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17 years ago, a new Pirate era began. 17 years ago, Monkey D. Luffy became the new King of the Pirates. 17 years ago, Monkey D. Luffy disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. Some thought he was dead. His crew, the Straw Hat pirates, did not know his whereabouts as much as anyone else. The disappearance of Monkey D. Luffy became one of the mysteries of the world. What exactly happened to Monkey D. Luffy?

A teenage boy with messy black hair walked through the streets of the city dubbed as "the town of the beginning and the end". The straw hat on top of his head swayed slightly by the breeze that blew by him. He ignored the stares that people were giving him as he walked pass by them, sometimes bumping into them by accident and he apologized instantly so he wouldn't be rude. He didn't stop walking though. The blue long-sleeved cardigan and the yellow sash tied around his waist resembled the attire that the new Pirate King wore on his journey in the New World, which became the reason for the stares.

The teenager came to a stop as he arrived in the town square. He looked over to the distance and saw the newly rebuilt execution platform. He started walking again. He got closer to the execution platform and stopped in front of it. He raised his head and took a good look at the platform that the first Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was executed. The same platform that the new Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy was almost killed by Buggy the Clown and yelled to the many who witnessed that he was going to be the next King. The teenage boy smiled and then started climbing the platform.

"Hey, who is that?" A man spoke as he saw the teenage boy climb up the platform. The townsfolk who heard him, looked in the same direction and saw the boy as well. They started chatting amongst themselves. The teenage boy heard the noise behind him, but ignored them as usual and continued his climb.

"He's climbing the execution platform."

"Is he insane?"

"He's wearing a straw hat! Didn't 'he' also wear a straw hat?"

The teenage boy finally reached the top of the platform and turned around to see the view. The square was now full of people. They all looked up at him with curious eyes. They all wondered what this teenage boy, wearing the straw hat on top of his head was going to do. The teenage boy was in awe at the view. "This is...the view that Gold Roger saw before his death. The same view that Monkey D. Luffy saw." The teenage spoke for the first time as a strong breeze blew by, threatening to blow away his straw hat but stopped it from doing so by placing a hand on it.

"Hey! You there! Get down now!" The teenage boy looked down to see a marine officer holding a megaphone in front of his mouth. The teenage boy ignored him and looked back toward the view. His mouth then formed a grin.

"This is where it all begins." The teenage boy spoke. He took a deep breath and then yelled as loud as he could, so that even the Gods in the heaven can hear him.


It felt like the whole world stopped moving. Nowhere, on this large planet we call earth, was a sound made. The declaration this 17 year old teenage boy made would soon change this new Pirate Era. This boy's name was Monkey D. Ace and his Romance Dawn...starts now.

To Be Continued...

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