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Chapter 1: Hatred







It was the first few days of school. Now that summer break had come to an end it was time for learning once again. It was a sunny day, but some white clouds still lingering in the sky. The wind was blowing slightly and the sun wasn't too hot. It was perfect to be outside without any complain. Most of the students were already at school either talking to friends around the benches out in the grass near the entrance, relaxing on the bleachers of the football field, or just eating breakfast in the cafeteria. Inside the school's hallways was a lot calmer. Mostly all the students were outside than walking around the insides of Station Square High School. Only some were.

A pair of jade eyes peeked around the corner of an empty hallowed hallway. She blew her bangs, color pink, to the slide away from her eyes as she spotted a white bat placing some books inside a locker. She smirked finding her target.

Amy Rose was her name.

The bat down the hall, Amy's targeted, was her best friend Rouge. She was curvy and tall unlike Amy who was just a bit shorter than her and slender. She closed her locker and turned her back facing Amy. An opportunity opened. She tip-toed slowly on the tile floor hoping her boots wouldn't squeak against it. She kept her body up against the wall and her movements at a slow pace. She bit her lip to prevent herself from giggling or chuckling. Amy was inches away from her and lifted her hands up ready to tap her shoulders.

"Good Morning Amy!"

Amy's smile faded and she nervously chuckled. "Aw Rouge,"

Rouge twirled around laughing. Rouge had stayed Amy's good friend since middle school and they've been inseparable since then. Rouge's family often traveled on business trips in the summers and hardly ever spent them together with Amy. During school were their only times, but times well spend. Rouge tucked her curly hair behind her ear and brought Amy in for a hug. "Nice to see you're lively as ever."

Amy shrugged and returned the hug. The strong smell of women fresh perfume made her dizzy so she retracted from the hug first. "How was your trip?" She asked while she slid her backpack over to the front. Rouge helped Amy save time by opening the locker with a code. Amy unzipped her backpack and pulled out some books and sticking them into the locker. "It was wonderful. France was a very romantic place."

Amy rolled her eyes and composed her back to be straight. "Boy, France. Look at you." Amy said plainly placing in a math book.

"Yep, although I couldn't go to many tourist attractions because of Father, but we had a lovely view of the Eiffel tower from the hotel's window" replied Rouge.

"Well, I'm glad you had fun and made it back safely." added Amy as she closed the locker shut with a sigh. Amy turned to her best friend tiredly.

"Made it back a senior," Rouge said thrilled.

"You're right." Amy said wide eyed. "Can't you believe it? Senior year already."

"Then college life!" Rouge reminded her. Amy giggled. "We'll be out of here soon,"

The thought of becoming a new grader in a significant amount of time gave her chills. A part of her didn't want to move on forward towards the real world knowing there were still so many other things she was yet to discover here within school grounds. Another side of her was about done with living inside the bars and exploring the world to what challenges life had to offer.

Rouge suddenly grabbed her arm." Let's go to class and talk. I'll tell you everything about France." She told her as she pulled her down the hall. "Okay, okay," Amy nervously chuckled.


Just outside of the main buildings a group of boisterous boys were making their way through the school's gate. Like normal boys they joked around amongst each other and horsed around. Nobody around them mind much anymore. One of the boys nudged a friend besides them and with a nod gestured the boy in their group at the far end. His eyes were at loss for color like if he hadn't slept enough the day before. His mouth still had white stains from died up drool. His black quills were messy and the boy blinked tiredly. The five boys burst out laughing in seeing one of their friend miserable which made some of the students around stare.

"What's wrong Shadow? You good?" A blue hedgehog asked mockingly.

"I hate being back here again." Shadow turned around to face them with a grumble. If he wasn't speaking so normally they could've confused him with a zombie.

"Dude, I bet you you're gonna get Mr. Marc as your teacher, 'gain." A green hawk told a yellow fox with two tails while snickering.

A grin plastered on the face of the blue hedgehog within the group. "Bet you're going to fail again too."

The group burst into laughter with some of them 'ooo'ing. Shadow clicked his tongue and pushed the boy who had insulted him. "Shut up Sonic,"

They all laughed. Sonic's laugh died down to a chuckle and began walked ahead of his friends leaving them behind. When they noticed he wasn't stopping to wait for them a friend got concern.

"Where are you going?" One of them asked. Sonic turned his head to face them. "I'm going out to check on something I left behind yesterday." He replied coolly. They're faces light up in interest.

"You guys wanna come?" Sonic asked.

"Ay!" "Heck yea,"

They all followed Sonic into the buildings. One of them jumped on Sonic's back for fun and laughing had commenced again which lasted up until they entered the school's doors into hallways. Just above them was a clock attached to the bricks at the top of the building. There were three hands built within the clock. The second hand passed the twelve. The clock's minute hand moved down a dot and with the last rays of sun hitting the clock it soon was covered by a shade of clouds.


