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Summary: Bellatrix had a child that no one besides Rabastan and Rodolphus knew about, but because of some desperate move to get away from aurors they had to leave their child in the care of muggles. Now eleven years later we follow the life of Lacerta Black and her journey at discovering friends, enemies and most of all the love of her parents.

Chapter 3 – Durmstrang, Beauxbatons,

Hogwarts… Oh my!

The following morning saw Draco along with his two sisters and the rest of the school standing outside. They were all waiting for the two other wizarding schools to arrive. So far there was nothing giving away the arrival of either Beauxbatons or Durmstrang that is until someone pointed to the sky and shouted 'Look'. Everyone following his hand saw six winged creatures flying high above them with what looked like a small carriage.

"It's Beauxbatons" Someone near the front exclaimed. Everyone watched as six winged horses flew straight toward Hagrid who was directing them to safety. He of course dived out of the when the carriage came down. After they had landed the door opened and a rather large woman appeared.

"Madame Olympe Maxime." Albus said. He greeted her by kissing the back of her hand. She smiled down at him as he led her and her students up to the castle. After a short while he returned and it was just in time as another student shouted that the Black Lake was bubbling. The surface of the bubbling lake broke and a tall mast rose from the depths, it was soon followed by the rest of the ship. It had risen out of the Black Lake and was silently bobbing in the still bubbling water. After a few minutes everything became still, the only movement was about 20 students walking across a long board and onto shore.

Their headmaster looked around forty six or forty eight, he was tall and had a salt and pepper coloured goatee. He had horrible rotting yellow teeth and a small gimp in his one leg. He had a thick fur coat wrapped around his slim body. His black hair was wind swept. He sneered at everyone he walked past, but smiled and greeted Albus when he appeared before him.

"Albus." They gave each other a manly hug before Albus led the Durmstrang students up the worn path and into the old castle that was Hogwarts. Lucy was looking around for their friend and distant cousin, Octavia Meliflua, but to no avail. She was not present; sighing in disappointment Lucy turned to Dorea and shrugged as if to say I-don't-know.

Everyone was now seated in the hall and waiting for the two other school students and their accompanying teachers to enter the Great Hall. Argus Filch the Hogwarts caretaker and only squib in the school pushed the doors open and allowed the Beauxbatons to enter first. The girls walked and then stopped allowing small butterflies to appear from their hands at the Gryffindor table and then they'd walk further down and do the same to the Hufflepuffs. The girls were all dressed in silvery blue dresses and the boys were in the same coloured suits. They walked down the isle and turned left toward the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables, they were seated with the Ravenclaws. A few of the boys were gawking at the girls and some of the girls were staring open mouthed at the boys.

Draco was looking at a few of them and Lucy elbowed his ribs hard. He flinched and rubbed where she hit. He got the message though and stopped staring.

"Please welcome our guests from the Beauxbatons Academy and their Headmistress Madam Olympe Maxime." Everyone student from Hogwarts clapped for the Beauxbaton students.

Once again the doors were opened and boys in long blood red coats with furs around the necks strode into the Hall. They stopped and removed their coats, revealing long canes made of bronze. They tapped them on the floor and small sparks flew from the connections. It was like drums beating in a rhythm only they knew. Two older looking boys ran to the front and lifted their wands. One blew onto the tip and flames in the form of a phoenix burst forth from his wand. It circled once and then flew into the other boy's wand.

They all stood once again in a formation before parting to allow the girls to enter. Each of the girls were dressed in long maroon dresses that had fur at the hem. They had their cloaks wrapped around their shoulders. Walking past the boy's they turned left toward the Gryffindors and Slytherins. The Durmstrang students that had arrived took their seats at the Slytherin table, once seated a loud bang went off and the doors were once again opened to allow entrance to two more students and their headmaster.

After been seated Albus stood up once more and walked to the podium in the centre of the raised stage like area where the professors sat.

"Please give a warm welcome to Durmstrang and their Highmaster, Igor Karkaroff. You will all treat them with respect and expect to see inter-school relations." Everyone clapped once again. Albus clapped once and swung his arms out and the tables were filled with all sorts of delicious foods that would please both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

Lycoris and Draco were conversing with a boy that they knew through their fathers while Lucy and Dorea made conversations with some of the girls.

"Do any of you know Octavia Meliflua?" Lucy asked. One girl looked at them and then nodded.

"Yes, I know her. She is knew at the school, vas she from this school?" Lucy nodded.

"Yes, is she doing alright at the school? Does she look happy?" the same girl nodded her head and continued to talk with her friends. Lucy sighed. She had sent her friend letters and had received replies, but she missed her. She and Dorea had planned a trip to Romania to visit their friend near Christmas time.

After dinner and dessert everyone departed and returned to their houses. Lucy went to her room and collapsed onto her bed. She had been thinking of restarting her Dark Arts training with Dorea who seemed to be nagging her ear off about it. They had agreed to go to the Room of Requirement the next evening to practice. For now they both wanted to sleep and sleep they did.

