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Summary: Bellatrix had a child that no one besides Rabastan and Rodolphus knew about, but because of some desperate move to get away from aurors they had to leave their child in the care of muggles. Now eleven years later we follow the life of Lacerta Black and her journey at discovering friends, enemies and most of all the love of her parents.

Chapter 1 – Quidditch World Cup

It had been only 12 hours since Lacerta had been jailed and the Daily Prophetwas printing out sheets of paper a mile a minute. Some witches and wizards were still in their deep slumbers, others only just going to bed and the rest were waking up to the start of a brand new day.

Dorea was sitting at the Leaky Cauldron's bar eating a plate of breakfast and drinking orange juice. She had awoken at six in the morning and couldn't get back to bed, she kept thinking of her friend, Lucy had sent her a note stating that her parents had wanted Dorea to come by that very morning at around 9. It was eight-thirty two and she was ready for the meeting.

"Well, hello to you, Miss Potter." Dorea nearly fell off the stool she was currently sitting on, when she heard the unmistakable voice of her potions master.

"Professor Snape, what a surprise. How are you?" Severus smirked at his student.

"I'm well. I can't help, but wonder what it is that you are doing here, surely you're supposed to be with your muggle relative's along with Potter." Dorea sneered at the mention of her brother.

"Yes, well, I'm no longer bound to them any longer. I'm a free agent, so to speak." Severus quirked an eyebrow.

"You're here without their permission?" She gave him a 'do-I-look-stupid-to-you' look and he smirked once again.

"I'm emancipated from the muggles. I'm just on my way to meet with the Malfoy's, we're to discuss some private matters." It had just hit eight-forty five and she needed to get a move on.

"Well, I shall see you at school, Miss Potter. Good day to you." She nodded and he left. She walked to the fire place and took a pinch of floo powder threw it into the fire grate a flash of green flames shot up and she calmly stepped into the fireplace.

"Malfoy Manor." She spoke in a clear voice and wish a whoosh she was gone.

Dorea arrived with a soft thump as her feet landed lightly in the fireplace. She glanced up and found herself in the living room. She dusted herself off and headed out the living room doors where she soon bumped into Lucy.

"Dorea, oh good you're here. Have you had your breakfast or would you care to join me?" Dorea smiled.

"I have eaten thank you, I'll still join you though." Lucy nodded and the two of them strolled into the large dinning hall. After talking for a short while Lucy and Dorea descended the staircase and made their way across a long hallway on the ground floor and towards a large pine wood door. Lucy paused for a moment before knocking, a barely audible 'come in' could be heard, and the two girls walked through the door and into a spacious parlour.

"Lucy, Miss Potter." Lucius nodded. The two girls walked further into the parlour and found themselves seated together on a leather sofa.

"I heard that you were emancipated from your muggle relative's." Dorea nodded.

"Well, we can't have you out on the streets now can we? Miss Potter, Narcissa and I would like to be your guardians; we feel that since you are family, you deserve to be housed as such. What do you say? Will you accept us as your guardians?" Dorea openly smiled.

"Of course I will accept, it is a very kind and generous offer that one can not refuse. Thank you kindly Mr. Malfoy or shall I call you cousin as it is who you are to me." Lucius chuckled and nodded.

"Cousin Lucius, I like that, it has a rather nice ring to it." Dorea and Lucy giggled.

"Well then we should go to the Ministry to finalize everything. Come Dorea, Lucy would you like to join us or do you wish to stay?" Lucy looked at her father.

"I'd like to accompany you father." Lucius nodded and they all walked back up to the living room and from there they flooed to the Ministry.

Narcissa and Draco sat at the table in the dinning hall, eating a light lunch when an owl started tapping on the window. Narcissa glanced to the window and with a flick of her wand the window opened and the owl flew in, the Daily Prophet clutched in its talons, she dropped the 5 Knuts into the bag and the owl took off once more.

"What does it say mother?" Draco asked as he too glanced at the paper that sat before his mother. Narcissa looked at the headline and began to read the article to Draco.

