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(Text) Dream

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Chapter 1

As she began to sink, she felt rage for not achieving her purpose. For too long had she attempted to start a family of her own and been rejected by the men she idolized. Was it her fault that she was born as she was? Okay, she'd come to the realization that maybe being in a relation with someone who looked no just slightly older than nine seemed rather odd. But they couldn't see what they didn't understand. She was just a simple woman trying to make her way in the world. A woman who had the same thought and desires as any other woman.

Her blood began to strangely warm her in the frigid waters of the pond. She tried to move her neck but thanks to the force of the kick received from Kate, she realized it was almost pointless. But after bracing herself as she had when she broke her arm in the vice, she jerked her head and she could hear the bones crack clearly even though her own heartbeat was muffled. She swam towards the breach in the ice which was perfectly outlined by the eerie pale glow of the moon. Making it to the surface, she coughed harshly blood spewing from her mouth. She gurgled the foul iron-like liquid in her mouth and forced it down.

"Never has anyone so much as struck me," she thought to herself, "yet, that bitch nearly broke my neck. And John, dearest John, you would've so loved what I was willing to offer you." She pulled herself out with all of her strength, the weight of her soaked clothes, hindering her progress until finally, she was out of the water her ankles and feet only over the hole. She felt cutting in her leg and reached into her pants which made a make-shift sheath for the steak knife she'd used before. She pulled it out. The blade's tip and edge was coated with her blood. Rising slowly, she was barely able to a walk, the pain in her neck making it nearly impossible to focus her direction or her eyes. Making her way into the neighboring wooded area, she made sure she was out of sight of the house.

After traveling for about five more minutes, she came to rest on a fallen tree trunk. She took off her pants so as to look at her cut. It wasn't bad really just a slight scratch and she'd had far worse. Thirty-three years of life never comes without having major cuts, breaks, and in some cases, a tooth or two. As soon as she was redressed and decent, she heard the distant wail of police sirens. She barely made herself visible on the edge of the woods and looked over at the cars. An ambulance was also there. She took advantage of the confusion and bolted over the snow towards the house. She crept along the side of the house and cautiously looked around.

A large black bag was being taken into the ambulance. She shook her head in disapproval. However, sensing she wasn't safe she climbed the drainpipe all the way up to the roof. She got on the roof and looked down with a bird's eye view. She saw Kate and Max being escorted into a waiting squad car and the police scouring the grounds for any trace of her presence. She'd studied the house extensively during her short stay and she knew exactly where her room was in relation to where she was currently at.

Crawling on her hands and knees, she slinked catlike and quiet until she came to the section of room which was right above her window. She knew she couldn't wait long outside and the sooner the police were done in their search for her, the better. She saw the shadows of the police moving to and fro in her room, a fact which irritated her to no end. At least the last time around, there wasn't much of a room left to investigate. A few minutes later, the room she knew was empty of anyone trying to invade upon her personal space. She went back over to the location where the cars were stationed and soon, she saw that the police where packing up and getting ready to leave. Knowing from experience never to leave anything to chance, she waited the extra five minutes.

Her patience was well rewarded for soon afterward, every police car was gearing up to leave the premises. Going back to her window, she used the sound of the cars withdrawing to distort the sound of her breaking the glass with her feet and swinging into her room. She headed to her closet where her suitcase was. She opened it and still found her "little girl" dentures safe and secure underneath some spare clothes. She could no longer abide being in the house and she made up her mind not to be there any longer than necessary. Taking one of her old-fashioned clothing arrangements, she went to the bathroom, turned on the hot water, and took a shower.

The searing pain coursed through her neck and knowing no one else was in the house, she let her pain be known. She screamed to the top of her lungs until she'd no more air or energy for screaming. Having washed up, she turned off the shower and looked at her form in the mirror. How she would beg for an extra four feet of height. Having dressed and looking somewhat back up to par, she rummaged the house for any spare cash. She knew where Daniel kept his money and she raided it to find the entire sum of seventy dollars. After searching the rest of the house, she came up with a total of two-hundred dollars. Afterwards, she headed down to the basement and after finding the nozzle, turned on the gas. She knew she'd only a few minutes of time before and therefore, she utilized every precious second. She took one of the wine bottles from Kate's stash and proceeded afterwards to lock every window.

Once it was done, she made one last stop, Kate's dresser and grabbed her scarf and John's box of matches. She then bolted for the door and locked it behind her. It had been six minutes. Just two minutes longer and the task would be done. Taking advantage of the moment of spare time, she cut Kate's scarf in half with the knife and soaked it in the wine. She then wound it tight and knotted it off putting the knot deep in the bottle. She then lit the soaked half of the scarf and threw it with all her might. The bottle turned, and turned, a flaming bottle of death. The bottle broke through the window which it'd been aimed at and soon afterwards, a thundering blast threw her off her feet.

She'd just barely recovered from the shockwave before she'd gotten to her feet and run once again but not for the woods but for the highway. She knew that a life waited for her beyond this hell she'd been in. Now she'd no more need to hide, she was who she was. Leena Klammer. Now, before setting out into the world, she knew of only one thing she had left to do. Running into town she, came to a cell phone shop. She saw it was still open and she cautiously went in gliding behind the desk.

The manager came out and looked around the store to find no one whatsoever. In the midst of his search, he felt it; an unbelievably sharp pain coming from his gut, his warm fluids running down over his legs. He was going to scream but a swift kick from underneath the desk knocked him to his knees. Leena took the knife from his gut and stabbed him three times one in the trachea and twice in the chest.

The manager gurgled his blood as he was slowly dying and as his body fell to the floor, Leena checked his pockets and found an iPhone 4. She dialed the number and soon afterward she heard the other line begin to ring.

Unfortunately for her, the person she'd called wasn't available but instead she got his voicemail, "Hello this is Dr. Varva and you've reached me at an inconvenient time but if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you as soon as possible." The message repeated in Russian and again in Estonian before a beep was heard.

Leena composed herself and said, "Hello, Dr. Varva. It's your old friend and best patient Leena. I know it was you who tipped of Kate and you'll pay the piper. That, my good doctor, I can assure you. Well, it seems you're right. No man could ever find interest in me because of my disposition and you're right. Now, Kate's family is ruined and he is dead. In all truth, I find murder liberating. But, I digress. I'll see you soon, doctor. Until then, good day and who knows, maybe I'll drop by your house with a wedding anniversary present."

She turned off the phone and left the store but not before emptying the register. Now, fully loaded, she headed down the street. "Don't worry, Kate. I've not forgotten you," she thought to herself, "No. Think of my return to you as the harbringer of death. The only difference being, death is merciful. Whereas I am not, I will have my revenge against you, and only then, once you're gone and there's a baby fresh and kicking in my womb, will I finally be at an eternal peace."