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New Families!

I groaned burying my face further into my pillow. I had forgotten to shut the curtains last night and the sun was now waking me up. With one final petulant groan I dragged myself out of bed. Stumbling down to the bathroom I flicked the shower on, now extremely annoyed that sleep was out of reach. I stripped out of my underwear and t shirt and climbed under the warm water. I let it soothe my tense muscles and washed my dark hair. Once I had washed up with my favourite strawberry shampoo I stepped out and wrapped myself in a fluffy white towel and dried off. Moisturiser, deodorant and underwear later I was stood in front of my mirror blow-drying my hair. Once it was smooth and straight, thanks to my straightners, I applied light make up and then wandered into my wardrobe. I slipped into a pair of light skinny jeans and a long cream jumper.

Wandering down the hall I push the door open to a pink and white bedroom. The blinds were shut and the curtains drawn so the only light in the room was coming from the small lamp on the dresser. My little girl was curled up under the flowery bed sheets. Her bedroom was painted a soft pink with all white furniture. I wandered over and settled myself on the edge of her bed, running my fingers through her soft brown hair. "Maddie." I whispered, kissing her cheek. "Time to wake up." I said. She whimpered before stretching and opening her dark brown eyes. She held her arms out and I lifted her out from under the covers and onto my lap holding her tight. "Hey baby. Did you have a nice time with Angela last night." I asked. Angela is the babysitter who stays during the odd evening I have to go out. I had to go to an engagement party of an old friend. That was never really a friend to be honest. Due to the fact she only lives next door she went home when I got in. I'm sure she is still sleeping now. I'm extremely jealous.

"Yeah. We watched Nemo." Maddie murmured into my chest.

"Sounds like fun. What do you want for breakfast today?" I asked.

"Coco pops please." she said. I nodded and placed her back onto her bed. I stood and opened the curtains and blinds in her room. The early morning sun light poured in illuminating the room. "Come on, lets go down to the kitchen." I said. She nodded and slid off her bed and on to the floor. She walked in front of me out of the room and once I unlocked the baby gate and grabbed her hand helping her down the stairs.

We walked through the living room, round the back of the sofa and through the dining room into the kitchen. I lifted Maddie on to one of the chairs at the breakfast bar and then grabbed a bowl and the cereal. Maddie ate her breakfast while I had coffee. That's the only breakfast I can handle at 9am after a night shift. "After breakfast were gonna go pick up Jenna and go shopping." I said. Jenna is my little sister. She spent last night at a friends house so I would pick her up from there. Once breakfast was finished I quickly tidied up while Maddie watched cartoons. Once the kitchen was clean, I took Maddie upstairs so she could get washed and dressed. She dressed in red tights and a blue, red and white t shirt. "Right lets get your boots and a coat and then we are ready." I grabbed her dark blue ugg boots and a her red coat and quickly grabbed my black leather boots before going downstairs. I locked up and grabbed my phone and purse before strapping Maddie into her car seat. We set off with Maddie singing along to Hannah Montana loudly in the back seat. The teenager does my head in.

We pulled up outside Jenna's friends house and I hit the horn so she would hurry up. My sister is now 15 and gorgeous. Today she's dressed in thick black tights and a long sleeved red and black dress that hit her mid thigh. Black high heeled boots completed her outfit with a red handbag.

"Hey." she said sliding into the front seat.

"Hi auntie Jenna." Maddie called from the back seat.

"Hey princess. You look very nice today. Are you excited about our shopping trip?" she said turning in her seat.

"Seat belt." I reminded her quickly as I pulled off.

"Yes. Mama says we are buying lots of winter clothes now." she chirped excitedly.

"Yeah. Its getting cold now." Jenna admitted, now distracted by her phone.

"Did you have a good night?" I asked her.

"Yeah. Probably put a stone on in ice cream but yeah it was fun." she said.

"School going ok?" I asked.

"Yeah its good. I mean we've only just started back but it seems to be ok."

