An unhappy teenage boy from our own world wakes up one morning to find himself in the Star Wars universe. Not only that, but it's the first day of his training as a Jedi Knight in Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. But just how powerful of a Jedi Knight could someone possibly that has never lived in a world with the Force?

-The Awakening-

"Hey, Star Wars boy! Where's your lightsaber?" Suddenly, my books were knocked out of my hands and fell onto the floor. Paper from the books spilt out all over the place. Somebody else walking by stepped on the Star Wars novel I had just gotten, leaving a shoe print on the cover.

I spun around with a glare and my fist clenched. Josh. What the hell did I ever do to him?

Josh turned around and walked away laughing. Damn, that guy's an asshole. I know I could kick his ass. He's still not too far away...

I took a few steps in the direction he went, but stopped. No, don't do it. He's not worth your time. Fighting him isn't going to solve anything. Just make things a whole lot worse.

Slowly, my temper melted away and I bent down to pick up my books and papers. It was just before 7th hour in school on a Thursday. This week is finally almost over, then I can get away from these people and not have to deal with anyone's shit for two whole days.

By the way, my name's Ben, if you were wondering that up till now. I was in my senior year of high school at that time. Just trying to live day to day without too much trouble.

I never really understood why I was such a famous target for all of these jerkoffs. I was in pretty good shape. Not a bodybuilder by any means. As far as looks went, there were a lot of people worse off than me. I noticed that a lot of them were the people who gave me crap.

I figured it had to be because most of my life I was so short for my age. By my senior year, I finally had my growth spurt and was as tall as most of the people in the school. But the reputation for being short was still with me. I guess it was also because I'm not the type to fight. I'm not scared to; I just don't believe in it as an answer to life's problems.

My only escape from all this crap was Star Wars. I became a fan forever the day the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition came out in theatres. I absolutely lost myself in its wonderment. Its magic. The story of a young man who hated where he was and wanted to get out. Who had feelings and emotions inside of him no one else seemed to have or even understand. Not even himself. That world seemed to make so much more sense than my own. Whenever I needed to escape life's bullshit, I would watch the movies, listen to the soundtracks, or just read one of the books in the Expanded Universe. Now that that's out of the way, how about we get back to the story at hand?

I had just gotten my books gathered up and walked to my 7th hour class, Algebra III with my teacher nicknamed, "The General." And damn, did she earn that nickname. I was just about to put a foot into the classroom when the bell rang. She came in a few seconds after I did. Well, she was late too. Besides, I was practically in the room when the bell rang...

The whole class quieted down and I had just set my books onto my desk and was halfway through sitting down when The General said, "Ben, this is your third tardy. And that means detention. Why were you late?"

"Maybe it's the same reason you were late." The silence in the classroom intensified, if that was possible. Everyone looked at me. They were surprised that anyone would talk back to "The General." I didn't mean to say it out loud. It just kind of came out. I was still a little pissed about having my books knocked out of my hand.

"What did you say to me??"

"Uh, I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

"Go to the principal's office! Now!"

"But there's a test today. Can I get a chance to make that up?"

"No. You'll be getting a zero for it. Go."

"But that's not fair! I've been getting all A's in this class. This late in the semester, I'll never be able to make up for it."

"You should've thought of that before you talked back to me. Go!" She meant business, and it was obvious that there was nothing I could do.

I picked up my books and walked out of the classroom. It's bad enough having to put up with shit in school when it's just the students. Now the faculty? Still an hour and a half to go...


After the final bell of school rang, I was at my locked putting my 8th hour books away and taking out the books I'd need for homework over the weekend.

"Hey, Ben!"

I turned my head and smiled at Matt, one of the few people in the school who didn't hate me on a regular basis. Also, a fellow Star Wars fan. He was the type that was made fun of a lot too. The only difference was that with him, it was easier to see why. He was about as tall as I was. Maybe a little taller, but a lot thinner than me. He also usually had some pimple on his face that made you want to yell, "Pop the damn thing!" He wasn't exactly what I would call a friend, since we never really hung out or talked outside of school, but he made things more tolerable.

