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Agateophobia- fear of insanity

We did it, Johnny-Boy.

Dr. Jonathan Crane smirked smugly in his office's chair. After strategically playing the victim during therapy sessions while incarcerated at Arkham Asylum the master of fear was released. It wasn't hard really; just a couple of sessions of feigning parental abuse and breaking down with realization of his wrongs were enough to have them eating out of his hands.

He was diagnosed with having a mental breakdown as a result of all the hard work he put into researching fear. For as long as anyone had known Crane had submerged himself in research and left room for little more. Taking that into consideration as well as his usual calm demeanor and lack of any previous troublemaking pushed the committee's decision to release him. What was even more amazing was his permission to continue on with his research so long as it was theoretical and not experimental.

What a bunch of idiots.

So easy to manipulate.

So when are we raising hell again?

All in due time.

Crane could feel the Scarecrow's yearning for chaos, having to reassure him to be patient. The Joker had already raised hell and was currently incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. Gotham was still shaking from the incident so if the doctor decided to act out any experiments on the city it would be overshadowed. They would only think he was trying to copy the Joker's insane antics and there was no way he would be accused of copying someone.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his office's door, peeking his attention. Jonathan Crane had no family nor friends, his only visitors were his clients while he worked at Arkham and the therapists while he was a patient at the asylum. And while he planned on using his toxins on actual victims sometime soon, there were no participants as of yet.

"Come in." The doctor beckoned for whoever the visitor was to enter the room; a tad interested to see who it was yet unenthused all at the same time.

Though soon Crane was smirking as the door opened then closed. One of the big reasons for his release was Roxanne Downey; a 25-year-old just finishing her Master's Degree and heading towards a PhD in psychology. For God knows what reason Arkham Asylum had offered Roxanne an internship at their establishment. Her job was to train as Crane's therapist, deciding why not throw the young girl right in with all the crazies.

There's our therapist. The Scarecrow was lustfully smirking. At times it was hard to concentrate during their therapy sessions with his alter ego cooing in his ear. Roxanne stood at 5'7" with her usual four inch heels on. Her body was thin and cut with an average round behind and an average cup size. Of course though her flat stomach accented her other body parts well. He had remembered during one of her sessions discussing her small obsession with working out, Scarecrow wanting to show her another form of exercise.

Roxanne had clear olive colored skin that in no way needed foundation though she always sported exotic eye makeup. Her deep bottled red hair was full and curly and hung down to her chest, usually wearing it up in a large bun. Though today she wasn't he observed, probably because she wasn't in as professional of a setting as the asylum. Still she wore a form fitting deep purple mid-thigh dress with a grey fitting three quarter sleeved blazer on.

Jesus, should we fucking pay her?

Calm yourself.

"Why, Ms. Downey, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Good boy, let the words roll off your tongue.

If the young female wasn't standing in front of him the doctor would have rolled his eyes, rather continued to concentrate on his therapist. Her glossed lips curved up into a bright smile, stepping forward, "Just felt like saying hi to my favorite client."

Crane chuckled, "Correction, you're only client."

Roxanne shook her finger playfully before being offered to sit down in the seat across from his desk, "They said if I continue the good work I might start shadowing Dr. Harleen Quinzel during her sessions with the Joker."

"Are you sure you would be able to handle that?"

"I would like the opportunity to see if I could," The redhead replied as she cross her lean legs, Scarecrow directing Crane's vision to her more exposed legs, "Besides, I'm so curious to see what even goes on in that man's mind."

The older man shook his head, "Curiosity killed the cat, Ms. Downey."

"Good thing I'm no pussy." Roxanne grinned as Crane gave out a small cough, looking at her wide eyed for a moment before regaining his composure. In a professional setting she wasn't allowed to talk as such; he needn't forget she was a young lady in her mid-twenties.

Adjusting his glasses, Crane sat back in his chair and folded his hands in his lap, "So, other than proving how much of a potty mouth you have, what's your business here?"

"How have you been feeling since your release?"

