No food…

No rest…

Don't stop running… Can't stop running…

Too many peoples lives were at stake.

Two blurs spend through the forest at nigh unperceivable speeds. A single minded expression of determination was all either of their marked faces showed. No words were spoken, no words were needed. Just actions and hope… The hope that they could make it before it was too late.

Three days… They had been running for three days, no stops for sleep or to break their fast. Not even to stop and breathe. To some they were monsters, to others they were weapons. To those who truly mattered, they were friends, comrades, and loved ones. They were precious people. They were sacrifices.

The Fourth Great Shinobi War had loomed over the Elemental Countries for two years now. Akatsuki and their immortal army of the dead had instigated a bloody conflict with every major power, attacked their villages, kidnapped their Jinchirriki, assaulted the Kages Summit and threatened the five most esteemed Shinobi in the known land. They burned crops and towns, slaughtered livestock and left the realm barren. Morale was shattered across the broken continent, corpses of shinobi left to rot in the sun while their comrades fled from the horrors of the undead army of Kabuto and the horrid creations of Uchiha Madara.

No word from the outside had been allowed to enter their secret hide-away island when the Alliance hid their two demon containers away from the world. As men and women died for them, they stayed oblivious to it all, training nonstop to better grasp their abilities and super natural powers. They laughed as others died, feasted as more starved. When they finally learned through the spiritual summons of the youngest container of the battles that ravaged the land, the two immediately incapacitated their guard and left to aid their brethren.

Once they reached the lines of carnage, they finally paused. The coppery scent of blood was overwhelming for their demonically enhanced senses. Screams of the wounded and dying hammered at their ears while a light show of various techniques played havoc on the already torn earth. The two simultaneously inserted soldier pills into their mouths as they resumed at a steady walk, hoping beyond hope that they didn't recognize a face within the mounds of corpses littering the ground.

A hope that was quickly dashed…

The shorter one with blond hair, cheeks each adorned with three whisker-like markings as signs of his beast was the first to muffle a gasp. His eyes immediately fell to the fallen form of Chouji in badly damaged armor. Dirt and blood was smeared across his face, and his eyes stared out without sight.

They walked past the corpses quickly, yet lingering just long enough to sear the faces of their loved ones into their hearts, a wordless promise to never forget the sacrifices they made to keep them safe.

Kiba covered in so much red that the ink on his cheeks seemed to blend. A feral grin stretched across his face even as he passed into the realm of the Shinigami.

Samui with a shattered sword in one hand, and the other placed in vain over a mortal wound.

Ino who's slender neck was never meant to bend like that

The Raikage lay still and silent for once in his life, bodies of enemies surrounding him.

The further they went, more blood, more familiar faces. Shikamaru… Neji and Tenten… Lee and his sparkling teeth… Shino and Shizune… the list went on.

He saw Kakashi, arm through a smoldering hole in the chest of Kabuto, Sakura impaled on a thin chokuto while Sasuke lay still beside her with half his cranium caved in.

Everywhere he looked was bathed in blood and mayhem. The Eldest container Kirabi looked over at Naruto, "Gather your sage chakra, we've been spotted."

This was not the time for rhymes. Not when all your loved ones lay dead because of you.

Wordlessly the blond nodded and sat cross legged, allowing his focus and concentration to flow into the earth and summon the endless energy that sustained it. The loud clang of clashing swords and kunai a distant ring in the wind.

Kirabi kept his partner unmolested through the conflict, his multiple swords a blur in the twilight hours. Left and right men fell to his relentless onslaught of endless spins, sevens swords twirling in a dance of death. None were the walking undead, he noted with relief, It seems as if the death of Kabuto brought an end to his vile creations as well.

It wasn't long until Naruto joined the fray, the pigments of his eyes changing to that of a Toad Sage. They quickly ended those few living soldiers that the ancient Uchiha had tricked into following him.

They saved their chakra, using only their martial might. While one left limbs and heads in his wake, the other left crushed bodies. Two drastically different styles with one very similar goal… death to those who harmed their precious people.

They carved their way through the ruins of the village Naruto had known all his life and to the mountain he had looked up to with pride. The Hokage Monument served as the pinnacle of Shinobi to all who believed in the Will of Fire. To see it now left the blond in a cold rage. The face of the First Hokage was simply missing, a large crater where it once was, while the other four were covered in signs of battle scarring. The carving of his father, the Fourth Hokage was missing half of its head.

Upon reaching the top their furious eyes found the Patriarch of the Uchiha Clan. He had shed his Akatsuki cloak, and donned the red plated armor of the ancient Uchiha during the times before the founding of the village. His red Sharingan eyes spun almost lazily as he glanced at the two with a cold calculating look.

"Give up. The Alliance is destroyed while half of my army still remains in reserve. Konohagakure no Sato and Kumogakure are no more. Kirigakure has taken what was left of their pathetic forces and fled to their misty island while Suna and Iwa were mercilessly crushed. There is no one else for you to fight for. No one else for you to die honorably for."

Kirabi glanced at the young shinobi standing beside him. The boy who had quickly become one of the best friends he had ever had, and now the only one. He saw the determined look glowing in his yellow sage eyes and a grin stretched across his face, "Now Naruto!"

A single kunai flew from beneath the blonde's red sleeve towards their enemy who's hand had already predicted the path and moved his head a fraction to the left accordingly, only to gasp in shock.

A bright yellow flash erupted where the blade had been and a hand took its place. Before Madara had time to phase his body the flat of the hand made contact with his cheek and instead of blunt force he met with a slight burning sensation. Naruto flashed away before he could retaliate with a strike.