"Did you finish reading The Unifying Force yet?"

"Yeah. I finished it during 7th hour in the Principal's office."

"I heard about that." Matt began to smirk. "You actually talked back to 'The General?'"

"It's not like I set out to do that. Josh had just knocked my books out of my hand, and it took all my self-control not to put him in traction. Being marked late from a teacher who was more late that I was, just put me over the edge."

"I know what you mean."

Somehow, I doubt that very much, Matt.

After a moment of awkward silence Matt shrugged and said, "Well, I'll see you on Monday." He turned around and walked away.

"Yeah. I'll see you Monday." Little did I know how wrong that was.


I went to sleep that night and had one of the strangest dreams I remembered having. I was running down a large hallway with another guy about my age. I was running faster than I ever thought I could. I was even leaping high into the air and doing all of these incredible acrobatic things. There were even these large football-sized creatures that looked like bugs buzzing and zooming at us, trying to knock us down.

Soon me and this other guy reach the end of the hallway and run out of a door that leads to the outside. Before we have even taken three steps outside the whole building we were in blows up and fire begins to shoot out the door we came through. The impact of the explosion lifts both of us into the air.

Just as I hit the ground, I woke up. But I wasn't in my bed anymore. I wasn't even in my own room. I was in a room that was a little bit bigger. What the hell is going on?

I got up and went to the door. I reached for the knob...where the hell's the doorknob? I looked around, but only small a panel that had three buttons in it. A blue one, a red one, and a green one.

I tried the blue one first, but I only heard this clicking sound. Must be a lock or something.

Then I tried the red one, but I only heard a small hiss and then a soft thud. I guess that's to close the door.

That only left one option left. With my luck, it would be the last one I try.

I pushed the green button and the door opened with a hiss. Man, that's like the doors in the Star Wars movies.

I walked out into a long stretched hallway paved in stone. As I turned a corner I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into someone. We bumped heads and both fell over backward. I began to rub my forehead. Well, bra-vo Ben. You're at some new place two minutes and you already establish yourself as an idiot!

It wasn't until I got up that I actually saw the person I had bumped into. "Oh my God! You're Harrison Ford!"

The man had a confused look on his face. "Kid, I've been recognized a lot in my life, but this is the first time I've ever been recognized as someone else. The name is Han Solo...remember?"

For an actor who's hated to be remembered for that role, he's definitely acting a little weird. "Oh...kay..."

"You're acting a little strange, Ben. I'll bet you're just a little nervous about beginning your training."

" what?"

"Your Jedi training. It's understandable. So I've heard."

" A Jedi Knight?"

"You feeling all right? The first session doesn't begin for about another hour, but I think Luke's down there already. He should check you out. Let's go."

"Go where?"

"To the Throne Room. Luke will be there by now."

"Luke Skywalker? Jedi Master Luke Skywalker?"

"...Yeah. Come on."

Not knowing quite what else to do, I just followed him.


As I stepped into the Throne Room, I took it all in. Oh my God, this is the room from the final scene in Star Wars! I can't believe I'm walking down the Throne room with Han Solo!

"Hey, Luke! Someone's here to see you."

Luke turned around and smiled at me. "Hi, Ben. Good to see you again. Are you looking forward to starting your training?" I stood there unable to speak. Luke smile turned into a look of concern. "Ben, is something wrong?"

"No, there's nothing wrong. I just can't believe I'm standing in front of Mark Hamill." I shut my eyes and thought. No, no, no! Idiot! Star Wars! Star Wars! He has no idea who Mark Hamill is!

"Mark Hamill?" Luke was puzzled by this and looked questioningly to Han.

"Don't look at me, Luke. When we bumped into each other this morning, he called me...Harrison Ford, I think it was."

"Ben, is everything all right?"

All things considered, I think I'm doing remarkably well. But I do feel a little funny. Not the same way in my own world, anyway. I don't feel bad or sick. Just different. "Well, I do feel strange. It's like...things are really in focus. If I stare hard enough at something, I feel I can almost see through it."

