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Thump. Thump. Thump. The deep sound pounded in his head as he regained consciousness. Blaine concentrated on the sound, he knew what it was, but couldn't place it. The harsh drag of his ragged breathing tore through his lungs, accompanying the thumping in his head.

Pain. Oh god. What was going on? His head. Blaine strained to open his eyes, but the lids refused to cooperate, too heavy from sleep.

He tried to move and hissed at the sharp jolt of pain that shot though the right side of his head.

What was that thumping? He needed it to stop.

Blaine shifted his arms, which were at an uncomfortable angle above his head, and he found out why. Steel chains clanked against the metal table below Blaine's hands, but his arms barely moved an inch.

Blaine wrinkled his forehead and immediately regretted it when pain stabbed through his head again. His breathing picked up along with the thumping—his pulse. He was hearing his heartbeat.

His eyes flew open and he yelped as bright light flooded his vision. Too bright, it was too bright.

A shadow moved over him and he felt a hand on his cheek. Blaine jerked away from the touch and yelled as his head throbbed in pain.

"Shh, shh, it's just me," Kurt's soothing voice whispered to Blaine, inches from his ear. Blaine lolled his head to the side to see Kurt.

Blaine attempted to speak, but his mouth was dry and his lips were cracked. Kurt produced a bottle of water and cradled his hand under Blaine's head as he allowed the boy to drink.

"What's going on?" Blaine's eyes searched Kurt's, but found no recognizable emotion. Kurt smiled and set the bottle of water down.

Kurt's fingers slid back over Blaine's cheek before sliding a little higher. Blaine's head stung under Kurt's fingers and when Kurt pulled his hand back he saw that Kurt's fingers were coated in blood. His blood.

Kurt brought the blood-drenched fingers to his mouth and slipped one between his plush lips. His eyes slipped closed as the blood hit his tongue and he moaned around his finger.

"God Blaine, you taste so good." Kurt grinned at Blaine, his tongue darting out to lick the viscous fluid from another finger.

"Kurt, what are you doing?" Blaine's heart was pounding, louder than ever, in his ears, but he kept his face as calm as he could manage.

"Do you trust me?" Kurt was looking at Blaine as though Blaine's life depended on how he answered this question. Blaine knew the answer; he'd known it ever since Kurt hadn't tried to run away when he learned the truth.

"Of course." Blaine curved his lips into what he hoped was a smile, but grimaced as that too only caused pain to shoot through his head. Kurt grinned, a sincere happy grin that Blaine hadn't seen in such a long time. Blaine wanted to return it, but knew the consequences.

Kurt leaned down capturing Blaine's lips in a searing kiss. Kurt's tongue slid over his and Blaine could taste the blood on his lips, his blood. He growled into the kiss, not caring that his head was throbbing, not caring that he was clearly bleeding, not caring that Kurt had chained him to the table where he'd already killed so many people. He loved Kurt and he trusted him.

Kurt pulled back from the kiss, lust-filled eyes boring into Blaine's.

"You probably shouldn't." The smile dropped from Kurt's lips and he turned away from the boy strapped on the table, returning with a scalpel in his hand. Panic started settling in. Sure, they'd played with knives before, little nicks here and there on Kurt's body, just enough for a few previous beads of blood to spill over before Blaine would lap it up. They'd scab over and be gone in a day or two, leaving a clean slate for Blaine's marks, but Kurt had never turned a blade on him.

"What are you going to do to me?" Blaine asked and he hoped his voice didn't sound as shaky as felt.

Kurt just smirked at him and gripped the blade in his long, delicate fingers, tracing patterns with the flat side of the blade against Blaine's neck. Blaine couldn't help shivering at the contact, arousal starting to pool in his groin. Kurt drew the scalpel down, slipping the cold metal down Blaine's sternum and flicking it hard over an exposed nipple.

Blaine stared, transfixed, watching as Kurt watched himself touch Blaine, the glide of the metal brining his nipple to a hardened bud.

