Summary: a very straight Ichigo's enjoying a lustful night with his girlfriend, but what happens when said orangette calls out his best friends name? What's worse, said best friend is male and very homosexual…what will Ichigo do when Shirosaki finds out? Three-shot. YAOI. UkeShiro, SemeIchi.

Rating: M.

Pairing: IchigoxDark Ichigo(hollow Ichigo)

A/N: My first one shot! Usually I stick to writing long stories, but heh, I wanted to try this. So let me know what you think! R&R?

We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen,

So come a little closer tell me it's all in my head,

We're young and in love, heart attacks waiting to happen,

So come a little closer tell me those three little words…

He didn't know when it had slipped out, but the tight heat that was Orihime Inoue must've sent him over the edge. He hadn't been aware of what he was picturing at that very moment, but he knew now. Thrusting deeply into a tight heat very much like his girlfriends, but yet incomparable, Shirosaki Ogichi's body to be exact.

He imagined gripping the soft snowy skin between his hands in a bruising grip whilst he softly guided his erection into the sweet fitting abyss that was Shirosaki's rectum. The moans below him that were high in pitch and very feminine, turned to the complete opposite.

From a very girly 'oh!' to a very manly yet submissive 'fuck me!' Ichigo knew instantly he preferred his best friends voice whispering and screaming those obscene things to him. He hadn't attempted to stop his thoughts, he hadn't even seemed to be the slightest bit aware that he was actually having anal sex for the first time with his willing girlfriend not his best friend.

But that didn't stop him shouting "Shiro!" out loudly, when he shot his seed inside the woman.

Even in the mist of his orgasm he saw the immediate shock on his girlfriends face, but after playing with her for mere seconds the look of shock and confusion turned to ultimate pleasure as she reached her climax.

He knew he'd have to deal with the little incident in the morning, so here he was now laying under the silk covers gazing impassively at the plain white ceiling. But Ichigo was everything but calm. His mind was drowning in a downpour of constant questions, and worries.

He was mostly questioning his sexuality as this very moment, but he knew deep down underneath the soaring waves of anxiety and inquiries, he knew the answer to that very question.

"Morning." Orihime stood sheepishly in the doorway covered in a silk lilac dressing gown that reached her knees. The girls long orange tresses covered her chest, therefore doing a better job than the gown underneath. The girl slowly made her way across the wooden flooring her feet padding softly on the rich brown oak as she did so.

Slipping underneath the silk black sheets she waited patiently for her boyfriend to sit up. "Morning." Ichigo smiled placing a kiss on his girlfriends cheek. He didn't want her to think anything was wrong, after all he might just get away with this no questions asked, but judging by the thick, suffocating and somewhat awkward atmosphere around them he knew that wasn't going to happen.

"I've spoken to Rukia." Orihime muttered. Ichigo stared at the girl, he hadn't expected that. "About swapping universities?" Ichigo smiled cocking an eyebrow before reaching over and taking a sip of water from the clear plastic bottle that he kept beside his bed at all times.

"No, about last night. About Shirosaki." Orihime replied bluntly but it was easy to hear the unhappiness in the girls voice. The mouthful of water Ichigo had taken in spluttered half away across the room covering the light brown cupboard in front of the bed.

Orihime watched as the small droplets rolled down the wood, she instantly flinched when she heard Ichigo's raised voice.

"What for?" the boy frowned when he saw Orihime's reaction and he attempted to quickly calm himself. Ichigo could see the small dark droplets on the silk material of her dressing gown.

"I-I could deal with the dreams Ichigo! But calling his name when we're making love? How do you think that makes me feel, that you have to pretend I'm somebody else…to-to feel pleasure." the girl's head remained hung down.

"The dreams? What are you talking about?" the red heads eyebrows creased deeply as he stared at the silently weeping girl. "I-ve heard you…" the red head swallowed back her tears before continuing. "Y-you dream about him all the time…moaning h-his name." the nineteen year old girls fists clenched together as she sniffled.

"I-I…" Ichigo didn't know what to say, after all he had no control over his dreams, he couldn't even begin to comprehend his emotions never mind explain what he was feeling at the moment. "I-I think it's best if we take a-a break…just for a little while." Orihime smiled finally meeting Ichigo's eyes as she wiped the tears away from her sore eyes.

