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Chapter 1.

I stared at my mom with hatred in my eyes.

"And I can't go to the Day School why? I don't know that I can stand another year with these horriffic people!"

" Isabella Marie Swan! You have to go to school and you are going where I make you go. You already have your schedule and stuff now get out of my car BEFORE you regret staying in it." mom all but shouted at me.

So with a groan of displeasure and anger, I stomped my way up the concrete walkway into what I was sure was going to be the worst four years of my life.

In the main lobby of Union High, there is a round cubicle in which the woman was staring holes into my back. I know that I blushed a horrible shade of red, as I made my way down the stairs to the cafeteria. Yes, I know, why the cafeteria? I don't know! I mean I am just in my first year here.

So anyways, I made my way to the cafeteria when I spotted Angela. Angela and I have known eachother forever. We go to the same church so we always hang out at VBS.

"Bella! Come here!" she motioned for me to join her.

"Hey Ang." I said.

"Bella I am so scared. I hate most of my classmates so I am so going to need you this year. Promise me you'll be there for me?" She asked.

"Of course." I mumbled as I looked at my schedule to see what was first block.

Ugh! Ofcourse I have Music Appreciation! Well atleast Jake is there.

The bell rang suddenly peircing the noise of the cafeteria. I hugged Ang and we parted ways. I was headed to Music Appre and was dreading every second of it. I made my way past the JROTC room, which I so couldn't wait to see the inside of 4th block.

Crap leave it to me to run into someone the first day of school.

"Oh hey I'm sorry there" I was met with the prettiest set of green eyes I have ever seen on a guy in my life.

"Oh no it's my fault. I am a clutz when I get to thinking and walking at the same time." I smiled at the boy.

"Well I guess I will see you around, um sorry I didn't catch your name."

"Bella, my name is Bella, I am a freshmen here and don't really know where I am going. Do you think you can point out the Music Appreciation class to me?" I asked honestly hoping that he would.

"Sure, and my name is Edward. I am a senior. It's nice to meet you Bella." He said grabbing onto my arm.

"Come with me the class is right through here." He said opening a door.
"Mr. Tyler! I found one of your lost people." he said greeting the teacher as though they were old friends.

"Edward thank you. I presume you are my other Bella?" Mr. Tyler.

"Um I am a Bella." I said nervously. I was suddenly surrounded by the worst most awkward silence ever.

"Okay so um I have to go to ROTC now so I will see you around. What period do you have it?" Edward said suddenly breaking the awkward silence.

"Um 4th block. Why?"

"Great see you then" he said giving me a smile and a small wink before running out the door.

Honestly I could not wait for that class to get here fast enough. I was suddenly brought back to reality by two arms grabbing me around my waist and spinning me. I looked around ready to smack who ever it was.

"JAKE!" I hollared grabbing him around his neck and hugging him.

"Bella! I am so glad you decided to take this class. I was going to have to get very angry with you if you hadn't chosen to take it." he looked at me with utter seriousness.

After I told him to chill out our teacher called class to attention and we began with our 'getting to know eachother' portion of the day. I only had to do this two more times before my JROTC class. Fourth Block so couldn't get here soon enough.


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