E/O Challenge Word:

trick /trik/ n. – A peculiar or characteristic habit or mannerism.

Spoilers/Warnings: 7.02

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: closer to 200, so I guess it's a double drabble

The devil knows exactly what he's doing… ~ John Mellencamp

Even though he has yet to speak, Sam knows he is there as a vague "disturbance in the force" feeling washes over him.

And even though he tells himself he is not going to give Lucifer the satisfaction of turning around to look at him, before Sam can stop himself, he is doing just that – turning in the passenger seat to look.

Lucifer smiles in the backseat. "Hi, Sam."

A familiar cold chill floods Sam's chest and settles as a knot in his stomach, causing him to swallow convulsively and press his right thumb into his left palm; feeling the smooth new skin that now covers the freshly healed wound.

Lucifer's smile widens into a grin. "Did you miss me like I missed you?" he asks sweetly, arms stretched over the seat; clearly comfortable, like he belongs there.

Sam shakes his head. "Stop talking to me. You're not real," he states flatly, as he continues to press his thumb against his left palm; confused as to why this trick is not working, why Lucifer is still there.

Lucifer arches an eyebrow. "Not real?" he repeats and sounds amused. "If I'm not real, you stop talking to me."