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As we grow up we have been taught to forgive and to forget. But how much is too much to just forgive and forget, at what point do you have to start thinking about yourself. When someone does something to you that completely ruins your life, I don't understand how you can just forgive and forget. It all started in the summer of 8th grade.

"OhmygosssshhhSpencer" Madisonsaysthrowingherselfontopofme.

We have been friends since second grade and I thought nothing to tear us apart. We had just gotten back from the movies with a bunch of our friends and I was sleeping over her house. This was a regular thing for us to do after a group outing. Out of our group of friends we had always been the closest.

Now as most of you know, this is when girls are supposed to have their first boyfriend and fall in love, but for some reason that never appealed to me. All of my friends had their first crushes and were always texting the "perfect guy for them". We would go on big group dates with like 8 guys and girls but I was never interested in it like they were.

I just assumed that I hadn't found the right guy yet but he would come and sweep me off my feet soon enough.

But then something in me clicked, and I realized that the right "guy" was never going to come around. I made the realization that I was bi. Yes now I know that is the biggest lesbian cliche to first think you are just bi. But I honestly did think I was.

I thought I was bi because I could still point out guys that I found cute, but I just never felt that spark I did with girls.

I kept my secret bottled up for all of 8th grade before I felt I had to tell someone. I figured what better time than when it was just me and my best friend sleeping over.

We had just finished our third movie that night and it was 2 am. I took a deep breath and decided that, it was as good a time as any.

"Madison...uh could I talk to you about something" she turned her head and nodded at me to continue. " Do you promise that we will be friends no matter what?" she just smiled and nodded. I took a deep breath knowing that what I was about to do, would drastically change my life forever. I couldn't take it back once I said it, it was out there.

"I...I...think-I-like-girls" I blurted out as fast as possible. Her jaw hit the floor and her eyes widened not knowing what to say. She just stared at me for a good 2 minutes before smiling saying just 2 words to me.

"How long" the two words that made me realize that she was still my best friend and always would be. Or so I thought."

We went to sleep that night as though nothing had ever happened but in the morning the next day she left a lot earlier than I expected, but I didn't think anything of it.

About a week after I had told Madison, I hadn't seen her or heard from her until one night I got a call on my cell phone on friday night on a restricted number.

"Hello?" I picked up not knowing who to expected. "Hi is this the little lesbian hotline" and then I heard giggling "I felt sick all of a sudden and I didn't know what to do or how this had happened.

Then I heard something that made all the color drain from my face. Muffled in the background I heard "come on Madison your the one that told us to call, think of how many times she has fantasized about you, the little dyke deserves to hear what you have to say". I felt tears in my eyes as I heard the phone be passed to my supposed best friend. "

You little dyke, what you didn't think I would tell everyone. What if you had been like picturing us naked or ew worse. Keep you and your dirty little hands away from me" I hung up the phone and threw it against the wall. That night I cried myself to sleep.

Ever since that day my life has never been the same. And I know who to blame .

Short I know, should I continue?