Fuck: chapter two.

"It's not my fault dammit!" Renji growled stepping out of the taxi, Shirosaki, Ichigo and Rukia scowled at the redhead holding onto their noses. "Fuckin jalapeño's." Shirosaki cussed. The trio had sat listening to Renji tell them about the Mexican buffet he had managed to eat through the previous night, not aware that Renji's bowel was now a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

"At least ya' know no girls will be hangin' around im'." Shirosaki smirked at Rukia. "Along with his own girlfriend." Ichigo added with a small smirk causing Rukia to distance herself a little more from Renji who at this point was seething.

"You'd do the same thing if you were offered a free Mexican all you can eat meal!" Renji huffed. "If a' knew it would give me tha' shit's a wouldn't eat it. You're just a fuckin' idiot." Shirosaki cackled flicking Renji's forehead.

Renji bit his tongue scowling at the white haired teen. "Just try hold it in…for a while. Or go into town and pick up some tablets or something." Rukia smiled slightly attempting to calm her boyfriend down. Renji nodded before taking Rukia's hand in his own with a small smile.

The group crossed the road joining a relatively small cue outside one of Karakura's best clubs. 'Bar 15.' Luckily they had chosen to get into the club earlier, whereas if they had waited another half an hour it would have taken them hours to get inside.

After a few minutes of waiting the group finally reached the door. A large bald headed man stood with his arms folded. A grey flat cap covered the mans hairless head, and a simple black and white suit clung to his muscled frame. A small nametag clung to his suit, reading 'Yammy.'

The scowling man eyed the group before tossing them a red wristband each which allowed them to enter to club, and drink, those who were underage simply gained a different colour wristband.

Slipping through the doors the low thrum of the bass turned from barely inaudible to deafening, one could imagine the walls and the floors quaking along with it.

The club itself was very big, from the entrance a narrow passageway lead you towards two sets of stairs and a balcony that overlooked the dance floor and the bar.

As soon as Shirosaki began walking down the stairs he realised his mistake, bringing Ichigo into a bar like this…the pale teen had already spotted several lust hungry gazes settling on his berry.

Shirosaki scowled as he finally reached the bottom of the stairs along with the rest of the group. Ichigo stood at his side awkwardly with his hands in his pockets, not really knowing what to do with himself…it had been so long since he had last gone out.

Shirosaki smirked at the orangette before throwing his arm around Ichigo's shoulder and attempted to shout over the loud music, "Let's get some drinks!" To Shirosaki's surprise Ichigo heard him and gave the albino a nod.

Renji and Rukia followed the pair to the bar and began deciding which drinks they wanted to order. Renji usually settled for a simple beer, but Rukia always wanted something exotic, or fruity, basically anything she hadn't had before.

Sitting at the bar, Shirosaki sighed in relief at been able to hear the others voices again. "Vodka Ichi?" Shirosaki grinned raising an eyebrow. "…yeah fuck it." said orangette grinned.

"Six vodka shots please!" Shirosaki called over the bar. The barman*, a, tall black haired man began pouring out the shots, within seconds six shots sat neatly in a row before them. The lean man smirked before taking Shirosaki's money.

"Three each! Knock em' all back!" Shirosaki grinned holding the small glass between his thumb and forefinger. "1, 2, 3!" the pale teen counted down before knocking back the shot, then proceeding quickly to the other, until finally slamming back the last one. Shirosaki grinned watching Ichigo knock back his last shot clearly having lost.

"Ya' slow Ichi!" Shirosaki cackled. Ichigo winced placing back the small glass. "No, that stuffs just nasty!" the tan teen scrunched up his nose before calling over the bar man.

"Beers?" Ichigo rose an eyebrow to which Shirosaki nodded his head in agreement. The bartender placed the two bottles in front of the men before disappearing to the other side of the bar serving the other patrons.

"It seems even more lively in ere' than it usually is." Shirosaki commented, watching crowds of people flood onto the dance floor when a popular song blasted through the speakers. Ichigo shook his head at the throngs of people, most of them been middle-aged men attempting to cop a feel of the girls too busy dancing to notice. It was ridiculous.

"What's with tha' look?" Shirosaki smirked taking another swig of his beer. "They're all desperate!" Ichigo sighed shaking his head once again. "Ya' like an old man!" the pale teen snorted. "Nah, if I was like an old man, I'd be in the middle of that crowd dry humping anything that looked remotely like the female anatomy." Shirosaki let out a loud laugh.