He shrugged, "I see it as a minor hiccup. If those mongrels think locking me up will stop my research they're sadly mistaken."

Roxanne also leaned back in her chair, folding her arms and thinking. After a moment she spoke, "Will you be experimenting on actual people like you were before?"


"Of course not."

Giving a grateful smile, she commented, "No one ever chastised you for your theoretical work, only the means in which you went out it."

"How else though am I suppose to see the affects of fear on someone if I can't experiment on them?"

"I understand where you are coming from, Jonathan, but you're experimenting on people involuntarily. If you perhaps got people to participate willingly it would be better."

Crane chuckled, "Who would volunteer for that?"

Roxanne shrugged with a sheepish laugh, "I do suppose it wasn't the best example. I'm just saying…It would be best for you to…behave for now."

Why am I getting the idea something's up?

Scarecrow's observation made the body he inhabited curiously look at the young female. Raising an eyebrow, the doctor tilted his head. The whole reason for being locked up was to talk about his problems, not while on the outside. The whole time she was in his office she seemed to be making sure he was a good boy. As if he weren't then there would be consequences.

Rolling his shoulders back, the doctor asked once more, "Why are you here today?"

"I told you," By now her eyebrow was raised in curiosity, "To see how my client was."

"But, I'm no longer you're client."

Roxanne bit her lower lip, trying to regain her composure. She had no idea that she had just sold herself to him, having been in the business he was in for a good while. With more experience he was easily able to read her, knowing that something was fishy. Taking his glasses off, Crane pinched the bridge of his nose before calmly asking, "Again, Roxanne, why are you here?"

"I told you, I-"

"No!" Suddenly Crane slammed his fist down against the desk, standing up furiously. Scarecrow's cheering was cluttering his mind as he came around the desk with determination in his eyes, "I'm sorry if you felt as all like you were in power while in Arkham, but this is my world now!"

Roxanne stood up quickly, trying to stand her ground as his eyes bore into hers, "Jonathan-"

Her intentions of standing her ground went out the door as he tightly gripped her neck, spinning the young girl around and slamming her back down onto the desk in one move. Roxanne felt the wind knocked out of her, letting out a raspy cough as her manicured nails flew up to grasp at his hold on her. Regardless of her attempts to break free the lean man's grip was surprisingly strong, leaving no room to budge.

Crane pushed his weight onto her neck, watching her struggle for air, "Now, let's be honest, my dear, why are you here?" The redhead's sculpted body withered under his grasp, her back arching, "Roxy, I wouldn't toy with your life right now."

"J-J-J-" Realizing he may have perhaps cut off too much of her breathing, loosening his grip slightly as he looked down at her expectedly, "Jim Gordon…wanted me to keep an eye on you and…and report if you do anything wrong."

Little fucking bitch. Snap her fucking neck!

Shut up!

"And you would agree? After all we've been through?" Crane cooed in a mocking tone.

Tears were slowly forming in her beautiful Hazel eyes, threatening to ruin the liquid eyeliner she put so much effort into. By now her breathing was short and choppy, watching her chest rise up and down rapidly. He could tell her anxiety was rising by now, staring into her eyes once more with his icy blue orbs. A small smirk tugged at the sides of his full lips upon the realization she was feeling fear under him.

"I-I'm sorry," Roxanne managed to choke out, "They just saw how successful I was and-"

In a fit of fury Crane released her neck only to deliver a quick slap across her cheekbone. Aw, look we're gonna ruin that pretty little face of hers. Before she had a chance to breathe again the psychologist yanked at her full red locks and brought her up to her feet, which were having a hard time keeping her balanced, "How dare you think you were successful in trying to break me. I play the mind games, not you."

I think you just hurt her feelings. Ha ha!

The Scarecrow was right. Her fingers were trembling from a mixture of nerves and now anger. It seems he had struck a chord with the young aspiring therapist. In all their sessions he could always tell how proud of herself she was. To be able to communicate with the normally cold doctor as well as even have a few laughs wasn't even heard of. So, for it now to have been revealed as a complete lie he could see didn't sit well with her.

