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Two prying eyes roved over a familiar apartment as a rowdy (currently sleepy) blonde awoke from a pleasing nap about giant bowls of ramen and a naked Sakura. Milk-white spheres widened as the quarry proceeded to disrobe and slowly shuffle to the bathroom, all the while giving the observer a very generous view of the jinchūriki's bum.

"Hinata, what are you doing?"

Letting out a squeak a mouse would have thought deafening, the brunette whipped around to see her cousin Neji standing there, arms crossed, frowning.

"Are you spying on him AGAIN?"

Face redder than a tomato, Hinata said nothing, suddenly finding a bug crawling along the grass of her hiding place incrediblyinteresting.

She jumped about a foot in the air when Neji put his hand on her shoulder. He knelt down, looked deep into her eyes and spoke.



"Talk to him."

In a spectacular show of affection and concern, he caressed his cousin's cheek.

"Because what you're doing…"

Hinata looked back at him with wonder and admiration in her eyes, patiently awaiting his sage advice.

"Is really creepy."

Always watch the quiet girls. 96% of the time, they're MASSIVE closet perverts~