Wisps of blue energy trailed behind Naruto in streaks almost resembling arcane wings. His eyes crackled with Eternano as he contained the bubbling rage within him. It was different then the Kyuubi induced fury of his childhood. Images of those who had died to protect him flashed before his vision. Friends who had become family, much like those fighting below him. Kirabi… Erza…

The Eternano within him swirled and propelled him to the fortress. He sensed Natsu and the others making their way to the Jupiter Cannon and placed his faith in them that they would be able to stop the monstrosity. He had a bigger target in mind. Defeating the cannon wouldn't stop the attack. It wouldn't stop the shades that had begun assaulting those he now considered his precious people. There was only one man who's defeat would end everything.

Jose Porla!

His far reaching senses could feel the signatures of every one of his allies, his brothers and sisters in arms. In the short time that they had known him and given him a place where he had called home he had memorized the unique differences in each one's magical core that signified who they were. He could feel their energy depleting rapidly as they fought the seemingly never ending enemy. Unforgivable!

He didn't bother looking for a door or a window, he created his own entrance to the fortress, sending large pieces of stone crashing as he slammed forcibly into the giant structure. Screams of surprise echoed in the room. Naruto could feel every one of them. Pin point the exact location of each member even with the cloud of dust and debris obstructing his sight. Their energy levels were low. Insignificant. His Eternano infused hand batted a weak blast away without a spare thought,

"Where is he?" he said in an almost whisper. His voice, while soft, carried through the entire room. He could almost taste their fear. The dust cleared to show thirty of Phantom Lord's lower class members, most of which seemed to still be recovering from injuries sustained in their previous engagement.

Silence impregnated the room.

It wasn't a silence fueled by loyalty. It was one of terror. He recognized each one of them. And they recognized him. They knew the lengths he was capable of going to when his precious people were threatened. They had felt it.

Simultaneously each one lifted their arms and pointed towards the right hand corridor in an almost choreographed sync.

Naruto turned on his heel and headed into the hall, the ethereal blue magic swirling around him and cracking the floors with each step he took. He absent-mindedly noted that with all of the grandeur of the Palace-like architecture the interior was rather shabby. Rooms were filled with rough mechanical contraptions instead of the pristine decorations he would have imagined looking at the building from the outside.

It was curious. Why would they waist all that money on the outside of the guild hall, but leave the inside so sparse and unwelcoming?

A rumble distracted him from his thoughts. He felt the large power source below him vanish and zeroed his senses in on the area. Heh, I knew I could count on you guys.

The built up energy Jupiter had been gathering dispersed in the air as the giant lacrima collapsed. A loud cheer rung out from the other side of the water that echoed within the halls of the structure.

Their joy was quickly dashed though, as a laugh erupted from a loud speaker within the guild, "Hahaha! Do you honestly think that stopping the Jupiter will save your pathetic guild? I will show you once and for all why Phantom Lord has been considered the top guild in Fiore for years!"

The structure shifted and Naruto watched in fascination as the mechanisms around him began to power on. His whole world was tilted as the fortress lurched to the side and began undergoing some sort of metamorphosis. His energy latched on to the floor below him as he was once again twisted, this time upside down. What about their members that were inside? Is there rooms that are unaffected, or does he just not care about his people?

"Feast your eyes on Phantom Lord's ultimate weapon! Super Mage Giant Phantom MKII!" the voice cackled, causing Naruto to sweat drop.

Mah… what a lame name.

His attention was snatched by four powerful sources of magic erupting from different points within the building. One beside his three other guild mates below was brought down rapidly.

"Stand in terror! Abyss Break!"

The three familiar signatures below him split up in different directions. They must have come to the same guess as me… Wait… are the energy sources moving? They aren't lacrima, they are people! He started back on the twisting and turning hall ways, using his senses as his guide… and failing miserably.

What kind of idiot designs hall ways like this? They don't make sense! Screw this!

He let his magic out in bursts, blowing through walls and forging his own hall through the building. He felt two other fights start up and sighed, How come its so easy for them to find people…

His thoughts were interrupted by a familiar blood curdling scream that pierced his ears and made his heart wrench painfully.


"My how the mighty S-Class mage has fallen! Your pathetic attempt to trick us is laughable, Mirajane Strauss," Jose called out, "but ultimately useless. We have recaptured Lucy Heartfilia, now all that is left for us to do is the destruction of Fairy Tail! Suffer in your failure!"

Naruto could hear her pain… feel it echo deep within his chest. He immediately changed directions, blasting through thick stone walls as if they were paper. The transformation must have some how shifted me more towards the center of the building, he thought frantically.

The shinobi became a single-minded dervish of destruction as he carved through stone and metal alike at reckless speeds.

He launched his fist at the final obstruction in his way before feeling a wave of fresh air hit his sweat soaked face.


Not even the damage she took when the Beast had taken over Elfman years ago on that fateful night could compare to the pain from the crushing pressure of this behemoth. It was almost too much for the bartender.

Elfman-nii… Naru-kun…

She saw the pain her guild was in, barely standing on their last legs as they desperately fought to keep Jose's Shades at bay. She had hoped by using her prodigal abilities at transformation magic she would be able to fool the guild into taking her and leaving her friends alone… Lucy's poorly timed capture however only made things worse.