The following morning was eventful to say the least. The students of age were all dropping their names into the Goblet of Fire. Draco was walking with Lycoris and they noticed a group of girls following the famous quidditch seeker of Bulgaria, Viktor Krum. The two boys rolled their eyes and continued walking the grounds talking about all sorts of things.

Lucy and Dorea were currently in the come and go room practicing spells. The two girls were firing curses at the practice dummies. The two of them had been at it for near two and half hours and decided to end their practice for the day.

"We'll deplete our magic if we don't take a break and besides we have tons of revision to go through before our classes start tomorrow." Lucy murmured while putting her school robes back on. She and Dorea had bought training clothes for such a time as this. They wore shorts and tank tops while they trained. After placing their wands in their holsters they walked out of the room and into the hallway. Taking the stairs further up into the castle they came across a dust covered hall on the twelfth floor.

They were walking along the twelfth floor when they came across a rather large portrait. It was different to the others for it had a silver frame and not the usual gold. Looking to each other they walked closer to the picture.

"Wonder what this is." Dorea said. She looked up at the person in the frame and gasped.

"What the bloody hell?" She heard Lucy say. The person in the picture was staring at them. With hazel coloured and almond shaped eyes the person stared. Red hair and tanned skin the person looked menacing.

"Who are you?" the portrait shouted. The man inside the portrait was burly and was quite frightening with his lion fur coat.

"We're Slytherins and our names do not concern you." Dorea spoke. The man turned his now fiery eyes on her and she was frozen in place. Lucy was glaring at the man in the portrait with hatred.

"I asked who you are, don't cheek me." Dorea gulped.

"I'm Dorea Potter-Malfoy and this is my sister Lucy Malfoy. Who are you?" He seemed to relax slightly, but not much.

"I am Godric Gryffindor, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. What may I ask are you doing on my floor?" Lucy looked disgusted.

"We were interested in how many floors there are to the school, this one caught our interest because it looked disgustingly filthy. How old is this portrait?" Lucy asked.

"I was thirty nine when this was made and I know I died when I was one hundred and twelve. It's been hundreds of years since anyone has found my portrait." Dorea looked shocked for a second before composing her features.

"Yes, well I wouldn't dream of coming back here to you." Lucy said with pure venom.

"I certainly agree, Slytherins don't stoop as low as the Gryffindors." Dorea replied in agreement. They were interrupted by a cough.

"What do you mean 'stoop so low'? Gryffindors and Slytherins always used to talk to each other, they were the best of friends along with the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. All four houses were on very friendly terms, what happened to house unity?" Godric was honestly curious. Lucy decided to answer.

"Salazar wanted only pure blooded children to be in the school, but you and the others wanted half bloods and those filthy mudbloods to be in the school. The three of you banished Salazar from the school for his want of pure blood supremacy. Naturally every Slytherin student was pure blooded and they detested the mud bloods." Lucy replied with a smirk. Godric's portrait was frowning.

"That isn't true. Salazar was happy with everything, he was the deputy headmaster. He believed every child with magic had the right to be in the castle. Helga, Rowena and I never banished him, he left when he fell ill. Thinking he had something that could harm the children he left to rid himself of the infection returning only when he was certain he was infection free." Lucy's eyebrow was lifted along with Dorea's.

"Really and then what happened?" Lucy was not oblivious to anything and she could see that the portrait was telling the truth.

"Salazar was the potions master and he had tested everything he had and only when he found that he had a small case of wizard's flu did he return. He invented the cure for the flu which if I'm not mistaken, still continues to cure it. What you've heard is utter rubbish, the four of us were all very good friends, our children were friends and so were our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Salazar passed on when he was one hundred and twenty, Helga was one hundred and three and Rowena was one hundred and thirty two when she passed. Their portraits are like mine, on their floor that is if you're interested." Lucy was flabbergasted.

"So you're saying is there is no need for us to hate each other? Who would be able to tell us why we're been lied to about the founders?" Godric looked at Lucy and then Dorea.

"You'll need to speak with all the founders, Helga's courters were on the second floor where the hospital wing is, Salazar's portrait is in the dungeons and Rowena's is on the sixteenth floor. They might be able to help you. Oh and before you go, please don't mention anything to anyone, not even the current headmaster." Lucy and Dorea nodded their heads. They thanked Godric and then left for the sixteenth floor.

Upon entering the sixteenth floor they were pleasantly surprised to find no other painting's save for the large silver framed portrait that hung upon the wall opposite a window. The two girls walked to the painting and saw that Rowena Ravenclaw was currently screaming at something in her portrait.

"I don't care what that old fool said to you, you know better than to lead Hogwarts students on wild goose chases." The portrait Rowena shouted.

"Excuse me." Dorea spoke. Lucy stood next to her sister and was fiercely glaring at the portrait.

"Yes! Oh sorry dears, yes?" Lucy had an arrogant look upon her face.

"What and who are you shouting at?" Rowena leaned forward so that her face was mere inches away from the canvas.

