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Chapter 13

The week passes quietly, though Ichigo has been rather wound up. He's evaded the topic of marking since Grimmjow brought it up, yet has been leaning more toward it each passing day. He's surprised the older demon hasn't spoken of the matter since, a cold foreboding weighing Ichigo's stomach down at that little fact. He's just roaming out of the bedroom when he catches Grimmjow slipping on his shoes at the front door.

"Are we going out?" he asks hopefully.


"… Are you going out?" he corrects a bit downtrodden.

"Yep. I need to go talk to my mom about something," Grimmjow sighs out.

"Can I come, too? It's been a week since I got out, I'm really…"

"I'm sorry, Kitten, but this is something I need to do alone," the other states quietly. "I'll take you out tomorrow for a date, okay? We can go anywhere you want… but not today."

Ichigo nods at the suggestion, yet deep down he just wants to go out now. For a whole week he's been locked up in the house ranting to Kisuke, doing puzzles with Yorouchi, and cuddling with Grimmjow… not that he didn't enjoy that last one. All he wants is to walk the night, watch the stars, and go to the club. It seems so long since he went to the club. He contemplates calling his brother over to spend some time together, yet knows the snowy haired male is the last person Grimmjow wants around him. Grimmjow watches the thoughts scatter over Ichigo's brow, momentarily wondering if he'll leave the house alone once he's out the door. Thankfully, the orangette just points to his cheek for a kiss his demon gladly gives and wanders back into the house to find something to do.

"I'll be back after dinner, Ichi," he calls.

"I'll be here," the other waves off in boredom. "It's not like I have anywhere else to go."

Shaking his head, Grimmjow leaves and heads toward the restaurant down the way. It's an old diner that Pantera favors; one she only goes to when Grimmjow is feeling especially conflicted. When he steps into the place, still lost within the time of poodle skirts and leather jackets, she waves him over.

"I already ordered your favorite, honey," she grins. "Now… what's wrong with momma's little demon?"

"… I want to mark Ichigo," he murmurs.

She starts at that, her eyes widened and her jaw dropping just a bit. After a long moment of silence that seems far too long to Grimmjow, Pantera collects herself and clears her throat. It's been a very long time since she sat down and had this talk with her little demon… centuries even. It's not that she doesn't enjoy embarrassing her children in any way possible, it's just that Grimmjow was always a special case.

"Sweetheart, you know this is something you have to think really hard about… right?" she starts.

"Yes, mother," he growls in annoyance. "I've thought about it, I've picked apart any reasons I could possibly find for doing it, and then I realized I still wanted to. I tried so hard to make myself not want to mark him, I really did… but he's just so…"

"You have to feed off him to make it stick," she warns. "This is the exact reason you refused to mark Yorouchi when she asked. Once you get going, there's no stopping… he'll die."

"I don't know what to do, mom," he grumbles with a hint of desperation. "There's so much I want to tell you, but I promised I wouldn't. I really want to mark him; I don't want to chance another incubus taking him away from me… I couldn't handle that. And now, I'm thinking of challenging the test for the throne…"

"Whoa there, kiddo," Pantera frowns. "What the hell brought this on? I've asked you about a million and three times since you became old enough and you've passed up the chance every time, so why now?"

"… I love him; I want to keep him safe… indefinitely."

Pantera watches him a moment, a feline intensity within her orbs as she sizes up her youngest. Grimmjow has always been her favored for a reason… he's most like her. His power is immense and his demon gene is mutated, said mutation caused by her inability to stay within one world at the time. She had conceived him and ignored her doctor's warnings of staying in one form or the other, drifting between the dream realm and the living realm constantly. He's different because of her and she's always blamed herself for it, always tried to make up for his inability to mate completely without killing said mate.

"Mom, I know there's a chance I could kill him," Grimmjow comments sadly. "I just need to know how good that chance is. I've fed off him before; I managed to stop after just a taste…"

"You fed beforehand, no doubt. This isn't like that Grimm-kitty," she reprimands. "He'll need to feed off you as well to keep the bond as strong as possible, but he's a human and that won't work. You'll need to forcibly push your own energy into him, which depletes more of that energy and makes you hungrier. Even if you fed beforehand, there's still well over a fifty percent chance he'd be killed… or placed right into a comma he's not likely to pull out of. Now… how badly do you want him?"

"… If I don't do this, he could be taken away from me for good," Grimmjow whispers. "There's stuff about him you don't…"

"He's mutated," she breathes out. "I thought something was off about him. How bad is the mutation?"

"I can't talk about it," Grimmjow growls. "I swore I wouldn't. Please, mom…"

"I won't tell anyone," she assures. "I've lived long enough to know better than to let such a secret pass… you're not the first mutated child I've had."