She didn't exactly know what she had thought would happen in her panic driven state of self sacrifice, but the crushing experience definitely didn't make the list.

Through a large hole in the structure Mira could see her brother desperately fighting one of Phantom Lord's famous members of Elemental Four, a team of renown S-Class mages, as he tried to force his way to her. He looked at her eyes with a serious expression.

"Mira-nee, I have to use It. It's the only way." He stated ominously.

She knew exactly what It was. It was what destroyed their family. "Elfman-nii you can't control it! It will only take over again!" she cried, praying he would listen to her reasoning.

"I'm stronger now Mira-nee, believe in me. As a man, its my duty to protect you," the large man said with a determined voice as he closed his eyes. She could feel the magic in him skyrocket before being encased in a white glowing magical shell. It grew three times the size of him, and nearly four times wider.

"I do believe in you, nii-san," she whispered as she fought the urge to scream once more.

"Beast Soul - Full Body Take Over!"

The magic light dissipated showing the figure that had haunted Mirajane in her nightmares for years. The Beast was gargantuan and covered in a dark red fur reminiscent to blood. On its bald chest and from its neck to its face was an almost silky green color of skin. Two large upright horns adorned his shoulders while a pair of demonic ones curved from his brow off the sides of his head into points. Long shaggy white hair and a shaggy white beard covered most of its head. The only thing it had in common with the manly mage was the ragged blue pants stretched over its legs and the scar on his right eye.

It looked at her and the hairs on her neck stood on end. Until it smiled. Or at least tried to smile… it was more like a gnashing of large spiky teeth.

Mirajane let out a breath of air she didn't know she had held. "Even you, Elfman-nii, have moved on haven't you?" she whispered. Lisanna… what would you say if you could see us now? Her heart knew the answer even though she didn't want to accept it…

The battle, if you could call it that, was over moments later. Sol, the earth attuned member of Elemental 4 couldn't stop the rampaging brutal force of Elfman's take over magic, and was soon knocked unconscious by the beastial man.

She beamed in pride at him as he took a powerful leap onto the arm of the mechanized mage as she fought the urge to tremble at the memory of his form. His strong fur covered arms grasped the metal and attempted to pry the large fingers from off of her.

Just as she felt the hold loosening on her, a huge mound of stone rubble slammed on top of Elfman, knocking the man unconscious.

"Uhh, oops. Didn't see you down there Elfman. My bad," came a sheepish voice a floor above them. Mira sweat dropped when she looked up to see Naruto standing in a gaping hole of the giant robot. His eyes, normally holding a small gleam to them that was almost unnoticeable unless you looked deep into them were now completely masked by an intense glow of blue magic. His body was surrounded in a matching blue aura that wisped subconsciously around him almost like a flame. Tendrils of Eternano flowed behind him in a resemblance to wings. The magical power she felt roaring off of him was immense.

"Naru-kun!" she called to him.

"What a… manly… entrance…" Elfman groaned, shaking he stars out of his eyes as he shifted a block of stone from his chest. With the Beast Soul Take Over draining out, his energy was massively depleted. "Help me free Mira-nee, Naruto! It is our job as men!"

Naruto glided softly down and landed between the two of them, "When I lift this, I need you to grab her as fast as you can and pull her out."

Elfman nodded passionately. "Very well Naruto. Let us show the world what two men can do!"

She watched in amazement as Naruto's hands blurred into motion, stabbing into the metallic hand as if it were water. He used the holes as a place to grip and tugged with a mighty groan. After seconds of pulling, they heard the tell-tale noise of breaking gears as the hand was pried forcibly opened. She didn't have time to think more on it when Elfman grasped her and pulled her quickly out of the crushing prison.

"Nee-chan!" he said as he grasped her in a suffocating hug. She flailed her small arms and struggled to breathe.

"Elfman, take Mira-chan somewhere safe please and protect her," Naruto said.

"I've got her, Naruto. The man I was battling, Sol, mentioned that the Abyss Break spell is being powered by his team, the Elemental 4, and that the only way to stop it from firing is by defeating every one of them. If that spell powers up then it will not only take out our guild, but also a large chunk of Magnolia!" the burly man exclaimed.

"Leave it to me. I'll protect Fairy Tail, even if it costs me my life. It's a promise of a lifetime," the ninja said. He gave the two a thumbs up and a grin, the sun reflecting off his white teeth with such a glint that it could almost be heard. He turned around and crouched, as if to jump back up to the large hole he had forcibly made.

"N-Naru-kun!," Mira called out. She ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him and placed a light peck on his cheek. She pulled away before he even had a chance to react and chuckled at the rosy blush on his face, "for luck!"

His hand reached up to his cheek where he felt her lips gently press against it and stood frozen, "Mira-nee! I think you broke him!" Elfman exclaimed.

Mirajane chuckled, Come back to us Naruto… Come back to me…


Naruto shook his head, turning around and looking up to the hole he had created. He waved his hand behind him in farewell and leapt, easily clearing the space. When he got into the tunnel and cast one last backwards glance at the siblings, he caught Mirajane's eye and gave her a soft smile before walking back into the transformed guild hall, Push it out of your thoughts for now. Focus on Phantom Lord.

