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Time in Equestria

Dear Princess Celestia,

I still can't believe that it has already been more than a year since I came to Ponyville.

My friends and I have learned a lot about the magic of friendship and we have had so many adventures, but I think the nice quite times I get to spend with them are the memories I will carry longer.-

The Unicorn's gaze moved from her letter to out her window as she let her eyes take in the bright sunny day. The air was crisp and clean due to the light rain the Pegasus ponies had made the night before. Of course, this left the grass wet and scattered a few puddles along the roads. But the Cutie Make Crusaders made sure to put them to good use.

Twilight was about to go back to her letter to the Princess when she heard a light rustling of leaves right outside the window. She walked over to the window and stuck her head out, inspecting the bright orange and yellow leaves that filled the tree but found nothing that could have made the noise. That was, until the leaves exploded with the bright cyan face of Rainbow Dash. "BOO!"

Twilight gave a panicked shriek and fell backwards into her room as Rainbow Dash began to laugh hysterically. But unfortunately for the laughing Pegasus, Twilight's horn started glowing in her panic and the next thing she saw were stars from being hit the face by the closing window.

A short time later, a still-grinning Dash was sitting in the library holding an ice pack on her forehead. She looked over to the violet unicorn and her smile only grew. "It was so worth getting a bump on my head. Your face was priceless!"

Twilight gave Dash an indignant look before letting out a short, sarcastic laugh of her own. "Well I am glad you enjoyed yourself so much Rainbow Dash. So, did you come over just to scare me? Or did you need something?" the Unicorn was smiling warmly now. She never could stay mad at her friends, especially Dash.

"Well…actually there was something thing I wanted to talk to you about." Rainbow put down the ice pack, making Twilight wince at the purple knot that Rainbow was now sporting. "AJ and I want to do the Iron pony thing again this year and we were hoping you would judge if for us again. I even got Spike and Pinkie to do the play by play again."

"I don't want to sound mean or anything, but are you sure that's a good idea? Look what happened last year; you and Apple Jack almost killed each other during the running of the leaves." Twilight's horn started to glow and before long a plate of cookies floated in and settled on the floor between the two friends.

Dash wasted little time shoving a cookie into her mouth, munching on it happily. Everyone knew that Spike made the best cookies in all of Equestria. "That was a one-time thing Twi, Applejack and I already talked it over. This is going to be a fair contest with no hard feelings, and then we go on to the running of the leaves. And that's why I want you there…" Dash looked around the room to make sure they were alone, "You can keep me in check and stop me from losing my temper."

Twilight smiled warmly at the memory. It was right after the running last year, Rainbow had come to her asking Twilight if she seen her stepping out of line during the race. Twilight was unsure how to tell her friend yes, she had indeed stepped out of line, but she did. Long into the night Twilight and Dash went over everything, and by the end of it all Dash had asked Twilight to help her keep an eye on her temper. It was something the purple unicorn was more than happy to do.

Smiling at Rainbow Dash, Twilight crossed her front legs and took a small bite of her cookie. "I will be happy to be the judge. Are you going to do it tomorrow?"

Nodding her head Dash smiled "Yeah, Applejack and I are trying to start a new tradition so we need to keep it on the day before the running of the leaves. But hey look on the bright side, we gave you a little more time to get organized!"

"Well it's not enough to do what I want. You said you want to make this a new tradition?" Rainbow Dash nodded, "Then we need to open the competition to the public and let others join in. That way more ponies can have a chance and will want to keep it going longer."

Rainbow Dash looked at Twilight with wide eyes; the huge grin on her face told the Unicorn all she needed to know. "Twilight you're a genius! Letting other ponies compete will prove how much better I am really am!"

"Dash, you haven't won yet. And remember Rainbow, no pony likes a sore winner." Twilight smiled and stood up from the floor. "Now follow me upstairs, so we can get your paper work out of the way."

Rainbow Dash unfolded her wings and stretched them out a bit before following the purple unicorn, "Paper work? What paper work?"

"Well if you want this to be as big as it can be we're going to need rules, regulations, and proper record keeping. Not to mention a proper registration form." Once she was at her desk Twilight's horn started to glow, making some papers move about until she found the one she was looking for. With a quick strike of her quill she floated it over to Dash.

Glancing at the still-wet ink, Dash sent Twilight a worried look. "Do you seriously keep registration forms at the ready? That's like…almost creepy Twi."

Twilight looked away with a slight blush, "It is not creepy, it's called being well prepared. Now if you are going to compete you'll have to fill that out."

"Fine, fine, whatever you say Twilight. You are such an egghead." Rainbow Dash flew over to the desk and started filling out her form, "What the? It's asking for my marital status?" Dash looked over her shoulder to Twilight, who was looking away. After a little bit Dash looked over her sheet to check everything. Satisfied that's he was done she pat the pencil out of her mouth.

"Thank you Dash. Now, can you do me a favor? After you leave can you go to Sweet Apple Acres and tell Applejack that she needs to come by and fill out her registration form as well? Oh! And please spread the word about the competition"

"Sure thing Twilight. I'll go and tell her right away – without AJ it would be way too easy to win!" Rainbow took off through the open window before Twilight could chastise her for boasting.