Luke smiled and nodded. "Welcome to the world of the Jedi Knights, Ben."

"I'm really going to be a Jedi Knight?"

Luke smiled a little bigger. "Of course. That is, if you're feeling all right. If you like, you can rest today and start tomorrow."

I spoke up right away. "No! I'm all right. I want to start today...Master Skywalker."


I can't believe I'm training to be a Jedi Knight! I looked around at the other students sitting around. There were aliens of all kinds all around me. Rodians, Wookiees, Bothans, even a Gungan and some others that I couldn't identify. Of course there were also other humans.

What was really weird was that since I had gotten here, there was almost never a time when I met a girl that wouldn't look at me with a really funny expression. What's with the girls here? Are they all like this when they meet someone?

Master Skywalker came up to the top of the stage and the whole chamber fell silent. He looked at all of the students with a very warm smile. "Welcome to the Jedi Academy. There is a lot of diversity in this room. But you all have a common link. The Force touches and runs through each one of you. You have all heard the call and responded to it. The Force is the connection of life to all living things. We are the guardians of the Force and every living thing that it touches. Together and individually, you will all grow in its ways and find out who you are.

"The first step you will all take is learning to feel the Force around yourselves. Because you cannot defend others until you learn how the Force touches you. Then you will learn to use it by raising small objects. You will all start with a feather and move your way up from there.

"I will teach you all that I can, but there are many things that you must find and discover within yourselves. After I teach you all that I can, what you do after that is up to you."


I went back to my new room after the speech. I sat down onto the stone floor and began the meditating exercises that we were taught. I've been studying the Jedi Knights for years now. I probably have as good an understanding of the Force as any full Jedi Knight!

I took out my feather and put it on the floor in front of me. I began to look at the feather and feel the energy between us. I felt the Force around the feather. Through my mind, I commanded the feather to rise into the air. It rose up without almost any effort.

I rose it up to eye level and smiled. The Force is real! For a little extra practice and I rose it further up and dipped it. I sent it all around my room. I put my hand out palm up and used the Force to float it into my hand.

I was startled by the sound of clapping in the doorway. I turned my head and saw a young man about my age. He was smiling and came into my room. "You're pretty good, Ben. It took me a while to be able to do telekinesis that well."

"Uh...thanks." I searched my mind trying to remember what Jedi would be about my age at this time. "Jacen?"

Jacen laughed. "That sounded like a question."

Trying to cover, I laughed too. "Yeah, I suppose it did." I rose to my feet and we shook hands.

"It's good to see you again, Ben. Uncle Luke told me you were acting a little strange this morning and I thought I'd come by and see."

"I'm all right. I guess it was just nervous tension. You know, starting my training and all."

"That makes sense." Jacen became more serious. "Ben, I have a little advice for you. It occurred to me when you were startled by my clapping while you moved the feather with the Force. If you had truly been absorbed in the Force, you never would've been startled. You would've already known that I was in the doorway. You have great control with the Force, but you also have to remember not to shield yourself away from your surroundings."

I can't believe now I'm getting Jedi advice from my favorite Expanded Universe character! "I'll remember that. Uh, Jacen. This is going to sound strange, do we know each other. You see, I woke up this morning and for some reason, I couldn't remember."

Jacen smirked and said, "What is that, some kind of joke?"

"No, I'm serious."

"Okay, I'll play along. After I was captured and held prisoner by the Yuuzhan Vong, I was put into a prison with you. We were the only ones in there for a long time, so we got to know each other. After not too long, I could sense that you had abilities in the Force. We escaped together and after the war ended, I took you to my uncle and you were accepted for training. Which leads us up to today."

"Oh...right. Well, thanks."

"Anytime." Nodding good-bye, Jacen turned around and left me alone in my room again.

Well, I suppose that explains the dream that I had. It was of my escape from imprisonment with Jacen. doesn't exactly answer a lot of questions, but it's a start.


I got up early the next morning. I wanted to do a morning run through Yavin before my next class. If I'm going to be a Jedi Knight, I better be in good shape.