"Godric, just informed me of your current headmasters plan to lure you away from prying eyes. He wants to capture Dorea Potter-Malfoy, so that he may turn her against her friends and make her happier with her brother, Harry Potter, once more. He also wants Miss Potter-Malfoy to be forced back to her muggle relatives." By the end of the speech Dorea was clenching her jaw and Lucy was silently seething with rage. Rowena looked at the two girls that stood before her frame with an unreadable look.

"Thank you Madam, we'll be sure to inform our father of this matter." Rowena watched as they walked away. She was quite happy with her intervention. In the shadows of the sixteenth floor stood a man that wore half-moon spectacles glaring at the portrait with unbidden hate.

Dearest Octavia,

We your two friends miss you with all our hearts. It has become very lonely without you and Lacerta. We have been practising our curses and hope that you have started on yours.

How is Durmstrang? Are you enjoying it? Are the professor's kind to you?

We are sure you know of the Triwizard Tournament, we had hoped that you would be here along side us as we cheered on our schools. Of course, there is a lot of speculation at the moment on who will be your school's champion. Beauxbatons, we are unsure of, but Durmstrang will either have Viktor Krum or Marcel Demetrius, they are always glaring at one another in the hallways, but alas no one knows which student will be champion.

We are terribly sorry for not writing you sooner. Lycoris and Draco send their happy returns.

With our sincerest regards,

Your two loving (distant) cousins and best friends,

Lucy Malfoy and Dorea Potter-Malfoy.

My dearest friends,

I miss you and Lacerta very much. I know how you feel; it is very lonely here at school. I've become somewhat of an ice-queen, you all know how angry I can get, and it's gotten worse here at school. Highmaster Karkaroff has threatened to expel me if I don't stop attacking people when they are only asking simple questions. I'm sure Lacerta would be proud.

It is alright once you get used to the work and the people around you. I must admit I am enjoying it, they offer amazing classes here. I signed up for the duelling club and I signed up for Spell and Ward crafting. Yes, they have accepted me kindly.

Yes, I know of the Tournament, I had asked my father to sign the permission form, but he refused on the grounds that I must keep my grades up. Yes, the boy that has sawdust for brains, Krum is a fool, if anyone should enter that Tournament it should be Marcel, she has more brains than Krum, he's only in it for fame. They openly attack each other here, I think they have a record for the number of times they've been in the hospital wing.

It is quite fine; I have been busy with my school work anyway. I am also sorry for not writing you sooner either. Thank you and please tell them that I send my happy returns to them as well.

Your friend and cousin,

Octavia Meliflua.

The students were currently seated in the Great Hall awaiting the announcement of the three champions. Lucy and Dorea had taken a seat next to Daphne and Pansy in the early evening. They were quietly placing bets on who would be chosen from Durmstrang, so far Daphne and Lucy had agreed on Marcel Demetrius while Dorea and Pansy had placed their bet on Viktor Krum.

"She'll be in for sure." Daphne whispered. Pansy rolled her eyes and Dorea shook her head.

"Never, Krum's a shoe-in for sure." Pansy replied. Silence filled the Hall and the four girls' fell silent. Albus Dumbledore stood next to Ludo Bagman and Barty Crouch Sr.

"Now is the time to find out which three students will become their school champions. I will call out your name and you will enter that door." Albus pointed to a door on the left side of the Hall. He stood before the Goblet and raised both hands into the air, as though he were summoning the parchments from the bowels within.

A flash of red and a piece of parchment was released. Hand grabbing it from the air, Albus read the name.

"The Beauxbatons champion, Fleur Delacour." The Hall filled with clapping as Fleur made her way to the door.

"The Durmstrang champion, Viktor Krum." Pansy and Dorea whirled in their seats hands outstretched for their 5 Galleons. After paying up Daphne and Lucy both sulked.

"The Hogwarts champion, Cedric Diggory." The Hall erupted into cheers as a group of students dragged Cedric toward the door. Albus had turned around and had started to walk toward the doors that Cedric had just gone through when he looked up at Severus Snape and noticed the mans utterly confused look. Turning around he saw that the Goblet was burning a brighter red and looked as though it was about to explode when it spat out yet another piece of parchment that was burned around the edges. Lifting his arm and opening his hand, Albus grabbed the parchment out of the air. He looked down and spotted the name.

"Harry Potter? Harry Potter!" He looked up and watched as Harry's friend Seamus gave him a shove from behind, whispering something in his ear. Everyone in the Hall was silent, and then the loud chatter started once more. Some of the students shouting about him cheating the age-line others about it not being fair, one student shouted about his age and that started all of the students complaining. Harry arrived next to the aged headmaster and Albus handed him the piece of parchment, Harry took it without a word and made his way to the door in which three other champions stood waiting.

Lucy sat dumb-founded for a moment, she looked to her brother and her sister and noticed their expressions were screwed up in confusion just as hers was.

"How is it possible for Potter to get in, yet we try many different things and nothing worked?" Dorea muttered. They watched as the boy-who-lived walked away.