"Kurt," Blaine gasped as Kurt moved the back of the blade to his other nipple, Kurt's fingers coming up to pinch the first one, rolling it in his fingers and twisting it around. Blaine's hips jumped at the contact, his cock twitching to life. He had never considered this, never considered allowing himself to be spread out at Kurt's mercy. His breath caught at the phrase, at Kurt's mercy, his spine went rigid. This wasn't about sex, not really, this was something more, and Kurt, Kurt could hurt him.

"Kurt," he said again, more firmly. "What are you going to do?"

"Patience has never been one of your strong suits, has it? At least not when you're not in control," Kurt said and dropped his mouth to suck one of Blaine's hardened nipples into his mouth, his teeth grazing over the sensitive skin causing Blaine to arch off the table the scant few inches he could. He drew back with a smirk, setting the scalpel back down on the side table. "I can see why you like this so much. It's rather addictive."

"What are you going to do to me?" Blaine asked again, slightly more frantic.

"Darling, darling, Blaine, you don't seem to understand the definition of insanity," Kurt teased. Insanity? This was beyond anything Blaine could have expected or anticipated. This Kurt was beautiful, yes, just like his, but more dangerous than Blaine would have known. He didn't know how to handle this Kurt except to try to stay as calm as possible.


"Yes darling," Kurt purred, "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."

"Tell me."

"I don't think you're really in a position to be making demands. I know it's a difficult habit to break, but please try or else my hand will be forced."

"Why won't you just tell me?"

"Showing you is just so much more fun." Kurt's hand slid out of sight. "Isn't the surprise so much more exciting?" Deft fingers slid over his naked hip, fingertips swirling across the skin. "You're so beautiful like this," Kurt whispered, his hand circling the base of Blaine's hardening cock.

Blaine couldn't help the low groan that pushed past his lips at the contact, his hips jerking up into the touch. Kurt teased with brushes of fingertips along the length of Blaine's cock, palming down to massage his balls until Blaine was panting. Even like this when he was powerless and terrified for hi life, Kurt managed to completely undo him.

"Kurt, please," Blaine whined as Kurt pulled his hand away, ignoring the throbbing pain in his head.

"What do you want, Blaine? Do you want me? Do you want my hand? Maybe you'd prefer my mouth, you do seem to enjoy fucking it quite a bit. Or perhaps you'd like nothing more than to shove your dick deep in my ass and fuck me until I scream. Is that what you want, Blaine?"

"Yes," Blaine shouted, "Fuck. Yes, just anything. Please, Kurt. I need you. Anything, just you. Kurt," Blaine begged. He needed something, anything. God, Kurt's hand on him, his mouth, that wet tongue swirling around him in the tight heat of his mouth. He wanted to be free, to flip them over and press Kurt flat onto the table and bury himself in that perfect, tight little ass. He didn't care that Kurt had tied him up, didn't even care that he was bleeding and injured and that Kurt had caused that. He didn't care that Kurt might kill him, he just needed more.

"Why should I give you what you want?"

"Because I love you. I need you. Please. Kurt."

"You tried to break up with me."

"No, I—"

"No, you what, Blaine?" Kurt growled, his eyes turning dark. Kurt snatched the scalpel from the side table and held it hard against Blaine's neck, his voice low and snarling in Blaine's ear. "What exactly were you trying to do? You need me. You love me. Tonight, I'm going to teach you a lesson and then you can decide if you think we should still break up."

Kurt drew away just as quickly, tossing the knife on the side table and popped open the top button of his shirt, his fingers working each one out of it's hole until he was shrugging the crisp, white material off his shoulders.

Blaine stayed silent, instinctively knowing that it would be better to say nothing than risk upsetting Kurt further. By the time the last of Kurt's clothing was folded up, the panic had settled back in his bones, his erection wilting in its stead.

Kurt sauntered back to the table, his partially hard dick bobbing up and down as he walked and Kurt dropped a hand to it, wrapping his fist tight and jerking himself. He let go long enough to climb onto the table, knees settling on either side of Blaine's hips and he lowered his body until his hard cock slid against Blaine's, dragging Blaine's foreskin up and over the head of his cock. Blaine let out an undignified groan at the contact as Kurt continued the light rubbing, just back and forth until Blaine was hard and dripping pre-cum all over his stomach.