He brought his hands together and created three clones, "Find a safe place and meditate. Gather me energy."

"Yes boss!" They sat Indian style on the ground right where they were summoned. Naruto slapped his palm on his forehead.

He took off without another word. He forced his senses back out and scanned the structure. Natsu… I'm coming.

He could feel the drain on the Dragon Slayer's magic and remembered the same feeling from the last fight, It must be the same mage that took out Makarov… hang on!

He increased his speed and plowed through the walls and obstructions in his way. By taking the direct route, quite literally, he made it quickly to the corridor and saw a large man standing over the stunned Dragon Slayer in the middle of casting a spell

A desperate round house saved the rose haired mage from a fate similar to the Guild Master.

"Naruto?" Natsu questioned.

"Go save Lucy-san. I'll take care of him." His voice left no room for debates. He fixed his flowing eyes on the form of the large man at the end of the halls.

"No way! I got here first fair and square, this guy is mine!" Natsu argued and charged the Element 4 member head on.

Naruto grasped him by the shoulder, "This guy is small fry compared to Gajeel. He's the one I sense keeping Lucy captive. I heard him shit talking fire dragons after y'all left their other base too. You gonna' let him get away with that?" he taunted.

Natsu breathed fire out of his mouth in fury. "There is no way that wannabe Dragon Slayer is going to get away with bad talking Igneel! Where is he?"

Naruto merely pointed in the direction of the opposite end of the hall. Natsu took off cursing.

"Natsu's all fired up!" Happy exclaimed.

"Sorrowful!" his opponent exclaimed as he materialized in front of the retreating fire mage, "but I cannot let either of you leave here. It makes me sad that I must end two mages such as yourselves!"

Naruto walked up to Natsu and placed gripped the collar of his vest, "Happy, catch Natsu."

The small blue cat looked at him in confusion, "But Natsu isn't falli-"

Naruto flung Natsu out the window.

"Aye sir!" Happy yelled as wings sprouted out of his back and he dove through the hole.

"I'm your opponent now," Naruto said as he leveled a glowing glare at the mage. He was huge, larger then even Elfman who towered over the shinobi. He wore a large green overcoat trimmed with white, and a light orange ruffled shirt beneath it. A green wide brimmed hat sat on his head, and his eyes were covered by white cloth.

"The heroic knight who saved his guild by staying behind and allowing them to retreat. It is a shame that I will have to end you today. Shame shame… You must be the new member mentioned in the Weekly Sorcerer. It is so sad that I must end such a new career! Sorrowful!"

"Wow you're weird," Naruto sweat dropped. A massive familiar spike in power made him grin though, as he felt another one fall. Good job Gray. "It looks like you're all that's keeping the Abyss Break up now."

"So sad… sad sad sad that they have been defeated… but I am the strongest of them all, and I will avenge my fallen team! How sorrowful!"


A glowing purple diagram stretched into existence at the palm of Aria's open hand emitting a huge wave of air.

It made contact with a log, showering the corridor with splinters. The man looked on in confusion before watching a foot phase through his stomach.

"Uhh, hi?" Naruto said nervously, leg still outstretched.

The large mage vanished before teleporting on the other side of the room, "To dodge my Zetsu, you must be strong. This fight might be fun," he said as he reached up to the blindfold. "I wear this blindfold to limit my power, now you can fight me at my full strength!"

Naruto was caught slightly off guard at the full circle personality change of his enemy. They might want to think of bi-annual psychiatric evaluations for some of these mages… He watched curiously while the tall man removed the blind fold and looked at him with pink irises each separated into four even slices almost like a pie. Shit, dojutsu? I have to end this quickly.

Aria extended his arms as his eyes started glowing brightly, "This spell is the most powerful one in my repertoire. Its called the Airspace of death, and consumes all life!"


"Eternano Make: Rasengan!"

Aria's eyes widened in shock as Naruto appeared behind him in a burst of speed, ramming the swirling orb into the small of his back and launching him roughly into the wall.

"You're so used to fighting without your eyes," Naruto chuckled, "but when they are open they become your crutch… There's no way weak scum like you defeated someone as powerful as our Master with out resorting to trickery."

"Ungh…" was his only reply as the man faded into unconsciousness.

Naruto sighed in relief as he felt the final remaining supply of power going to Abyss Break. They're safe… Now there's just one more target to go. Jose… I'm coming for you.

He dispelled one of his clones and felt his energy replenish before heading into the next room where the infamous Guild Master of Phantom Lord was. He could feel the sickly corrosive energy oozing in the room.

A heavy foot contacted the door with all the force he could manage, causing it to rip off its hinges and fly down a throne-like room, crumbling against the wall next to a man reclining in a large finely made chair.

The man wore a militaristic blue uniform trimmed with gold with his Wizard Saints medallion holding the collar together. A brown cape was draped over his right shoulder decorated with a long golden stripe. He had long black hair tied up in a pony tail with a long thin mustache that curved down almost to his jaw line.

"Naruto-san! Its good of you to join me," he said amicably, "I've been hearing a lot about you, you know?"

"I'm flattered," Naruto deadpanned. "You're going to pay for hurting my guild, Jose."

