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Chapter One

"You're going to have to talk to me at one point, Hannah," my mother said from the front of the car.

I put the volume up on my iPod and sunk lower in my seat. My mother scoffed. "For someone who's so smart, you can be very immature."

Immature? This wasn't being immature. THIS was being angry. You see, my dad lost his job at his firm a couple of months ago. In those few months, he'd been desperate to find a job. So desperate, he took up a new position. In London. LONDON as in ENGLAND. Not a change of city, a change of freakin' country. I wouldn't be able to see my friends everyday at school like I use to, heck, I'd even be lucky to see them twice a year.

"Almost here," mum's voice chimed from the front of the car. We already have a house there. Dad sold our house - then bought a new one in just two months. I'd literally been told we were moving, and then two minutes later to pack my bags because we were going to stay at my aunts.

"You'll get to see Charlotte and Lizzy," mum said, trying to make conversation.

My younger sisters had decided to move to London earlier with my Dad in July, while I had opted to stay at my Aunt's with Mum. It was now the start of September - and I didn't like to admit it - but I missed them terribly. Not to mention I was starting a new school tomorrow, which freaked me out even more.

"Here we go," mum said, turning into Bannerman Road. My new road. I grimaced and closed my eyes before finally speaking.

"I'm leaving the moment I turn 18. I'm going to go to University in Scotland."

"I won't be stopping you. But at least give this place a chance. Please."

"Only if dad can promise he can keep a job for more than two years."

Mum glared at me before braking the car. "Are you going to take a look? Or are you going to give the new neighbours the impression you're a stubborn little brat by waiting in the car?"

I got out of the car, and turned to face my new home. It looked big. Bigger than the last house we had. The front garden was small, and the house looked as if it needed a good painting. And the biggest problem was that it wasn't my old house. It still made me feel sick, thinking of someone else calling my room their own.

"Well… do you approve?" my mum's mocking tone was accompanied with a smirk.

I glared at her before turning back to the house. "I suppose it's going to have to do." I grabbed my suitcase and headed to the front door. Dad opened it before I could.

"Welcome to our new home!" he said, but I just walked past him.

"Where's my room?" I asked, as my sisters shot down the stairs.

"Hannah!" they both shouted. I dropped my bags to hug them. I wasn't in a mood with them. It wasn't as if they had made us move.

"We'll show you all the rooms," Lizzy, my youngest sister said grabbing my bags and running back up the stairs.

As we got to the top of the stairs, Lizzy turned to the left and opened the first door.

My mouth dropped. The room was huge. And pink. All my furniture was there, even with some new stuff. Trying to buy my affections, I thought to myself, before grabbing my stuff from my sister and dumping it on my bed.

"So, how have you guys been?" I asked my sisters as I started to unpack my clothes.

The girls started to ramble on about how they had been shopping yesterday, then started to speak about how the school was only a five minute walk away from the house.

"... and there's this really, really nice looking boy across the road. He's your age and he's gorgeous," Charlotte said, giggling. "In fact," she ran to the only window in my room. "That's his room right opposite yours."

"I can't see you, idiot. I have glasses, remember?" I grinned.

"Oh right…I forgot."

"I mean, you've only known me all your life. It's fine. So this boy? Does he go to our school?"

"I think so. You'll have to ask Dad. His mum came over with some baking as a 'welcome to the neighbourhood' present. But he is really, really hot," Charlotte said, sighing.

"I think you've made your point, Charlie." I said, laughing.


I've forgiven my parents. But only slightly. And the reason being because I have my own bathroom. Having two younger sisters (especially one who plasters on the make-up) makes bathroom time impossible to get. And not to mention my window seat is perfect for reading. As I sat reading 'The Vampire Diaries', I spotted movement from outside the window. The boy Charlotte had been talking about was walking around his room. From here, I couldn't see that well. I didn't have my glasses on, but I could make out he had very dark brown hair. And then I saw his mouth moving. Was he speaking to himself? I shook my head. Don't be so nosy, he's probably shouting to someone downstairs.

I saw my glasses from across the room. Should I? Oh why the heck not. I grabbed them and turned to see what the boy was doing. Yeah, he was talking… but to his feet. Or something on the ground. Possibly really midget elves. Or leprechauns. I stood - open mouthed - staring at him, as he smiled at the ground. Then he turned and looked straight at me. My first instinct was not to smile and wave, no. It was to jump, then fall to the floor. Because maybe if I fall to the floor, he'll think he didn't see anything, I thought sarcastically.

After five minutes of lying on the floor, I slowly rose my head to look out the window. He was gone. I let out a deep breath. Great. One day here and I'll be already known as the stalker from Scotland.

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