I decided to only do a two-mile run. That was a basic run for students just starting out at the Academy. Since I never really ran a lot, this seemed like a reasonable place to start.

Everything was okay going through my first mile, but after that, it was all down hill. I felt the muscles in my legs begin to burn and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest, it hurt. But I was determined to finish the run.

As the Academy came back into sight, I felt a small second wind coming back to me and put everything I could into this last sprint. Finally I reached the steps of the temple and tumbled down onto them.

I was breathing very hard and had sweat dripping off of my face. I wiped my hand over my forehead and rubbed the sweat on my pant leg. I sat there for a few minutes, until I had enough energy back to walk up the steps and into my room so I could take a shower.

I turned on the shower and stepped in, letting the hot water massage my aching muscles. After I was clean, I just stood there for several minutes more before I stepped out and dried off.

By the time I put my clothes back on, I had all my energy back so I jogged to the lift that took me down to the main level of the Academy. As I stepped into the cafeteria for breakfast and got into line, a thought occurred to me. I have no idea what kinds of food they have here. I don't know what's good or what's even for humans.

Finally, I reached the table of food and looked around at everything. After looking around, I just picked something. It was what looked like a purple wafer wrapped up in what looked like some kind of meat. Well, this doesn't look like it could kill me...

I picked it up and put it on my tray. I walked along the cafeteria until I found an empty table and sat down. I picked up my fork and cut off a piece of my food. I put it up close to my mouth and held it there for a while. I had my water ready in my hand. At least, I hoped it was water.

Quickly, I put it into my mouth, but hadn't worked up the courage to chew yet. Slowly, I took one chew of the bite. Hmm...Not bad. It kind of tastes like a pancake rolled in sausage. I think I'll just go ahead and eat this for breakfast as long as I'm here. I got lucky once and I don't feel like jinxing it.


Two weeks went by and as Master Skywalker gave us lesson after lesson, I was the first student to get the hang of it. As time went on, I got a little bored with going so slowly. It was all so tedious and really grated my nerves. Looking back on it, I think I was feeling the beginning effects of arrogance and impatience. I began to also stop feeling like myself.

One morning while we were all sitting in the throne room waiting for our class to start, I looked around at everyone. What am I doing with these people? I should with a class further along. Or going faster.

Master Skywalker came in and walked to the front of the class. He waited a beat before he spoke. "Good morning all. Since you have started here, I've been teaching you about the Force and using it for the good of others. But this is only one-sided. There is another side to the Force. A Dark Side. As you begin to grow into your powers, you'll all hear its call. You must never use its power."

A small hand in the front of the classroom rose up and a small human boy asked, "But how will we know when it's the Dark Side or the Light Side?"

Oh, god! I stood up and looked at the boy saying, "Using the Dark Side of the Force is when you fight with emotions like anger, fear, aggression, or hatred. If your actions benefit the greater good, it's the Light Side. If your actions Benefit only you, it's the Dark Side."

Master Skywalker looked at me with a face of concern and controlled annoyance. "Yes, Ben. You are correct. But from now on, I would appreciate it if you would allow me to answer my own students."

"I'm sorry, Master Skywalker. But I feel like I'm not being challenged anymore. I understand about the Dark Side and know all that I need to know."

"If you understand it so much, then how come you're using one of its most tempting and powerful allies?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Impatience, Ben. Impatience is what will cause a Jedi to act and do things that they are not ready for. This can endanger their own lives and the lives of those they wish to help. But I don't want to delay the other students' time. We'll talk about this after class."

When class was over, I got up and began to walk over to Master Skywalker. Some of the students I'd walk close to would walk in a big arc around me. Some with looks of puzzlement. Some with looks of fear. Great. I was an outcast in my world and I'm an outcast here. There were just some people who weren't meant to be liked.

The last of the students left and I was standing in front of Master Skywalker. As he looked at me, I felt myself deflate a bit. "Is there something you'd like to talk to me about, Ben?"

