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Chapter 22

Ulquiorra stares at Grimmjow curiously, head tilted to the side in question. It isn't normal for Grimmjow to pull him aside in such a manner, especially when his mother is within earshot. He's pacing the living room floor, his long legs eating up the length of it easily, and irritation is plain upon his features. The raven waits patiently for his friend and brother to get his thoughts around, a process he's always found fascinating.

"Okay, I need help," Grimmjow sighs. "We both know I'm not the type to govern an entire species, I just wanted to make sure Ichigo was safe."

"You had absolutely no plan going into this?" the other asks flatly.

"Uh… no. I'm not much of a planner," he admits. "How long have you known me? You should expect shit like this by now."

"Indeed, I should," Ulquiorra sighs. "Okay, first off we should review the laws…"

"Know them already," Grimmjow waves off. "The ancient ones anyway… never did like those more modern ones."

"Those shall be the first to go then," the raven nods in agreement.

He pulls a notebook from his bag, retrieving a pen from the coffee table and jotting that down before continuing. Grimmjow thanks all the stars in the sky his adoptive brother has a more diplomatic mind than him. He sits in the armchair set cattycorner to Ulquiorra's right, his eyes attentive as he awaits the other to continue.

"Next, we need to establish a chain of command. It'll be easier for you to deal with things if others are appointed districts to watch over. They can handle everything to the best of their ability, bringing only the more serious problems to your attention… I believe we have a large enough family for that."

"Perfect. Kisuke is fine where he is, he never has difficulties in his territory. There are enough territories to give each of our family members… excluding my father because he gives me a headache when he talks business… at least four to look over."

"… But… that has three people we're short…"

"Kisuke, Shiro and Yorouchi," Grimmjow smiles. "Ichigo is my mate; they're our family as well now."

He nods and continues scratching down notes. Grimmjow's territory has always been relatively calm, so they're not worried about the other needing help. With mating, territories merge and split upon the children of that couple coming of age to start their own territories. Grimmjow's is small, yet Pantera's and Aizen's are enormous in comparison. For the most part, the rest of the children don't have a territory of their own… they follow Grimmjow. The elders are the ones that hold territory worth anything.

"Keep a close eye on the elders," Grimmjow frowns. "I don't trust them. And put mom on Yamamoto's territory, she'll keep him in line."

"Hmm… in a rather sadistic mood?"

"Just a little," the blue haired demon grins. "We'll need a yearly meeting, right? Between the elders?"

"… Monthly may be better."

"Fuck, I don't want to see them monthly."

"Don't whine, Grimmjow, it's unbecoming of a king."

"I'll bet my ass the first demon king did it more often than me!" the larger male chuckles. "He seemed quite childish."

"If you're the reincarnation Pantera mentioned you were, I can believe it. Now, what date should we make for the meeting?"

"This month it'll be today. I'm sure it'll be a good idea to remind the elders of this day on occasion," Grimmjow sighs. "You can pick the others. Now… I have an extremely serious question that needs an answer."

Ulquiorra blinks at the firm look on his friend's face, almost eager to hear the question. He belatedly reminds himself this is Grimmjow and it's been proven he has absolutely no idea how to be serious. With a tilt of his head, he wordlessly invites the question.

"A square table… or a round one?"

"… Grimmjow, you're an idiot," he sighs in irritation.

"Oh, come on! It was funny!" he chuckles. "Besides, is that any way to talk to your king?"

"You will always be my friend and brother first," the raven states with a roll of his eyes. "And from your past actions… you don't deserve that much of my respect. You're simply an idiot with a lot of power."

"Awe, thanks, Ulquiorra," Grimmjow purrs with feigned happy tears. "You always know exactly what to say to make me feel like choking up... or choking myself, whichever comes first."

The raven chuckles as he shakes his head, turning his attention to Ichigo. The orange haired male is sitting with Shiro, Gin playing with the snowy twin's locks, and both twins haven't said a word since the elders left. Ichigo seems lost in thought, his amber eyes distant and his whole demeanor heavy with sadness. After they finish talking, Ichigo stands and walks over to Grimmjow.

"Can we go home now?" he asks quietly.

"Yeah, Kitten," Grimmjow smiles. "Let's go. I'll talk to you later, Ulquiorra. Until then, see that some of that stuff gets taken care of."

"Of course, Grimmjow. I certainly wouldn't trust you to take care of it… perhaps your mate, but definitely not you."

"Once again, always so blunt and loving."

Ulquiorra smirks at Grimmjow's joking tone, watching as the other wraps an arm around Ichigo's waist loosely and guides him out of his parent's home. Shiro doesn't even bother to look up from the attention Gin is giving him, eager to get home himself so they can consummate their mating.

