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Loonatics Unleashed: The Movie

Chapter One

A new menace

Opening scene: Zadavia's planet, there's a war going on, everything is destroyed, there are warriors shooting at the invaders ships, and some monsters shooting at the warriors, vaporizing them at one shot; Zadavia and Ultimatus are taking down some ships, but they outnumbered

It had been two years after the Loonatics had moved to planet Blanc, two years of a peaceful universe, not counting those little troubles the Loonatics had to take care of in the universe. In Zadavia's world, she and her brother ultimatus were trying to stop a new kind of evil, they've never seen before, the war to defend the planet has prolonged for too long now, and Zadavia was getting weak, on one last act to protect the universe, Zadavia sacrificed herself, there she was, on Ultimatus arms

``Zadavia, no``

Said Ultimatus

``g…get the… Loonatics… they're…our only…hope``

Whispered Zodavia to her brother, dying a few seconds after that

``Zadavia! I will avenge you, I promise. Capitan, contact the Loonatics immediately``

Ordered Ultimatus to his Capitan

``Loonatics, wherever you are, please help us``

Said Ultimatus looking at the sky full of invader ships

Next scene, we see the Loonatics training on the training room of the new HQ in planet Blanc, Holyday by green day plays at the background, as it is the intro, then appears on the screen: ``Loonatics Unleashed The Movie``; we can see Ace taking some droids down with the guardian strike sword, then we pass with Lexi, who is shooting some targets with her brain blast, and so to every Loonatic improving their abilities, by the times the song ends, the training ands as well

``enough training for today guys, lets take a break``

Said Ace cleaning the sweat with a towel

``great work team, looks like we are getting better``

Commented Tec

``puhleezz, how can I get any better? I'm already the best of the team; I don't think I can get any better``

Presumed Duck as he was drinking water

``slam hungry``

Said Slam

`I-hear-you-big-guy-how-bout-we-go-get-some-breakfast-I-would-like-some-bakon-and-eggs-and-toast-and-orange-juice-but-I-think-that-we-are-out-of-orange-juice-but-I-can-go-to-acmetropolis-to-get-some-oranges-for-our-brea…mpf-mpf, mpf``

Tec shut Revs mouth

``that sound delicious Rev, ill met you guys in the dining room in bout ten minutes``

Said Ace leaving the training room, to his room to take a shower

Next scene: the living room, everybody is on their own, Ace is meditating, Lexi is fixing her hair, Tec is checking the monitors, to see if everything is under control, Slam is kicking Ducks butt in a fighting videogame, and Rev is preparing a joke on Tec

Rev! You better start running now``

Said Tec, who fall for Revs joke, he got the microscope glued to his eye

Suddenly, Ultimatus appeared on the holocom

``Loonatics, I need your help``

Said Ultimatus, looking weak with some blood on his face

The Loonatics gathered in the conference room, Slam taking the microscope off Tec's Face

``Ultimatus? What a surprise, is everything OK? ``

Asked Ace

``I'm afraid not Ace, we have been invaded by creatures from other dimension, they're very powerful, and we cannot defeat them``

Explained Ultimatus

``what are you talking about, where's Zadavia? ``

Asked Lexi

``my sister is gone, Zadavia is dead, she sacrificed to save me``

Said Ultimatus with a sad tone


Whispered Lexi

``I need you to come here immediately, you're our only hope``

Said Ultimatus

``how do we now it's not a trap you crazy eye? ``

Asked Duck

``does this look like a trap to you? ``

Said Ultimatus showing the invaders destroying everything

``ok I believe you``

Said Duck nervous

``don't worry boss man, we'll be there before you can say I surrender``

Said Ace, then the holocom was interrupted

``ok Loonatics, lets jet``

Yield Ace

Next scene: the worm holes; the Loonatics are preparing to jet to Zadavia's planet, Ace directed the launcher to the worm hole that lead to Zadavias world, then the Loonatics in the dragon ship, jetted towards their newest and most dangerous mission yet. We see the Loonatics traveling inside the worm hole; it looks weird, almost like a kaleidoscope

``I can't believe that Zadavia is gone``

Said Lexi with a broken voice

``I know, but we have to stay focused if we don't want nobody to die``

Said Tec trying to calm her

Next scene: the Loonatics finally arrived to Zadavias planet, its impressive the amount of invaders ships, they are entering through an opening in space, the Loonatics looks at such impressive invasion

we are going to need allot of help``

Said Ace

Meanwhile, on the city planet of Mexico, more specific the Aguascalientes moon, an anthro wolf is waiting for a soccer game to start on the Victoria stadium

Next scene: w see a soccer stadium full of people, we see Kaz Wolf sitting on a bleacher yielding to the players

(Translated from Spanish to English) ``come on, shoot, shoot, now, dam it, you're not worth your wage; nineteen goal last season, I'm just asking you for one, you should go and kill yourself! ``

Kaz was yielding at the player of his tem that just missed an easy score

Kaz was a teenage anthro wolf, but he wasn't like any other teenage anthros, he had ice powers that he got after some kind of meteor radiation that felled in Acmetropolis back at when he was on a trip, he had learned to control his powers

It was almost the end of the first half, when suddenly, the invaders ships appeared on the sky, making a chaos on the citizens who were watching the game: the stadium security started evacuating the place wile the police officers start shooting at the ships, who started shooting back, Kaz, swallowing his fear, started to shoot ice daggers at them, making minimum damage to them, the invaders soon capture Kaz, they get him on a ship, and went to the mother ship, to take care of him, they wouldn't kill him cause he could be a great tool.

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