"I just think that I should be moving faster. Every time we learn a new lesson, I'm always the first student to master it. Then I have to sit back and wait. I feel like my training is being limited."

"I understand how you feel, Ben—"

"No, you don't! I'm sorry, Master Skywalker. You're the most powerful Jedi Master in the galaxy and I have more respect for you than anyone else. But this is something that you don't understand. You were trained one on one with Master Yoda."

"I guess I can accept that. It's true that I didn't have other students to get in the way of my learning from Master Yoda. But I also didn't have as detailed training as all of you are getting. My training was rushed and left large holes for me to figure out on my own. This could have limited my power, but I didn't allow that to happen. I studied without my master at my side and figured things out for myself. Things that Master Yoda couldn't teach me. You can take your extra time to learn to master your skills."

"But I have mastered them!"

Master Skywalker's eyebrows lifted and he nodded a few times. "Have you? You mastered in a matter of weeks what took other Jedi Masters years to do?" My confidence deflated a bit more and I hesitated before I nodded. Master Skywalker nodded again. "Very well. How about a little test?" He turned his back on me and grabbed something. He turned around holding a long metal rod in each hand. He gave me one and kept the other.

He pulled a feather out of a pouch on his belt and held it up. "You remember the first lesson we did. Raising the feather."

"Yeah, I remember. I got it on my first try. Telekinesis is one of my specialties."

Master Skywalker dropped the feather and smiled. "Raise it now, then."

As I began to feel the Force around the feather to lift it up, Master Skywalker swung his metal rod at me. I quickly brought mine up and blocked it. But he wasn't done yet. He took some more swings at me. "Come on, Ben. Raise the feather. If you have mastered telekinesis, this should be no problem."

I tried to split my focus to keep track of what Master Skywalker was going to do next and raising the feather, but I couldn't do it. I could only focus on either one or the other. "I...can' it."

After a few seconds, Master Skywalker backed off. He lowered his metal rod and took mine out of my hand and dropped it to the floor. "To master something, means to know every facet of it. To be able to do it, do matter what else is going on. You are a very talented student, Ben. You will master these things, but it'll take work...and time."

I continued to stare at the stone floor under my boots. "Yes, Master Skywalker."

"Ben, look at me." When I did, he continued. "I didn't do this to try and 'humiliate you' or 'put you in your place.' It was necessary to show you that you still have a lot to learn. Take my advice. Enjoy your time here. Once you leave here and become a Jedi Knight, you will know little rest. As a Jedi, I can see that you will do great things, but a Jedi seldom gets the credit or approval that they deserve."

Master Skywalker began to leave the room, but turned around again to face me. "If you would like some extra lessons to make things more challenging, I will. But only after you've accomplished the goals set for the rest of the class. Never before."

I nodded and he turned around to leave again. But just as he reached the door, he turned around again and said as what seemed like an afterthought, "Oh. And when the time comes, I think you'll be very talented with a lightsaber. I look forward to seeing it."

He turned around to leave and this time, he did. I just stood there in the throne room by myself for a while. Thinking about all that he had told me. For the rest of my training, I never forgot that day when Master Skywalker humbled me and then brought me to a new level of power.


Another week went by when I really started to feel my stamina improve. I was still on the two-mile runs, but I wasn't nearly as tired when I did them. I can feel myself getting more powerful as the days go by. I'm really feeling like Jedi Knight now.

As I made my way into the clearing of the jungle and the Academy came in sight, I noticed someone sitting on the steps. Most of the students never get up this early. The only ones who do are the people who work here. I wonder who that is?

The closer I got, the more in focus the person became and soon I realized it was Master Skywalker. I reached the steps and wiped away the small amount of sweat that had built up on my face. "Good morning, Master Skywalker."

He nodded and said, "Good morning, Ben."

Something's wrong..."There's something wrong, Master Skywalker. I can tell."

"Well, there might not be. I see you alone a lot, Ben. You've been here for about two months now. Have you made any friends here, yet?"

I wasn't expecting a question like that, so I flustered for a few seconds, trying to think of the best thing to say. "Well, no. But what's that got to do with anything? I thought the point of my being here was to become a Jedi. Not to make friends."