Kurt's hands tangled into Blaine's blood-matted hair, tugging his head back until Blaine was screaming from the pain, and smashed their mouths together. Fuck. It shouldn't have felt so good even as it hurt like hell. He wasn't sure what Kurt was playing at; maybe he was just going to ride Blaine. It wouldn't be the worst punishment in the world, wouldn't even really be a punishment, but somehow that glint in Kurt's eye suggested something far more sinister than sodomy.

A hand disentangled itself from Blaine's hair, reaching past to grab something. When Kurt drew back, his fingers were slick with lube as he sat up on Blaine's lap, his fingers dipping behind his balls. Blaine groaned, knowing instantly when Kurt pressed the first finger into his own hole, by the way his head tipped back and he sucked in a harsh breath of air. It didn't take more than a minute for another two fingers to join the first one and barely any time after that for Kurt to start rocking himself against his fingers, his knuckles rubbing along the length of Blaine's cock with each roll of Kurt's hips.

Kurt was always gorgeous like this, fucking himself on his own fingers, but the tease was torture, the brush of knuckles enough to keep him aching, but not enough to relieve the pressure.

"Blaine," Kurt moaned wantonly. "Do you wanna be in me? Wanna fuck me?"

"Yes." Blaine's groan came out deep and hoarse, the ache in his groin spreading to his chest. Lines blurring or not, how could he ever think he could give up this gorgeous, amazing man? What the hell had he been thinking?

Kurt grabbed the lube again, coating Blaine's cock and taking extra care to slide down the foreskin and thumb over the head with a rough pressure that left Blaine panting and jerking his hips up. Kurt snatched the small strip of leather from the side table, fitting it tight around Blaine's hard cock before snapping it into place with one hand.

"Please," Blaine begged. "Please, Kurt, I need you. Please"

Kurt lifted up a couple of inches, pulling his fingers out of his ass and steadying Blaine's cock, holding it against his stretched asshole as he lowered himself on it. Despite the fingering, Kurt was still so tight, squeezing around the head of his cock as the tight heat swallowed him up.

Kurt moaned as Blaine's dick buried itself in Kurt's ass, his head dropping back, exposing a pale expanse of neck, littered with fading marks. Blaine yelped as Kurt scraped his nails down Blaine's chest when he bottomed out.

"Oh god," Blaine groaned, trying to jerk his hips up, as Kurt tightened his ass around Blaine's cock, and his toes curled in so hard his foot was on the brink of cramping. "Fuck."

"You like that?" Kurt asked, teasing as he lifted his hips, easing himself up until just the head of Blaine's cock was still in him, the edge of it bulging out against Kurt's rim before Kurt rolled his hips down, repeating the process until he found a rhythm he liked.

"Yes. Fuck, babe. I love it." Blaine was about to lose his fucking mind. First he tried to break up with Kurt. Not tried, he did break up with Kurt and then Kurt had attacked him, strapped him to a table, and scared the ever living shit out of him only to end up fucking himself on Blaine's dick. But god he was doing a good job of it, tightening his hole each time he lifted off Blaine, only to come slamming back down.

He couldn't help staring up at Kurt, beautiful Kurt, with splashes of red coloring high on his cheeks, his nipples, two hard little nubs standing at attention on his chest. Fuck, he wanted to suck on them, pinch them and bite them till they bruised and Kurt was screaming for it.

As if Kurt could hear Blaine's thoughts, his hands trailed up his own torso, rolling the nipples between his fingers, pinching and tugging hard at them as he fucked himself back on Blaine's cock. Kurt drew his bottom lip between his teeth, his movements turning jerky and frantic as he all but bounced on Blaine's dick, ramming Blaine's cock against his prostate with each movement.

Kurt was so hot like this, so beautiful, how Blaine could have ever thought he could give this up was beyond him. Kurt leaned back, then, steadying his hands on Blaine's thighs and rocking harder, his mouth falling open in a silent scream, his tongue darting out every few seconds to wet his lips.