Ichigo nodded solemnly before shifting out of the bed. The boy pulled on a fresh pair of boxers before leaving the room to find his phone. He'd have to call his father…

Saying goodbye to Orihime was hard. He'd been with the girl over three years. Shoving the last of his suitcases into the car Ichigo waved farewell to the girl. She smiled softly before shutting the door behind her.

"I'm sorry Ichigo." the orangette climbed into the car sighing at his fathers words and pitiful glance. "We're just taking a break Dad." Ichigo huffed before leaning against the cold car window. Outside the vehicle the wind blew heavily, sending raindrops pelting at the car.

Ichigo smiled sadly as he watched the small raindrops slide down the glass, he thought of them joining the ocean within him, an ocean full of nothing but insecurity and anxiousness.

Isshin glanced over at his son frowning. For just 'a break' his child appeared to be extremely miserable. But he'd help the boy get through this, Ichigo just needed his family and friends close to him.

Isshin smiled to himself, he was sure that it was going to help. Pulling into the drive, Isshin began helping Ichigo's bags out of the boot and into the orangette's old room. Luckily for the young man, Isshin had kept the orangette's room in the exact condition it was in when the boy left.

Ichigo smiled a little spotting his single bed and the various posters of his old favourite bands. He'd missed been here greatly, and it was now he'd just realised. Perhaps it was a good thing been away from Orihime for a while. He'd missed his family, even if he did see them every weekend, it just wasn't the same.

"Where's the girls?" Ichigo asked falling back onto his bed. "At school my dear boy! Not everybody can slack off like you!" Isshin grinned holding his hands on his hips. Ichigo rolled his eyes at the old man. "What do you say we call a few of your friends around? It'll do you some good!" Isshin beamed leaning against Ichigo's old desk.

"Eh, I'm not really in the mood for seeing anybody right now." Ichigo huffed shuffling around on his bed. The overexcited attitude his father had been sporting quickly disappeared and his beaming smile quickly turned to a deep frown. Sitting on the corner of Ichigo's bed the dark haired man sighed. "I'm not going to force you to do something you don't want to, I just don't want you to get into the habit of been cooped up in your room…"

Ichigo buried his face deep into the white pristine pillows. "That's not going to happen Dad. I just need some time alone, to think about things that's all." Isshin nodded slowly before leaving the room.

Ichigo attempted to keep count of the days he had spent alone, but he'd lost count after the first three weeks. His father had continued to attempt to get him out of his room, but after several bruised knuckles and various body parts coloured black and blue, his father had left him…max eight hours alone before storming back in and repeating the very same process.

But recently Ichigo had gotten into a routine, sleeping throughout the day so his father wouldn't bother him, and lying awake for nights and early mornings. He knew it wasn't a healthy routine, but after two weeks of practice, he'd fallen into said routine easily.

Glancing over at his clock his eyes roamed over the red numbers. 3.42am, blinked back at him. Above the letters the date sat clearly, 21st of October. He'd broken up with Orihime on the 2nd of September. The orangette clearly hadn't been aware how fast time had been passing.

He wanted to get his plan over and done with. But the truth was he was scared, he was scared of rejection, and he was scared of how people would judge him.

Falling onto his pillows he vowed to himself that he would stop this constant cycle, he wouldn't let a stupid thing like this overcome him. He couldn't.

"So what do you think?" Rukia sighed glancing at the albino beside her. "She dumped him cause'a that? A' think it's a' bit ridiculous. She's lucky that she even got his cock up-" "Shiro!" Rukia scowled at the foul mouth boy before clearing her voice to continue.

"I shall remind you Shirosaki, he called your name during intercourse!" "Intercourse? What are ya' seventy? Listen ere' am' pretty sure it wah' just a slip of tha' tongue." Shirosaki huffed in annoyance, from the moment the midget had told him he just couldn't even attempt to believe it. His first best friend, his first crush and first love, could never think of him that way. That's why Shirosaki had opted for just been the orangette's 'friend' a long time ago. He'd hoped it wasn't going to be that way forever, and he still couldn't stop himself from hoping now.

"What about the dreams then? Orihime called me the first time she witnessed the, er…dream, and that was over two years ago! The dreams haven't stopped. I'd been dragged around there once to see what all the fuss was, and trust me I can understand why she got fed up of it." Rukia blushed causing Shirosaki to raise an eyebrow.