"Yes, that's the main reason you're here, but it's important for all of you to become friends with one another. Ben, you're the best new student I have right now. I can't think of any student I've ever had that's learned things as fast as you have. This has made you pretty popular with the other students."

Getting a little defensive, I curtly replied, "I talk to them."

"Ben, I've noticed the way you talk to them. You'll be walking down the hall and the moment another student starts walking up the other way, you instantly put your head down. They'll say hello to you and you quietly say hi back and keep on walking. They all want to be your friend, but if you keep on acting this way, they'll stop liking you."

Great. Now he's sounding just like everyone else who knows me. Why can't people just leave me alone? "I don't need friends to live. I can go on just fine without them. I've already done it for eighteen years."

I had taken a couple of steps up the stairs when Master Skywalker called back up to me. "I won't be here forever, Ben. Neither will all of the other current Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights. Someday, you will all carry the responsibility of maintaining the Jedi and protecting the galaxy. In order to do this, you must all be united and come together as one."

"I understand, Master Skywalker. But I'm just not the type that makes friends very easily. Actually, I've never really had any."

"I'm not asking you to try and become the most liked student here. Just promise me you'll try and make a couple of friends. At the very least, people who you can talk to and practice some lessons with once in a while."

"Okay, Master Skywalker. I promise." I turned back around and walked up the stairs. Great. As if the path to becoming a Jedi Knight isn't challenging enough. Now I have to try and make friends too.

That wasn't a joke. It really was practically impossible for me to find friends. But luckily, friends found me this time.


The morning started out like any other day. I was out on my morning run. It was the first time I was running five miles. It's so tempting to use the Force to help with the run. But I have to be able to know how to fight without it. That way, I can better help the people who don't have it as an ally.

As I was running along, someone else running along ran right into my right side and we both fell to the ground. I have to learn to stop forgetting about the living Force.

When we both got up, I saw who ran into me. It was a girl that looked about my age. She had long dark hair and blue eyes. Before I was able to stammer out an apology and an 'Are you all right,' she yelled out, "Come on, run!" The she sprinted on.

Just as I was opening my mouth to speak, a Rodian a little bigger than me ran past, followed closely by another younger girl. I called out to them, "What is it?" Right after that, I heard loud pounding noises shaking the ground.

Footsteps. I don't think I want to wait long enough to find out...I began to sprint after them. Soon, I had them back in sight and I was able to turn my hear around to see what was chasing us.

I had never seen a creature like it before. It was kind of like a brontosaurus only about ¼ the size, and it had six legs. Plus, it had really sharp teeth. I think it's safe to say that this isn't a plant-eater!

I was able to come up with a plan a couple of minutes later. I yelled out to the group ahead of me, "Climb that tall tree over there! I can tell that this creature can't climb! Get out of reach!"

The Rodian yelled back, "Are you nuts? We don't have time! That thing's too close behind us!"

I yelled back, "I'll make the time! Do it!"

Soon after, the three of them began to help each other climb up the tree I pointed out. I turned around and using the Force, I ripped a tree out of the ground and it fell to the ground in front of the creature's path. I did this two more times.

As the creature began to run around the trees, I turned around and sprinted towards the tree they were all in. I heard the creature coming up close behind me. All three of the other students were yelling for me to hurry up.

When I got within six feet of the tree, I leapt into the air and used the Force to carry me up to the branch they were on. I grabbed at it with both hands and swung my legs up. When the creature reached the tree, it threw its front legs up, but couldn't reach us. It wasn't until I had gotten settled on the tree branch that I looked over at the group and saw the awed looks on all of their faces. "What?"

The Rodian answered, "How did you do that? Master Skywalker hasn't shown us anything like that yet!"

"Well, Master Skywalker gave me some extra lessons. As long as I'm able to hand all of my other training first and don't try and teach it to the rest of the students, he'll give me some more challenging things afterwards."

The youngest of the group spoke up, "It looks like fun."