"Alright, off to bed with you." Albus called. Lucy and Dorea turned to Daphne and Pansy and gave a small nod. Walking along the hallway's before reaching the stairs Lucy thought of her best friend and cousin, Lacerta had been in Azkaban for nearly three months and she wished she could go and visit her. Dorea thinking along the same lines suddenly stopped mid-step.

"Hey Lucy, can we asked Lucius if he can take us to visit Lacerta? We have an open weekend coming maybe we can go then." Lucy grinned at the idea and the two girls picked up their pace and hurried back to their common room to compose a letter to Lucius.

It was the weekend and Lucius stood in the Entrance Hall in Hogwarts waiting for his girls to arrive. A horde of students passed him and each one of them looked disgruntled at having seen him. He noticed two boys and a girl walking down the staircase and he sneered. Two of them were the Weasley offspring and the other was none other than Harry Potter himself. He heard their hushed tones and sneered when he heard them talking ill of his son.

"Father!" Lucius turned his eyes towards his son's voice and glared at Draco.

"What is it Draco?" Draco stopped short at his father's scathing tone of voice.

"I was just curious as to why you were here." Draco stood stock still and had his hands behind his back in a respectful manner. Inside though he was burning with anger at his father and wished he could punch him in the face again.

"I have some business to attend to and it involves your sisters." Draco knew about the Azkaban visit and he nodded at the clear dismissal his father had given him.

"Well, I have class soon. I will write you and mother later." He strode away and Lucius' eyes caught a blonde head.

"Father, Dorea will be here in just a moment. Daphne has need of her potion skills." Lucius gave a small nod. Lucy walked toward him and stood just behind his form. Dorea arrived not a few minutes later and she greeted Lucius much in the same manner as Lucy had. The three of them turned in perfect unison and strode out of the castle.

Arriving at the front desk of Azkaban prison, Lucy gave an involuntary shudder, neither she nor Dorea had been here before and she was quite scared. After handing in their wands they were led to the most secluded place in Azkaban.

"Why in Morgana's name is my niece at the very bottom of this disgusting hell hole?" Lucius was fuming.

"There was an incident and we were instructed to place Miss Lestrange in the bowels of Azkaban away from everyone else. She is not completely human anymore I think."

"What incident?" Lucy and Dorea sub-consciously moved closer to Lucius.

"Miss Lestrange somehow managed to convince an auror that she was feeling ill and when he moved in closer she sunk her nails into the sides of his neck, all the while laughing away merrily. Of course that deranged mother of hers only egged her on, the poor man was still gurgling and flailing around on the floor as she sank her claws in deeper." Lucy shivered at the description.

"That was only the first one, she subsequently took down another seven Aurors while running around like a raving lunatic. You see Mr Malfoy, the Minister was here at the time and most of our Dementors were guarding him, but I tell ya, when those creatures were sent to capture Miss Lestrange, I have never in my life heard a scream like the one I heard that night." He gave a shiver and Lucius could see the evident fear that still lingered in the man's eyes.

"The girl was left with only her worst nightmares, not one trace of a happy memory left, not one. Some of the Minister's best did Legilimency on her and even they were scared outta their minds at the horror that was her mind. We were ordered to shackle her in our lone cell in the bowels of the prison and that is where she is now." He led them down a long stairwell and eventually they made it.

There was only one torch attached to the wall and when it was lit it only illuminated a small section of the cell. There was a shadowed figure that was hanging from the walls, Lucy walked into the open cell along with Dorea and the two young teenagers slowly crept closer until they were close enough to see that their best friend was covered in scabs and multiple bruises. She was painfully thin and was extremely gaunt giving them the impression that she was dead, if it wasn't for the small movement of her chest rising and falling with her shallow breaths, they would've believed that she was in deed dead.

They looked her over from head to toe and noted that she had longer hair that was covered in grime, he finger nails looked like talons they were so sharp and covered in dried blood. She was filthy, blood speckles covered her entire frame and her clothes were nearly falling off of her body. Lucy not been able to hold it in any longer burst into tears and moved to Lacerta's side where she ran her index finger along her friends jaw.

"Oh Lacerta, how we miss you so, Dorea is now part of our family, I wish you could see her. Draco has grown so much as well, mother says he'll be a heart throb when he reaches sixth year." There was a small insane chuckle that echoed around them.

"Lucy, Lucy you've come to visit me, who else is with you?" The voice that she heard cut into her head with its metallic tone; such was it that even Lucius flinched.

"Dorea is here as is father. We came to see how you were." Lacerta opened her eyes and looked at Lucy with a piercing deep brown eye and glinting black orb with a silver diamond pupil that tore her apart from the inside out. Her eye, much the same as Lucy's had been transformed into the stone she had once worn under her eye and round her neck. The Onyx and Diamond that now resided in her eye was in her cousins and it looked ten times worse than hers.

"Oh I'm perfectly fine, mother taught me so much Lucy, she was so proud of me when I told her of my accomplishments. The Dementors are taking every happy memory I have you know, but that memory will never leave me. Where is Octavia?" Lucy was trying to catch up to her friends thought pattern and realised that she truly was going slowly insane. Being this young would affect her more quickly than others and it made Lucy very sad.