Shaking her head with a small smile, Twilight went back to the desk to finish her letter to the Princess.

Do you remember last year when I wrote to you about the Iron Pony competition?

Well I just learned that we are hosting it again tomorrow! And even better, we are opening it to the public this year. It just goes to show you that even the things you have already done can still be fun.

Always your faithful student. Twilight Sparkle.

After reading over her letter three times making sure every T was crossed, and everyI was dotted, once she was happy with it she rolled it up. "Spike! Spike! Can you come up here please?"

Soon she heard the patter of little dragon feet climbing up the stairs. "What's up Twilight?" Spike poked his head through the door and saw the floating scroll. "Oh, do you have a letter for the Princess?"

Twilight had to stifle a laugh as Spike walked into the room. He was wearing the pink apron that read "Kiss the Dragon" on the front of it, and adding in the fact that Rarity had given him for his birthday, he never took it off. "Yes please, I need you to send it out while I go find Pinkie Pie."

Spike hopped up and plucked the scroll out of the air before walking to the window. He inhaled deeply and spouted out a bit of green fire to ignite the scroll, the magical smoke whisking it away to the Princess. "why do you need Pinkie? …Twi? Twilight?"

Look back to the purple unicorn, Spike saw she was staring down at some papers on her desk. Spike walked over and peered at the paper then sighed. "Just tell her Twilight. You never seen her with anyone, she might feel the same way about you."

"What! No." Twilight looked back to Spike with an expression that looked a cross between embarrassment and fear. "What if she's not into fillies? What if the others think I'm weird, what if… What if she hates me..." Twilight's ears drooped as she hung her head low.

"Twilight, you've been moping for months now. And you know full well that Rainbow Dash is the embodiment of loyalty. She would never turn her friends away, and if anyone else thinks it's wrong, then they're not really your friends."

Spike was suddenly levitated off the ground and Twilight kissed his cheek before hugging him. "Thank you Spike, you always know just what to say. Well, most of the time anyway."

"That's what I am here for sister." Spike puffed out his chest and poked himself with his thumb.

"Well then, maybe my number one assistant would like to go to Pinkie's for me and ask her to spread the word that tomorrow the Iron Pony games will be open to anyone that wants to sing up?"

"I'm already there!" Spike ran out of the room only to come back immediately and took of his apron before running out again.


"So what yer tellin' me is that Twilight wants to make the competition open to everypony who wants to enter?" Applejack asked her rainbow maned friend as she moved things around the barn.

"Yeah, she said it will make it more fun and keep them coming back next year. But being the egghead that she is, she want all competitors to fill out some lame form in order to enter, I think she said something about keeping records or whatever." Dash answered, rubbing her chin in thought.

"I reckon that makes sense, all games need rules. Like no wings." Applejack said, poking fun as she ignored Rainbow's glare. "But does that mean I need to go over there and sign up?"

"Yeah, you do. Unless you think you don't stand a chance, in that case I have a spot in my cheering section with your name on it." Dash bragged as she hovered over the orange farmer.

"Simmer down sally; you ain't the only one in the competition after all." Walking out of the barn Applejack looked like she was heading into town. "For all y'all know nether one of us will win."

"Are you kidding? You and I are the best athletes in Equestria, there is no way we both can lose! And besides the competition is tomorrow. It's not like any one will have time to sign up or even know that they can for that matter. So chillax AJ, it's in the bag." Rainbow landed followed behind Applejack, walking right into the earth pony.

Dash was about to ask why she stopped in the middle of the road like that when she saw Applejack's face. She was looking upwards with a big grin on her face. "I don't think it will be that easy sugar-cube." Applejack pointed up to the sky.

Following her friend's gaze Rainbow looked up, her mouth falling open in shock. There in the sky was Twilight's hot air balloon, a huge banner hanging from the basket to let all of Ponyville about the Iron pony competition. It was then that both Rainbow Dash and Applejack saw a lump of pink sitting in the balloon's basket.

"Is that Pinkie Pie, and is she dropping candy form the balloon?" Dash asked, still in shock.

"Eeyup" Big Macintosh answered, chewing on his gum while he walked past the pair.

Applejack watched her brother walk back to the farm before looking back up to Pinkie. "So, who do you reckon will sign up now?


"Wow Twilight, you already have five competitors signed up for tomorrow. It's going to be a real show!" Spike spoke excitedly as he read over the registration forms, his smile faltering for a moment, "I still can't believe you let her sign up, you know she will just start trouble."

Twilight was busy reading a what seemed to be a random book when she spoke, "Spike, you know was well as I do that we can't leave anypony out just because we don't like them. And she did say she was sorry, and that she wanted to make it up to everypony. And if she becomes our friend I can right to Princess Celestia about how second chances can be the best thing for making a new friend."

"That would have been a fine letter; it is quite a shame that I have spoiled it for myself." Twilight's body went rigid, her eyes growing to the size of dinner plates.

Ever so slowly Twilight Sparkle stood up and turned around, her eyes roaming across the books scattered on the floor, the dirty windows, and the papers strewn on her desk. Slowly, her eyes fell on the source of the voice. " Pr.. Pr... Princess Celestia... And Princess Luna..."

Twilight's eyes slowly rolled in up to the back of her head, and a second later she passed out.


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