Okay! I'm trying to broaden my horizons with this fic! I'm trying to go scary, but I don't know hws that's gonna work out. It'll eventually go romance, but I'm really trying for scary. If you have any comments or you'd like to help me better it, it's welcome! =) Now... on with the new fic!

Demon of My Nightmares


It's a cold night, chillier than most, and those more sensible souls are locking themselves in heated homes and protecting themselves from unknown dangers without realizing it. Those less sensible souls are trooping to the club, a feeding ground for a demon no one knows about… one that walks among them without difficulty blending it. They account for the majority of deaths and rapes within the small town of Karakura, the world's center of demonic activity. For some reason, those born within Karakura are born with an immense energy level that attracts these ever starved demons in droves. Thankfully, something is coming that will change everything between these demons and their food source.

The room is heavy with the heat emanating from the two bodies twisted in pleasure, the pitch filled with the moans of the woman beneath the larger body of pure muscle and tan skin. Soft thumps of bass can be heard from the fast paced music outside their little room, the two located within a privacy room in a rather popular club, and that man built for pleasure sets his pace to it. The one above her closes their eyes, providing an image of someone else… anyone else. This woman is a whore that took little to no convincing when it came to a quick romp, but he's so hungry he's not about to be picky right now. She runs her hand through his teal locks, damp with sweat as he thrusts in and out of the warm body under him. He remembers her face when he proposed a quick bout, remembers the surprise and want he didn't even need to use his power to instill… and it sickens him. He likes humans, don't get him wrong, but there are so many that abuse such a delicate and intimate process he's come to know only as a source of pleasure and food. God how he wishes he could find something more in this meaningless task. She gasps and screams, tugging at his silken strands of teal as he slams in harder than necessary. Finally, he empties himself inside her with a hiss of relief. The man opens his cyan orbs that now light up within the darkness, watching the life slowly leave the woman he's filled. Her eyes are confused as she grows light headed, her vision blackening along the edges as those hazel eyes grow duller before they turn unseeing.

"Finally," the demon mutters. "Took for fucking ever!"

He pulls out of the quickly cooling body, his hunger finally curbed for the month, and stretches. Grimmjow Jaegerjaques isn't like other demons of his type, he's powerful enough to feed only once a month… sometimes once every other. Unfortunately, that means every time he does manage to have sex for the soul purpose of feeding, he normally ends up killing the one he feeds off of. It's not just lust he feeds off of either, he can do so off any sin and that makes him even more different. He prefers lust, it's more pleasurable for him and he doesn't seem as freakish, yet he's not picky if he's hungry enough. His muscles coil as he dresses himself, his body chiseled and built at a height of 6'1" and something women would kill to be taken by. Just like all others of his species, he's built to be pleasing to the eye and draw victims like moths to flames. Before leaving, he sends one last look to the corpse laying naked and spread on the couch, cocaine on the table beside the red velvet couch. No one will find her until tomorrow morning, yet they'll never know who killed her… his kind never leaves traces. With that, he walks out of the room and into the crowd of the club. He runs a hand through his messy teal locks, a feral grin spreading on his lips like a plague as the beat soaks into his veins like a drug.

"Might as well find a casual fuck now that I'm full," he murmurs in a voice of pure sin. "After all, that was the worst fuck I've had in a long time."

His deep orbs scan the crowd, bypassing the many that stare at him in want. Just as he's about to give up, a flash of bright orange catches his attention… and he's found his next victim.