He stood up, instantly putting Naruto on guard, and chuckled, "And you have the strength to face one of the Ten Wizard Saints? Laughable. I will admit though, you have an impressive magical aura about you. it's a pity Makarov found you first, you would have made an excellent Phantom Lord," he said appraisingly.

Naruto clenched his fists at the tall slender man who held up a hand. "What's your rush Naruto-san? Enjoy the last conversation you'll ever have. Gajeel is currently fighting your guild's Dragon Slayer, and judging by the feel of their fluctuating magic, I would say he's winning quite handily. There will be no rescue for Lucy-sama this time. We'll hold her for ransom from her father, making him pay more then he ever would have!"

The man's presence became more and more dark as he was speaking, until cackling madly at the very end. "You realize that no matter what happens here today, the Council is going to strip your official guild status right? Is it all worth it?"

Jose became silent and looked at Naruto, "For years Phantom has been the top guild of Fiore. We were respected by everyone. Then Fairy Tail came along… Destructive, chaotic, hotheaded… Your guild causes more damage on minor missions then every other guild combined. What do you get in return? A slap on the wrist? No, the Council is broken and flawed. If they force us to disband then we take the next step and become a Dark Guild, then we could take any mission we ever wanted. My guild would reap the riches and truly earn the recognition that it deserves!"

"You're obviously on a whole 'nother level of crazy. You're willing to risk your guild becoming an enemy of the nation just for some petty jealousy? Ridiculous. I've heard enough. Defend yourself, Jose!" Naruto shouted as he sprinted into action.

In a burst of speed he blurred behind Jose and swung a heavy haymaker towards the mage's vulnerable neck.

His eyes widened when the man side stepped the attack casually, off balancing the ninja and immediately capitalizing on his disadvantage. Purple shades gathered towards the mans outstretched hand as he uttered his attack.

"Shade Entanglement!"

Three black skulls shot out at him, trailed in a purple miasma. They surrounded him before the shinobi had a chance to correct his footing and coiled around him. When they constricted, Naruto's world turned to pain. He bit his lip and grunted, forcing himself to not scream. It was hard to focus, hard to breathe. He took a gamble.

"Eternano Make: Ether Explosion!" he grunted out, and forced the blue magic out in a wave of cleansing purity. He grinned amidst gasping breaths as he watched Jose pick himself up from the ground ten feet away, caught flat footed in the unsuspected attack.

The man stood up with a crazed look on his face and wiped a small streak of red from his mouth. "Impressive Naruto-san," he cackled, "it has been years since anyone has drawn even a scratch of blood from me. I wont underestimate you again."

"Dark Beam!"

Dozens of beams of dark magic pierced the air at Naruto who in an astonishing performance of acrobatics began weaving in and out of them before finally being struck by one from behind, penetrating his left shoulder.

"Ungh…" Naruto grunted, grasping at the puncture wound.

"A few more years and you could have truly given me a run for my money. It's a pity we met so early, I would have enjoyed the fight. Unfortunately for you, this is the end," he bragged arrogantly before extending his hands in front of him.

"Dead Wave!"

Naruto felt one of his clones pop and gasped in relief as his system was flooded with more concentrated Eternano. He felt the sickly purple chakra speeding his way and acted in the only way he knew how.


When the purple miasma cleared, he had one knee on the ground with both arms stretched out to his sides, a swirling blue dome of energy surrounding his entire body.

He looked up at Jose and grinned ferally, "Eternano Make: Kaiten."

And in a gust of leaves, he was gone.

Jose's eyes widened as he reflexively dodged a strike to his left temple.

Naruto followed through, his mind left behind as he placed all of his faith in instinct and reflex. The two danced in a flurry of attacks. Both pushing themselves to their physical limits to keep up with the other. The shinobi reveling in the shock still publicized in the Wizard Saint's eye.

Their fists and feet became infused with their respective magics, one encased in an peaceful blue, and the other in a toxic violet. The hits that landed were ignored, adrenalin flowing so high in the two that they felt nothing but the desire to fight. A battle high.

A well placed uppercut sent Naruto through the roof of the building and on top of the mage-like robot with Jose hot on his heels. The shinobi retaliated with a brutal wave of pure energy that sent the dark haired man painfully into the side of the structure's head.

They both paused, eyes assessing weaknesses and strengths. Naruto knew his only hope was to stay close. Jose had a hell of a lot of magical energy, but there was no way he had more stamina. His long range attacks are much more effective then mine too… I'm at a disadvantage back here.

He tightened his fists and charged again, this time creating a pair of clones with him.

"Dark Slam!"

A dozen more black skulls shot from his hands with purple tendrils. Naruto managed to substitute with a piece of rubble from the roof, but his clones weren't so lucky. The tendrils managed to wrap around a limb of each of the clones and swing them high in the air, before rapidly slamming them down on the roof with great force. He winced when the memories came back of the landing. Note to self. Avoid the skulls.

He created more clones from his hidden position and tried to find a weakness he could exploit.

They attacked in tandem and solo, from high and low, left to right, right to left, but nothing seemed to escape the mans notice. Wizard Saint indeed.

The memories of each clone's defeat sailed back to him as he learned more and more about his opponent. The unfortunate thing was most of the learning was about which one of the attacks hurt the most. The man weaved through the clones well coordinated assaults like a man possessed.

