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Chapter 1: Uncharacteristic

Mai stood in the office bathroom staring at two little sticks clutched in her hands. Her mind refused to comprehend the implications of the two red pluses that now decorated the sticks' plastic faces.

An agitated knock and voice came from the other side of the door. "Mai are you coming out of there any time soon?" Naru called clutching his arms tight across his chest and refraining from doing the pee-pee dance.

Mai stared at the sticks for a little while longer before calling back, "Y-yeah." Tossing the pregnancy tests in the trash, Mai washed her hands and opened the door.

Naru rushed in, ecstatic about finally being able to go pee. While washing his hands he noticed the pregnancy tests in the trash, but the faces were luckily facing down. Were they Mai's? No, they had to have been Ayako's or someone else's. The thing was that none of the female SPR team members had been in that day and they hadn't had any female clients either.

Dismissing his as one of those strange anomalies, he came into the lobby of the office to find Mai. She was slumped in her chair, her hair hanging so that it covered her eyes. He watched her for a moment before moving towards his office door. A small voice stopped him though.

"N-Naru," Mai stuttered, still not looking at him. He turned towards her without word, a clear signal for her to continue. "C-can I b-borrow your p-phone. I, uh, left mine at h-home," she said, her voice trembling as if she were holding back tears. Again, without a word, Naru dug his black cell from his pocket and handed it to her.

She punched in a number, holding it up to her ear. She was biting her nails. Five minutes passed before someone seemed to pick up. "I-it's boss's phone...because you took mine..." Mai glanced surreptitiously over her shoulder, heading to the kitchen.

Once more, it was silent for several minutes then Naru could hear Mai whisper/yelling. "No, you can't do that, you can't make me! ...please don't make me do that! It's yours too! ...I can't do that! ...Please, can we talk...," Mai shuffled out of the kitchen moments later, heading for her desk.

"Mai, phone," Naru simply said. Not ordered. Not demanded. Not said condescendingly. Just said. She shuffled over to him, her eyes still covered by her hair. He held out his hand and she placed it lightly in his hand.

A brand new shiny tear that had dropped onto his phone caught his eye. More were falling to the carpet, making little pitter-patter noises. "Is something wrong? What happened?" Naru asked softly forcing her face up gently so they were looking at each other.

A small sob bubbled up her throat soon followed by another and another until she was sobbing. She had her eyes closed tightly. Naru was beyond shocked. Not knowing what to do, he wrapped his arms around her. Naru thanked his lucky stars at that moment that Lin hand gone to do errands or he would have teased him forever.

"I don't want to! I don't want to!" she sobbed into his chest, hugging his waist tightly.


Mai was avoiding him, plain and simple. Every time he tried to start up a conversation with her she would run off to help someone or start talking to someone else. It was infuriating and Naru was definitely pissed. How could she not expect him to ask questions looking the way she had this morning.

This morning she had come in as usual, but this time everyone in the office who was helping load the van had been shocked into silence. The left side of her face had been bright red and was now bruising in the shape of a handprint. She walked as if she were in pain. She also had deep dark bruises under her eyes that showed she hadn't slept that night. Needless to say, everyone was overly worried.

He didn't get the chance to talk to her in the van either because literally the moment she was seated she passed out like she hadn't slept in days. Knowing her she hadn't. She stayed in a very uncomfortable looking position for about 45 minutes.

That's when Naru finally got fed up and pulled her head onto his shoulder. That was also when he noticed how heavily the girl was breathing. Naru put an arm around her waist and pulled her into his side. His face scrunched up in confusion at the way she groaned at the contact.

Naru sat her back against the seat and grabbing the edge of her shirt he got ready to pull it up. "Noll, what are you..." Lin began to ask, but was cut off by the sight of Mai's side.

The whole left side of her ribcage was the deep purple of the left side of her face. Naru's fingers ghosted over the injury, his face becoming more and more pissed off with the passing second.

"Her ribs are broken," Naru snarled at no one in particular.

"Would you like me to stop by a hospital?" Lin asked.

Naru thought for a moment before shaking his head. "No, but we need to get her to one once everything is assembled. Do we have anything to bind her ribs and pain killers?"

"In the first aid kit most likely. It's in the back I believe," Lin told his charge.

Naru lay the girl down on the seat before clambering over it and into the back. "There better be," he growled, beginning to throw stuff from the first aid kit until he found what he was searching for. When he was done the back seat was covered in medical supplies.

Then he scrambled back over. He yanked up Mai's shirt with one hand while the other took the time to unravel an unbelievably large ace bandage. He set the pain killers on the floor next to him. With skilled hands, he threaded the bandage around her middle tightening. With every groan his conviction to kill whoever did this to her just grew larger.


*in Monk's car*

"What the hell is he doing? He's like a monkey!" Monk shouted watching Naru nearly fling himself over the back of the front seat.

"Looking for something?" John suggested good-naturedly from the back seat.

"Practicing sex positions?" Yasu suggested with a perverted smirk.

The whole car raised an eyebrow at him before going on. "What would he need to find in the back seat? We have everything in here," Monk said.

"Whatever it is, he must need it pretty badly," Ayako commented with raised eyebrows. Naru was now throwing stuff around the van like crazy.

"It's a condom. He's looking for a condom!" Yasu predicted, "Oh, looks like he found one." Naru had just catapulted himself back into the front seat.

"Now what is he doing?" Monk cried. It looked as if he were tearing something apart when in actuality he was wrapping Mai's ribs in the bandage.

"Killing Mai?" Masako suggested a bit too hopefully.

"I don't know. I guess we'll find out once we get to the client's home," Monk said, a bit worried for his 'little girl'.


"Mai, we're here," Naru said, gently shaking Mai awake. She sprung out of the van, catching herself in Naru's arms with a painful gasp. "Be more careful idiot," Naru murmured in her ear before moving away.

Mai nodded before going off to help unpack. Naru wouldn't let her though. Every time she picked up anything he'd take it from her. "Stay here and rest while the rest of us unload," Naru told Mai sternly once they had reached the base.

"Was Naru just...NICE to Mai? What is this world coming to?" Monk cried, running back out to the van to a death glaring Masako.

"I told you. They had sex and now Naru's all love-dovey 'cause he finally got laid," Yasu explained.

"Somehow I don't think that's the reason," Ayako said worriedly. Meanwhile in the base, Mai was falling asleep again from lack of something to do.

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