Ichigo Kurosaki, as much as no one would guess it, knows of these demons because… they're his parents, his sisters, his brother, his aunt and uncle, and his friends. Ichigo is the only human born among them within his family, though he's aware it isn't as rare as one would think and happens at least once a year. Unfortunately, he's also aware that those children are normally killed at birth and considered useless or they're kept alive for a means of feeding. The demons he descends from are the succubae and incubi, feral monsters that feed through the most lustful and intimate actions with humans too stupid to notice their lives being sucked away. He now stands within the confines of a club, the beat pulsing through his entire being at a steady pace, and breathes in the atmosphere that contains mostly humans. Ichigo doesn't like the demons he was born of, they make him nervous and he hates being around them. He left home after the death of his mother at the age of eight, moving in with his aunt and uncle who prefer the company of humans within their home. He just couldn't stand the constant presence of passing succubae and incubi within what was supposed to be his safe zone, plus he has this uncommon need for a maternal figure… not that Yorouchi Shihoin is a particularly good person for that role. He sighs dejectedly, his eyes turning to the floor as the third incubus for the night passes him by, the orangette doing his best not to stop the woman hanging on the monster's arm from falling victim to their lethal charm. He hates the rules set forth for those like him, not that any other has problems following them. The woman giggles as she's led to a dark room for privacy, Ichigo deciding that's enough for one night before he starts to walk away.

"Ichi! I didn't know ya were comin' here!"

Ichigo turns to see his older twin brother hurrying toward him, easily pushing past those in the crowd to reach him. Shiro is a good brother, for all rights and purposes, and Ichigo doesn't feel nearly as anxious around him as others of his kind… but he's still nervous to an extent. Ichigo has a strange ability to withstand up to four feedings per day and still wake up right as rain the next morning, so even Shiro has a tendency to feed off him if given the chance. Even though they have the occasional heavy make-out sessions for the other to feed, Ichigo finds he can't feel safer with anyone else of that species. He chalks it up to being in the womb with the other for so long. The orangette has learned that he and Shiro are the only twins born like they were; something that was simply inconceivable before their birth. If a succubus births twins, both will be one of each; one succubus and one incubus, but never one human. Because of this, Ichigo is a rather submissive male and tends to favor the same gender for sexual purposes. Shiro is a powerful incubus, so Ichigo is a human that sways more toward a succubus personality. Another oddity carried by only them, is the fact they're identical… without being identical. Ichigo is a beautiful male with perfectly tanned skin on a lithe swimmer's body of 5'9", sharp amber orbs that have a depth in them normally overlooked, and bright orange locks of silk styled in spikes. Shiro, on the other hand, has a lithe body with pale skin, snowy white locks styled just like Ichigo's, and golden eyes just a shade brighter than his baby twin's. Everything is the exact same except those small differences and their personalities. Ichigo is a calm and caring person that loves helping others and doesn't like to fight unless it's for another, but Shiro is a spiteful jerk that gets a kick out of other people's pain and causing more for the hell of it.

"Hey, Shi," he smiles. "How's life?"

"Ya really need ta visit, Ichi," he frowns. "Dad's been askin' 'bout ya and I don't know what ta say anymore."

"I don't like being around the house, I hate feeling like I don't belong in my own family."

"I know how ya feel, Ichi, but everyone's worried 'bout ya. We all miss ya, especially the girls."

"… How are they?"

"Ah, Karin's growing ta be a lethal succubus," he grins widely. "Her fighting gets better every day! Yuzu still wants ta be human though, so ya don't feel left out anymore. I keep tellin' her that's not how it works, but ya know how she can be."

"… Yeah. I'll try to stop by later in the week."

"How's Aunt Pain-in-my-ass and Uncle Overactive-libido?" he wonders.

Ichigo snorts in humor at the nicknames, so rightfully given by the pale twin. Ichigo notes that Shiro's been eating that blue candy he loves so much, as his tongue is now a striking blue, and he has in the contacts that turn his sclera black. If anything, the other twin is an individual. He plays with his bright orange tongue ring as he waits for Ichigo's answer.

"Same old, same old," he chuckles. "Still the worst role models ever, but… you gotta love them."

Shiro grins at that, clapping Ichigo on the shoulder and dragging him to the dance floor. Ichigo groans in annoyance, though it's only in play. He absolutely loves being around his twin, but he loves dancing with him more. The orangette laughs with his twin, the two falling back into their usual playful moods… both unaware of the death that happened just a room away from where they dance.

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