"Come out come out where ever you are Naruto-san! Don't make me lose the respect I had gained by hiding like a coward while your little lackies do all of the hard work!" Jose cackled in a sing song voice, the madness in his mind evident in his crazed expression.

"Pot calling the kettle black much?" Naruto said exasperatedly as he thumbed in the direction of the shades that were still assaulting the exhausted members of Fairy Tail.

Jose's comment wasn't one he liked to hear.

"Dark Sphere!"

An orb roughly a foot in diameter shot out from his outstretched palm almost faster then Naruto could blink, striking him in the chest and knocking the wind out of him.

"Dark Beam!"

It took all of Naruto's willpower to substitute himself with another piece of rubble where he knelt and quickly caught his breath.

"My my that ability sure is annoying. You're good to have lasted this long, but all you're doing is prolonging the inevitable. With your destruction Phantom Lord's supremacy will be known to all of Fiore!" the man exclaimed, an insane grin stretching across his face.

Naruto sighed, "You're pathetic, you know that?" When he was sure he had Jose's attention he continued, "you attack our guild in the dead of night when no one is around, sneak attack one of our teams, defeat Makarov through trickery, and then begin this assault when our three top mages aren't even at the guild to defend it. Face it, with only one S-Class mage here, we've still managed to defeat every member of your guild in one on one fights. I'm sure you feel just as I do that your trump card Gajeel is being defeated by Natsu as we speak."

Jose chuckled softly, before erupting in a loud fit of maniacal laughter. "Boy, who do you think you are to lecture me? When Makarov wakes up and sees his guild in shambles and his children destroyed can you imagine the pure despair that he will feel? The agony of loss! The pain of loneliness! It will eat him from the inside out! He'll know what it means to be inferior!"

"So what your saying is this is all done to get back at Makarov? What, for kicking your ass at the Guild Master's Meeting six years ago?" Naruto asked, rage creeping back into his voice.

"I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE!" The crazed mage bellowed, "Makarov will pay for that embarrassment. He will live the rest of his short life in misery, knowing that he could not protect his children from destruction!"

"You're sick." Naruto scoffed.

"And you're open!" Jose hissed.

Naruto didn't even have time to widen his eyes as another sphere of dark energy slammed into his gut. He crumpled on his knees with his left arm clutched across his stomach in pain.

Jose walked arrogantly up to the shinobi, another orb of darkness taking shape in his hand. He grabbed Naruto's head by the scalp and screamed, "Look at your demise!" before slamming the orb into his face.

He was rewarded with an anticlimactic puff of smoke

"Eternano Make: Rasengan!"

Naruto appeared behind the mage who had just managed to turn before the orb of energy slammed into him. The movement altered Naruto's intended target from the middle of his back to his right shoulder. It still had the intended effect though.

"Yaarrgh!" the Phantom Lord Master screamed as he once more slammed against the head of his mechano-mage. His right shoulder hung lower then the left, obviously dislocated as he glared at Naruto with a look of complete loathing.

Naruto wasn't faring much better. The last attack he had taken obviously broke a few ribs making it a struggle to breathe, let alone stand up. He looked down at the guild and saw the shades still attacking his comrades, Good god, why won't this man go down?

He stood up, ignoring the pain in his chest with a grimace, "I will defeat you, Jose Porla, even if it costs me my life!" Resolve gleamed in his eyes,

The man chuckled, pulling himself out of the crater of metal gingerly, avoiding any increased jostling that would aggravate the painful wound on his shoulder, "Fool, you can hardly stand. What makes you think you-"

"Eternano Make: Beam!"

A vicious blue line of energy struck Jose in the chest, forcing his back to the metal structure once more. "Good god you talk too much. Shut up and fight," the shinobi huffed before utilizing his shunshin to speed towards the fallen mage.

"Dark Vortex!" Jose shouted from within the cratered metal as he shot out a large violet blast of energy.

"Gah!" the shinobi screamed. The attack was well placed, aimed for where Naruto had intended his shunshin's destination to be. It made Naruto feel almost as if he was being boiled alive and frozen to death at the same time, as each and every one of his pain receptors went haywire. After what felt like an eternity, he finally managed a conscious thought. Damn… he must be able to sense my magic mark for the shunshin. Its almost like I'm fighting a shinobi…

They both groggily stood up, each in pain but neither willing to back down. Naruto willed his last clone to dispel. My energy seems to be slightly cushioning his attacks, I guess that's why its burning so quickly.

He knew that even with the replenishment of his magical energy, that his physical limits would be reached shortly. Looking at the mage across from him, he assumed the same for his opponent. One attack left.

His enemy knew it as well. He allowed his eyes to scan the shores where the guild stood, his energy pinpointing the most familiar signature. Mira-chan… I will keep my promise!

"Death Wave!"

"Eternano Make: Chou Oodama Rasengan!"


Mirajane clutched her entwined hands together tightly as she stood to the side of the river with Lucy beside her. Elfman-nii ran off to help keep the shades at bay and give Naruto a bit more time and Gray went off to find Natsu amidst the wreckage.

"He's cleaning up my mess it looks like," came a rough voice beside her.

"Master!" Mira exclaimed, turning to see the diminutive Guild Master dressed in his Wizard Saint attire, "I didn't know you were up and moving around."