Ichigo is quiet the whole way home, worrying Grimmjow rather badly. After being in a coma-like state for so long, he's a little afraid it may have damaged his mate. Once they're inside their house, Ichigo turns and hugs Grimmjow from behind.

"Thank you for keeping your promise," he whispers.

"Of course, Kitten. Anything for you."

"Will you… I mean, I'd like to… Could you just…"

"Spit it out, Kitten," Grimmjow chuckles. "You can ask me anything."

"Please sleep with me."

It's mumbled and Ichigo's face is turned away from him, complete with scowl upon his brow, yet Grimmjow hears it perfectly. He lifts his mate into his arms, ignoring the protests as he carries him into their bedroom. Oh how this room's been neglected… he'll have to make up for it.

He wastes no time, still haunted by the lingering feeling the challenge of lust brought about. He undresses Ichigo as slowly as possible, running his hands along as much tan skin as possible. Ichigo allows the pace, helping Grimmjow out of his own clothes before sitting on the end of the bed. He turns and crawls to the headboard, looking over his shoulder with amber eyes full of love and lust. He lies back, crooking a finger at Grimmjow and a sinful smirk on his lips.

"… Thank god you're my Ichigo and not that copy," Grimmjow murmurs.

He ignores the questioning look from his mate, crawling after him like a panther on the stalk. He moves his lips along Ichigo's neck, drawing a quiet gasp from the other. Suddenly, Ichigo hooks a leg around Grimmjow and switches their positions. Grimmjow, obviously not liking the position he's in, attempts to move them back.

"No," Ichigo frowns. "I… I need to know you trust me."

"There are plenty of ways to show that," Grimmjow glowers.

"Grimmjow, I love you. I understand that I can't be your equal anymore, but… I need to know you still love and trust me," he murmurs almost sadly. "This is the one place you never allow anyone else control… please do this for me."

"Damn it! Using that puppy pout isn't fair!" Grimmjow accuses.

Ichigo only strengthens his pout, adding a teary sheen to his eyes to better increase the look's power. Grimmjow hisses in irritation, yet relaxes beneath his uke. With a cheer of victory, Ichigo takes the reigns for the night. He leans over and kisses his mate deeply, running his tongue along his bottom lip in a teasing manner, and then shifts his position so he's sitting on Grimmjow's lap more than his stomach. Ichigo rocks his hips, gasping as their heated members touch and Grimmjow's interest is once more sparked.

"I promise I'll try and make it good," Ichigo breathes out.

Grimmjow nods, watching as his uke reaches over to grab a bottle of lotion from the bedside table. He scoots down further, pouring lotion in one hand and coating his fingers before bending over and taking Grimmjow's member between his lips. The larger male hisses, eyes going wide as Ichigo bobs his head. He spreads his legs wide, ass in the air as he pleases his mate, and Grimmjow sucks in a deep breath when a finger is slid into Ichigo's backside. His mind goes blank as his mate prepares himself right before him, the moans Ichigo draws from himself sending vibrations along Grimmjow's arousal. His fingers thread in orange silk, tugging gently as he devours the sight and feeling.

Ichigo releases the hard flesh from his mouth, smirking at the irritated groan that tumbles from Grimmjow, and crawls back up the length of his mate's body. He hovers above Grimmjow's straining erection, slowly lowering himself down to take it in. He's not as fast as Grimmjow, it hurts too much at the moment, but he manages to seat himself inch by inch. When he's fully seated, the larger male can tell the effort was a lot for Ichigo. His face is crimson, a bead of sweat on his temple, and a flicker of pain shows in his eyes as he waits for a bit of comfort.


"I'm f-fine," he assures with a small smile. "L-let me do this."

Unable to deny he's liking this treatment, Grimmjow lies back and waves Ichigo on. The orange haired male lifts himself up a bit, coming back down slowly as he searches for his prostate. Unable to help himself, Grimmjow shifts a bit as Ichigo moves up. When the other drops himself back down, he cries out in ecstasy. Ichigo really tries to go slow, but with Grimmjow's hips meeting his thrusts with quick upward snaps it's too difficult to keep focused on that plan. As promised, the blue haired incubus doesn't touch Ichigo and gives him the lead… but that doesn't mean he's going to play nice. Ichigo rides him hard, his moans breathy and his face contorted in absolute bliss. He gazes down on Grimmjow with half-lidded eyes dilated with his lust, the wanton look about him screaming 'whore' even as he remains the most innocent and perfect jewel in the world to Grimmjow.

"Ah!" he gasps. "Mm… G-Grimm… Hah, ah! F-Fuck!"

"Mm… so beautiful," Grimmjow purrs. "So… mine."

"Yes," Ichigo breathes out. "Only yours."

"Can I?"