"Octavia is at Durmstrang, don't you remember?" Lucy looked at Dorea and found that she was standing at Lucius' side, sadness evident in her eyes.

"Oh yes, I remember now. Leave me be Lucy, I am tired of this foolishness. The Dementors will be here for their feast and I'd hate for you to have to witness this." Lucy nodded and hurriedly followed after her father and sister. Try as she might she just couldn't grasp the fact that her beloved cousin was going nuts.

Lucius knew his daughters and son were putting up acts when it came to him, he also knew that when they found out that Narcissa still had not forgiven him they wouldn't want to be near him. They arrived back at Hogwarts entrance gates and when he turned to say good bye they were already gone, with a sigh he left and returned to his home.

The first task arrived sooner than expected and all the students of Hogwarts were excited to see if their champions would win. Dorea and Pansy were walking together watching as many younger students placed their bets with the Weasley twins.

"Place your bets, come on." Daphne rolled her eyes as she passed the twins on her way to where Dorea and Pansy were sitting. Lucy came strolling past Daphne with an air of superiority etched on her face, something was clearly upsetting her. Walking towards her friend she grabbed her elbow and stopped her.

"Hey, what's wrong? You look like someone has murdered your mother." Daphne realised too late that, that sentence was the worst thing she ever said, Lucy went rigid and looked hard at Daphne.

"Don't say that to me again!" Daphne shrank back at the venom in Lucy's words and quickly apologised to her. Having apologised Daphne and Lucy joined Dorea and Pansy in the stands to await the first task. Draco and his goons, Goyle and Crabbe were sitting on the other side of the circled stands and could see his sisters and their friends. He noticed that Lucy looked angry at something, he had a feeling it was their father, but he wasn't sure so he'd ask her later, he decided.

Dumbledore arrived and announced that he would be speaking to the champions and then when the canon fired they would each come out and battle their chosen dragons. He had silenced the tent in which the champions stood and they were clueless as to what the task would entail or so some people thought so having no idea that each champion had somehow found out about the dragons and each of the four were somewhat nervous.

Dorea watched as Dumbledore silenced the crowd and call out the first champion.

"Our first champion to start is, Cedric Diggory." The canon, which was manned by Filch, let off a great Bang. Cedric came out first, he was then followed by Viktor Krum. After Viktor, Fleur Delacour was third and then Harry Potter.

Dorea chuckled along with Pansy as Harry instantly started for the Golden Egg, without so much as a thought for the Dragon. Draco sighed when the Dragon's tail missed Potter's head. Eventually the boy started to use the grey mater that was his brain when he pulled his wand from his pants, hip holster. Lucy was starting to get bored of the task and stated this fact to her three friends, they too were quite bored.

"I still can not understand how that scrawny boy got into this whole competition, surely one such as he should be bound to the rules as we are." Daphne mentioned in passing. She received a few nods from the other students that were around them. A few seats over Ginny Weasley sat listening to what the Slytherin bitches were saying. She would speak with Harry later and tell him all that she heard.

"One could always speak with Mr Krum and perhaps persuade him to somehow get the boy out early." Lucy watched as the three others digested her words. "Accidents happen you know." She wanted to smile when she could literally see the Knut drop as each of the three nodded their agreements.

Ginny was outraged that they would think of such things, now though she would hold her tongue. Revenge is bitter when hot, but when served cold it was beautifully tasteful.

Lacerta was still hanging by her wrists when she heard the sound of a rattle. She shuddered involuntarily at the next rattle. Her memories or what was left of them were going to be sucked from her mind. She tried to stop a rather sweet memory from resurfacing, but it was too late, it was there right in the fore front of her mind. Ripe and ready for the picking.

~*Memory Begins*~

Lacerta was sitting atop the fountain's circular ledge watching as Lucy chased after Draco. He had taken her winter wolf fur hat and had placed atop his own head mimicking his older sister.

"Draco, you bring that back!" she had shouted. "I'll tell father you went through his closet." Draco and stopped only to pull a face and had started running again.

"Lacerta! Are you just going sit there and watch?" Lacerta had giggled and waved her hand causing Lucy to scowl. "You're so mean, you know that right?"

"Of course I do, I'm the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange, it's in my blood." Lacerta had giggled again when Draco tripped over a loose pebble. He fell to the ground and Lucy had pounced him, grabbing her hat placing it on her head once more.

"Now can we please go inside? I'm starting to feel faint." Lacerta and Draco followed their cousin into the Manor for some lunch and some more bonding time.

~*Memory Ends*~

Lacerta screamed as the memory she was so fond of, was ripped from her mind and sucked into the Dementor. She continued to scream as another precious memory left her. The Ministry had come again to check on her mental state and were surprised to see some happy memories. They had obviously missed them as the girl had been trying her damndest to keep them at bay so that she would still have some joy.