"That's good." I said pulling into the car park outside the mall. I parked the car and got Maddie out of the backseat holding her hand. I didn't want to risk loosing her. We walked into the centre and went into a kids clothes shop. We all started picking out clothes for Maddie to try on. The changing rooms went through a pattern of yeses and no's and we eventually left with $150 worth of winter clothes. We still needed things like coats and boots but thanks to the fact I am a successful author money is no problem.

"Right where too now." I asked. All three of us were bogged down with bags. Admittedly me and Jenna more so than Maddie.

"Hmm can we go over there?" Jenna asked pointing out a very pink looking shop the other side of the courtyard.

"Sure. Why don't you two go ahead and start looking. I'm going to take all the bags out to the car. They will only get in the way. Ok?" I said.

"Sure." she said. I took all her and Maddie's bags and Jenna took Maddie's hand and lead her off to the shop.

"You know if you came back with star bucks I wouldn't complain." Jenna hinted looking over her shoulder, smiling a dimple inducing smile.

"Ok." I laughed heading out to the car.

I transferred all the bags into one hand and was digging through my pockets trying to find my keys with the other. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going and ended up walking straight into something. Or rather someone.

"Oh my god I'm sorry. Are you ok?" a voice asked from near me.

"Yeah I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." I said looking up into bright green eyes.

"No its fine. I should have been looking." he admitted. He was really attractive. Mesmerising green eyes, messy bronze hair and a strong jaw line, the I kinda wanna lick. He was dressed casually. Black t shirt and dark jeans with black chucks.

"Well maybe we were both wrong." I suggested.

"Yeah maybe." he said smiling crookedly and running a hand through his hair. "I'm Edward Cullen." he said holding his hand out.

"Bella Swan." I replied as his large warm hand enveloped my smaller one.

"Nice to meet you Bella." he said softly.

"You too." I replied as he released my hand, and it may have been in my head but he seemed almost reluctant.

"Well I'm sorry for bumping in to you and next time ill remember to look up." I said, picking up the few bags I had let slip out of my grasp.

"Yeah ill do the same." he said.

"Right well I better go and put these in the car. My sister and daughter are waiting for me." I said and I know I was reluctant.

"Sure. Well it was nice meeting you." he said.

"You too." I said before throwing him one last smile and turning to leave.

"Hey Bella." he shouted when I got a few paces away.

"Yeah?" I asked turning to face him.

"Would you like to… I mean could we…" He stuttered. He took a deep breath before saying. "Would you like to grab a coffee with me?" he finally got out.

"Sure. When?"

"Tomorrow?" he asked.

"Sure I can do that. Why don't I give you my number and you can text me when and where." I replied. He nodded and I held my phone out. He looked at me confused.

"I cant give you my number with out something to put it in." I teased.

"Oh yeah." he said. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and placed it in my hand. I tapped my number in and saved it under 'clumsy Bella' hoping he would get the reference and then quickly dialled it so I had his number too. "There you go." I said. "Text me later." I said.

"Cant I call?" he asked.

"Either way." I replied with a smile.

"Ok ill call you later then Bella." he said with a smile.

"Bye Edward." I said before turning to go back to my car. I threw all the bags into the spacious boot before turning to go back inside.

On my way back I stopped at star bucks and got us all drinks. Obviously hot chocolate for Maddie. I found the girls in the shop they had wandered off to earlier looking at shirts for Jenna. "Hey. What took you so long?" Jenna asked as I passed her a coffee.

"Maddie its hot ok?" I said first to my daughter as I handed her a hot chocolate. She nodded and sipped the drink tentatively. "I was flirting." I replied before picking up a shirt and studying it.

"I'm sorry. What? Flirting?" she asked.

"Yes flirting."

"With a man?"

"Yes with a man." I laughed folding the shirt over my arm.

"Ooh did you get a date out of it?" she asked excitedly as she grabbed a pair of jeans.

"Kinda. We are meeting tomorrow but he is going to ring later so we can sort out the time and place." I said.

"Really. That's cool." she said as she wandered off to the changing rooms.

"Come on Maddie. Lets go try this stuff on." I said. She grabbed my hand and we wandered off to the changing rooms. Maddie sat on a bench outside the changing rooms while Jenna and I tried on all the clothes. I decided to keep most of the clothes I picked out and so did Jenna so I paid for all the clothes and we decided to stop for some food.