The Daily Prophet

Lacerta Cassiopeia Elladora Black Lestrange, daughter of Death Eater's, Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange, has been sentenced to 20 years in Azkaban for the use of the Cruciatus Curse.

Miss Lestrange is a mere 14 years of age and is already sitting in prison. It is believed that Miss Lestrange attacked a man in Knockturn Alley late yesterday afternoon for no reason at all. Her cousin's, Draco and Lucy Malfoy along with Dorea Potter sister of the-boy-who-lived, were also apprehended, according to Ministry official's, Mister and Miss Malfoy used underage magic, their first offence, in the defence of Miss Lestrange, Miss Potter opted for the muggle means of dealing with people by throwing a few punches in.

More information was given that Miss Lestrange is currently situated in the cell that once held, notorious mass-murderer, Sirius Black. This cell is said to be directly opposite Bellatrix Lestrange, mother of Miss Lestrange. One must wonder whether her mother will teach her the way's of the Dark Arts.

After using the Truth Serum, it was revealed that Miss Lestrange has used the Cruciatus Curse once before on a fellow student and as it happens it was her own flesh and blood, Draco Malfoy. Albus Dumbledore stated that Miss Lestrange was let off with a warning as it was her first offence.

For further information on Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange – Go to Page 7.

For further information on Sirius Black – Go to Page 8.

For further information on Lacerta Lestrange – Go to Page 3.

For further information on Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived – Go to Page 2.

Draco was shaking his head.

"That is a lie; Lacerta was attacked by the man not the other way round." Narcissa was nodding in agreement. Lucius, Lucy and Dorea arrived home that very moment and all looked rather pleased with themselves.

"Cousin Cissy, I'm finally one of my family members for real." Dorea said after practically launching herself into Narcissa's arms.

"That's wonderful news, so now we are officially your guardians." Narcissa grinned. Dorea suddenly choked back a sob, but couldn't quite stop the appearance of her tears.

"Hey, hey darling, what's the matter?" Narcissa asked quietly.

"I'm j-just so h-happy that I finally h-have a loving f-family." Dorea cried softly on Narcissa's shoulder and Lucius silently left accompanied by Lucy and Draco.

"Shh, my sweet Dorea, you mustn't cry. I'm so very happy to have another girl in the family." Dorea chuckled.

"You and Lacerta are like the daughters I never had, I know it's still early with you, but I already feel like a mother to you, but enough of this, tell me what name did you choose to go by, now that you're adopted?" Dorea smiled at her cousin and answered her with another smile though this time she smiled widely.

"I'll be known as Dorea Lily Epsilon Potter-Malfoy. Do you like it? I took my birth mother's name and kept Potter because it is who I am." Narcissa nodded.

"I love it, shall we have some fun with your cousin?" Dorea nodded and grinned. The two newly established family members went off in search of Lucy. They found her along with Draco flying their brooms around the garden.

"Lucy, come down here please. Dorea and I wish to have a little fun and we need your expert opinion." Lucy chuckled and flew down to her cousin and mother. Shouting back to Draco that she'd come back and join when she was finished she followed the other two inside.

Lucy sat on the bathroom counter and watched as her mother did a small ritual with Dorea. She cut her palm and let her blood flow into the bowl that she would use for the ritual. She took Dorea's hand with her other and she slowly cut Dorea's palm, the blood also began to flow into the bowl. When they had both shed the required amount she magically healed both cuts.

"Now, I want you to place three strands of your hair into the bowl and I shall place three of mine, Lucy will provide hers and then she will collect three strands from both Lucius and Draco. I know it sounds strange to have both Lucy and Draco's, but to properly finalise the adoption we'll need three strands of hair from all persons that are part of the immediate family." Dorea nodded and she quickly plucked out three strands of her hair and placed them into the bowl. A small flash of silver came from the bowl.

Narcissa placed her three strands into the bowl and the same silver flash came from the bowl again. When Lucy did her part the procedure was repeated just it would do when both Lucius and Draco's hairs were added.