"Was he loud?" Shirosaki smirked nudging Rukia's arm. The girls blush deepened. "Shirosaki! Stop talking like that. But the point is, how can you put that down to 'slip of the tongue'? You simply cannot!" the raven haired girl ranted on still blushing ten shades of red. "There's not just one 'Shiro' in the world yano. I'll have ya' know it's a rather popular name." Shirosaki smirked winking. "Oh my god. Shirosaki, Ichigo has been having wet dreams over you for the past two years. He's obviously in love with you. Stop making excuses and deal with it!" the girl growled out loudly.

Shirosaki stopped walking leaving the girl to continue in front of him. He stared wide eyed at the girls back. Rukia had never lost her cool like that with him before, she usually did with his others friends, but himself and the raven girl were practically like siblings, he'd just never seen her so…determined to force him to accept 'Ichigo's love', the love Shirosaki was still pretty sure didn't exist. No ranting midget could make him believe something as ridiculous as that, he'd only believe it if it came from the Berry's own delicious mouth.

"Come on! We'll never get to his house if you just stand there all day!" Rukia chuckled, she felt bad for what she had said to Shirosaki, she had never spoke to the albino like that before and she instantly felt guilty for doing so.

Shirosaki quickly caught up with the girl preparing himself for Ichigo's house, which was going to be, no doubt…awkward.

Isshin sighed to himself as he made his way up the wooden staircase, he'd called Ichigo's friends around and he would force the boy awake if he had to. Forcing open the wooden door Isshin gasped before blinking to clear his sight. No he wasn't seeing things.

Ichigo sat on his bed, in a fresh pair of clothes, holding a magazine and iPod. The room also looked spotless. "My boy!" Isshin shouted loudly diving onto the boys bed, instead of the warm embrace he was expecting from a pair of arms, he received it from Ichigo's barefoot, straight into his mouth.

Falling back off the bed the man grimaced before placing his hands on his hips and grinning. "I've invited your friends around! They're looking forward to see you!" Isshin grinned spinning on his tiptoes. Ichigo, much to Isshin's surprise smiled.

Ichigo had missed his friends greatly, after weeks of constant thinking and worrying he was dying to head out and enjoy himself.

It was then that the pair heard a loud knock on the door. Isshin literally dived down the stairs whereas Ichigo casually strolled down. Falling onto the sofa the boy waited patiently for his friends. Ichigo had felt perfectly relaxed, until he saw a tuff of white hair. He hadn't realised Shirosaki was going to be coming. He had expected Rukia and her boyfriend Renji…

"Ichigo!" a flash of dark hair and arms around his waist was all Ichigo saw and felt before he was tackled into a suffocating hug from the one and only Rukia Kuchiki. "Where have you been!" the raven haired girl shouted loudly after letting Ichigo go.

"Uh, busy?" Ichigo lied rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "Ya' father said ya' been sulkin'." Ichigo bushed deeply when he first heard Shirosaki's voice, he hadn't remembered it been so sensual…Ichigo quickly sent a death glare to his father.

"Eh, I wasn't…exactly sulking." Ichigo scowled standing from the sofa. "Good, so you won't say no to a couple of drinks tonight?" Rukia grinned. "I think we all know, 'a couple' of drinks isn't even a possibility. A liquor store and a half sounds more like it." Ichigo rolled his eyes at the midget. "Eh! Blame Shirosaki for that one!" the raven haired girl retorted folding her arms with a scowl.

"So we didn't drive all the way round town to find you the 'super-pink-creamy-vodka' that you kept squealing over?" Ichigo grinned recalling the memory. The raven haired girl blushed slightly before backing down with a small smile and eye roll. "Anyway, so is that a yes?" Shirosaki asked causing the orangette to jump.

He had forgotten Shirosaki had still been there, so when the deep, lascivious voice met his ears he couldn't stop the small shudder that traveled down his spine. "E-er, yes." Ichigo cussed his vocals, he hadn't stuttered since he had been a kid.

"Sweet!" Shirosaki grinned moving closer to Ichigo before swinging an arm around the boys stiff shoulders. "It's been too long since we've all ad' a proper drink eh?" the white haired teen chuckled. Ichigo trembled slightly under Shirosaki's strong grip. The orangette could feel the soft pastel like skin on his, just thinking about Shirosaki pressed against him had his legs turning to jelly.