Gritting her teeth, the lean female sneered, "Fuck you. I didn't even want you as a fucking client. What the hell makes you so scary! You need to drug anyone to get them to fear you!"

Jonathan's mind sat in silence for a moment before he could hear the Scarecrow urging him to drown the bitch in his toxin. But, that was far from what the doctor wanted, tightening his grip on her hair. Since he was a child bullies thought they could overpower him because of his small stature and quiet demeanor. Now though he wasn't going to take it.

Jonathan sneered back at the young woman, slamming her up against a wall, "I don't need to drug you in order to make you fear me. You're an open fucking book."

"Not as much as you are."

She's feisty, I like her. Let's have some fun.

"Really, now?" By now Jonathan looked at Roxanne calmly, straightening up and slowly releasing her. She seemed apprehensive as to what he was doing, standing in front of him on guard. Her hands were shaking, which he took as a sign of still fearing for her life. It was so cute how defensive she tried to act in order to hide the fact she was completely afraid.

Slowly smirking he leaned into her body with one hand supporting him against the wall, cooing in her ear, "In our third session you told me your family was dead. I find that very hard to believe, Roxy. School, rent, and that new Mercedes you drive around is quite expensive. Perhaps too expensive for a young woman who is working at Arkham for an unpaid internship to afford. I think someone is buying all this for you. To…win back your love or maybe even to keep you quiet."

Roxanne quivered under the doctor's heat, turning her head to avoid his glare. There was no hiding once she looked into those crisp blue pools, threatening to expose every secret about her. His knuckles gently brushed down her arm, causing her to jump slightly at his touch. Smirking, Crane leaned his face into her ear as he spoke softly, "Whose trying to keep you quiet, Roxy?"

"N-No one."

"Don't lie to me!" He suddenly bellowed, forcing her gaze to once again lock with his as he gripped her chin, "Tell me what you fear."

The two seemed to stare into each other's eyes for a moment, Roxanne's eyes begging him not to push her and his demanding she speak. Biting her lower lip, a single tear slide down her left cheek as she spoke, "I was 13. My…parents were going through a divorce and mom made me stay with my Aunt Stacy."

"What happened at Aunt Stacy's?"

Crane took note of the young therapist's body tensing up, observing her fists clenching tightly. He saw the memories flashing before her eyes, heard her small rapid breathes, and could practically feel her heart pounding all throughout her skin. The normally reserved doctor raised an eyebrow, amazed at how much of a physical reaction she was having to obviously repressed memories.

Roxanne's chest rose up and down as the Scarecrow huskily chuckled she's so beautiful when she's cowering beneath us. With another tear rolling down her olive skin the female choked, "She…S-She said I was developing young. That I-I was a woman. And that…no man would ever know how to treat a woman."

Craning his neck to the side, the black haired man leaned in and cooed in her ear, "What did Aunt Stacy do?"

"Please, Jonathan," Roxanne bit her quivering lower lip, whispering, "Don't make me say it."

"Oh, no," Jonathan chuckled softly, reaching out to almost gently stroke her full hair, "I want to hear it."

She hates us. Ha ha!

Gulping hard, the Hazel eyed girl gritted her teeth, "I was 15. Mom…dad…they completely forgot about me. They called from time to time to make sure I was alive, but I never saw them. Aunt Stacy was on the phone with my mom one day as I went to take a shower. I didn't take long. I swear I didn't take long. But, when…when I came out Stacy was there. And…she was so mad. So mad. She said there was no reason for someone who had never been touched to take such long showers…she then ripped the towel off my body…" At this moment Roxanne began crying making it hard for her to talk, "She was in me…I didn't even know for how long. I thought we were done…until she told me I had to…"

"Had to what?"