Rouge and Amy entered the classroom. It was empty inside besides the teacher being there, an old hippo. He scratched the top of his head where there was a bald spot. He stared down at paperwork and didn't bother to greet his students. His features showed a sign of no importance to what they did. Light orchestra music played in the background so it wasn't too awkward for them. The seats were divided into rows, a desk in front of the other all facing up at the teacher and the chalk board. Amy and Rouge went to sit on the seats at the very front of the class. That's where Rouge sat during classes. Amy sat in the left middle corners, but since class wasn't on session yet she wanted to be next to her friend. Amy placed her bag on the desk and she sat on the chair. Little did she know there was a sealed ketchup sack still on a metal bar. Under the pressure of her weight on the seat and the ketchup pack in between the top of the chair's platform and a bar that held the chair's legs up, the ketchup opened. Splat.

Amy jerked up in feeling liquid splattered on her legs. Amy moved her skirt to the side to see her white high socks tinted with a red stains. Amy's jaw opened wide and she groaned. She closed her eyes with her fingers on her temple.

"What the hell?" Rouge stood up from her desk. "What's that?"

Amy picked up the open ketchup packet and rose from the seat. Her head looked around the classroom finding that the teacher wasn't paying attention. When she faced the other way she found herself in contact with a pair of emerald green orbs that were already staring at her with a mischievously grin. Amy returned the opposite look and glared at him.

Rouge turned around and saw a bunch of boys' heads peeking by the door with one boy leaning on the doorway arms crossed and grin lingering.

Sonic the hedgehog. He was known for having the power of speed and titled fastest hedgehog alive. Every girl would fawn over him every time he ran down the hall. He was the very picture of an attractive teenage boy, but in Amy's eyes he was different. His looks didn't fit his personality. He was sneaky and collected always one step ahead of the game. He loved pranks and that's where he would draw lines. He wore the eyes of a fiend and hardly ever showed around his weakness, always keeping his guard up to those who weren't close to him.

Her sworn enemy.

Amy clenched her fist and stalked towards them. The boys' heads backed away from the doorway but Sonic stayed in place. He chuckled watching her anger spark a fire in her eyes. She threw the ketchup pack, she still held, at him, but he smacked it away. It fell.

Amy narrowed her eyes with a scowl look plastered on her face. "What is your problem?!" she growled pointing her finger up at him.

Sonic smacked her hand away and pushed himself off the doorway's wall. He walked out into the hall so that the teacher inside wouldn't get suspicious. It only angered Amy more and she stomped right behind him. Rouge followed them outside trying to persuade Amy back in and ignore them. Rouge's voice was blocked out by her emotions and so her words never reached through to head.

"You despicable, impudent, little basterd!" She spat. "Answer me!"

"I didn't know you'd be the idiot to fall for it." Sonic faked an innocent look with a shrug.

"Idiot is the one who thinks they'll get away with it," She growled taking a step forward.

"It wasn't meant for you though,"

"But how was I supposed to know that was there?!"

Sonic's friends began to snicker behind him. Rouge narrowed her eyes at them. All of the boys stopped but one. Instead his snickering turned into a laugher. Rouge glared down her brother Shadow. She was only nine months younger than him for he was born in January and she in September of the same year, but he still acted as if he was the younger sibling. His immatureness broke scales.

Shadow looked like he didn't even try to fix his appearance on their first day of school. She could see the crust in his eyes that he didn't even bother to clean. His quills were sticking up everywhere like he didn't try to fix it. He probably didn't shower as well, and was stinky. She couldn't stand watching him like this. It gave her second hand embarrassment.

"Watch it Shadow," She threatened him, but he only stuck out his tongue.

Meanwhile Sonic was going to enter back inside the classroom, but Amy blocked the way moving simultaneously to his movements.

"You owe me a new pair of socks!" Amy said vexed.

"And," Sonic said. "You owe me a ketchup pack, but now we're even."

"What?" Her voice cracked wildly confused. Sonic grabbed her shoulder and pushed her to the side and he made his way inside. Amy clenched her fist a hammer appearing in her hand and aimed to hit him. Rouge allowed her to move three steps before she grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back. Amy's head turned around to face Rouge. She shook her head gesturing that she shouldn't do that. The group of boys entered the classroom.

"Why didn't you let me pound him to the floor?" Amy harshly asked waving her hammer around.