"Eh, I guess ya' right there." he smirked before downing his beer in one. "Slow down Shiro, we've only been here ten minutes...maybe not even that." The orangette huffed. "Oh lighten up Ichi! You've obviously been cooped up in tha' bedroom of yours too much!"

Ichigo snorted before glancing around the bar remembering their friends. "Where's Rukia and Renji gone?" he asked turning back to Shirosaki who was currently chuckling to himself, which most people would have found crazed and even slightly demonic but Ichigo himself found it insanely sexy.

Looking in Shiro's direction Ichigo's eyes widened, Renji and Rukia were…dancing? Quite passionately, if you could call grinding that. Ichigo smirked, "Never expected them to be the type to do that in public." Shirosaki smirked silently agreeing.

"Pretty boy, creeping to ya' left." Shirosaki quickly commented from his seat at the end of the bar, Ichigo immediately turned to his left and stumbled back slightly. Just as Shirosaki warned, a man wearing a gaudy pink dress shirt leant on the bar facing his direction.

The man brushed back his black hair with his manicured nails and fluttered his eyelashes which appeared to have a yellow feather attached to the corner, along with red one which sat on the front of his brow. The man smiled before licking his lips and clearing his throat, a feminine noise left his throat, which he would have classed as a cough. "Names Yumichika. Yumichika Ayasegawa. Now, would you mind telling me why a beautiful man such as yourself is sat alone here?"

Ichigo stared wide eyed at the man…creature, thing he didn't know, but he had never seen something like it before, if he was questioning his sexuality before, he now knew the answer thanks to this, 'man'. He was a strict, Shiro-sexual.

"Uh…I'm not-" he couldn't continue due to the long nailed hand that stopped just in front of his face. "Nonsense gorgeous! Let your hips do the talking and dance with me!" The black haired male replied in a singsong manner before moving closer to Ichigo.

Ichigo was about to run from the man when he felt two strong arms wrap around his waist and pull him backwards, weight then settled on the crook of his neck and he could feel somebody breathing against his bare skin. Glancing down he swallowed thickly.

"He ain't alone so scram." Shirosaki growled against Ichigo's neck causing the orangette to shiver. "Hmph!" the creature flipped it's hair before storming away into the crowds of people, probably hunting for more prey.

Ichigo almost whined when he felt those strong muscular arms unwind from his waist and the moist breath leave his neck, as cliché as it sounded Shirosaki fitted perfectly against him, almost as if their bodies had been shaped to fit with one another.

Moving away from Shirosaki, Ichigo leant against the bar attempting to play it cool, knowing he obviously looked anything but what with the intense heat eating at his cheeks. "Trust meh, there'll be a lot more of those tonight so a' hope ya' don't mind meh bailing ya out." Shirosaki smirked spotting the adorable blush covering his crush's cheeks.

Ichigo couldn't help the small smile that covered his lips, even if he had to put up with the ridiculously sickening chat up lines it'd be worth it if he could feel Shirosaki's hands on his body again.

"Don't worry, I'm thankful for it. What was that thing?" Ichigo let out an awkward chuckle taking a swig of his beer. "A' don't know, but you'll help meh out too right?" Shirosaki smirked calling over the barman for another beer which he quickly began drinking.

"Sure." the orangette answered before really thinking about it.

The love struck teen was now anxiously eyeing the men and women around Shirosaki, hoping none of them would actually try make a pass at him, because Ichigo honestly had no idea what he could do to make them lay off…no, that was a lie, he did know, he was just absolutely shitting himself of actually trying it…putting his hands on Shirosaki's body…that was only meant for his dreams!


"How do you think they're doing?" Renji asked tightening his arms around his girlfriend who was currently sitting on his knee. The pair had made their way up to the second floor of the club, a place for the more relaxed drinkers to sit without having to deal with sex crazed men and women.

"I don't know…maybe it wasn't a good plan leaving them alone together." Rukia sighed fiddling with the long piece of fabric that connected to her black shirt, made to tie around her waist like a ribbon. Renji shifted in his seat pulling the girl closer to him.

"Eh, I think they'll be fine together, but let's just hope either one of them spills the beans tonight…I can't take all this tension it's just taking too long." Renji sighed his brow furrowed. Rukia shook her head and rolled her eyes. "He's just split up with Orihime remember, you can't rush these things…I just feel bad for kind of forcing them to be alone with each other." Rukia explained.