Roxanne turned her head to the side, not even caring if her action would bring her harm, "She told me I had to...give…give her oral sex or else she would kick me out…" Roxanne's body seemed to relax, as if she was becoming numb to the memory. The tears had dried up on her soft cheeks, her eyes red and puffy, "The day I turned 16 I left Aunt Stacy's and I've never been back. I'll never go back. I don't give a fuck how much money she wants to wire into my account. It will not make up for the fact I was molested for a year!"

Both Jonathan and Scarecrow sat there in silence for a moment, taking the time to look her up and down. She seemed to have given up, her body reverting back to perhaps a defense mechanism she used while being unwillingly touched. The fear was enough to harden him, cracking his neck as he tried to compose himself. That's alright, Johnny, it's ok. It turns me on too.

"I…I am so sorry."

Now both the Scarecrow and Roxanne were looking at the young doctor oddly. Both parties were confused by the doctor's sudden display of sympathy. Her Hazel eyes enlarged as they looked up into his still cold icy blue eyes. His simple statement installed more fear into her than when she was being rough handled not too long before that.

Though going through what she did Roxanne knew not to just believe a simple I'm sorry. Rather the redhead whipped her head around to snarl, "Don't apologize as if you know what the fuck I went through. I lived with fear every day for that whole year! You're the one who makes people fearful. You're nothing but a fucking bully."

Jonathan's eyes narrowed in a rage as he spun the athletic woman around to slam her chest up against the wall while twisting her arm in an unhealthy way behind her, "How. Dare. You. Try to fucking read me. You have NO idea what I've been through."

"What? Were you forced to take it up the ass or something?"

Let me at her, Johnny! She has to fucking pay!

Shut the fuck up and let ME handle this!

Tightening his grip on her wrist, he sneered into the younger one's ear, "That really doesn't concern you. Why? Have you?" He chuckled sinisterly.

It was then he felt her body tense up again, "I haven't been with anyone since…"

"That's a tragedy, such a beautiful woman as yourself."

"Oh," Roxanne then began to laugh, feeling her mind losing the ability to filter what was coming out of her mouth, "Who would want to fuck a man with a multiple personality disorder?"

Jonathan then snapped as he slammed her forehead hard into the wall. Roxanne let out a painful cry, falling down to the floor as the doctor stepped back to watch the female hold her head. A thin line of blood tricked down her forehead as the world spun slightly in front of her. Sneering in front of her was a mentally unstable doctor who was struggling not to let the worse side of him out. Despite his anger he knew if he allowed the Scarecrow to come out she would be lying in a pool of blood.

"Y-You're insane, Crane."

"I'm insane?" Dr. Jonathan Crane laughed as he began unbuckling his belt, "You might want to examine yourself, Ms. Downey. You have a cell phone. Why haven't you called the cops? Why did you even agree to check up on me knowing there might be a chance I would react this way? After all I am insane."

I'm tired of waiting. Fucking do something!

Growling, the Scarecrow broke through for a moment as he yanked the young girl up off her feet to slam her back down onto the desk. Before she even had a chance to catch her breath the darker personality tightened his belt around her neck, making sure to cut off a certain amount of air. It was then Jonathan regained control once more, keeping the belt around her lean neck, "I'll tell you why, Roxy, you fucking like this. You love the abuse. You love it because it makes you feel alive. As much as you don't want to admit it this is the most affection you've gotten since you were 16."

Roxanne choked in attempt to receive more air circulation, gripping the sides of the desk. As the grip around her throat loosened ever so slightly the redhead bit her glossy lower lip, watching the doctor position himself between her legs and hover over her lean body. A few strands of black hair fell in front of his face, his full lips mere inches away from hers, "Instead of fighting it…why not accept that we're all a tad insane?"

There was silence in the air. Not even the Scarecrow was talking. Crane's mind was completely blank. It was a strange feeling for the doctor. He couldn't remember a time when the master of fear wasn't whispering something in his ear. It felt good; knowing that even Scarecrow was so curious to see what was going to happen next that he was completely silent.