Once everyone's hair had been added Narcissa took her wand and tapped the bowl in four different places, a set of four runes lit up and then a final flash of silver came from the bowl. Dorea looked into the bowl and saw that hers and Narcissa's blood was starting to fuse all the strands of hair together. She waited for further instruction from Narcissa once everything had been fused together.

"Now you'll drink the blood and you'll be accepted as a Malfoy." Dorea looked at Narcissa and saw that she was smiling kindly. She waited for Narcissa to finish pouring the contents into a goblet and once that was complete she picked it up and brought it to her lips. With a grimace she poured the contents into her mouth she swallowed all of it and Narcissa took the goblet from her.

"It wasn't that bad actually." Dorea managed to say before she doubled over and gripped her stomach. With a piercing shriek she collapsed to the floor shaking and in a cold sweat. After a few minutes she lost consciousness and Narcissa levitated her to her new bedroom.

Lucy and Draco walked down to the living room and were about to floo to the Alley when Lucius poked his head around the corner.

"Dorea shall be awake hopefully by tomorrow morning, I have some exciting news to share, but in hindsight I had completely forgotten about Dorea's transformation." Draco and Lucy nodded. Lucius left them alone and they flooed into the Leaky Cauldron. Lucy walked into Flourish and Blotts and purchased a book for some reading. Draco had gone to Quidditch Quality Supplies and had bought some broom polish. Once they'd finished with their purchasing they headed to Florean Fortescue's for some ice cream.

"I wonder what Potter will do when he see's his sister has changed?" Lucy laughed.

"He'll throw a fit. Dorea told me about how he had acted the day she'd left the Muggles house after they'd signed the forms." Draco scooped some ice cream out of Lucy's bowl and she smacked his hand.

"That's mine, you have your own." Draco just gave her a smirk. They continued to playfully banter back and forth, soon after finishing their ice creams they returned home. Later that evening, Lucius was sitting at his desk in his study, he was excited about some news he'd been given by Cornelius Fudge. Hogwarts was to hold the Triwizard Tournament and as far as he knew all students could enter, he dearly hoped that Draco or even Lucy would enter and that either one would be chosen as a champion.

He had wanted to let them all know as soon as he'd heard the news, but he had completely forgotten his newly adopted daughter that was in her bedroom going through a change. He'd had to hold his tongue until the following day and only then would he be able to announce the news. He had also just received an owl from the Ministry informing him that he and his family were welcome to join the Minister, in the Minister's box at the Quidditch World Cup. He'd sent a reply saying that he would be glad to join the Minister along with his family.

The family sat and ate dinner and every now and then a scream would echo through the house as Dorea's change started to come to a slow and painful process. The family had finished their meal and had all separated, Lucius returned to his study, Draco went out into the back garden to fly for a little longer before he succumbed to sleepiness. Lucy had gone to the library to read for a few hours where she later fell asleep. Narcissa had gone to check on Dorea's progress and was pleasantly surprised at what she saw.

Later after making sure that Dorea was comfortable, Narcissa left her room and was quickly found by Lucius on her way to their bedroom. That night was one that was filled with Dorea's screams, Lucius had commented on a silencing charm, but Narcissa had refused as she wanted to know that Dorea was still alive. He had reluctantly agreed and had soon fallen asleep.

It was at around seven in the morning when Narcissa was woken by her name been screamed from the floor below. She hadn't put anything on as she ran in her almost see through nightgown down the stairs and to Dorea's room at the end of the hallway. Draco and Lucy were in their night clothes and were wide eyed and staring at Dorea's door.

She pushed the door open and ran to Dorea's side in the bathroom and saw that the girl had wrapped her arms around herself and was lying down in the bath tub. She was breathing rapidly and there was a thin layer of sweat glistening on her skin. She'd stripped down to nothing and was lying in the bath tub that was filled with ice.

Narcissa locked the bathroom door so they couldn't be disturbed. She leaned down next to the tub and placed her hand onto the girls forehead, she pulled her hand back with a hiss. Taking her wand she tapped Dorea's head twice and muttered an incantation and numbers appeared above Dorea's head, 78 degrees, Narcissa gasped.