"As we both know Shirosaki cared for Ichigo back when Ichigo and Orihime first stated dating, and the fact that Ichigo had dreams about Shirosaki then prove he also had feelings for Shirosaki. We're not forcing em' together, we're just I don't know, speeding up the process? It's taken way to long for them to even acknowledge their feelings themselves!" Renji grumbled. "Anyways, let's just enjoy ourselves tonight yeah Ru?" Renji grinned at the petite raven before pulling her in for a soft kiss, that he knew she wouldn't be able to argue with.


"I'm telling ya, he's been stood there at least half an hour jus' watchin' ya move around tha' bar!" Shirosaki sighed crossing his arms. Ichigo growled before rolling his eyes. "A' bet ya' if a' slipped off ta' the loo, he'd be right in here tryna' rape ya' ass." the pale teen grinned and finished, yet another beer, Ichigo had lost count of how many the albino had downed, he seemed to have an inhuman drinking speed.

"Shiro? How many beers have you had?" Ichigo asked suddenly causing the white haired teen to stop rambling on. "Nine, why?" he asked with a smirk. "That's way too many! Slow down! We haven't even got into another club yet!" the orangette scowled sipping his own beer at a leisurely pace, like he had done with the previous bottles, he had had a total of four beers.

"Meh? Slow down? Don't be silly!" Shirosaki grinned calling over for another beer, which was quickly given to him. Holding up his beer to the barman, as a supposed thanks he took a long swig.

Ichigo watched as the albino gulped the liquid down before finally placing the bottle back onto the bar side. Shirosaki gave the orangette a charming smile before eyeing the other club goers around him.

Shirosaki grinned patting on Ichigo's shoulder and pointing at a girl walking past holding a silver tray with empty glasses on top. The girls purple hair cascaded down her back covering the girls behind, which almost rivaled the rack she was sporting upfront.

"I thought you weren't into girls Shiro?" the orangette smirked cocking an eyebrow. "Nah, a' mean fer ya'." Shirosaki grinned thrusting his hips upwards. Ichigo watched those jean clad hips move sensually and he swore he felt his manhood twitch slightly.

"Nah, not interested." Ichigo simply replied turning his head away. "Really? But she looks like a straight guys fantasy! Well, she's got everythin' tits 'n' ass, it's wha' straight men want right? What sorta' girls ya' into then Ichi?" Shirosaki asked with a smirk before placing his elbow on the bar and leaning on his hand.

Ichigo was about to answer when he realised…what was he into? He hadn't a clue, what had attracted him to Orihime? He couldn't remember, because now all he could think about was what attracted him to Shirosaki…most would assume it would be the girls bosom or behind…but Ichigo found himself cringing at just the thought of touching those intimate parts of the girl. He found that when he thought of the things that the pair had done, his stomach churned horribly.

"I uh…I don't really know." Ichigo answered in a mumble more than anything else. "What men are you into?" the confused orangette asked quickly attempting to avoid the question.

"Eh, nice body…good bum…nice eyes…eh I don't know!" Shirosaki smirked taking another swig of his beer, of course he was bluffing he knew what kinda' guy he was into…but just going all out and describing Ichigo's own appearance would be a bit blatant. Ichigo sighed in relief, hopefully that kind of conversation wouldn't resurrect itself anytime soon.

"What turns ya' on Ichi?" Shirosaki suddenly asked causing the other eyes to widen. "What kind of question is that?" Ichigo scowled. "M'curious. I'll tell ya' if ya' tell meh." the albino grinned playing with the hoop on the bottom of his lip.

Ichigo watched as that sinful tongue caressed the black piercing. Oh how he envied the inanimate piece of jewellery. "Uh…I like been bitten…and uhm uh, dirty talk…" Ichigo replied looking away and blushing deeply. "And there's meh thinking Orihime was all sweet and innocent." Shirosaki grinned taking a gob full of beer.

"Oh no, uh it wasn't Orihime that did those things, I just know that's something I'd like." Ichigo explained feeling his cheeks burn up even more. "Ya' seem pretty certain on tha'. I myself like it rough." Shirosaki replied bluntly, almost as if it was one of the most simplest of statements ever spoken.

Ichigo downed his beer in one, attempting to will those dirty images from his brain. His skin felt like it was burning, just those simple five words sparked the fire deep within him, no it wasn't a simple spark, Shirosaki had poured a whole tub of frikking petrol on said fire and now he was finding it hard to control himself. Oh how he wished that he could just ravish that mouth…and maybe a few other things…


(*The barman is Tsukishima, you will only know him if you up to date with the anime, but to get a brief idea Google him only if you aren't afraid of spoilers that is.)

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