Chapter 1

Finally back from Asylum 7, and what a fabulous weekend. It's not every day you can say you hugged an angel and squeezed Death (who by the way is an adorably sweet and charming man, and I am totally and unashamedly smitten) Love to all my wonderful fanfic chums who I have finally met 'in the flesh' for the very first time :)

Anyhoo, we have drabble action going on here ...

WOW: Trick and Treat, seeing as there were two words, I did two chapters. Sam's trying to help Dean. Dean's not helping. This is not unusual ...


Sam knew that doctors used various tricks to treat reluctant patients; honesty, patience, or cajoling; whatever worked.

He guessed they never tried the patented Winchester method of forcefeeding their reluctant patient a fifth of whisky before wrestling them, at great personal risk, to the ground and kneeling on their neck while ignoring threats of having their face ripped off and shoved up their ass (Dean really should stop watching those damn 'Saw' movies) delivered in language that would make a soldier blush.

I mean, anyone would think it was Sam's fault that Dean took a shotgun blast to the ass.