"How long have you been in that tub?" Dorea was shaking and she looked about ready to pass out.

"I've been here since about six forty or so. I felt fine after the change and I was reading a book by the window when I suddenly felt extremely hot. I'm sorry I'm not decent for you Cissa, but the heat was too much for me." Narcissa looked down at the girl and noticed that she was indeed completely naked. She had not noticed at first until Dorea had pointed it out.

"Don't you worry, I'll need to fire call St. Mungo's for a Medi-Witch, this isn't normal. When did you stop feeling the change?" Dorea looked down.

"At around three or four this morning, I couldn't sleep after that." Narcissa nodded and headed for the door, she called for Lucius through the door as he had hurried along after her. She asked him to fire call a Medi-Witch and told him that no one besides the Medi-Witch would enter the bathroom as she wasn't sure if whatever Dorea had was contagious or not. He had left with an affirmative and not ten minutes later was there a witch in white robes standing in the bathroom along with Narcissa.

"What seems to be wrong?" Narcissa told the woman what Dorea had said and the Medi-Witch checked her over and then checked Narcissa too. After clearing that matter she had performed a range of tests on Dorea and then turned to Narcissa.

"Mrs. Malfoy, you're going to have to remove your nightgown so that I may perform the tests thoroughly." Narcissa had looked absolutely shocked but after an explanation she had begrudgingly agreed. She removed her nightgown and was left in only her underwear, she had been lucky to have gone to sleep with her panties on or she'd have been extremely embarrassed, she was already slightly embarrassed now as she was partly nude in front of her adoptive daughter.

The Medi-Witch tapped Narcissa in different parts of her body and each time a letter would appear and so far only an 'N' had appeared, when the Medi-Witch tapped Narcissa's head for her temperature it came back with 36 degrees.

"You seem to be in ship shape Mrs. Malfoy. I'll check Miss Potter-Malfoy and we'll hopefully be fine." Narcissa nodded and slipped her nightgown back over her head. Dorea was announced as just having a high fever and all she needed was a Pepper-Up potion and some rest and then she'd be alright. Narcissa thanked the Medi-Witch and the woman left.

"I'm happy that you're alright other than having a fever." Dorea could only nod. "Do you need my help or do you wish for Lucy to help you?" Dorea lifted a shaking hand and pointed to Narcissa. With a nod she pulled Dorea out of the tub and helped wrap her in a towel. She and Dorea walked into the bedroom to get Dorea to rest. The medi-Witch had left the potion on the nightstand. Narcissa gave it to Dorea and then with a flick of her wand Dorea was dressed in a flannel nightgown and placed into bed.

A week before the Quidditch World Cup, Lucius stood up from his seat at the Dinning table.

"I've got some news, I know I have kept this from you for a while, but I decided that tonight was the perfect time to tell you that we were invited to attend the Quidditch World Cup with the Minister, we are to be seated in the Minister's box and our tickets have been provided." Draco was grinning. Lucy and Dorea smiled at each other and Narcissa just looked at her children.

"That's brilliant father." Draco said with more enthusiasm than Lucy had ever heard.

"Yes, well. We'll leave one night before everyone else arrives as I want a good spot for our tent." Everyone nodded and continued to eat their dinner. The children left the adults in the parlour after dinner; they slowly went to their rooms and soon were all asleep. Lucius and Narcissa were still in the parlour talking quietly. Lucius edged over to where his wife sat and he kissed her cheek and nuzzled her neck. She slid a few inches away from him, but he pursued her, she once again moved but found herself against the armrest and no where to go as Lucius had pinned her to the sofa with his body.

"Lucius, not now, I'm not in the mood." He growled in frustration.

"You've not let me touch you since Draco was a year and half years old, you're never in the mood Narcissa." His voice rose in volume. The parlour had a permanent silencing ward so that if guests were over, they wouldn't be heard.

"Don't raise your voice to me, Lucius" Narcissa said in a calm tone. He looked murderous.