"My magic came back sooner then Porlyusica had anticipated, unfortunately I was too late," he stated as he glared up at the towering monstrosity and viewed the two large attacks converge with each other. It looked to be a stale mate at first, until the orb-like attack began absorbing the purple energy, making a brilliant display of a vibrant blue and violet swirling. It was almost like a second sun.

Until it went into supernova.


The center of it rapidly expanded in a ring of devastation, all but obliterating the Phantom Lord headquarters. The ring passed over the town in a rush of beautiful lights, high enough to prevent any buildings from being destroyed, but low enough to feel the powerful breeze it generated in its passing.

"It looks like Jose's shades are gone… Come Mirajane, lets go fishing," Makarov said as he hopped into a small boat attached to the pier

"But Master, shouldn't we be looking for Naru-kun and Natsu instead of Happy's meal? That's mean."

The diminutive man could only slap his forehead in exasperation. "We are fishing for Naruto and Natsu!"

"Why didn't you just say so Master?" Mirajane asked.


It didn't take them long to find the first pair of people. Natsu, Gray and Happy floated on a large block of ice in the water. Gray was kicked back with his shirt off relaxing as the warm rays of sun, while Happy consoled a sea-sick Natsu by patting his head lightly with his paw.

"Quit lounging around and get back to the guild already you slackers! There's work to do!" Makarov exclaimed, scaring the trio and causing the cube of ice to flip, and Happy to encage his wings just before touching the water.

"Master! You're alright!" Gray exclaimed, using his ice under him to create another make-shift raft. He grabbed Natsu, who was still affected by the motion sickness by back of his torn shirt and dragged him back up to the cube. Happy flopped down on the cube as his tiny body ran out of its last bit of magic.


"Sorry I was late and you all got caught up in this mess. I'm proud of each of you for the roles you played in this battle." the Master said, as he smiled at them. "As much as it brightens my heart with joy to know you three are okay, we still have one member unaccounted for. Head back to the guild hall and see what you can do to help the others. Mira-chan and I will try and find him.

They rowed deeper into the wreckage, using the paddles to push smaller pieces away and guide around the larger ones.

They came across the unconscious and mangled form of Jose Porla first. His limbs were twisted painfully and cuts and bruises covered his entire body. It was a testament to his durability that he was even survived after a direct hit from an attack like that.

Makarov looked down at the man in pity, "You had such potential Jose… to be chosen to be a member of the Ten Wizard Saints at such a young age was a great honor. If you had walked a lawful path, you would have been an outstanding example to the next generation of mages. Instead you had to throw it all away for petty jealousy… Was it worth it?"

Makarov shook his head, not expecting an answer from the unresponsive criminal before using his Titan Magic to grow his arm and hand long enough to lift up the man gently and place him in the boat, as to not aggravate his wounds.

"Master, what are you…" Mira started.

"Jose has learned his lesson, Mira-chan, quite painfully. He lost himself amidst his anger and jealousy, and lost sight of the guild that he had grown to love so much. If we leave him out here he'll drown when we could have done something to save him, making us no better then a murdering Dark Guild. The reason why I am so proud to call myself the Master of Fairy Tail isn't because of the strength or numbers of our mages, but by the integrity of them. They do what is right, always, no matter the consequences."

Mirajane smiled at the elder before pointing behind him, "Naru-kun!"

He floated peacefully in the water, his arms and legs spread wide with a happy but tired grin on his face, "I kept my promise Mira-chan," he whispered to her.

"Thank you," she said as a small tear of happiness slid down her face.

She reached out and clutched his outstretched hand, and with the help of Makarov they pulled him onto the other side of the small boat where she cradled his head into her lap. "Go to sleep Naru-kun, we'll wake you when we get back to shore. You earned it."

"Thanks," he mumbled tiredly before succumbing to his exhaustion.

Her face turned crimson as his head snuggled deeper into her lap. She gazed on his battered form with a smile on her face before Makarov interrupted her thoughts.

"I knew he was strong when he first came to the guild, but I could hardly imagine this… To defeat a Guild Master and member of the Ten Wizard Saints no less. I wonder what the Council is going to do…" he trailed off.

"What do you mean Master?"

"Naruto is brand new to Fiore, and brand new to this world itself. With such a magic like that, it would be best for him to have stayed under the radar," Makarov said forebodingly.

"What's wrong with his magic?" she asked curiously.

"That's a discussion for myself and him Mira-chan, I apologize."

"Yes Master."


"Ungh…" Naruto groaned out as he brought an arm up in an attempt to block out the rays of sun filtering into his eyes, only to notice the entire appendage wrapped in bandages. The sound of a shifting chair caught his attention as he craned his neck in its direction.

"Its okay Naru-kun, you're in the guest bedroom at my house. Here's a glass of water," came the soothing voice of Mirajane.

He took it gratefully and tipped the glass up. The water felt incredible as it refreshingly slid down his parched throat, "Thanks, how long have I been down?"

"Its been four days. Your injuries are still healing from the fight with Jose so try and take it easy," she said.

Naruto quietly contemplated the information, Four days? Even after the first battle with Sasuke when I had a hand through my chest I was up and moving in two… Its times like this when I actually miss the furrball.

"Are you alright? You kind of spaced out for a second," Mira asked with a concerned tone.