His stomach muscles tensed hard and then Kurt was coming all over Blaine's stomach and chest as he cried out his release. Kurt's ass clenched around Blaine's cock, daring him to come, but the cock ring kept the mounting pressure just there, just shy of coming and then Kurt was slowing down, settled in Blaine's lap, Blaine's hard dick still balls deep in him.

Kurt reached over to the side table retrieving the scalpel, Blaine had almost forgotten. Aside from the pain and the slowly warming steel table beneath him, it was almost like a game, a torturous game where Blaine could see, but not touch and feel, but not come.

"Kurt," Blaine whined. Despite his fear he was still hovering on the brink of orgasm, the adrenaline pumping through his veins making him shiver and the cock ring wrapped tight around him, staving off his orgasm.

"Blaine, I know you're hard. I know you want to come. I can feel how badly you want to come," Kurt teased as he rolled his hips, ass clenching around Blaine's cock. What ever happened to that innocent baby penguin? Fucking hell Kurt was hot. It was easy to forget, sometimes, when Kurt was like this, what he'd done, what they'd both done and been doing. Why he had wanted to end things in the first place, but a glint of silver in Kurt's hand brought him crashing back to reality.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You're really asking the wrong question, dear, but please, pay attention." Kurt lifted the scalpel, twirling it in his fingers as he slowly continued to rock on Blaine's cock. "You love me, don't you, Blaine?" Kurt asked, dragging the back of the scalpel around Blaine's nipple.

"More than anything," Blaine gasped in response. He felt as though he should have hesitated in his answer, this boy had just strapped him to his own kill table, ridden him and was now holding a scalpel against his skin, the fear that was once overwhelming had settled into an accepting calm. He'd always known something like this would happen, not exactly like this, no, he couldn't have anticipated that Kurt would be the one to do it, but sometime, someone would turn on him. He'd get caught, though he would have taken care of himself before anyone had the chance to lock him up. He knew it would end in his death and somehow Kurt being the one to do it seemed right, poetic, almost.

"So why would you even try to break up with me?"

"I was losing my mind."

"Clearly. You honestly thought you could get away with it? Get away from me?" Kurt asked, glaring at Blaine, but not stopping the motion of his hips. "I think it's time for the practical part of your lesson."

Kurt flipped the blade in his hand and Blaine steeled himself for the inevitable pain, but it never came. Instead of bringing the scalpel down on Blaine, Kurt lifted it up, pressing the tip of the blade to the top of his sternum until a bead of red bubbled out around the metal. Kurt grunted at the pain, drawing the knife down until there was a cut several inches long and dripping with blood.

Even if Blaine hadn't been strapped to the table he wouldn't have been able to move as he stared, horrifyingly transfixed while Kurt moved the knife to open up the skin just below a rib. Kurt shuddered above him, panting out his breaths.

Kurt's blood was so vividly red, such a huge contrast against his pale skin. Blaine's eyes roved over Kurt's chest, he shouldn't have been turned on by it, by the pained gasps that filtered from Kurt's mouth as the knife drew another millimeter down, but he was. His cock was aching, throbbing hard where it was still buried in Kurt's ass, and he couldn't help thinking, hoping, praying that Kurt would press a little bit harder, push the knife just that much deeper through muscle and sinew and open himself up for Blaine in a completely different way.

"Kurt, stop!" Blaine begged, finally finding his voice as Kurt opened up a third gash on his chest.

"Are you sure that's what you want?" Kurt asked, grinding his hips down onto Blaine, wincing a little at the oversensitivity. A low moan rumbled from Kurt's throat as he circled his hips, clenching his ass around Blaine. "You've gotten harder. Are you sure you aren't enjoying this?"

"Kurt," Blaine whined. He loved it, and he wanted more, he want Kurt open on his table, to touch his exposed muscles and slide his fingers against Kurt's kidney, to feel that heart that Kurt had so foolishly given to him in his hand, but he couldn't do that. He couldn't do that. It was wrong. So wrong and he just couldn't—

"You're thinking about killing me." It wasn't a question. "You want to do it." Kurt hissed as he drew the scalpel across the top of a thigh. "Oh fuck, Blaine," Kurt whined, rolling his hips down hard as he pulled the knife away. Blaine lifted his head a scant few inches, watching the trail of blood spill over Kurt's creamy thigh until it hit Blaine's side, pooling in the crease between their bodies a little. He licked his lips at the sight, wishing to do nothing more than follow that path of the blood with his tongue, lick over the thin cut on Kurt's thigh.