"I will do what I please, you are my wife and you willobey me." He slapped her to get his point across and she glared at him.

"I only asked for you to not raise you voice." Narcissa tried to continue, but Lucius would have none of that. He smacked her again and then downed yet another glass of firewhiskey. By now he'd had nearly a full bottle of the drink and his temper was getting hotter and hotter as he downed more of his drink. Narcissa started to get nervous of his strange behaviour tried to move away from him once again.

"Where d'ya thinks yer goin'?" he slurred. His eyes were a little glassy and his breath stunk of firewhiskey.

"I'm going to bed Lucius, your drunk and I'll not be in the same room as you while you're in this state." Lucius was already angry that evening as he'd received news from a fellow Death Eater stating that they were going to scare the wizard and witches at the World Cup, he didn't want to partake, but his being there had put him in a tight spot, so he'd had, had to agree to join the 'fun'. With half a bottle of firewhiskey in his system he was getting angry and aggressive.

"You'll go when I'm finished." He shouted. She flinched at his tone and sat frozen to the sofa.

"Now, why won't you let me touch you?" He shouted again.

"Are you having an affair, hmm? Are sleeping around with other men?" Narcissa had never been subjected to this side of Lucius before as he'd never let himself get this drunk with his wife around him, now she could see why, he was quite scary in this state.


"Answer me!" Smack! Narcissa was holding her cheeks and looking at him in fear, she opened her mouth to answer him when raised his hand once more.

"No! N-no, I-I h-haven't." She replied shakily. He stood up and pulled her up from the sofa as well.

"Let me see your neck." She was confused, why would he want to see her neck. She raised her shaking hands to her robe and quickly un-did it just enough for him to see her neck. He seemed satisfied and the smirk proved it.

"Now tell me why you don't want me to touch you." She was too slow for his liking and Smack!

Another slap to her face and she answered.

"Why?" he yelled.

"Because you disgust me!" She screamed. She slapped her hands across her mouth when she realised what she'd just said, but it was too late, it was far too late. His face contorted and his eyes lost the glassy look to them. He was beyond livid. Narcissa started backing away and was shaking with absolute terror. Lucius was on her like a lion with its prey, he beat her to within inch of her life that night, he then proceeded to do the most horrific thing she'd ever experience he'd raped her. Of course he'd done that to muggles and mudbloods so to him it was nothing.

That night was the most terrifying night of Narcissa Malfoy's life.

It had been a month since Lacerta was placed into Azkaban and in that month she'd been subjected to 124 'Dementor feedings' as she like to call them. She had a lot of happy memories, but each day four of them were taken away from her. Bellatrix had noted that her daughter was looking lifeless, it had taken her years or so she thinks to get to the state in which her own flesh and blood was at. Lacerta was talking to someone next to her cell when her mother spotted her.

"Lacerta, you okay?" She watched as the girl in the opposite cell glanced up, her eyes catching the light, the familiar glint from the gem gleaming in her direction.

"Yes, perfectly fine thanks. I was just talking to Dolohov." Bellatrix nodded and slid back to the wall in the corner. They were all shackled to the walls by their legs and arms as many of them tried to many times too attack the few Aurors that would come passed to check if anyone was dead or dying.

"Alright then Dolohov, where were we?" She questioned while running her nails along the wall she was shackled to.

"Uh, you were telling me how you got a scar from a hellhound in your first year." A raspy voice answered from the other side of her cell wall. She enlightened him on all her shenanigans through out her first year at Hogwarts. Unbeknownst to her or Dolohov, half the hall on the top floor was listening to her tales, as hardly any of them had heard a good long story for quite a few years.

Each day was different, she'd either be wailing to no one in particular or she'd be screaming to high heaven about the food. On this particular day she was screaming once again about how the food was utter rubbish.

"I've had better sodding crud than this! You lot of prigs can go to the lowest level of hell for this garbage you feed us!" Bellatrix rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath.

"I'll starve before I ever eat this sodding stuff you idiots call food!" She screamed.