"Yeah, I was just thinking. How everyone?" he asked, curious to the well being of his new family as he took another sip of water.

"Everyone is fine, if a little bruised up. They are all working on reconstruction of the new guild hall. Its really fun seeing everyone using their own magic to chip in. If you're up for it I'll take you there so you can see it. Everyone has been dying to see you, but Master kept telling them you needed your rest," she said as she held out a hand for him to brace with.

He grinned at her and took it, blushing at the contact with the beautiful woman and pulled himself up to a sitting position. Bandages circled his lower abdomen from just below his guild insignia to his hips, and around each of his limbs. He could feel the stiffness in his muscles and joints from staying supine for so long. "Umm Mira-chan, where's my clothes?"

He chuckled as her face flushed. She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of pants like the ones he had on previously, "The clothes you had during your fight were mostly ruined and these were the only pair of pants that survived the demolition of the guild," she said as she flung the trousers at him and turned around, wanting to give him privacy but be close enough if he fell.

Naruto groaned.

He could see the look in her eyes as she talked about his wardrobe, and knew exactly what it meant… Shopping… He couldn't understand what she found so exciting about it. Just the thought of it made him want to run and hide.

Sliding his legs off the bed, he slipped his feet through the holes and pulled up the pair of pants. Still a bit stiff, need to break them in. He thought as he buttoned them and zipped up the zipper,

"Okay Mira-chan, I'm decent now. Ready?" He said as he started walking over to her and stumbled on shaky legs.

"The real question is if you're ready silly," she grinned as she walked up next to him and draped his left arm over her shoulder and draped her right arm across his back to help him keep his balance and bare some of his weight

They slowly walked down stairs before she left him propped up against the wall and went into the closet. "This is a gift from Master Makarov, its in honor of defeating Master Jose," she said as she held up a new jacket to him. The white color and high collar were similar to his old jacket, but that's where they ended. Blue runes were sewn in place of the flame pattern he previously had, and whereas his was blank on the back, this one had an encircled kanji emblazoned on the back in dark blue.

"Archangel?" he questioned as took it gently from her.

"It was actually what one of the Phantom Lord members called you apparently when you busted into a room full of a group of them, and it spread pretty quickly from there," she said with a chuckle.

He tested the nickname on his lips and grinned. "That's pretty badass, I 'aint gonna' lie." He slipped it on gently over his bandages and draped his arm back over the bartender with a cheshire grin, "lets go see the family."

She beamed back and him and the two of the stepped out the door in tandem and headed towards the Fairy Tail guild hall.

After just making it a block down the road, the two had noticed a few of the townsfolk following behind them whispering. It made Naruto uncomfortable, giving him reminders from when he was a small kid back in the streets of Konoha. "Mira-chan?"

"Yes Naru-kun?" she said, smiling up at him.

"Why are we being followed?" Naruto whispered, nodding back subtly to the growing crowd behind them.

She gave him a knowing look. Before he had a chance to question her on it, a small boy ran up to him shyly, "Uh excuse me sir, are you the one everyone is calling Archangel?"

Naruto glanced at Mirajane and watched her snicker before looking down at the child, "I guess so kid."

"Cool! So you're the one who beat the mean guy that tried to attack our city with that super awesome powerful spell?" he said, the shyness evaporating only to be replaced with awe.

"Heh," Naruto said as he sheepishly rubbed the back his neck and chuckled, "it was pretty awesome, wasn't it?"

"Awesome! You were all like Kya! That bad guy was like oww my leg!" he exclaimed, launching a kick in the air at an invisible victim. "Can I have your autograph? Pretty please mister?" He was bouncing in excitement, holding a pen and a piece of paper up for him to grab.

"Sure kid, what's your name?" Naruto said as he took the writing utensil from his hand and began scribbling on the paper.

"Roku!" he exclaimed.

"Here kid, this is my first ever autograph, so you have to take really good care of it. One day when I become the best mage ever, you can sell it and make lots of money," he said as he handed it back to Roku.

"Thanks sir! I'll never sell it though, I'm going to treasure it always, and when I grow up, I'm going to be just like you!" he shouted as he ran off to the crowd of people. Naruto heard the kid yelling "It's him, it's him! It's really him!"

It was like the opening of the flood gates. People swarmed him, graciously thanking him for saving their town and family. Naruto was left speechless. The pure acceptance that he obtained in just weeks in Fiore was something that took him over sixteen years to scrape up in Konoha. It was a surreal.

The next hour passed in a blur for him. Mirajane finally saw fit to pull him out of the loving but suffocating embrace of the citizens of Magnolia after he had lost count of the number of autographs. His hand ached, and if he never had to write his name again, it would be entirely too soon. They took shortcuts through alleyways and low populated streets to get the rest of the way to the guild hall.

"They eventually calm down once they get more used to you," she smirked.

"Ohayo Naruto, Mira!" a female voice called out.

"Erza!" Naruto greeted as they walked up to the redhead who was currently dressed in a yellow and red construction suit. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm good, the Adamantine Armor absorbed most of the blow, but it left me significantly drained magically. It took about a day to replenish. How are you?"

"Stiff, but its manageable. I'll be back up to par before you know it," he said with a grin.