Up above them in the highest cells, Bellatrix sat huddled in a corner of her dank cell waiting for the creatures that had tormented her for the past 13 years, but she didn't the years. She had often asked how long it had been since she'd been put away and had never been answered. She guessed it was about 14 years or maybe 15, but then she remembered her daughter's age and realised it was 13 years.

The first of the screams started with Dolohov's cell at the very front of the corridor and slowly worked their way up to hers. She waited, listened and then heard the first rattle and she knew it was her turn. Like her daughter had earlier, she let out a shriek as her memories were ripped from her too. One of her happiest and fondest memory was coming close to being suck from her and try as she might she couldn't stop it from appearing at the front of her mind.

~*Memory Begins*~

Bellatrix was sitting in a white hospital waiting chair swinging her small feet back and forth. Her hands clasping the sides as a though anchoring herself to the chair itself. She had shoulder length black hair that was smoothed into a crisp bun as she'd been in the midst of a dance class when her mother had suddenly grabbed her midsection with a gasp. Leaving the group she ran to her mother in a panic.

"Mother, are you alright? Is the baby coming?" Her mother gave another gasp and the dance teacher quickly grabbed the woman by the arms and in an awkward half turn she apparated them both to St. Mungos Hospital, where she now sat swinging her legs waiting for her father and sister to arrive. Her father burst through the floo along with Andromeda, her younger sister. She called her father and told him that Mother had gone into the labour ward and she was told to wait. He nodded and sat down next to her. Andromeda sat on her right side and she too started to swing her legs.

Bellatrix was now 6 years old and Andromeda was 3. They were either getting another baby sister or they would get a baby brother, if it was a boy their father would be most proud, but if it was a girl he'd probably treat her the same as he did them, horribly.

"Mr Black, your wife is ready to see you." A Medi-Witch came out several hours later, he gave Bellatrix a shake and she woke, turned to Andromeda and gave her a shake as well. They followed behind their father and into the room where their mother was sitting cradling another child. She had tears in her dark blue eyes and with a small sniffle she looked up at her husband.

"I'm sorry, so sorry Cygnus; I have born yet another girl. I have failed you as a wife once again." He looked at her with a sharp glare and moved to stand beside the bed.

"Let me see my child, Druella." She handed him the bundle of blankets almost reluctantly. He looked down at the tiny baby girl in his arms and for the first time since his wife had announced her first pregnancy smiled with pure happiness. Druella startled looked at him with her eyebrows raised.

"Cygnus?" He chuckled and turned to his other daughters. He placed the newest addition to the family in her mother's arms and turned to the other two little ones, he picked them up and placed them on the bed. He once again took his newborn child into his big strong arms and sat between Bellatrix and Andromeda.

"Bellatrix, Andromeda, this is your baby sister." He let them look at the sleeping baby and watched as Bellatrix's eyes widened and Andromeda grinned.

"She pwetty Papa, she vewy pwetty." Andromeda said grinning. Cygnus smiled and nodded. "What her name?"

"Narcissa Violetta Black." Druella nodded in agreement. A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Bellatrix looked down to her new baby sister and studied her intently. She had sparkling blue eyes that were like sapphires and a small tuft of dark brown and blonde hair. Narcissa looked at Bellatrix and gave her a gummy smile; Bellatrix couldn't resist and smiled back.

~*Memory Ends*~

Bellatrix let out an blood curdling and ear splitting scream that caused the prisoners two floors down to cringe in terror.

Lucy and Daphne sat alongside Pansy and Dorea having threatened a few others if they didn't move over. Harry was busy being chased by a murderous dragon somewhere over the castle grounds and the four girls were utterly bored. Draco decided to join his sisters and their friends, he Vince and Greg walked over to where they sat and claimed another 3 spots.

"Draco, how lovely of you to join us on this utterly boring day. How are you brother?" Lucy said with sarcasm. "Dorea, move over some so that our dear brother may sit besides you." Draco smiled in kind and sat in the pro-offered seat.

"I wonder if any of you are up for a duel later tonight, we need to practice. I also wish to speak with you two alone tonight regarding certain issues." Dorea and Lucy nodded. "Excellent, now which of the four of you placed a bet today?"

"I did, I bet 50 Galleons against nine others, that Krum would get the most points today. That of course means if I win I earn myself exactly 450 Galleons." Dorea spoke proudly. Draco nodded and smirked.

"You will make father proud." Draco didn't even think before he spoke and when he finally realised what he said he felt a flash of anger towards his father and then cursed himself for his stupidity. After a further 15 minutes Potter emerged from the sky with a smoking broomstick and a bleeding nose. He swooped down and picked up his prize, a Golden Egg.

The crowd cheered and booed. The points were given and were as follows; Viktor Krum with exactly 10 points, Fleur Delacour with 9 points, Cedric Diggory with 7 points and Harry Potter with 6 points. Lucy laughed when Dorea jumped up with more excitement than a child.

"Well done Dorea, now you can by us some butterbeers at Rosmerta's place." Laughed Draco walking along the benches. Daphne agreed and even told her she could by them some sweets too. Laughing and ribbing each other they all walked back up to the castle.

