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Chapter 12: Side Effects

The whole team stood on the other side of the room, watching as the doctor worked over Mai. Naru was the only one beside her, keeping his hand in hers. The doctor held up the x-ray of her middle up to the light, examining it. He moved to her, pressing a stethoscope to her abdomen and running his fingers over it. Naru was so worried he didn't even notice the small leering grin on the doctor's face.

Why he was using a stethoscope on her stomach none of them had any idea. Ayako knew what he was doing, but she didn't want to piss of the one guy who could maybe help Mai. She gritted her teeth, glaring into a corner of the room.

The doctor stood back up, wrapping his stethoscope around his neck. He gave a cough, covering his mouth as if he were peeling off the smile still plastered to his face. "Ahem, it looks like her uterus is being attacked worse than yesterday. The baby hasn't been affected as of yet, but I doubt she has much time left before she loses the baby."

Mai wanted to cry. She buried her face in Naru's chest, resisting the sob the bubbled into her mouth. Naru pulled her in close, not caring what the team saw. He exchanged a glance with Lin. A silent message was exchanged between them.

Lin nodded. He turned to the team. "Since we don't have much time, we have to figure out how to exorcise the ghost. NOW," he told them, leaving the room followed closely by the others. Even Masako wanted to help.

Ayako stuck her head back through the door, covering her glare at the doctor with a smile. "Hey, Doctor, why don't you come with us and let Mai rest. Bring the nurses as well," she said. Even though she was smiling, the tone made the intent crystal clear. 'If you don't get out now you're going to be the next ghosts.'

The nurses scowled. They sauntered out with as much dignity as they could muster up. The doctor watched Ayako, waiting for her to leave. When she didn't budge, he scowled as well and stomped out, nearly slamming the door behind him.

Naru and Mai were quiet for a long time. She kept her face pressed into his chest, and he kept his arms wrapped tightly around her. When Naru finally spoke, it was so soft it barely disturbed the blanket of silence. "We'll find a way. It'll be okay. Your baby will have a chance to live," he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

Mai stayed silent, just soaking up the teen's warmth.


"Is everyone in position?" Naru asked over the headset adorning his head, "Is everyone ready to begin?" Hours ago, they'd come up with a plan to lure the prince's spirit to Ikki's body after dispelling it. They'd set Ikki's unconscious body in the kitchen against some cupboards. They'd been watching him for more than two hours now, and Masako had just sensed the first signs of activity.

"Ready," everyone replied into their own microphones, stationed at various points in the overly large kitchen.

"Remember the plan," Naru instructed, watching the camera intently. In her bed, Mai watched as well, clutching at the blankets over her stomach. Silently, she prayed to whatever god was watching them that this would work and save her unborn child.

It was so silent that you could hear a pin drop, and then Mai cried, "There! It's happening! He's possessing Ikki again!"

Naru was already on it. He was shouting orders into the microphone as the team moved in. The prince was halfway into Ikki when a high-pitched whistle electrified the air. Five white balls of light shot out of nowhere, piercing the prince through his middle from all sides.

The prince roared like a wounded bear, swatting at Lin's shiki. When he tried to move out of Ikki he stuck to the spot. He struggled yet still nothing happened.

"It's working!" Yasu shouted with a whoop from next to the still sleeping Emma.

"John! Monk! Ayako!" Naru shouted into the microphone over the prince's wounded screams.

"Right!" they all shouted back, moving in closer. Without warning, they were all blasted back. Lin threw up his arms miraculously staying on his feet. His shiki shuddered, but stayed in place holding the prince.

As Mai was staring at the screen in horror her vision began to blacken. Her head lolled back against her pillow, passed out. Naru was on his feet, ripping his headphones off. "Damnit!" he was growling, still staring at the monitor when his vision began to fail. He slumped against the table, also passed out.

"Mai? Naru-chan?" Yasu called, staring wide-eyed at his unconscious teammates.

Just as their eyes jerked open, the banging and angry screaming began. "You are mine! You will always be mine!" the voice of the prince screeched seeming to have reverted back to his original purpose.

Mai shot up, grimacing at her pain. Naru was on his feet in an instant right after she had woken. "My knight, we must go. They need our help," Mai instructed, throwing her legs over the side of the bed. It wasn't Mai who was in her body, and he suspected that it wasn't Naru in Naru's body either.

His suspicions were confirmed when Naru answered, "Yes, I know my princess." He hurried over to Mai, sliding his arm under her. "Can you still do it?"

"Yes, but I don't know if this body is adept at it yet. She may not know about this ability. Her body may react badly," the princess explained staring worriedly into her knight's eyes. She was biting her lip in indecision.

"That may be so, but we must try something. Otherwise he'll never give up, and we'll never find peace," the knight said solemnly, running a finger along the princess' cheek, "No matter what happens, I love you."

"Forever and always," the princess finished for him, pressing her lips to his. When they pulled apart, they hurried from the room leaving a bewildered and speechless Yasu clutching Emma's hand.


"Lin sir, out of the way!" the princess shouted as they came to rest beside a struggling Lin. The others were still unconscious against a wall, but Monk was beginning to stir. He groaned, grabbing his pounding head as he attempted to sit up.

The knight set the princess on her feet. He stared at Ikki and the prince intently as if he were analyzing them. The moment the princess' feet touched the ground the cabinets began to bang incessantly. Pots and pans clanged loudly against the tile. Plates, cups, and china smashed to the floor sending shards in every direction.

"Go back to base!" Monk shouted at them, finally on his feet and glaring at the knight. He thought it was Naru he was glaring at. His brain was so scrambled the he didn't realize how ridiculous his thoughts were.

"Good sirs, stand back. The princess and I will handle this problem," the knight instructed, taking the princess' hand and stepping forward. Monk stared at him with his mouth dragging on the ground. It took Lin and Monk the same amount of time to realize they had been speaking to the knight and princess, but by that time it was already too late. The knight held a hand up bracing it with his other. The princess had one of her hands on his wrist and the other on his shoulder.

The knight began to glow a bright, sharp white. The air crackled with energy. Lin and Monk were helpless, only able to watch as the energy in the knight built. "Remove your shiki!" the knight yelled at Lin, letting the energy go. A high-pitched whistle rang out. A ball of white energy shot towards the prince. Lin's shiki scattered right as the energy hit the prince square in the chest. He shrieked, bursting into sparks.

Instantly after the sparks had faded did the pounding on the walls, the yelling and the banging of the cabinet doors ceased. Monk and Lin watched as the princess began to glow with the residual energy she was soaking up from the knight. They gave each other small smiles as the glow finally faded.

"I believe it is time we left," the knight murmured, pressing his forehead to the princess'.

"As do I," she whispered back before turning to Lin and Monk, "I thank all of you for helping us pass on. This brave young lady and the other will be free of the disease that has plagues their bodies, but…" She looked solemnly at the two men.

"But what?" Monk prompted, scared of what he would hear.

"Mai's body has just performed a very large task. Because she has never used this ability before, that we didn't know of, there may be repercussions. There's no telling what the side effects may be," Lin explained, watching the princess.

The princess nodded. "Exactly. I am sorry, but she will be healthy and her baby is safe. I wish you all happiness." With that Mai and Naru collapsed to the floors unconscious. The knight and princess passed on in a shower of golden light.

Naru was sitting up and shaking his head when Yasu skidded around the corner. "She's up! Emma's awake!" he cried happily. Mai was still on the floor. Everyone crowded around her, Ayako and John finally awake.

"Mai, wake up," Naru said, shaking her shoulders slightly. When she didn't wake up he became frantic and panicked.


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