The day had arrived for the Malfoy's to depart from their home so that they could get their tent set up on one the few nicer available spots for the World Cup. They took a Port-Key to an open field, from there they walked a short distance and came across two men dressed very weirdly.

"Mr. Malfoy, please follow me." A portly man addressed Lucius and he led them to a very nice area, there they set the tent up and it could be classified as a Mini-Malfoy Manor. Narcissa was still reeling from the beating she'd been given and had since then become even more submissive toward her husband, who would never admit it, but had felt absolute power the night he beat his wife.

He'd left her bleeding and sobbing on the parlour floor with a smile on his face that night, he hid smacked another three times after that, when she'd tried to hug Draco one morning before he'd gone to Diagon Alley for a new pair of gloves. Since then she'd become even colder towards everyone.

"This is not like our home; it's just a tent with a ground floor where your rooms are and a first floor where your mother and I will sleep." The three teens nodded and left the tent to explore the grounds. Narcissa went outside to watch her three children, she and Lucius had taken to Dorea as though she really was their birth child.

Narcissa was watching Lucy and Dorea as they chatted to each other occasionally looking at Draco and finally after a while, they started to separate and disappear into the woods around them leaving Draco on his own. He stopped and looked around and when he turned to face forward both Lucy and Dorea jumped out from their hiding places and they had obviously shouted something to him, but she wasn't sure as she couldn't hear them. Draco having gotten a fright had fallen backwards with a scream, that she heard as it echoed around them. She could see the girls laughing at him and se felt a small smile tug at her lips.

Later in the afternoon her children returned with huge grins upon their faces, following behind them were Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson along with Blaise Zabini. Narcissa smiled in spite of herself, they now had others their age to talk too. She'd have to find a way to keep Lucius from his constant power hungry tirade. His last bout with her had left her in quite a bad way.

Draco, Blaise and surprisingly Daphne had roped Pansy, Lucy and Dorea into a small game of friendly quidditch. They were enjoying themselves and were later called down, for dinner was ready.

"Are you staying?" Lucy asked Daphne and Pansy while Draco spoke with Blaise. Daphne couldn't and neither could Pansy and Blaise said he'd stay until after dessert as he wanted to be up early. The family and Blaise sat down for their meal and happily exchanged story's and jokes. Lucy and Dorea excused themselves and went down the small hallway and disappeared into their respective bedrooms. Blaise thanked Lucius and Narcissa for a lovely evening and left soon after.

Draco also excused himself and followed his sister's tracks to his own room. Lucius left the dinning room and went to bed, leaving Narcissa on her own. She sighed with relief and not too long after followed his path and went to bed as well.

The following morning saw everyone eating breakfast. Draco, Lucy and Dorea would be going to the small market to buy some items of the team that they'd be supporting. In their case it was the Bulgarians they would be supporting. After leaving the tent they walked the same path that they had done the previous afternoon.

Draco bought a scarf, Lucy bought a giant red and black hat to the great amusement of Dorea. She also bought a scarf and a small flag. Dorea bought a scarf and flag and even bought a scarf each for Lucius and Narcissa. After everything was paid for they left and returned to their tent.

Lucy and Dorea dragged Narcissa to Dorea's room and they carefully wove red and black ribbons into Narcissa's hair which they put into a French plait. Lucy asked for her mother to make half her hair red and then had Dorea put it into a plait similar to Narcissa's. Dorea had her hair done into a French twist. Draco knocked on the door and smiled at his siblings and mother when he saw them helping Lucy put on her giant Bulgarian hat.

"Alright it's time to go, don't forget your scarves." They nodded and followed him out the door. Lucius had his scarf on and he smiled at Lucy and Dorea. He hadn't noticed Narcissa's hair yet as she'd yet to turn for him to see. When she did he smiled at her too.

"You look beautiful my darling. You two look beautiful as well." He said kissing Narcissa's cheek. They left the tent and walked down the path toward the large stadium that was slowly filling up with people of all nationalities. Halfway to the Minister's box they heard a voice, looking up they saw the Weasley's accompanied by Harry, Dean and Seamus.

