

"You two are going to be creators."

"Are you serious!" yelled Bee.

"Yup, with twins by the way."

Bumblebee was having a mental break at the fact that he was carrying twins while Destiny just smile and hug him.

"I told you Bee, when it comes to sparklings you can do it twice as better."

The End.

Merry Christmas to you all! :D