"So tell me about this guy?" Jenna asked as we sat down.

"Well I walked straight into him. Literally. Anyway we talked, both apologised and I went to leave. He called out and stuttered out a question about getting coffee and I gave him my number and told him to call me about meeting tomorrow." I said as I sipped my coke.

"Well I have no plans tomorrow if you want me to watch Maddie." she offered.

"Ill keep that in mind Jen. Thanks." I said as our lunch was put on the table in front of us. I had ordered a chicken salad and Jenna had opted for a cheeseburger and chips.

Watching her tuck in made me wish for the metabolism of a 15 year old as I chewed on some lettuce.

We all ate quickly and got back to the shopping. Once we had bought enough clothes for the winter and probably longer we went home. "Jenna hang all those up please." I said as she disappeared up into her room.

"I will." she called back. They will probably still be in their bags tonight.

"Right come on Maddie lets hang your stuff up." I said grabbing her bags.

"Ok Mommy." she replied running up the stairs. We got into her room and I opened the double doors to her small walk in wardrobe.

"Why don't you go through the bags and hand the stuff to me ok?" I said as she settled on the floor with all the bags.

Half an hour later all her new clothes and shoes had been put away and she was watching a film on my bed while I sorted through mine. I don't know how Jenna talks me into most of these clothes. I wont wear most of them.

"Umm Bella?" Jenna called.


"We have no food." she said.

"Huh. I should probably go shopping then." I said climbing out of the wardrobe.

"Ill watch Maddie if you like." She offered.

"Yeah that would be helpful. Is there anything in particular you want?" I asked her as I re zipped my boots. "Hmm no not really. Ill text if I think of anything." she said as she lifted Maddie on to her hip. I nodded and Jenna and Maddie wandered out of the room discussing what they were planning to do while I was gone. I grabbed my bag and keys, calling out that I was leaving before jumping into my car and going to the supermarket 20minutes from home. I pulled into the car park, ridiculously happy when I got a space near the door, before grabbing a trolley and going in.

I wandered up and down the aisles throwing things into the trolley as a leisurely pace. I could hear a soft crying from near by while I was in the fresh fruit area. I looked around curious trying to find the source. It got slightly louder and I pinpointed it coming from behind the oranges. I left my cart in view and then quickly looked to see what it was. There was a little girl, blonde with green eyes, hiding and crying.

"Hey sweetheart. You ok?" I asked crouching down to her level.

"I lost daddy." she cried.

"Ok well why don't I help you find him." I offered. She looked at me a little dubiously.

"Daddy says not to wander off with strangers."

"Well what if we swap names? We wouldn't be strangers then." I offered.

"Ok." she said, seeming a little brighter now.

"Well my names Bella. What's yours?" I asked.

"Elizabeth Sawyer Cullen. You can just call me Lizzie though." she said. Cullen?

"Lizzie, what's daddies name?" I asked, it couldn't be. Could it?

"Daddy." she replied.

"Ok but what does everyone else call him?" I asked.

"Oh Edward. Or uncle Emmie sometimes calls him Eddie but he doesn't like that very much." she said. Edward Cullen. Maybe it isn't the same Edward Cullen?

"Lizzie what does daddy look like?" I asked.

"Tall, sea green eyes and lots of hair. Kinda like a penny." She said. Cant be another guy who looks the same with that name.

"Well pretty girl your in luck. I happen to know your daddy and I have his phone number." I said, she looked up and smiled. I quickly went to received numbers and dialled the last received.

"Hello?" a breathless voice asked.

"Cullen. Its Bella from this morning. You got a kid? Blonde?" I asked.

"Yeah. I've lost her." he said sounding devastated.

"Nah its fine. I have her. Come to fresh fruit." I said.

"You have her. Oh thank god." he said. I could hear a babbling in the background and assumed it to be another child.

"Yep we are behind the oranges." I said. "See you in a minute." I hung up and dropped down to sit on my bum. Lizzie crawled across the small space and dropped onto my lap.

"You ok?" I asked as she settled onto my lap and I placed my arms round her small form.

"I was scared. I thought daddy was gone forever." she said quietly.