"Blimey dad, how far up are we?" they heard the youngest Weasley boy state.

"Well put it this way, if it rains you'll be the first to know." Lucius sneered. Draco chuckled. Dorea, Lucy and Narcissa sneered at the larger than normal family.

"My family and I were invited to the Minister's box by Cornelius Fudge himself." Lucius picked his cane up and shoved it into Draco's abdomen.

"Don't boast Draco, it's unbecoming." He looked at his son and Draco nodded. Dorea and Lucy laughed at Draco and both girl's received a smack to the back of their heads.

"Do not laugh at your brother. It's un-lady like." Both girls rubbed their heads.

"Sorry Mum." They said in unison, much to the utter shock of the Weasley clan and their three companions. When Dorea stepped into the light they all gasped in shock. She was as tall as Draco and Lucy; she had silver specks that glinted in her green eyes. Her hair was identical to Narcissa's but instead of the dark brown she had reddish-black. Her chin was pointed; her nose had the Black aristocratic appearance. Her cheek bones were higher and the last was her strong jaw line. She was everything a Black and Malfoy should be, just as her adoptive parents and siblings.

"Mum, these blood-traitors are starting to irritate me and I seem to have caught the smell of a mudblood." Lucius chuckled as did Draco. Narcissa nodded, wrapped her arms around Lucy and Dorea and they left 7 very shocked wizards and 1 witch behind.

The match went off without any troubles, they cheered as the Bulgarians scored ten points and they booed when the Irish got ten points. There was a problem with the Veela halfway through the game, but it was quickly sorted out, the Bulgarian Seeker, Viktor Krum one the match by catching the Golden Snitch scoring an instant 150 points.

Back inside the Malfoy's tent Draco was running his mouth a mile a minute with Blaise and Daphne.

"What a game. Did you see how Krum swooped passed the two Irish chasers?" Lucy was leaning her head against Dorea's shoulder on the verge of falling asleep when their father appeared and said he'd been called away for a while as he was needed by the Minister.

Narcissa sat next to Lucy and was running her slim fingers through her hair. They were talking quietly for a long while. Daphne and Blaise had left the tent and Draco had gone to the bathroom. Lucy had nodded off and Dorea wasn't too far behind, when a lot of screaming and shouting could be heard.

They shot off the sofa and ran to the tent flap where they saw a lot of people running around screaming. In the distance they could see a group of people in black robes with two people hovering above them. Narcissa instantly knew that Lucius was part of it and she gathered her children and had them run for the woods.

"What about you Mum?" Lucy shouted. Narcissa gave her an angry do-as-your-told glare and Lucy sprinted off with her brother and sister. Narcissa grabbed a few personal effects and she soon was striding across the path, a stray slicing hex hit her shoulder, but she shrugged it off. She couldn't locate anyone until she could here a loud voice shout from behind the trees.

"I suppose your stupid Death Eater father is out there torturing people Malfoy." Ron was standing just a few feet away from Draco. She watched as Draco casually stood there his arms crossed against his chest.

"Even if he was, you're little mudblood friend there might want to hide, don't think that can't spot a muddy like your friend from far away." Draco sneered. Ron's face went as red as his hair and Harry had his wand pointed at Draco's chest. Narcissa breathed deeply and then shouted for her children.

"Draco! Dorea! Lucy!" They turned their heads in her direction and she came through the tree line.

"Ah there you all are, your father and I were wondering where you all went, come." She waited for them to stand by her. She placed a hand atop Dorea's shoulder. She led them out of the woods and one by one she side-along apparated them back to the Manor where Lucius later met them. Before going to bed they spotted their letters lying atop the table in Lucius' study. A house elf popped into the study and bowed its head low; its bat-like ears touched the floor.

"Master, an owl came with the letters, Bessie took them from the owl sir and put them on masters desk." Lucius nodded and handed the letters to the three teenagers. They took them, kissed their mother's cheek and said goodnight. They would only open them in the morning.