Obituary To An Angel

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched the beginning of season 7 yet you might stop reading ... or imagine the slightly unheroic death a certain Angel of the Lord

Summary: Friends and foes – Cas earned himself some very dedicated of each kind ... and they might wish to say a few last words. Feel free to listen.

Disclaimer: Who can claim to own an angel? Okay, this one is Kripke's – I can complain till the end of times

A/N: I guess nearly everyone feels the urge to share some last words with someone who passed away unexpected (or expected, for that matter). So I thought it was the least I could do for Cas to let some of his dearest friends and foes let express their feelings about his sudden ... plunge. This won't be long. I've planned about eight short obituaries. Hope you enjoy :x

Cas, you damn … okay, I probably shouldn't swear on this occasion, but seriously: you dumb, poor little asshat! How could you leave me like that? Of course you would think I should've gotten used to getting betrayed by a brother … sorry, Sammy.

But of all the angel dicks I had the questionable pleasure to meet you were the one I believed in. Not because you saved me from Hell to be God's little soldier on earth. Thank you very much, but I didn't like that part – I've been a little soldier for all my life, I'm done with it. No. It's … because you believed in me. In being human. In making mistakes while trying to do the only thing that felt right – not righteous. Going down kicking. Remember?

No, you don't. Cause you thought you could win the war – skip the small battles, take the reigns, occupy the vacant seat, become God, of all things. Thumbs up, brother. Finally you've got all the human features one can think of. I liked you better in my version of the End of all we've known. Sexy, sarcastic, smoking pot and screwing the last chicks on earth. It wasn't you, too. But … it was bearable.

How long is an obituary supposed to be? I think I'm not good at it anyway, so: I hate what you've become. But I'll love forever what you've been to me. A friend. A brother. A trustee. I miss you, you foolish son of a bitch!