A/N: I wrote this story a while ago, but only decided to post this now because I didn't want to post RPF here. It's a fill for a prompt at the GKM. There are five chapters, so let me know if you want to read them all and I'll post them here

Prompt: Dianna likes to be called "Charlie" when they're fucking.

Disclaimer: None of these events happened IRL. I've never met Dianna or Naya and everything in this story is purely fictional. If it's not, I pray to God they made videos.

Warnings: strap-on, genderplay

Naya stretches languidly, basking in the sunlight filtering through the thin curtains. She rolls over mindlessly, her hand patting the spot next to her, fully expecting to find her favourite blonde in the world there. She frowns when she realizes that she's alone in bed, then figures that Dianna is probably up already. When she looks at the red numbers flashing on her bedside table, that possibility becomes very real. It's 10.30 AM already.

The tour has been exhausting for everyone and even though they've had so much fun, discovered so many places and met so many interesting people, everyone is glad to be back home. Naya feels like she could sleep forever and contemplates for a moment whether she should just turn around and sleep some more, but then decides that she'd rather go and find Dianna.

Reluctantly, she drags herself out of bed, the prospect of seeing her girlfriend within a few seconds being her only incentive. She grins when she thinks back to all those hotel rooms they had 'fun' in. The rest of the cast and crew knows that they're a couple and that they're going strong, but they don't have the faintest idea just how 'fulfilling' their sex life is. She muses how lucky she is to have found Dianna and to have Dianna want her back just as much as she enters the kitchen.

She wants to say: "Hi, Di." It's an ongoing joke between them. However, she stops herself when she sees Dianna's attire. She's wearing a long sleeve red double cloth hooded check shirt, sleeves rolled over, and a pair of men's jeans. Naya feels her body reacting immediately.

"Hi, Charlie," she greets her. Dianna turns around and smiles excitedly. Naya walks up to her and slips her arms around her slim waist, nuzzling her neck. She can't say that she's surprised – Dianna hasn't had the chance to do this all tour long, so Naya has been expecting it ever since they got back home.

"Morning, babe," Dianna replies. She turns around in Naya's arms and kisses her lips softly. "Why don't you take a seat? Breakfast is almost ready. I got you bagels!" She points at the bag sitting on the table. Naya cocks an eyebrow and Dianna reads the question effortlessly. "I showered and re-dressed afterwards," she explains.

Naya slides her hand from Dianna's back to her side, resting it snugly on her hip, pulling her in for another lazy, slow kiss. In the meanwhile, her hand conveniently slips to the apex of Dianna's legs. She smiles into the kiss when she feels the hardness underneath. She packed. Dianna presses her hips into Naya's hand involuntarily. They both stifle a gasp.

"Later," Dianna promises, taking Naya's lower lip between her own and nibbling softly. Dianna's hands find their way to Naya's behind, cupping and squeezing it. She trails kisses from Naya's mouth to her ear and licks the sensitive spot behind it, then suckles on her earlobe. "The things you do to me, Nay," Dianna whispers in Naya's ear, hot breath tickling over wet skin.

"You're so sexy, Charlie," Naya replies, her voice deep and husky. "I want to have you for breakfast."

"I got up early to make you breakfast," Dianna says, one hand now trailing over Naya's back, upwards until her thumb strokes the side of her breast. "Why don't we have breakfast, then I clean up while you take a shower." The mere thought of Naya under the shower makes Dianna involuntarily buck her hips into Naya. They both moan. Naya closed her eyes. Dianna focuses again. "And then we can take it to the bedroom and I take you every which way."

Naya takes a deep breath and nods. She opens her eyes, looks at Dianna and smiles. "I can hardly wait." She winks and walks to the table, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner, giving Dianna a show and knowing exactly what she's doing to the blonde.

She grabs the chair with the intention to sit down when she feels Dianna's hand on hers, prying her fingers loose. Naya won't deny for a second that she loves this side of her girlfriend. Charlie is quite the gentleman and ever so chivalrous. This is proven when Dianna pulls out the chair for her and pecks her on the cheek before going back to the stove. She gets out all the supplies for a varied breakfast. She puts the Nutella on the table first, knowing Naya's priorities.

As Naya spreads the Nutella over a bagel she just fished out of the bag, Dianna arranges the toasted bread on a plate. She gets out the jam, peanut butter, marmalade, butter, orange juice, cereals, a couple of muffins, two yoghurts and some fruit. The bacon and eggs are also ready. Finally, she puts a large thermos of coffee and another one filled with tea on the table.

"Jesus, Charlie, you trying to feed an army?" Naya asks, her tongue peeking out as she tries to catch a crumb.

Dianna's gaze is fixed on Naya's tongue and it's only when Naya snaps a finger in front of her that she realizes that she's expected to say something. "Um... yeah?" Giving in is always a good bet.

Naya frowns. "Did you even hear the question?"

Dianna blushes. "No, but that's entirely your fault. You're so smoking hot it should be illegal."

Naya smirks. "Smooth as ever, I see. Anyway, I asked if you were trying to feed an army."