I smirked and said, "It can be once you've gotten the hang of it. But believe me, before that..." I pulled at my shirt until my left shoulder was bare and the large scar was visible.

I saw them all wince at the scar, so I let go of my shirt and covered up the scar again. "While I was practicing a couple of days ago, my control wasn't very good and I went higher than I wanted. I hit my should into jagged part of the tree and fell fifteen feet onto the ground. Luckily, Master Skywalker caught me and softened the fall."

The Rodian smiled and said, "Well, my name is Guild. As I guess you can tell, I'm from Rodia."

The girl that ran into me looked at me and said, "My name is Tallah. I'm from Tatooine."

And the youngest girl said, "And I'm Ryndell. I'm from Corellia."

I didn't really know what to say. "Hi..." I began to feel the old me start to return. Well, here we go. I have no idea what else to say. They'll think I'm an idiot and that'll be the end of it.

Guild asked, "You're name's Ben, right?"


Ryndell asked, "Where are you from?"

Damn, how do I answer that? "Well, I don't really have a home planet. I traveled around a lot." I hope that's good enough for them. "Well, the creature's gone so I guess we can go now." I stood up on the branch and jumped to the ground, using the Force to soften the fall.

I began to jog away when I heard Tallah yell out to me. "Hey, wait!" She continued as the three of them climbed down the tree. "You pretty much saved our lives and now you just act like it never happened?"

Guild jumped the rest of the way to the ground and said, "I still think I could've done something if I'd had more time."

Tallah got the ground and Guild helped Ryndell the rest of the way down. As he was helping her, she said, "Well, that doesn't matter anymore. It's over."

Tallah walked up to me and said, "A lot of us notice that you're always alone. You always eat alone, and whenever Master Skywalker excuses us to practice, you always go off to your room alone. We're all just wondering; do you just like to be by yourself?"

"Well, not exactly. It's just what I'm used to. I...never really had friends before, so I just...well, I got to a point where I gave up trying."

Tallah nodded and said, "Oh. I guess that could do it. So, do you want to get some breakfast with us?"

"Um, okay..."

Guild piped up with, "Okay, race you all to the Academy!"

Tallah groaned and said, "Oh, you only want to race because you know that you'll win, like you always do."

Ryndell smiled. "Not necessarily. He'll also be racing against the best student in the Academy." She looked at me and laughed.

"Well, I'm not sure I'm the best..."

Guild folded his arms and looked at me. "Name one student who's as good as you."

"I don't know."

Guild nodded with victory. "There. See? Come on, let's go." He ran off and then Tallah and Ryndell sprinted after him.

I hesitated for a second before I sprinted after them. As I caught up with them and passed by Guild, something occurred to me. I don't have to be the person I was in my world. As far as they know, I'm just the best student in the Academy. It'd be nice to just once have real friends.


As I cleared away from the jungle and hit the steps of the Academy, I turned around and saw Guild coming up close. About another ten seconds later, he made it the steps and hunched over, breathing hard.

When Tallah and Ryndell made it back, as one group, we walked into the Academy, laughing. Guild was saying how he only lost because he tripped over a rock on the ground. Ryndell taunted him saying that he just needed to accept that he wasn't the best anymore. Tallah stepped in, saying that I was already a good twenty feet ahead of him, before he tripped.

As we were walking towards the cafeteria, I saw Master Skywalker standing nearby. He smiled when he saw me with a group. I returned the smile and we all walked on to breakfast.


That night, as I laid down in my bed, I thought what I usually did at that time. Please, when I wake up, let me be here. If this is a dream, then I never want to wake up.

But I meant it even more than ever. Now I really had something to cling to here. Not just being a Jedi Knight, but I had friends now. Friend. There's something about the sound of the word that can give you strength even if you're an inch from death. I don't know how I got here, or why I'm here, but whoever did it, I wish I could thank them.

I drifted off to sleep with these thoughts, but that was still something that bothered me. How did I get here? What reason am I here? And will I ever be sent back? Maybe someday, I'll be able to answer these questions. Someday. But not today.


Coming up next is...The Prophecy.