Obituary To An Angel

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't watched the beginning of season 7 yet you might stop reading now ... or imagine the slightly unheroic death a certain Angel of the Lord.

Summary: Friends and foes – Cas earned himself some very dedicated of each kind ... and they might wish to say a few last words. Feel free to listen.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Kripke – only the letters are mine

A/N: I hope I end this with a nice surprise for you – you've really earned it for having stuck to me and my strange little obituaries. Thanks for each and every sweet review and everyone who's read and enjoyed. You are my angels :-) And now let's pray for a comeback of this very special trenchcoat!

So this is the end, my friend.

If you'd ask me if I had foreseen you exploding like a balloon stuffed with souls and monsters I probably would say no. Because I might be a prophet of the Lord, but my goal and purpose was to write the Winchester Gospels. And I did.

But be that as it may. I guess no matter what I would have told you, you had your own path to choose. And like the Winchesters you had no map and no compass for the dark and tangled roads you had to go but your conscience. And your heart.

Now, you followed them for a long time. So you know the blind lanes and detours it took them to finally find their way. It's only human to err. It's what humans do since they took their first steps away from the gates of paradise. Frightened, insecure, curious. Maybe it's the only way to learn who you really are.

And who were you? A soldier, at first. A soldier who did what he was told. A doubter, later, searching for answers, desperately seeking to do the right thing. A friend, for sure, trying to support the ones you've come to love with every fiber of your being. An abandoned child, sometimes. Looking for advice, wanting to trust in the wisdom of your creator, left alone with yourself. And in the end? Desperate. Furious. Helpless.

I guess it would comfort you that your friends will never forget you. Your foes neither, for that matter. You have left your imprints on some hearts and souls. So don't be too rigid with yourself …

No doubt about it. Endings are hard. But then again … nothing ever really ends. Does it?