"Well he isn't and that's the main thing. Ok sweetie. You just need to remember to stick near daddy in the future. don't run off." I said as I rubbed a hind up and down her back trying to soothe her. "Lizzie!" Edward shouted.

"Jeez we are here." I said getting up holding her.

"Daddy!" She yelled. He smiled at her and held his arms out to her.

"Hey baby. Don't do that to daddy again. I almost had a heart attack." he said with his face buried in her blonde hair. The babbling sound I heard earlier continued but loader and it was coming from a small boy in the trolley next to Edward. He looked to be about a year old. Light ish hair and blue eyes. Cute. But with Edward as a father how couldn't he be. I'm assuming he is Edwards child.

Well either way.

Cute kid.

Cute Edward.

"Thank you Bella. So much." Edward said breaking me out of my cute trance.

"Its no big deal Edward." I said.

"No it is a big deal Bella. I was literally going out of my mind."

"Edward its fine. She is safe." I said trying to calm him. "If its any consolation she refused to go anywhere with me until she knew my name." I said. He smiled and she nodded.

"Good girl." he said kissing the side of her head. My phone rang out of my bag so I quickly answered it.

Chap 2

"Sorry Edward. Hello?"

"Bella? Its me, can you get some nacho's and ice cream please?" Jenna asked.

"I take it you've just finished them?" I asked mildly amused.

"Umm kinda." she admitted sheepishly.

"Ok what flavour ice cream?" I asked.

"Hmm Chocolate chip." she replied.

"Ok ill pick some up." I said before hanging up.

"Sorry. That was my sister. She needs ice cream." I said.

"Its ok. Thank you for finding Lizzie for me. How did you know that she was mine?" He asked as he put Lizzie in the trolley.

"Well she wouldn't help me find you because we were strangers. I offered t exchange names. She told me her full name. Middle name and all. I remembered your last name from this morning and asked her what your name was. She replied with 'daddy' obviously and I asked what everyone else calls you. She told me 'Edward', but 'uncle Emmie' calls you 'Eddie' and I linked it. Once she described you I was sure." I told him.

"So what do you reckon? Fate?" he said leaning against the trolley grinning.

"What do you mean fate?" I asked, amused.

"Well meeting twice in one day. Clearly we use the same supermarket. I think someone is pushing us together." he said. I laughed.

"Maybe. And what do you suggest we do about that. If someone is pushing us together. What's the next move?" I asked now very amused.

"You should date me." He said resolutely. A nod of the head thrown in for emphasis making me laugh again.

"Ok then. When and where?" I asked.

"Hmm tonight?" he asked hopefully.

"Will you be able to get a babysitter that quickly?" I asked. I knew I would but not everyone has their younger sister living with them.

"Should be able to. My mother normally takes them. Did you mention earlier about having a child?" he asked.

"Yeah I have a four year old daughter but my sister lives with me and she can baby sit. If you cant get a babysitter then my sister can look after them with Maddie." I offered.

"Really would she be ok with three kids?" he asked.

"I have an idea. I assume because you want to go on a date tonight you have no plans?" I asked.

"Nope nothing." he said.

"Right then all three of you come round tonight for dinner. You can meet my daughter and sister, and we can get all three kids to sleep and then it takes some weight of Jenna." I offered.

"Ok sounds good. Then we can go out after?" he asked.

"Yep. But I will warn you if we continue to date for a long time I'm not leaving the kids with my sister all the time. We need to include them, and her if she wants to be included." I said. I didn't like the idea of Jenna always looking after Maddie. Its not her responsibility. Sometimes is ok but not all the time.

"No I wouldn't expect her too and we need to spend time with the kids." he said. "I want to get to know your sister and daughter and I want you to know my kids. This is Ethan by the way." he added pointing out the young boy who seemed to almost be asleep.

"Ok. So you have Lizzie and Ethan, I have Maddie and Jenna." I said.

"Ok where do you live and what time?" he asked. I gave him my address, which apparently isn't far from him, another fate factor clearly, and told him to be there by six. He agreed and we parted ways to finish our shopping and so he could get Ethan down for a nap.

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