"Excellent. Master left word that if any of us were to see you that he wished to speak with you immediately," she stated, "he set up a temporary office in a tent behind the building where he is keeping the Missions boards and trying to catch up on the mountains of paperwork we caused him."

"Thanks Erza! Mira-chan I'll be back in a bit," he said as he eased himself off her shoulder.

"Are you going to be alright Naru-kun?" she said as she reached out a hand to steady him.

"I'll be fine, thanks for the lift," he said with a grin.

The girl smiled and winked at him before walking off, leaving a rosy blush that dotted his cheeks.

He was greeted warmly by his fellow guild members as he passed, and waved at each in turn with a smile on his face. None tried to stall him though, each had gotten the word from the master and directed him around the chaotic construction zone. He was amazed at the variety of some of the magics he witnessed as he walked towards the Master's tent.

Each mage pitched in in their own special way; one female he met in passing using wood magic, Reedus the heavy set pict magic user created impressive decorations and upholstery. Even those who's abilities were more suited for combat still pitched in where ever they good, following the directions of Erza Scarlet who had become the foreman of the project.

Naruto slid the tent flap opened expecting to find the guild master hard at work dealing with the large amount of paperwork that the guild war had supposedly caused him. What he did not expect however was for said master to be reclining on a tipped back chair with his feet propped up on a plushie Fairy Tail guild symbol a snoring lightly. Heh. It's like a mixture between Old Man Sarutobi and Granny Tsunade. His eyes spotted an empty beer mug on the floor next to the elderly man, I take that back, 70% Tsunade, 30% Sarutobi, he thought as a long bead of sweat dripped down his neck.

Naruto cleared his throat loudly, causing the elderly man to jump in surprise and fall back in his chair with a crash. Guess I could have planned that better…

"Naruto! Didn't see you there," Makarov said jovially, popping up spryly with his hands behind his back as is the situation had never happened. The forceful glare in his eyes that clashed with the all friendly smile ensured his secrecy with a gulp.

"Uhh Master I heard you wanted to see me?" Naruto said quickly.

"Ahh yes," the small Master started, "there are three things I wanted to speak to you about. The first is to congratulate you. I spoke to the Council about the events and they have agreed with me that you are deemed worthy of the rank of S-Class for defeating the Wizard Saint Jose Porla. This increase in status allows you access to the S-Class Mission Board, and once its complete, the up stairs balcony. Its sort of a VIP room."

"Uhh thanks?" Naruto said, a bit too shocked to respond properly.

"Your welcome," he said honestly, "you deserve it for standing up for our family like that. The next thing I would like to talk to you however is about your magic."

"My magic?" Naruto asked, "what about it?"

"This Eternano Make… How much do you know of it?" Makarov questioned, leveling an intent gaze.

Naruto shifted uncomfortably under the stare, "Umm, I honestly don't know much about it at all. Most of what I do with it are converted techniques that I used where I was from. I've been meaning to take some time off to train, but after I had gotten back from my mission we went straight into the Phantom Lord fiasco and things have been pretty hectic since."

Makarov sighed, "I figured as much. You seemed more like a person of instinct. From what I've seen myself and heard of from the guild members, it looks as if your magic's biggest limit is your own imagination. It takes mages weeks to months usually to learn a spell, while your magic seems more bent on force of will. It's as if once you lean the basics, the rest is just following your gut. You and Natsu would learn a lot from each other with your respective magics."

Naruto was surprised by the elderly man and his knowledge. "Have you ever heard of a magic style like mine?"

"Once, long ago I heard mentions of something of a similar nature, although I can't be sure. I have a few theories on the origins of that particular brand, and once I find the answer you have my word that you'll be the first to know," he promised.

"Thank you Master," the blond shinobi said graciously, "and what was the third thing?"

"The third thing is I want you to take a break for the next month. Rest and gather your strength back then train and learn your abilities. The Magic Council has asked us to do an S-Class mission for them."

"A mission for the Council?" Naruto asked wide eyed. From what he understood, the Council rarely put their hands in the missions of mages because of their large force of Rune Knights they maneuvered at their beck and call.

"Yes, you were chosen for a very important mission based on your great skill in stealth, along with your high level of strength. The Council has asked for you to travel to Crocus once you are recovered and at full strength and investigate the presence of the Dark Guild Tartaros."

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Name: Namikaze Naruto

Age: 18

Guild: Fairy Tail

Magic: Eternano Make


Eternano Make: Rasengan - By spinning the concentrated magical energy rapidly in many directions and compressing it Naruto creates a power drill-like orb that can detonate with powerful force.

Eternano Make: Oodama Rasengan - A larger version of Rasengan

Eternano Make: Chou Oodama Rasengan - The ultimate version of the pure shape manipulation Rasengan.

Eternano Make: Clone - Naruto creates an illusionary replica of himself.

Eternano Make: Ether Explosion - Naruto gathers the concentrated energy within him and forces it out in a dome-like attack.

Eternano Make: Kaiten - Naruto spins the energy rapidly and surrounds himself with an orb that can deflect powerful attacks.

Eternano Make: Shadow Clone - Naruto creates a solid copy of himself capable of independent action. Memories the clone obtains in life are transported back to Naruto upon its death. The more shadow clones one employs, the weaker and less intelligent they will be.

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