"I never listened to my doctors," she sighs out. "The first was conceived the same as you… too much ghosting. Nelliel was just an anomaly, but the one I conceived between her and having you didn't make it. I was separated from Aizen at the time it was created; the incubus I was with was an elder and found out the child had a mutated gene… so he killed it. I went back to Aizen after that and never strayed very far. Your father may be an arrogant asshole at times, but he's sweet and he loves his children."

"Mom… What should I do?" Grimmjow interrupts her. "I need him close to me, but I don't want to kill him. Do you think there's even the slimmest chance worth trying?"

"I would give anything for you, little demon," Pantera states honestly. "I would move mountains and destroy cities… but I can't tell you what to do here. All I can assure you of is the fact no matter what happens I will be here to keep you safe and protected. I still remember how weak and lost you were the only time you ever attempted to take a permanent mate… no one will harm my child."

Grimmjow nods, grateful for what little help she can give him. In truth, he can't bare losing Ichigo like he did the last demon born human he attempted to mate. He was young then, still oblivious to the dangers that came with his particular mutation, but the sting will hurt no less now that he's aware of what can happen. After their quiet dinner, he stands and heads back to talk to Ichigo… it's time the other knew of his own anomaly.

Ichigo is lounging in the bedroom when Grimmjow arrives, stripped down to his boxers and still a little damp from his shower. A book lies on the pillow beneath him, the orangette on his stomach as he reads and kicks his feet in the air behind him. He doesn't notice Grimmjow's presence, the other noting his ears are blocked by ear buds and the music will likely drown out any sound. He's in no mood to play games with the other, trudging along the side of the bed and garnering the teen's attention with his movements.

"Grimm!" Ichigo smiles as he removes his music. "You're back! I want to talk to you."

"I need to talk to you as well," Grimmjow sighs heavily. "About that whole mating thing, could you just…"

"I want to let you," he grins brightly.

"… What?"

"I want you to. I decided earlier that you're the mate I want, you treat me way better than other demons and I really like being with you," the orangette replies bashfully. "I don't feel safer anywhere else and I would love to be your mate."

"Ichigo… I… it's just that… There's something I need to tell you," Grimmjow finally sighs out. "That mutation thing has happened before… to me."

"… But you…"

"I'm not like other incubi," he admits. "My difference is the fact I can feed off any sin, not just lust. When I visited your dreams the first time, when I almost took you in that strange room before the thunder and blood? Your nightmares have every type of sin mixed within them… it was heaven to me. That's not why I wanted you, I wanted you before I knew that, but I'm scared I'll use you for that. If I mark you, we have to feed off each other to make it seriously powerful… you might not have to feed at all and I… I won't be able to stop."

"But why? You did then, didn't you?"

"I did, but I had fed beforehand. I only feed once a month, but when I do… I kill the person I feed from," Grimmjow remarks sullenly. "That's the one thing Yorouchi didn't like about me. She insisted I control it, but it was impossible… it was part of my mutation. The last and only time I tried to take a demon born human for my permanent mate… I killed them on accident."

Ichigo watches him a moment, silence reigning as thoughts buzz through his head. Grimmjow waits, praying the orangette will refuse and they could be okay again… though a tiny part of him is hoping Ichigo will accept even though it's dangerous. After about fifteen minutes, amber eyes lock their gaze with cyan.

"I want you to mark me, Grimmjow," Ichigo states completely sure of his decision. "I trust you, there's no one else I trust more. Please… I want to be with you."

Grimmjow takes a sharp intake of breath, eyes pleading the orangette to reconsider, and Ichigo refuses the silent request by pulling the larger male forward to kiss him. He's never been surer of anything in his life. If he can't be with the demon that treats him best, he doesn't want anyone to touch him… and death is just a small price to pay in order to keep them away. He slowly moves around his mate's form, straddling his lap and working off his shirt. Ichigo's skin, still slick with water from his shower, feels like damp silk beneath Grimmjow's fingertips. Their kiss quickly turns hungry as they fight for dominance. It's a fight Grimmjow is sure to win, yet Ichigo can't help spurring him on enough to make certain he won't stop. He rocks his hips against his demon's, moaning at the friction between their rapidly hardening members, and Grimmjow quickly hooks an arm around his middle to fling him onto the bed. Eyes feral and full of lust, the larger demon crawls up Ichigo's body and sends a shiver of want mixed with apprehension through the orangette.

"You're mine," he snarls out as his canines lengthen.