And then the strangest thing happened. Roxanne's fingers slowly released the sides of the desk she was lying on to run themselves through his silky raven hair. A cooling sensation shuddered throughout his body, shocked by the curious action. His eyes widened as the mid-twenty-year-old pulled his full lips down onto hers. Was this part of your plan? Though slowly his eyes closed as his lips moved against hers, feeling the fear and hesitation with every rhythm of her kiss.

No objection here.

Truth be told it had been a long time since Jonathan had been intimate with a woman. The doctor was not like most men who needed a random woman beneath them every night in order to feel like a man. While working at Arkham there were some female interns who had made passes at him, which he obviously turned down. He didn't need some mindless floozy wagging her pussy in front of him because of his medical status.

And as much as he hated to admit it the doctor had formed a bit of a bond with the young therapist while incarcerated. Yes, most of their sessions were completely staged by Scarecrow and him, but there were times where the laughs were real. She wasn't like most therapists who only sat there and asked their patients how they felt. She was real. And perhaps that was the most frightening thing of all.

Not to be the one not having the upper hand Jonathan gripped the back of Roxanne's neck to pull her up into him. His full lips widened and his tongue forced his way into her mouth. His right hand wasted no time in lifting her leg to wrap around his waist, running his hand up her dress. Her gasps were muffled by his lips, kissing her furiously as his left hand went up to grasp her breast. Old habits died hard and he found himself grasping her breast hard enough to bruise.

Roxanne's nails dug into his scalp as a reaction, biting down on his full lower lip. Jonathan sneered while picking the therapist's lean body up and slamming her up against the wall. Unlike last time the redhead gasped in excitement, flinging her arms around his neck and slamming her lips up against his. Smirking, the doctor ripped the grey little jacket off her shoulders, feeling excitement surge through his own body.

As Roxy's body curved into his Jonathan removed his lips from hers, running themselves down to the soft skin of her neck. Tilting her head to the side to expose more skin, she felt her world slowly swirl into chaos as lips played against her sensitive spot. How the hell he even knew what her sweet spot was baffled her since he was playing against it so well. The way his lips kissed her soft skin while gently biting down was enough to make her go mad.

Involuntarily her hips pushed up against his, crawling her manicured nails down his suit jacket. Seeing this as a problem he quickly threw the clothing material off him, throwing it to the side. Roxanne couldn't help running her hands up his chest, practically ripping the buttons off his neat white collared shirt.

A bit of a wild one, eh? At least we know she isn't gay.

Jonathan didn't even want to respond to the Scarecrow's taunts as his body moved away from hers. She stared at him with a sense of loss, her eyes begging for more. The sense of power invigorated him as he commanded, "Take off your jacket. And your dress."

Biting her lower lip hesitantly, her hands shook while slowly removing the grey jacket. His icy blue eyes bore into hers as soon her dress was hiking up her body. His member began to pulse as his arousal grew, hungrily staring at her fit body. There wasn't a single thing out of place; flawless olive skin, an untouched stomach, and beautiful milky breasts.

Jonathan wasted no time in tearing the purple lace bra off her, cupping both soft breasts. Roxanne gasped in excitement as their lips connected once more. Their lips pushed up against each other's, tongues swimming in and out of each other's mouths. As the black haired man's groin pushed up against her wet sex he gently bit her lower lip, causing the younger girl to shudder even more. The sweet little whimpers were music to his ears.

"Is this your first time with a man?" Jonathan whispered.

Biting her lower lip, slowly nodding as her eyes fluttered into the back of her head while strong fingers rubbed at her wet private part through her matching panties. Scarecrow chuckled darkly as the body he inhabited smirked, gently pushing his lips against her brushed ones. The gentle gesture was intoxicating enough to distract her as two fingers were slipped into her. The doctor's raging arousal was growing and there was no time to slowly warm up the practically virgin woman.

His fingers played inside of her wet walls, swirling around her as he could tell she was having a hard time standing. As his fingers angled themselves in a different direction his thumb rubbed her clitoris. Roxanne let out a begging whimper, tightening her insides around him. Her own excitement was rising and it was obvious she wouldn't be able to take much more of this torture.