Ichigo gives an eager nod, letting Grimmjow roll them before he pulls out. He flips Ichigo easily, ramming himself back in and taking his uke with abandon. His hard and fast pace is half from impatience and half a form of demanding his uke's submission after his little stunt, yet it's all filled with the love he feels for the one beneath him. That feeling is what sends Ichigo's release all over the sheets, the other stiffening as he closes his eyes tight. Grimmjow groans as those walls tighten around his swollen cock, burying himself almost deep and hard enough to hurt his mate before spilling himself inside Ichigo. The other makes a disgusted face as Grimmjow's ample release seeps down his thighs, never his favored part of sex. His body goes limp on the mattress, heedless of the mess he's now laying in, and Grimmjow has to move him carefully to clean them up for bed. He pulls the sheets off the bed, deciding the leather couch is comfortable enough and carrying Ichigo's half asleep form out there for the night.

"I love you," Ichigo murmurs. "I'm sorry I can't be the mate you deserve."

"Enough of that," Grimmjow frowns. "There is no other mate for me… just you. You're the only one I will ever love."

"You're so sweet," the other yawns.

He nods off before Grimmjow reaches the couch, the larger demon chuckling as he lays Ichigo mostly on top of him. He's asleep in only moments, arms tight around his mate and heart finally lifted of its worries on his safety.

The morning is a difficult one… mainly because of Ichigo. Now that the shock of almost getting killed and the unbridled lust from coming in contact with Grimmjow again has past, he's remembering the whole reason he wanted to kill him in the first place. His attitude is surly, his scowl plastered on his face and unmoving as the larger male attempts to make amends.

"Come on, Kitten, I'm sorry," he whines.

"What the hell kind of demon king whines?" Ichigo snorts derisively.

"One related to my mom," he shrugs. "Now… forgive me?"


"I'll get you a beautiful crown worthy of a queen!"

"Grimmjow… look at me," Ichigo growls. "Do I look like a girl?"

"… I'm not gonna answer that, it's a trick question," Grimmjow mumbles. "But I will tell you, you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"

"Why must you annoy me so?" Ichigo sighs.

"Because I love you!"

Ichigo rolls his eyes, relenting in the Grimmjow's attempt at pacifying him. He leans in and kisses the larger male, cursing himself inwardly at only lasting half a day where a grudge is concerned. As he's getting comfortable in Grimmjow's grasp, they're interrupted by a knock at the door. Grimmjow sighs and heads that way, opening the entrance to see his family… and Ichigo's.

"What the hell?"

"We're having a party!" Yorouchi grins. "Since you ruined my wedding and you two probably won't have one, I'm gonna ruin your solace! Isn't that great? We're gonna drink ourselves stupid all night long!"

"I don't think…"

She punches him hard, the other doubling over as his uninvited guests swarm in. Ichigo grins as his aunt wraps him in a hug, Shiro not far behind. Isshin is with them as well, Yuzu and Karin rushing over to tackle their older brother. It's been years since he saw them, the two little succubae much bigger than last they were together.

"We missed you so much, Ichi-nii!" Yuzu cries. "I'm so sorry you didn't feel like you belonged in our family!"

"From what we heard, you're probably the strongest succubus in the world!" Karin smirks. "Way to go, Ichi-nii! Or should we refer to you as our sister from now on?"

"Not funny!" Ichigo scowls.

"I'm such a happy papa!" Isshin bawls into Kisuke's shoulder. "I have a wonderful son… and three perfect little girls!"

"What! Take that back!" Ichigo snarls. "I'll fucking kill you, goat face!"

Grimmjow sighs as he walks over to Ichigo, making certain to keep his temperamental queen at his side and out of trouble. The group before him is the most diverse and completely mismatched group in the history of demons, that much is certain. He momentarily wonders what the hell he's getting himself into, yet when Grimmjow glances down at his mate… he really doesn't care what baggage he comes with. Ichigo is his and that'll never change, no matter how many centuries pass.

"Grimmjow, I've already set into motion your plans," Ulquiorra informs dutifully. "Everyone involved has been updated and has agreed with your decision; they'll do their part to keep our species moving into a more productive age."

"Great," Grimmjow sighs in relief. "I'm glad our family is so tight, I don't think I could've done this without you guys."

"I'm sure your queen would've handled everything just fine, Grimmjow," Pantera waves. "After all… my brother left everything to his queen and look how well everything ran!"

"… Is Ichigo the reincarnation of that queen like I am your brother?"

"Now, Grimmjow, who am I to give up the secrets of demonic rebirth?" she waves off.

He rolls his eyes, yet he already knows the answer… Ichigo was with him in that life and he'll be with him in every life after. With everything set for a rather smooth rule, Grimmjow decides it's best to just sit back and enjoy the mate he's gone through so much for. After all, they both deserve this.

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