Hey, this is a new story and my first Danny Phantom story too!

This takes place after Phantom Planet! Full Summary: Five years after Phantom Planet, Danny and Danielle were kidnapped and experimented on. Now, they're back, angry and dark, looking for revenge on the people that caused them so much pain. Can Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Maddie and Jack save them from themselves?

Hopefully, it will be good.

It had been five years since Danny and Danielle were kidnapped. No one knew where they went; the police tried looking for them but had no luck.

So Amity Park had to endure the ghost attacks that just seemed to be getting worse time after time without their saviour Danny Phantom and his newly adopted sister Danielle.

And since their secret had been revealed when they had saved the earth from destruction many people tried to find them in the ghost zone; but no such luck came of the many attempts, everyone finally giving up and realising that the Phantoms were probably never coming back.

It was only until a group of people came to Amity Park, asking around if they had seen any weird looking teenagers. One at nineteen years of age and the other at seventeen years old. This group of people finally gave up, gathering everyone at the city hall announcing that if anyone were to see these two teens they were to immediately phone their hotline.

The photo's they showed: Danny and Danielle in their ghost forms. Not looking so great. Many scars littered their bodies, three deep scars running down Danny's face were still fresh and oozing blood, Danielle bound and gagged, her eyes glowing bright red, looking as if she was about to break free and murder the person in front of her.

Anger swept through the crowd when they saw the photos. Shouts and curses were screamed until the group finally left.

Eventually, people calmed down, and retreated to their homes. Only five people remained, just looking at the pictures that were still put up on the projector, with tears building in their eyes.

Jack and Maddie Fenton, Danny's parents and Danielle's adoptive parents

Jazz Fenton, both the Danny's big sister.

Tucker, Danny best friend since childhood who had been at his side in nearly every adventure.

And finally, Sam, Danny's now ex girlfriend of five years, she still loved him, but in that photo, the only emotions that were in Danny's eyes were anger and hatred.

"We have to help them." A whisper came from Maddie.

Nods came from the remaining people, no words were needed, and they all knew that there was probably no hope in finding the two Halfas but they could still wish couldn't they?

Yet, no wishes were needed.

Above them, two Halfas floated, the girl's eyes glowing red, the boy's scars starting to crack open in his angered expression.

Danny and Danielle Phantom were back, and out for revenge.

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