And neither could he as his other hand undid his pants in order to reveal a large staff. Without warning Crane tore the skimpy piece of fabric off her tight thighs, shoving himself into her tight walls. Roxanne let out a wail as he himself had to take a moment to register the feeling. It had been a while for him and no girl had ever been this fresh before. His fingernails dug at the wall as his mouth hung open for a moment, trying to regain his control.

C'mon, Johnny-Boy, we have work to do! Don't make me do this one for you again!

Fuck off, this one's mine!

Grunting in sexual pleasure, the older doctor began bucking his hips into hers. Each thrust pushed the tip of his penis up against her cervix, sending sparks of pleasure and pain throughout her body. Her hands gripped around his shoulders as his left arm snaked around her thin waist, pulling her up in attempt to fit all of himself in her. The only consolation to the new pain the therapist had was the lustful grunts breathing in her ear.

Apparently Roxanne was a quick learner as her hips matched every one of his thrusts, her moans pleas for more. When Jonathan took this as a sign to slow down and tease the heated girl she responded by pulling at his tie, straggling him slightly. As much as he enjoyed affixation he would not be bested in his own office, pulling her body away from the wall. In a matter of a couple of moves she was bent over the desk, her hands lashing out to grip the sides.

As his penis pushed in at a different angle Roxanne let out rapid breathes, squeezing her eyes shut at the new sensation. Jonathan's muscles tensed up as he ripped his tie off his own neck, tying it around her own before tightening his hold. While one hand gripped onto the fabric enough to make her lightheaded but not enough to suffocate her the other gripped her hip as he began pounding. Jonathan could feel he was close and he planned on enjoying every moment.

Roxanne let out a large moan as she felt her legs shaking, indicating the first orgasm she had ever gotten from penetration. Soon afterwards Jonathan followed, ripping himself out of her wet opening to release his hot liquid onto the floor. He took a few moments to shutter from the orgasm, a few more drops of sperm seeping out.

After a moment Crane straightened himself up, his chest rising up and down. Holding his chest, he couldn't help but chuckle after remembering the young woman had ripped all the buttons off. It was then he noticed Roxanne leaning up against his desk, holding her knees as her Hazel eyes were clamped shut. He couldn't help but stare at her moving chest, hiding his member away in fear he might harden up again.

Time to kick her out.

The Scarecrow was the typical man, love 'em then leave 'em. Even though more and more of Jonathan became his alter ego he still felt compassion for the young woman. After all someone's first time being penetrated by a man was a big deal, especially after being molested by a female relative. It was with that in mind he went to pick up her dress, chuckling sheepishly, "It seems I've rendered your under garments utterly useless."

"And I your shirt." She weakly smiled, pulling her dress up over her head while buttoning the grey jacket in order to covered her chest.

While this was being done the male pulled a white collared shirt out of his desk drawer, removing the clothing from its package, "After many years of examining patients who tend to grab at your shirt you learn to always have a spare."

Roxanne laughed, shaken up by the whole experience. She was originally sent there by the commissioner to keep an eye on the doctor. What he had displayed was considered a risk and was more than enough to get him locked up again. Though, the redhead was torn at what to do. Was it considered kosher to send the man who had given her the first orgasm of her life to jail?

Not wanting to give herself anymore time to think, she hesitantly headed for the door. He obviously wasn't going to kiss her goodbyes. After all his back was facing her, not making any attempts to stop her. It was obvious she was leaving; he could hear her heels making their way towards the door. Not that he minded, his mind was spinning too much to stand and chat.

"Roxy?" He almost whispered.

Stopping right before the door, she turned her head, "Yes?"

Turning around coyly, he questioned, "Your aunt…does she still live in Gotham?"

Roxanne's grip tightened on the doorknob, "Yes."

"And does she have your last name?"

"No," She replied sourly, "My mother's maiden name; McAllen. Stacy McAllen."

Jonathan Crane buttoned his new crisp shirt on him with a smirk, nodding his head, "Have a good day, Ms. Downey."