Now it's Dianna's time to smirk. "We both need to have a good meal to last us through what I have planned for you. We'll need a lot of energy, babe." She shoots Naya a meaningful glance all over the Latina's body. Naya suppresses a groan and attacks the food instead.

Halfway through breakfast, Dianna takes Naya's hand between her own. She rubs it softly and says: "You're so beautiful, Naya. You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Back when I was crushing on you and you didn't know, I tried so hard to find a flaw in you that would totally put me off you because I was convinced someone as perfect as you would never want to be more than friends with me. I failed. Sure you have your flaws, but I love you all the more for them. To me, you're absolutely perfect."

Naya blushes and smiles shyly. "You're pretty perfect yourself, you know. You stood out to me from day one. I've always thought you're so fucking beautiful it's unreal, but then your personality adds so much to that, almost as if it lightens you up and makes you even more beautiful."

Dianna leans in and tucks a strand of hair behind Naya's ear. Their eyes lock and for a moment, everything around them fades. Just them. "I love you," Dianna finally says. "Naya Marie Rivera, I fucking love you so much more than you can imagine."

"Charlie James Agron, are you going soft on me?" she teases. The mention of the full name sends a jolt of arousal through Di's body and she grins.

"Only for you babe. And trust me, I'll be anything but soft later. In fact, 'soft' will be the last word you're looking for by the time I'm done with you and your ridiculously fuckworthy ass."

Naya groans. She goes back to breakfast, finishing it quickly. "Are you sure you don't want any help cleaning up and doing the dishes?"

"Yes. You, my lady, are going to retreat to the bathroom and get your sexy body ready for my not-so-little one."

Naya bites her lip has to keep herself from running to the bathroom. Dianna cleans up the kitchen and does the dishes as Naya takes a shower, elaborately taking care of her body. She's just finished drying her hair, a towel wrapped snuggly around her body, when the door to the bathroom opens and Dianna appears. Naya pulls the plug of the blow dryer and puts it back in the cupboard before walking over to Dianna, wrapping her arms around her neck and kissing her passionately. Dianna's arms circle Naya's waist and she feels her body reaction the sensation of Naya's breasts being lifted.

"I don't know why I bothered showering," Naya mutters against Dianna's lips. "I'm sure you're planning to get me all sweaty and stinky again."

Dianna doesn't reply, but surprises Naya by putting her hands on her shoulders, giving her a slight turn, then putting one arm behind her knees and the other across her back, scooping her up in one swift motion. Naya giggles and wraps her arms behind Dianna's neck again as the blonde carries her to the bedroom. "You're so strong, Charlie," she gushes.

Dianna kicks the door to the bedroom open and enters it sideways. She gingerly places Naya on the bed. She hovers over her, tucking her finger inside the towel, snapping it lose smoothly. The towel is now open, fully exposing Naya, who's breathing heavily. Dianna takes in the sight hungrily, making the hairs on Naya's body stand.

"So sexy," Dianna growls, one hand cupping a breast and kneading it, an erect nipple brushing her hand. She leans down, the hand placed next to Naya's head catching her weight. The dildo she's wearing in her pants brushes against Naya's sex and Dianna presses down a little harder. Naya moans, bucking her hips upwards.

"So ready for my thick cock," Dianna whispers, biting down on Naya's lower lip before trailing kisses down to her chest. She buries her face between Naya's breasts, taking in her scent. She starts grinding her hips into Naya's, slowly. The girl moans beneath her.

"Charlie," she whimpers. "Charlie, I need you."

Dianna's mouth has reached her other breast and she licks it, right under her nipple. She's rewarded with a moan and more pleading. Dianna rests the tip of her tongue on the very tip of Naya's nipple, moving it in circular motions, ever so lightly. At the same time, she pinches her other nipple. Naya's body is lifted upwards, into Dianna's waiting hands and mouth. She grinds into Naya more and more vigorously, the insert of the strap-on rubbing against her clit.

"Fuck!" Naya screams out as she feels the heat rising. She moves her hips against Dianna's. "Out of your clothes, now!"

Dianna stops her motions and rolls off of Naya. Naya, confused, sits up, resting on her elbows.

"I'm the one calling the shots here," Dianna pants. "You have to shut your mouth and do as I say."

"I'm sorry," Naya immediately gives in, trying to conceil the impatience in her voice. Dianna shoots her a pointed look. "I'm sorry, Charlie."

"Now ask again nicely."

"Can I please take your clothes off, Charlie?"

No matter how many times Naya says the name, it still does inexplicable things to Dianna's body. She straddles Naya's waist and the Latina's fingers immediately go to her shirt. She unbuttons it quickly, sliding it over her shoulders. Dianna takes the shirt from Naya and throws it behind her. Naya licks her lips at the sight of Dianna in a white wife beater and a pair of men's jeans, the dildo pressing against her sex. Dianna's nipples are so hard that they peek through the material.