Ichigo whimpers his agreement; cursing himself inwardly within the part of his brain not currently covered in thick fog… it's not a large part. A hand reaches down and literally rips off the orangette's boxers, the fear of a cornered animal spiking through Ichigo before he pushes it away. It's normal for a succubus to feel like this during such a strong mating, Yorouchi had made him sit through enough lessons to know that, but it doesn't make it any less effective. This part is supposedly used to press dominance and scare a submissive into never staying after a permanent marking. In some cases, such as Pantera or Yorouchi, it doesn't work very well. For Ichigo, on the other hand… well… it's working fucking awesomely. Grimmjow nips the tip of his finger with his lengthened canine, reaching with the bloodied tip toward Ichigo forehead. He scrawls a symbol for 'mind', dropping down to his stomach to write one that represents 'body', and then trailing back up to his chest to scrawl the symbol for 'soul'. Around the teen's ring finger, where a wedding band should go, he uses the tip of a claw to inscribe two lines of symbols Ichigo knows to be a spell. The crimson writing is tiny, wrapping all the way around the base of his finger twice. He does the same to himself, but this time with Ichigo's blood. He was so fascinated with the strange scrawl; he never noticed his own index finger being nipped.

"Grimm, what's this..?"

He's cut off with a pained gasp when the symbols start to burn, searing his skin without leaving marks and sending shots of white hot pain through his nerve endings. The blood trails from its resting place along his tan skin, the top and bottom symbols heading for the middle before all the red makes its trek to the spell on his finger. At that same moment, however, Grimmjow slams into him and pleasure overrides the pain. He cries out, not certain for which, and lets his arms immediately wrap around the larger demon's neck. Grimmjow moves within him, his thrusts confident and strong while keeping a slow pace. Around them, their power cocoons their figures. It's the worst feeling Ichigo's ever experienced, the fear of being crushed attempting to take out the need for release. He bucks against his mate, gasping and mewling his encouragements as he ignores the growing tension around them. All this power… it's suffocating him. The assault on his prostate is a welcome distraction, the teen pleading with his eyes for Grimmjow to make it all stop. The other's pace picks up, the thrusting becoming a hard slamming that has him inching his way toward the headboard. The energy wrapping around them is becoming tighter, constricting Ichigo's chest and forcing their bodies so close they're sliding along one another as they race to their release.

"You need to… feed off me, Kitten," Grimmjow murmurs as his breath ghosts along Ichigo's ear.

"I… I don't know… how," he forces out. "Oh gods, Grimm… it's so… I can't breathe."

"We're almost there," he states a bit panicked. "Please, Ichi, don't leave me now. Not when we're so close. I need you!"

"I'm not… going anywhere… idiot!"

He feels a strange pull inside him, realizing that Grimmjow has begun to feed off him unintentionally. The other must've realized it as well, because panic is drowning out the lust in his eyes. Ichigo knows he can't stop himself, he'll continue to feed off him and if he doesn't figure out how to feed off Grimmjow in time… this will likely be the last time he's taken by the other.

*Well… it's a fucking perfect way to die, * he muses. *But I think I'd rather have a few more years of this, so I'd better figure out how to… *

He stops the thought as a sudden realization hits him, one he never really considered before. His energy, though being taken by Grimmjow… isn't going down. It's replenishing itself, drawing from other sources around him, and Ichigo's eyes widen at the thought. He focuses on Grimmjow, hoping that helps, and mentally cheers when he draws more from the teal haired demon. Grimmjow's pace turns punishing, the other eager to finish this before he harms him new mate. Ichigo whimpers as his release washes over him, his warm sticky fluids covering their stomachs as he's filled from within by Grimmjow's seed. The burning of the symbols subsides, only a dull ache that rivals that of his backside now, and Grimmjow pulls away quickly in hopes of cutting off his hunger.

"Grimm?" Ichigo questions.

"I can't stop feeding off you," he whispers out in horror. "Fuck! I can't believe I'm gonna end up killing you, too!"

"No you're not, stop being stupid," Ichigo scoffs tiredly. "You can't kill me."


"Come to bed, Grimm, I'm tired and I want to cuddle," the orangette scowls. "Now!"

Grimmjow lies beside his mate, holding him close and sighing in relief when his hunger is satisfied and Ichigo shows absolutely no signs of being fed off of. The fact astounds him, as he knows he can be a glutton when it's feeding time. Ichigo, however, knows what's going on now. He noticed the faint trails winding around him from outside… the earth and all things living upon it are feeding him without him knowing it. They have been all this time. He's been able to pass as human, because his body is a magnet for the extra energy expended by the living things around him. He wonders how much power he truly has, what sorts of abilities he's sure to discover… and why Shiro is always so quiet about his relationship with Gin. He's always been curious as to why two incubi could be together without having dominance quarrels, yet he's almost positive it happens more often than not. The two love each other, but both are used to being the top demon… and Shiro's always so disgruntled when he returns from the other's home. Absently, he raises his hand up to take in the etchings made in blood. They glisten gold, a tattooed ring that will never go away. The blood is gone, absorbed by the spell and turned into the gold markings. Ichigo smiles happily before snuggling closer and closing his eyes, so much stress lifted after gaining his mate.

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