"Why don't we hit a few clubs before heading to mine? It'll be fun." Rukia grinned watching Ichigo turn to a quivering mess due to Shirosaki's presence. Oh the berry had it hard. It had her thinking back to how herself and Renji had been at the start of their love. It was fantastic.

"Yea!" Shirosaki agreed tightening his grip around Ichigo's shoulders, the orangette didn't miss the movement sadly, because now his legs felt ready to buckle below him.

"Right, I'm going to head to Renji's and get him ready. Shirosaki, help Ichigo get ready. Make him presentable!" Rukia ordered before skipping off into the living room to bid farewell to Isshin. "W-why do you, uh, have to get me ready?" Ichigo cocked an eyebrow at his best friend said friend smirked before replying.

"Well, Ichi, ya' probably not gonna' pull in ya' old sweats and a baggy t-shirt are you?" "Eh, you're right there…wait, pull? I'm not going out to get my leg over!" Ichigo scowled gasping slightly when he realised how crude the words sounded. "Ha! An' ya' say I've got a dirty mouth!" Shirosaki grinned before steering Ichigo towards the stairs.

"I'm so getting you back for this." Ichigo growled storming up the stairs. Shirosaki smirked enjoying the view of Ichigo's delicious behind just in front of his eyes for a few more seconds before replying, "Ah berry! Ya' don't mean that!" Ichigo turned around quickly, unfortunately for Shirosaki, Ichigo had caught a glimpse of where Shirosaki had been looking, or rather gawping.

"Do I have something stuck on the back of my trousers?" Ichigo asked his tone completely clueless, the berry had instantly dismissed that Shirosaki was in fact staring at his behind. "Nah, I was just lookin' a tha' pattern. A' think I have the same pair." Shirosaki lied and to the teens surprise the orangette bought it.

Slipping into the orangette's room gold on black eyes scanned the room. "Ya ever gonna' change this damn room Ichi?" Shirosaki cocked a brow flicking the corner of a poster that hung loosely on the white washed walls. "I like it how it is. Didn't feel like a change." Ichigo muttered swinging open the cupboard doors and peering inside.

Shirosaki quickly scampered over to the cupboard joining Ichigo in his search for some clothes. Shirosaki was determined to make Ichigo drool worthy, not that the albino thought he wasn't already, he just wanted to see Ichigo in some tight fitting clothes, to show off the delicious curves and dips of his toned chest, even if he wasn't allowed to touch at least he could look…

"Ya should wear some of these clothes Ichi, I've never seen you in any of these…" Shirosaki grinned running his hand over a pair of black skinny jeans, damn the berry would look tasty in these… "because I haven't really had the chance, Orihime never liked going out." Ichigo mumbled breaking Shirosaki out of his stupor.

"That's the last time ya allowed to mention er' name got it? This is a 'boy's' night, therefore chick talk is banned , unless it's a chick from one of tha' clubs ok?" Shirosaki grinned pulling out a pair of white skinny jeans attached to a small black coat hanger.

Ichigo ignored the boy's order, he didn't even want to talk about Orihime, she had plagued his thoughts enough for a lifetime, it was time to enjoy himself, he was convinced that he had earned it. He was sure of it.

"Here." Shirosaki smiled as he laid out the pair of white trousers onto Ichigo's bed, along with a tight black t-shirt and a grey zip-up thin jumper. Ichigo stared wide eyed at the pile. It was then that Shirosaki decided to chuck a pair of black very tight Calvin Kline boxers at Ichigo.

The orangette caught the boxers with a sigh. "Why is everything…so tight?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow stretching the thin material between his fingers. "There your clothes Ichi, don't ask meh." Shirosaki replied with a smirk.

"Now hurry up an' change! A' still av' ta' nip ta' mine yano!" Shirosaki picked up the pile of clothes and placed them into Ichigo's hands and shoved him out the room in direction of the bathroom. As much as he would love to see the berry changing he feared it would be too obvious.

Ten minutes had already passed and Ichigo still hadn't returned from the bathroom. Sighing the albino stormed out of Ichigo's room and knocked on the bathroom door. "Ichi? What are ya' doin' in there?" Shirosaki leaned his ear against the door.

"Uh…I think…we need to pick something different." Ichigo stated with a huff. Shirosaki quickly moved away from the door when he heard the lock click.