Naya tugs at the hem of the wife beater. Dianna places her hands on Naya's and they both pull it over her head. Naya strokes Dianna's abs, scratching the outline lightly with her nails. "Your abs are so sexy, Charlie. Have you been working out?" she asks coyly, knowing full well the toned body has a lot to do with the intensive tour they've just finished.

Dianna bucks her hips into Naya in response, causing friction against both their sexes. Naya unbuckles Dianna's belt and pops the button of her jeans open, unzipping it with her nimble fingers. Dianna quickly stands up on the bed and Naya reaches out to tug the jeans down until they're at her feet in a puddle. Dianna steps out of them and lies down again, wearing nothing but her boxer shorts. She puts her hands on Naya's hips, keeping them down as she gyrates her hips into hers.

"Please," Naya begs.

"What do you want?" Dianna asks innocently.

"You. Please, Charlie!"

"Tell me what you want exactly."

"I want your big cock inside my wet pussy," Naya pants, a high-pitched moan escaping her as Dianna hits a particularly sensitive spot. "I want you to fuck me until I come all over you."

Dianna lets go of Naya's hips and gets rid of her boxer short, freeing the strap-on from its confines. She rests the dildo against Naya's outer lips, rubbing it slowly. Naya bucks her hips furiously, desperately. "Please, I need you inside of me."

Dianna licks her lips dips one finger into Naya's slick folds, dragging it from the bottom to her clit, circling the hard nub. She pulls out and moves away, positioning herself until she can lick Naya's entrance. Naya's hips respond by lifting into the air so vehemently that Dianna's tongue enters her.

Dianna gives a last lick and sits up, smirking as if she were the Cheshire cat itself. "You're so wet," she taunts her girlfriend, her hand absent-mindedly stroking the dildo between her legs. "Spread your legs."

Naya complies immediately. Dianna shudders at the sight of her girlfriend so exposed, so wet, so ready. "You're such a slut for my cock, aren't you," Dianna says, sliding the dildo through Naya's folds slowly, torturously until she reaches her clit. She rubs it with the tip of the dildo, causing Naya to whimper, moan and writhe beneath her.

"Aren't you?" Dianna repeats, more forcefully this time.

"Yes!" Naya answers. "I'm a dirty slut for your big cock and I want you to fuck me with it now, I want you inside of me, I want you so deep inside of me, I want you to fill me entirely and then fill me with your load until I can't take anymore, Charlie."

The words alone are nearly enough to send Dianna over the edge. She grabs the dildo and brings it to Naya's entrance, sliding it inside slowly. Naya moves her hips upwards, trying to speed up the process. Dianna places her hands on Naya's hips, keeping her still.

"Yes, more," Naya moans. "You're so big. You're so fucking big."

"So tight." Dianna's voice is hoarse. She can almost feel Naya's walls closing around her fake dick, squeezing it inside, taking it all. The mere thought of actually being able to feel that... The long, thick shaft enters Naya completely and they both use the moment to take a deep breath before Dianna pulls out and goes inside again, faster this time. She repeats the motion, making her girlfriend pant with need, increasing the pace significantly.

"Fuck, Charlie!"

"So sexy, so tight, so wet."

"Harder, please!"

Dianna's hand slides to the mattress as the other one moves to Naya's clit, flicking the pad of thumb over it. By now, she's slamming the dildo into Naya, the insert rubbing her own clit as she uses more force. "Take my cock, you little slut," Dianna hisses. Naya closes her legs around Dianna's waist, pulling her in closer.

"Fuck, yes, oh yes, Charlie!" Naya screams. "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie," she repeats. "Fuuuuuuuck, like that, oh right there, just – just a little – OH – I'm close – ooooooh – CHARLIE!" she screams out as she comes, her body trashing. The sight and sound of Naya's orgasm is enough to make Dianna come as well and she follows soon after. She collapses on top of Naya, her body still spasming, the dildo lightly moving inside of Naya. Finally, it comes to a halt.

Dianna snuggles up to Naya, holding her close. After a while, she removes the dildo and falls onto her back. Before she knows what's happening, Naya is between her legs, her tongue licking the shaft up and down.


"Shh, let me clean this up for you."

Naya goes to work, wrapping her hand tightly around the base of the dildo and her lips around the tip. She slides it into her mouth, moaning at her own taste. The sight alone is so damn sexy, Dianna can't imagine what it's like to actually feel that. Naya lifts the dildo and slams it back down as she takes it into her mouth entirely. She slides it out again, flicking her tongue along the tip, takes it in again. She repeats this motion several times, making sure the insert hits Dianna's clit.

Dianna bucks her hips into Naya, screaming out when she orgasms: "Holy – oh – fuck – NAYA!"

Naya smiles, licks her lips and lies down beside Dianna, her hand drawing lazy patterns on her taut stomach. Dianna breaths heavily and finally utters: "You didn't ask permission for that."


"I didn't tell you you could do that. I think you need to be punished," Dianna reasoned.

"What do you suggest, Charlie?" Naya asks, her eyes cast down innocently, but her voice dripping with sex.

Dianna sits up and moves to the edge of the bed. "Bend over my knees," she commands.