"It's not worth it," Rouge said. "You know he won't hesitate to hit you back," Amy sighs mid-way through Rouge's sentence and turned around her back facing the door. "He's just such a jerk. I promise you one day I'll stand up to him and when I do I'll show him I can play just as dirty and beat his filthy a–!" Amy said fiercely with her fist clenched, but was interjected.

Rouge placed her hand on her shoulder. "Hey, hey, no need for talk like that."

"But he's such a-"

"Just become his friend. No violence involved and it all ends."

Amy's eyes nearly bulged out after hearing that comment. She shook her head half-heartedly. "Become friends with an enemy? Not even if I were pretending." Amy said in a deadpan tone.

"Think of it this way, the best way to defeat an enemy is befriending them."

Amy stared at her with an eyebrow raised and her mouth slightly opened. Rouge was implying for them to make amends, peace between each other. "You're joking,"

"I'm just saying,"

"Saying nonsense. Apply those same words towards your brother. You're no better either." Amy crossed her arms.

"We are a different case. He's my brother. It's natural for us siblings to have our occasional bickers, but what you two have is not healthy for either of you." Rouge said defensively.

Amy opening her mouth to say something but her eyes caught mobians moving out from the corner of her eye. An ugly frowned replaced her looks.

At that moment Sonic came out with his group of friends. He ignored her as he came out and didn't glance at her. He passed right by her glowering stare. Behind him his friends mockingly waved 'goodbye' at them following after him. Shadow came out last, looking directly at his sister. "See you later little sis,"

Rouge let out an exasperated sigh annoyed. Amy gave the leaving group a hard stare. Her eyebrows furrowed down and wrinkles appeared on her forehead. She stood there piercing at the back of Sonic's head. After a while she stomped back inside the class. Rouge's eyes widened. "Amy,"

She walked angrily to her seat and plopped down her arms crossed.

Irritated first thing in the morning. It ruined her mood and she couldn't function correctly. He was so immature and mean to her. Not to mention annoying. She sees him occasionally because they had a class together after lunch therefore there was no way to avoid the situation. Almost all her life had she been around his sight, long before high school.

When together they always fought and argue and never once was there a day or moment when they came to terms and got along. They were like a cat and a dog, viscous towards each other.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down after that encounter. She had to stop thinking about him so much. She had to focus on what she had to do. Once she graduated she'd never have to see him again.

She looked up at the clock on the wall in front of the class. The sound of the second hand ticking was at a steady beat. The more she concentrated on the ticking the more she got dazed off. Each tick was another tock at her ear. Inflicted with the sound she shook her head and placed her focus outside the window. Eight more hours till school ended. It was going to be another long day for her.

Amy's eyes caught something odd outside. The clouds had gotten darker and the sun was nowhere in sight. Amy raised her eyebrow and rested her chin on the palm of her hand on the desk while looking through the window. "That's weird,"

Rouge eyed her from the front of the class. Amy looked confused as she stared out the window. Rouge followed her gaze out but saw nothing, but dark skies and the possibility of it raining. She shook her head with a small smile. 'Daydreaming' she thought to herself.

The sound of a scream frightened the class and everyone looked forward to a girl whose socks got squirted ketchup. She sat right next to Rouge. That's where Amy sat earlier. The teacher, whom already saw his happened once, didn't bother to do much. His face had that dead look like if he didn't want to deal with anything.

Rouge's eyes lit half-way unamused and turned back around to face Amy. Amy, although, hadn't looked away from the window.


In a different classroom, not too far away from where Amy's class was, a teacher had allowed her classroom to work independently on a writing assignment. Everyone was diligently working but Sonic who sat at the very back of the class and a few of his friends. They were whispering jokes to each other and chuckling, but the teacher wasn't aware of it. Sonic leaned back in his chair, moving his pen in between his fingers. He heard thunder roar into his ears and his eyes jerked out towards the window.

The clouds didn't look normal.

He leaned forward and two front legs were back on the floor.

They weren't the regular sliver grayish color, but more black charcoal, dark, with no sign of the blue sky anymore. He found it really weird that it got like this in a short amount of time. His eyes narrowed suddenly having a strange feeling in his stomach from seeing the sky so dark.

One of his friends nearby called out his name and broke him out of his pensive state. Sonic turned away from the window and his frown switched to a smiled for his friend. His friend had received a text about his prank and its success.

Paying more or less attention to what he was telling him he heard another roar outside. This time the sound lingered in his ear and he narrowed his eyes lowering his head. "Sonic?"

Behind him a strike of lighting shot across the sky. Sonic saw the light flash inside and the whole class looked at it in awe. The class erupted into talk about it. Meanwhile Sonic turned around and stared hard at the sky. He stared for a good while, but no thunder came after it. He waited a long while, but the thunder never reached his ears.

'Strange,' He thought. 'Thunder comes after lighting,'

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