Once inside the castle they split up and went their separate ways. Dorea and Lucy walked up the staircase and returned to the sixteenth floor. Upon arriving they found that Rowena Ravenclaws portrait was missing. They walked back down to the twelfth floor and Godric Gryffindors portrait was missing as well. Shrugging and thinking nothing of it they left. Both forgetting about the portrait's all together.

"Lucy shall we return to the common room?" Agreeing they walked down the flight of stairs that led to their common room. "Lucy, I wonder, would you accompany me to my dorm, I wish to speak with you." Dorea smiled and led her sister to the dorm room. Shutting the door she walked to her bed and motioned Lucy to sit. Closing the curtains around her bed she put up a silencing spell so that they would have some privacy.

"What's the matter?" Lucy waited patiently and was her silence was rewarded.

"Well, I was thinking, been in your family and having the Malfoy's name, I was wondering, will anyone take me as a wife or will I be married to a halfblood like myself or a mudblood?" Lucy looked shocked. She hadn't thought of that, "It's alright, you can tell me anything, I won't be upset."

Thinking things over Lucy decided to speak, "Well, I don't know, father hasn't received any proposals yet. He told me that Aunt Bellatrix only received her first proposal when she was in year 5. I suppose when the time is right, you'll get a proposal, I'm sure." Dorea nodded and leaned over to give her sister a hug.

"Thanks Lucy, I feel a little better now." They giggled and then pulled apart. "Shall we send Octavia another letter?" Lucy smiled and they got to work on their letter.

Dearest Octavia,

We're writing to let you know, that Viktor Krum is the Durmstrang champion, Fleur Delacour for Beauxbatons. Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter for Hogwarts. Dorea won a bet worth 450 Galleons today. We visited with Lacerta two days ago, she seems to be losing a little of her sanity, but we're unsure. She said that Aunt Bellatrix was very proud of her for her accomplishments.

We, Draco, Dorea and I have stopped speaking with father. He did the most vile thing to mother and as she has not forgiven him neither shall we. When the Easter break comes we'll return home and visit her.

Have you any proposal's as of yet? If so, do tell. When shall you be visiting with us?

We have to go now as the bell has just tolled.

We and our friends send our affections.

Your cousins,

Lucy Malfoy and Dorea Potter-Malfoy

Sitting in potions Lucy started to think about what Dorea had said. She was a little worried that her sister would not be sent a proposal and it made her start to think of Leonid, he hadn't written her and she had sent him countless letters. She resolved herself to speak with her father when she returned home. She was a fifteen nearing sixteen and she knew about boys and all the hormones involved with being a teenager.

She had noticed boys looking at her and Dorea and quite a few had stared openly at Dorea, but she wasn't sure if it was because they thought her pretty or if it was because she had gone home the previous year with only the first showings of her being a woman and had come back more fully developed. She knew Draco had taken an interest in Daphne's younger sister, Astoria, and wondered whether he'd ask for a proposal to be sent to her when he came of age or not.

Her eyes swept the room and she found a pair of beautiful blue-green eyes looking at her before the owner of the pretty gems flushed and turned their head away in shyness. She felt her cheeks flush and she too turned away.

"Miss Malfoy, could you tell me what I must add to complete the Polyjuice Potion?" Severus watched as she straightened herself and then spoke her answer confidently.

"I piece of the transfigured-being-to-be, most typically the person's hair, sir." Severus nodded. She smiled slightly and then wrote down the instructions to the next potion they were to brew. The Oculus Potion. She started hers with her partner and when they had finished they wrote on the label and took it their professor. After been given a nod of approval she left very much aware of those beautiful orbs watching her as she left.

Making her way to her next class she stopped passing her brother and sister. "Dorea, I will speak to you at lunch okay, we have some things to discuss." Dorea nodded and they continued onto their next class. Lucy ran the rest of the way to her Ancient Runes class and made it just in time.

At lunch Dorea sat down next to Lucy and put up a small silencing charm. "What's do you want to discuss?" Lucy took a sip of Pumpkin juice and looked at Dorea.

"Well, I was thinking in class about what you said and I realised that you don't pay any attention to your surroundings."

Dorea looked at her with an eyebrow raised, "Oh really, what pray tell, am I missing?" Lucy rolled her eyes and playfully glared.

"You miss all the stares you get nowadays, since certain body parts are slightly bigger than last year." Lucy shifted into a straighter position to emphasize what she was meaning. Dorea catching on quickly/

"No ways, really?" Lucy nodded. "Wow, I really don't pay attention." They giggled and Dorea cancelled her spell. Eating some of her salad, Dorea looked around and noticed that a few boys quickly turned their heads away. Looking down their table she spotted Draco talking animatedly with Lycoris, probably something to do with Quidditch, she thought. Glancing to where the Durmstrang students she spotted Viktor Krum talking with Daphne, her eyes roamed over the different faces and she found a pair looking at her, no not at her, but at Lucy.