"Are you sure it will work, Naruto?" Kirabi asked almost skeptically.

"Be my guest and test it out if you have no faith in my awesome abilities."

Kirabi launched forward, his bijuu chakra cloak bubbling out on mental command with six green tails swaying behind him.


Shock and pain was all Madara felt as the demon container's forearm came down on him with enough force to almost decapitate him. So the brat must've done something to counteract my ability to phase. the man thought as he tumbled over the flat surface of the monument, coming to a skidding stop on his feet just before the edge.

"Impressive… I should never have let you live for this long, you take after your father entirely too much… Namikaze Naruto," he said, wiping a beat of blood dripping down from his lip, "even the Yondaime however, was still an insignificant ant compared to my powers!"


It all happened too fast. Flames surrounded the two containers in a sphere of fire more sinister then any even the Kyuubi could create. They were pitch black and closing in, heat causing trails of sweat to slide slowly down their necks. All sides were barricaded by the unholy heat produced by the Uchiha's cursed pinwheel eyes. It was pitch black within the ever tightening orb of death.

They burrowed. Chakra infused hands gouging the mountainous terrain as if it were jelly. One's fueled by the volatile force of a demon, the other by the very mountain he was maiming. The flames followed through the tunnels, relentless as a bloodhound in tracking its prey.

They shot out from the earth once they had cleared past the sphere's circumference, hellish fire hot on heels. A water jutsu sent in vain by the elder did nothing to impede it.

The two had faced the black flames before from lesser Uchihas. Sasuke and Itachi both wielded them masterfully… or so they thought. Madara's made theirs pale in comparison. It was almost as if it had a mind of its own. It would fork and bend, split and strike. An onslaught of death held in check by one mans furious glare.

Madara hadn't budget since his attack, his attention captivated solely on controlling the cursed flames to victory. A mad grin stretched across his face as he lifted his hands and moved them in an almost intricate dance. It only took a second for the two containers to understand what he was doing as they increased their efforts. The flames had become even faster.

They would launch their techniques whenever they believed an opening to have presented itself, only to see the attacks swallowed hole by the ravenous dark pyre. The Kazekage could call his sand a form of ultimate defense, but it didn't hold a candle to the true thing.

The eight tailed host let out a grunt of frustration as he channeled his last two tails into his chakra cloak. The vicious chakra bubbled around him scourging the earth of life and sailed through the air in emerald lances.

The a slight widening of the eyes was the only expression the opponent had as the tails finally penetrated his first line of defense and homed in on him, covered in his own vile weapon. He tiled his body slightly and let them pass right by, but it served its purpose. The attack took his attention off of the other warrior.

There was no time for Naruto to charge his ultimate attack, so he opted for the version his father had first mastered. A blue spinning orb took shape within his right hand as a three pronged kunai slid into the left. I can finally hiraishin without worrying about flames sprouting where I appear, he thought with a grin. With a precise flick of the wrist, the blade was sent sailing, and the blond dissipated into nothingness.

The man flew across the mountain once more, skidding across the torn up boulders to a stop yards from his previous spot. He stood up quickly, without one hint of pain or damage.

Naruto frowned. Something wasn't right. The Rasengan hasn't always obliterated its enemies, but it was excruciatingly painful for all who experienced it. It was as if a round drill was carving its way through your body and then imploding once reaching the desired depth.

Shit… Genjutsu.

He gathered Nature's chakra and pulsed it within his body, disturbing the infiltrator's connection to his perception, and what he saw made him go white.

Kirabi, his last friend… the only living precious person he had left was standing in front of him, arms stretched and feet planted. A soundless scream escaped his lips as those hideous flames devoured his body. He crumpled on himself, flames searing flesh over and over again. The regenerative traits of a demon container made his agony tenfold, not allowing the man to embrace death as a regular mortal would have.

Naruto saw red.

Rage assaulted his mental focus as the malicious crimson chakra of the most feared bijuu in existence bubbled out from his self conscious. It wasn't as it was when he fought the False God Pein. This was controlled. The fox held no power over his self-conscious anymore… it was all Naruto.

He forced the Bijuu's cloak to form and meld with the natural chakra circulating within his system. It felt warm on his skin, like a welcoming campfire on a cold winter night. His iris was gold and streaked with crimson, a black slit slicing through the bar like pupil his previous mode was known for, creating a cross.

And he was gone.

Even with the most powerful Sharingan to have ever graced the Shinobi lands, Uchiha Madara was helpless to the wrath. It came upon him from all sides at once, a dervish of burning claws and inhuman blows. Each touch infected him with the terribly toxic force of the King of Demons, and he had lost count of the strikes.

His coils seared within him, like white fire cleansing the corruption from his body. No higher thought could be processed within his mind, only pain.

Thus the mastermind behind the deaths of thousands was slain, dying in more agony then any other had ever come to know.

As Naruto tried to calm the tidal force of powers rushing through him, he came to a horrible realization, Shit, there's too much! I can't disperse the chakra fast enough!

The chakra that was once balanced into a deadly cohesive force quickly became unstable. It was impossible to control such an unfathomable force for long. It began to backlash, spearing through his tenketsus in a shower of gore. His coils ruptured and the chakra was released into the air.

It tore through that as easily as it did his flesh. The fabric of time and reality meant nothing to the full power of the Lord of Hell coupled with the unending force of the Earth. The air around him began to tear, and a hole opened. Darkness claimed the defender of the realm.

To be continued…

Author's Notes

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