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Chapter 3

She knew it was a sterotype of her people to be able to completely vanish in a night and to Leena, the myth was somewhat true. However she knew such ways were usually met by whoring around and she wasn't about to steep to such an extreme level of depravity. She still wore the face deception and hell had crafted for her; one of youth and innocence but her heart beat like the thunder of the snare which throws the soldier into courage. Wrath was not a part of her but could be made one, murder not part of her, again could be made part of her.

As she neared the intersection, she noticed a black hummer nearby. She heard the engine still purring and she took it as a sign. She tried to get in and as was expected it was locked. Taking one of the pins from her hair she bent it and tweaked it to make it fit just right and thanks to her years of practice, had picked the lock, got in, opened up the backseat so she could hide and lay there still as stone. There was time enough to take a brief nap and then the thudding of heavy feet came within earshot. The sound of grocery bags wrinkling irritated her but she couldn't help it.

"I don't know why you bought this thing, Max," a woman complained to her evidently unwilling-to-listen husband, "We aren't even a family yet and you buy a Hummer which can fit eight people."

"It's because, I'm so damn sexy and I need a machine just like this to show the world how good we've got it." The man replied the scent of some kind of drink still on his breath.

The little crack Leena gave herself for air in the seat's cover allowed her to smell a lot of things not just the man's foul breath but the scent of a nearby restaurant. The smell of pasta with fresh baked sauces was torturing her stomach but for the sake of maintaining her sanity she knew she must resist the powerful temptation to burst out of the seat. Then the rumble of the engine's acceleration took hold. Leena caution was now peaked as she lifted up the cushioning which concealed her and she looked around her in the darkness. Using the blackness of night and timing the distance between highway lights, she slithered from her place of concealment to the belly of the Hummer

She heard the rolling of a radio going from station to station and then the warning came up, "All travelers! Be on the lookout for one Leena Klammer a.k.a. Esther Coleman. Aged 10;black hair and brown eyes."

"Coleman…Esther?" asked the woman in the seat in front of her, "isn't that the weird little girl that Daryl told us about; the new girl who lives with the Coleman's?"

"Yeah but all they say is weird crap about the kid anyway so really I wouldn't be too concerned. If she is half as crazy and weird as they say, then I'm sure she can make it anywhere in the world if she has gone missing. But even then, that's new for this section of the city. Usually, nothing bad happens here. "

"You're probably right," she replied "she probably ran off and is somewhere where she knows she'll be alright."

Leena couldn't help but snicker to herself silently. It was because she couldn't believe how well it all worked. She'd worked this deception before but never ever had it been so well. People were obviously concerned about her situation but it was all pointless to. She knew that if she were to reveal herself to anyone even than special someone, it'd be absolutely catastrophic; if not life ending.

Soon, she felt the Hummer come to a stop and taking that as her cue, went back to her previous hiding place as both the man and woman got out of the car. The doors closed and there was silence for the longest time. Judging she was safe, she got out of her hiding place again and looked around. Pitch black except for the light which lit the driveway to the house. She opened the door and as she looked around, heard a steady running beat behind her. Instinctively, she whirled around, seizing her knife and slashed, whirled the knife, slash again in the opposite direction, directed the blade downwards and plunged the blade into the back of the neck of the Cocker Spaniel.

Luckily the beast made no noise and the spray of blood was minimal. Minimal enough for the spotting on her clothing to be associated with a bad fall on the ice. Realizing she'd not get far traveling in this manner, she looked at the street and saw it's sign. Her instinct or rather, intuition led her to the elementary school.

She'd enough money to get a bus ticket but to get one that lasted to the end of town where the hospital was without people asking questions would be the more difficult part. Blending in with the usual crowd was her only ticket and it worked; experience taught her that. She only didn't like it because of her stature, people wouldn't procure you a seat as readily or help you find one quicker. But then, her charm could always remedy the problem and again, experience had taught her this. This in mind, she headed on her way down the street towards the bus station.

With Kate meanwhile, she couldn't get over the feeling; the horrible feeling that something was wrong. It wasn't entirely her fault but the nightmares, that's where everything took a turn for the worse. She couldn't get over the feeling of John's body lying on the floor, the warm of his blood fleeting into the air. Then came the wound in her shoulder which still hurt. She had to admit with a small snub-nose revolver from such a distance, Leena was a near excellent shot. She touched the tender place where the hole had been sewn up and it still hurt and understandably so. The shot was a through and through and in that sense only was she lucky. Well, she knew she had her health so in all reality, things couldn't be better.

As she sat alone in her room, Kate moved her hand downward in the air and her memory went back to John's body. His body was ripe with holes and they oozed out his blood like a thousand fissures. How many others had died in such a manner? Less than ten more than ten. The creature as far as she knew was thirty-three years old. That meant the possibilities where nearly endless. She blamed herself however for not spotting peculiar traits that she should've been on the lookout for but she wasn't acute enough to see Leena's lies, see through her face of gentility and paint.

Outside it was still dark and winter mornings were always a long way off it seemed that way at least. Whatever calm she had was going to be shattered so soon and she knew that her sanity would be brought into question when she saw who was standing in the hospital parking lot three floors below. A demonic jester like grin on her face, Leena stood on a sidewalk the snow swirling around her in the wind. She was frozen in shock and still frozen as she saw the form move steadily across the crosswalk towards the main building wherein she slept. Kate had been assigned an overseer since the wounds in both shoulder and leg were still healing and it was to this nurse she appealed.

"Miss." she said her teeth chattering from fright, "could you come here quickly. There's someone you need to see."

The nurse came and seeing no one, she dismissed it as the trauma talking through hallucination. Helping a still trembling Kate to bed, she was oblivious to the girl who darted past the door entry and looked in at a Kate whose gaze met hers. Immediately, Kate began breathing rapidly and her heart was going for the sound of it was made ten times louder on the heart monitor. Realizing the distress of her patient, the nurse called another nurse in and they administered and emergency shot of Aulmadra. Kate calmed down and was eased into bed.

Leena sat in a waiting room and then followed the medicine cart as it made it's rounds. Having been treated for psychological problems all her life, she knew which medicines medicated what and to give too much of a good thing can kill. Taking a bottle of Depicote she headed to the nearest rest room. Once there, she made sure she was alone and then after grinding a couple of the large white pills into powder, she headed back towards Kate's room. Seeing the nurse was still awake, she went to the next place on her list, a visit to Daniel.

At last, she struck luck. His nurse was gone. He was asleep and she could now finish the job she started. Gently, she opened the door, closed it, walked silently over to the boy who was no longer on a respirator and removed his heartbeat sensor on his finger. Taking the ground Depicot, she poured it into his water and shook the full container so the medicine mixed well. The curtains were drawn and now finally vengeance no, retribution for his cruelty of her could finally be remedied as she placed his head and neck in her hands and violently snapped his neck.

There was a deep crunch and then silence. Silence so deep even breathing would have been too loud. Taking Daniel's water pitcher, Leena headed back towards Kate's room and to her relief the nurse was gone. Opening the door gently, she looked in and saw Kate asleep in her bed. Pressing this advantage, she put the pitcher she was carrying in place of the one on Kate's nightstand and as silently as she'd entered, she sat down in the chair next to Kate just waiting for her to arise.