Dorea studied the Durmstrang student from where she sat. Luscious long dark brown hair that was straight. An aristocratic nose set upon a heart shaped face with high cheek bones and a strong jaw. A pointed chin and almond shaped eyes which had sparkling blue-green irises, a long swan like neck that gave this person a pureblood look. Dorea knew at once that this student from Durmstrang was obviously staring at her sister.

Lucy too had noticed the eyes were once again on her and this time she decided to invite this person to join her on a friendly stroll of the grounds. Nodding to the Durmstrang student she tilted her head toward the door and gave a small smile an invitation that the other could not resist. Lucy leading the way out of the castle, across the courtyard and down into the open grass she finally stopped at the Black Lake.

"You've been watching me." Not an accusation, more like an acknowledgement. "I can't help, but wonder why?" She turned and faced the person before her. Intense blue-green eyes bore into her bright blue ones.

"Yes, I have been vatching you. You asking vhy? Vell, it because I am finding you, very attractive. Does scare you?" Lucy smiled and shook her head. "Do think I am attractive?" Lucy watched as the other straightened and spread their arms wide in a large sweep. Looking at student, she trailed her burning gaze over the other body, looking at all the curves and dips, all the angles. Liking what she was seeing.

Lucy's eyes penetrated those of the Durmstrang student and she gave a large and brief smile. "I like everything I see very much." Lucy wondered if it was a harmless or needy crush. She wondered if it was the same for the other. "Do you like what you see?" Imitating her companion she too lifted her arms, watching as the eyes of her peer swept her body from head to toe and back again. She could feel her skin start to warm and her stomach start to tighten. Suddenly everything felt too tight and she wondered if they were the same.

"I am liking very much yes!" Lucy blushed a bright red and sat down near the shore of the lake.

Lucy extended her right hand and smiled. "I'm very sorry, I've been terribly rude, I'm Lucy Malfoy and you are?"

"Marcel Demetrius" Lucy shook hands with Marcel and together they sat and talked for the rest of the lunch break. Lucy thought about how she found herself liking a girl. She had remembered her two friends were crushing after one another and now she at 15 was sitting with another girl, a girl who she found quite attractive. She wondered if it was just a small phase she had gone into or if it was a life altering moment, she hoped it was only a crush.

"Ve meet on Friday night yes?" Lucy nodded. She had agreed to go on a date with Marcel. Marcel had told her that she was the second girl she'd ever asked out and Lucy had confessed that she was her first. After speaking to each other and telling the other about themselves they had decided to go on a proper date this coming Friday night. They would of course keep things quiet. Marcel had a feeling that this small relationship would end when she had to return home after the Tournament was over.

"Where's Lucy?" Draco had been searching for his sister after lunch, but could not locate her anywhere. "Dorea, did you see her on the way to class?" Dorea shook her head in the negative. Sighing he sat down in the chair next to his friend Blaise Zabini and waited for the lesson to begin. Alastor Moody stood in front of the class and spoke of their lesson, watching as they took notes and listened as he spoke.

Draco was writing down everything that Moody said and finally they were called to stand and line up. He wanted to test their skills at fighting the Imperious curse. Going in alphabetical order they were each tested and each of them failed.

"Malfoy Draco" Draco took a breath and released it. He and Dorea had gone over this curse a few weeks ago and he had succeeded in breaking it, but they were only 14 and Moody was an adult, so his magic was stronger. "Imperio" Draco's eyes glazed and he fought to break the spell. After about four minutes, he felt the spell lift. Sighing he went back to his seat. Dorea went next and she too failed to break it, he gave her a nod as she passed. Pansy went and failed and then Potter was called up.

Draco rolled his eyes as the glory boy stood and waited. Finally the spell was cast, but nothing happened. He just stood there; Draco started to get upset, how could Potter not get affected by the curse, but everyone else can, he thought. He would do some searching when he had time, but for now he had to concentrate on his marks.

After their last class for the day they went to the Hall for supper. Daphne was sitting with Viktor again and Pansy sat next to him, getting to clingy for his liking. He watched as people walked into the Hall and sat at their tables, the Weasel and his mudblood friends all laughing about something or other, he saw that Potter wasn't with them, but was sitting alone at the end of the table. Shaking it from his head he tried to find his sister, but she wasn't present.

Looking at all the food he decided on a lamb shank, roasted potatoes that were sprinkled with lemon and herbs, baked bell peppers and finally a slice of Banista, a traditional Bulgarian food prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of cheese between filo pastry. After eating the main course he looked up and looked around the Slytherin table finally spotting his sister. Lucy was sitting with Marcel Demetrius at the end of their table talking and eating. He saw her using her hands to express whatever she was talking about and the girl opposite her laugh.

The deserts appeared and he looked at what was offered, he chose three items, Baklava, Ice-Cream and a slice of milk tart. Having enjoyed his food, he stood and left the Hall along with some other students. He saw further a head; his sister and Marcel were walking together toward the Entrance Hall. He couldn't help, but wonder what they had in common to form a friendship and he didn't understand how his sister, the sister who doesn't leave her comfort zone, could become friends with someone from another country, another school.