"My blood, it turns you on, doesn't it?" Kurt asked, drawing Blaine back to reality.

"Kurt, please," Blaine begged.

"Please what? Stop? I don't think you want me to stop. You like me like this. You love me like this. I bet you're just aching to touch me, taste me, and I don't mean my cock." Kurt swiped his fingers through the trails of blood across his chest and held them against Blaine's mouth. "Have a taste, sweetheart."

Blaine whimpered around the fingers in his mouth, his tongue darting out to tease along the pads of each finger, reveling in the coppery taste of Kurt's blood. His cock gave another surge and he moaned around Kurt's fingers, fuck he was close.

Just as soon as the fingers were in his mouth, they withdrew and he heard the wet smack of Kurt's hand against his cheek before he felt it.

"What the fuck?" Blaine yelped.

"What the fuck? What the fuck, Blaine? What the fuck were you thinking? You thought you could just break up with me? You thought you could leave me? I'm not one of your other precious little private school pretty boys that you can just fuck and leave. What did you honestly think was going to happen?"

"I-I don't know, I just. I needed the space because I was losing my mind."

"Losing your mind, Blaine? You kill people. I…We kill people, Blaine. You know what your problem is? Boundaries. You're so fucking set on keeping everything in its little place, but that's not how the world works. Get over it."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"To you? Nothing. Absolutely nothing."

"Then wha—"

"You seriously haven't figured it out yet? I thought you were smarter than that." Kurt slammed down with a vicious twist of his hips, his cock already hard again and leaking against Blaine's stomach, covered in Kurt's blood.

"You taught me well, Blaine," Kurt purred. "I know exactly where to cut, which veins to nick to make all of it end, with you stuck below me. Stuck in me, forever as one. There's something poetic about it, isn't there? Dying together?"

"Kurt. No. You don't have to do this. We can…we can figure it out. We can make this work."

"Can we? Or are you just going to freak out and run off every time it gets to be a bit too much?"

"We can," Blaine sobbed and he was crying though he couldn't tell if the wetness on his cheeks was more tears or his own blood. Somehow he knew they could, that their own insanities would balance each other. It was fucked up, but it was them. "We can be together. Forever. Just you and me. Just us. I promise. I love you. Kurt. I love you so much. I don't know what I was thinking."

Blaine dimly heard the scalpel clatter to the table beside them before Kurt's hands were gripping his face as he smashed their mouths together, rough and painful, the coppery tang of blood still on both of their lips.

Kurt reached down between their bodies, quickly undoing the tie of the ring suffocating Blaine's cock and rocked his hips down onto Blaine, their mouths never disconnecting. It only took a handful of Kurt's thrusting hips before they were gasping their releases into each other's mouth.

After a few moments, Kurt drew back, reaching up to unlock the chains holding Blaine in place.

Freedom. Blaine rubbed his wrists, relishing the air on his sore skin before he looked back up at Kurt. Kurt stared down at him, a mixture of worry and fear on his blood-smeared face. Blaine brought a hand up to Kurt's face and Kurt's eyes fluttered closed as Blaine's fingers brushed along his cheek.

Blaine sat up, back aching from being flat against the metal for so long and pressed a chaste kiss to the side of Kurt's mouth.

"I love you," Blaine whispered. Kurt wrapped his arms tight around Blaine's shoulders, hissing a little as their chests touched.

"I love you too. So much," Kurt said, leaning their foreheads together. "I'm so sorry. I just couldn't stand the thought of losing you. It drove me crazy."

"Shh, shh. It's alright," Blaine said, rubbing his hand over Kurt's unmarred back as Kurt cried into his shoulder.

Blaine knew in that moment that he and Kurt would be together till the very end, till death do us part—it was the only way they could.