To say that he lost his breath when he saw the beautiful sight that was his best friend, would be an understatement, he felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

The white jeans hugged the orangette's hips tightly showing off the curves. The tight material clung to the miles of tan skin that was the teens legs. But that wasn't all, just above his waist hard muscle could easily be visible. Roaming his eyes up the orangette's chest Shirosaki felt his mouth watering, every curve and muscle of the teens chest could be clearly seen and he felt himself slowly loosing control over his body. His groin to be exact.

Ichigo gripped the grey jumper and slung it over his shoulder. "It looks stupid doesn't it?" Ichigo asked sighing, judging by his friends silence he looked ridiculous, he was just waiting for the teasing yet boisterous laughter to come, but surprisingly he heard different. "E…-eh, ya' look absolutely fantastic." Shirosaki stated bluntly, slyly pulling down his shirt to cover his black jean clad erection.

"You're lying!" Ichigo replied with a small blush. Shirosaki moved forwards with a teasing smirk. The white haired boys hand slowly trailed along Ichigo's thighs slowly moving to it's destination that was the orangette's behind. "Ya' look good enough ta' eat. Is that wha' ya' wanna' hear?" Shirosaki purred into the teens ear.

Ichigo gasped as he felt Shirosaki's hands gently cup his buttocks. Ichigo quickly regained his composure and pushed Shirosaki away with a scowl. "You're always so dirty Shiro." Ichigo stated quickly before heading towards his bedroom door.

Shirosaki watched Ichigo go with a smirk. He was convinced the teen was moving his behind like that just to piss him off. Because damn, it was working.

Ichigo sighed in annoyance zipping up his grey jumper before sitting on the edge of his bed and grabbing his phone. His whole body felt as if it was tingling, just one touch from Shirosaki and it had him feeling like this. He just wished the pale haired teen wouldn't joke around so much.

Ichigo gasped in shock as he spotted Shirosaki diving onto the bed landing right behind him. The white haired teen leant on his elbow giving Ichigo a small smile. Ichigo turned to his friend returning the friendly smile. But unknown to the pair, the small smile that they both shared was out of love and adoration, 'friendly' didn't even touch the strong emotions.

"Well I knew that ages ago." Renji smirked up at his girlfriend from his position on the white leather sofa. "You liar!" Rukia flicked the red heads forehead before joining him on the sofa. The pair had just finished getting ready, when Rukia began telling the red head about Ichigo and Shirosaki.

"Technically, I'm not. Shirosaki told me he'd liked Ichigo since the beginning of high school." Renji replied bluntly almost as if what he'd just said didn't mean anything at all. "WHAT?" Rukia shouted loudly. The red head rubbed his aching ear and sighed before shrugging. "What? He told me in confidence, but since you know about Ichigo, I figured it wouldn't matter anymore. All I'm sayin' is I don't want to be near them when they're drunk." Renji smirked flicking through the channels on his flat screen. The red head grinned when he found 'Top Gear'.

"I wished you had told me sooner." Rukia replied before falling back onto the sofa, crossing her arms in a grumpy manner. "Ch, come on Ru, it's not that much of a big deal. I should have told you I know…" Renji apologized snuggling into the girls petite shoulder. A small smile worked it's way onto Rukia's face.

The raven haired girl sighed before leaning over and kissing Renji's cheek with a small blush. "We better go."

An hour after Ichigo had gotten changed he found himself stuck inside Shirosaki's room. The white haired teen had dragged the orangette over to his house in lightening speed. Ichigo blushed as he recalled where he was sitting, Shirosaki's bed…his thoughts had begun to wonder but stopped suddenly when he spotted Shirosaki step into the room.

Black skinny jeans hugged the boys long legs perfectly, showing off the muscles easily. A white shirt clung to the boys muscular chest, two buttons sat undone at the top of the shirt showing off a lick of pale skin. Ichigo licked his lips as he felt them go dry. Unfortunately the action didn't go unnoticed. "See somethin' ya' like Ichi?" Shirosaki smirked slowly swinging his hips round and giving Ichigo a good view of his behind.

"Shut up asshole." Ichigo scowled attempting to hide the blush on his cheeks.

Not much of a cliffy here, but I wanted to get this chapter up quickly so I can carry on with the other two, I think it's going to be three chapters long…not sure yet, max is six. So let me know if you want to see it longer. 3