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Jake was doing some modifications on the TurboKat, since this other jet that appeared that day was still not recovered by the Enforcers and no one has a clue what will they do with it.

"One more and….done!" Jake just finished the newest modification, "This should give us an edge if we meet them."

"What's it supposed to do?" Chance asked.

"This should give us an extra boost in speed. If what Ann said is true, Feral cold have tried to copy the speed too and we need to be faster, or we will get caught by him or those guys." Jake explained, "Anything new about them?"

"Nadda. It's like they disappeared." Chance shook his head.

"Who steals a super jet, fights ones and then hides?" Jake asked no one in particular.

The ones that need to get some experience for starters. Tina, Jenny and Rachel were having a lazy day. No customers in the shop, no baddies to stop, not even the house to clean, since someone, already, did it last night.

"How about we check the ThunderKat systems?" Tina suggested, while sitting at the counter.

"Been there and done that." Jenny replied, while reading a book on the couch.

"I am not just bored, I am being bored out oft us world." Rachel said, while sleeping upside down on the couch.

"You do know that this way all of you blood will go to your head." Tina said.

"Can you blame me for being bored?" Rachel asked.

"Maybe we could try and do a little tri-spar?" Tina suddenly offers.

"Tri-spar?" Jenny looked at her.

"Each by themselves against 2 opponents." Tina explains.

"I got nothing better to do." Rachel agrees to the idea and they all go to the little training area that they equipped in the underground.

For about an hour they tri-sparred. Rachel really did show that size doesn't matter, when she wacked both she-kats down on their asses, hard.

"Okay, this little fellow has skills. Maybe we should call you Knockdown." Tina comments, when she ends up down again.

"Nope, I'm a sparrow! Like that pirate!" Rachel says.

(A.N.: Just imagine Jack Sparrow like a tom cat. Actually imagine all of the big celebrities like kats. I am bad at coming up kat counterparts for them, so when I say, picture them the best way you would see them as a kat)

"Yeah and Feral as Davy Jones." Jenny comments.

"Don't give me nightmares." Tina winces at that image.

"Okay, Elizabeth." Jenny jokes.

"I'll show you, Angelica!" Tina pou8nces at Jenny and it turns into a kat fight.

"Ladies fighting for a pirate. How interesting." Rachel tries to act as Jack Sparrow. Tina and Jenny stop for a second before jumping at Rachel.

"Okay, okay! I was asking for it!" Rachel tries to scream and ends up being tickled.

"Jen? You there?" Tommy called from the top floors.

"Oh boy. Little bro calling." Jenny goes to see what is wrong with him.

"Can you let go of me?" Rachel hopefully asked.

"Don't know." Tina playfully says.

"Oh, c'mon! I have to get home soon anyway!" Rachel looks at the clock. With this, Tina lets go of Rachel and she leaves for home.

"Just perfect." Tina heard Jenny say.

"What did he do again?" Tina asked, when she got up.

"Spilled all of the juice on his shirt." Jenny went to change the shirt for the little kitten.

"He's a little typhoon or problems." Tina comments.

"Aren't all little brothers like that?" Jenny asks.

"Hey." Rachel calls out to see if anyone is home.

"Hey, Rach. How's it going?" Felina asked.

"It was boring." Rachel fell straight onto the couch to prove her point.

"Same here. But sometimes I don't mind. That means the taxes won't rise for a while." Felina jokes about it.

"You said it." Rachel agrees, "What do hot-shot pilots do when they get bored?"

"Don't know. Each has their own thing. I personally would be blasting something." Felina says, "But if you mean the SWAT Kats, probably doing a patrol." Rachel lets out a small growl. Again with the SWAT Kats, but her sister respects them, unlike their uncle, so that isn't much of a problem for her.

"Say, how do they exactly know what is going on?" Rachel asks.

"I think they gave something to Miss Briggs, but I'm not sure." Felina thinks about it.

'So, why should we wait, when we can simply get a call?' Rachel thinks and quickly leaves to do a little call.

"Tina and Jenny's Computer repairs. What can we fix?" Jenny's voice sounds threw the phone.

"I got few questions on those little ol' projects you were making." Rachel says.

"What about them?" Jenny asks.

"Are at least 2 of them ready?" Rachel asks.

"The D-Cycle and the Transmitter are done, along with the Bazooka you wanted." Jenny replays, "What's on your mind?" She's suspicious.

"Just something very little." Rachel replays to that.

About 2 hours later, Callie Briggs the Deputy Mayor was about to enter her house, when she hears a motorcycle. It sounds a lot like the SWAT Kat Cyclotron. She looks for the source, only to see a similar bike to the Cyclotron, but pure black and has the same weird purple triangle that jet had. The driver was a she-kat, dressed in a long tight black jean, with the triangle on the belt, some sort of high heal combat boot mix black shoes, a long sleeved tight black top, with a leather jacket, gloves and a visor covering her eyes. Her hair was also covered by something that couldn't make out the color of it. She also had a weird long box on her back.

"Who are you?" Callie asks and nears her hand to the transmitter of the SWAT Kats.

"Sparrow. Simply Sparrow. No need for the heroes. Only giving you this." Sparrow tosses Callie a small triangle black and purple transmitter, "Got a trouble, we can help too." Then Sparrow turned on the cycle.

"Wait, I know your code name, but who are you?" Callie asked again.

"A Delta Kat." Sparrow states and drives away.

"Delta Kat, huh? Looks like another team is appearing." Callie puts the transmitter in her bag.

"How many hairs will Feral pull out now?" Callie asked herself and went inside.

"A lot." Sparrow states and leaves to get back to the hanger to change.

Short, but I was low on the inspiration anyway. I do hope next time will be better.

This is the way, Sparrow/Rachel decided to give the transmitter, not after the problem, but even before. Better be safe, then sorry, right?

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